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  1. wthompson

    wthompson Crabman

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks !! These are some of the nicest protos i've owned over the years from various lines. Really enjoyed them.

    Refresh on the current collection. Of course the detailed pictures for most of these figures are earlier in the thread. The Lynx-o's I should take new pics of as they are really neat from a production creation process. I had plan to collect at least 1 example from every stage. I no longer have for example the clay sculpt for Capt Cracker....

    Willy Kit and Kat hand painted Test shots, alternate hardcopy board, Old Tygra and Cheetara Hardcopies

    Orange Haired Lion-O , Lynx-o working Hardcopy Toy Fair model / demo model

    Lynx-o working Hardcopy Toy Fair model / demo model


    Ram-Bam Hardcopy – Solid Front wheel different then production


    Driller Engineering Pilot and Blue Print, blue print /design was in Tomarts Magazine in 2008


    Driller Blue Print


    Safari Joe Unpainted Hardcopy with alternate gun - far different then his standard gun or the LJN dune type gun.



    Hammer-Hand First shot/ Test Shot


    Unproduced Vehicle, personally I think the driver is a Tuska and not a berserker but that is just me.


    Unproduced Sludge design

    Hardcopies for Lynx-o with no lever in back had it for about 5 years, Hatchiman, pair of different Tuska’s and Berbils. One of them is spoken for in the shot. One is not shown
    As it was ready to ship out months and months ago ; ) wink wink to buyer….


    Modern Tygra Test Shot
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  2. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    I am an awe. That is an amazing collection, congrats!
  3. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    That's an awesome display of prototype "ThunderCats" figures.
  4. JoeOB

    JoeOB New Member

    I don't think anyone could top Wayne's prototpye/pre production figure collection, all incarnations of it have been truly astonishing, great going Wayne!
  5. There are a couple good prototype collections out there :cool:
  6. eternian phoeni

    eternian phoeni Moleman

    This collection is absolutely unreal! I would totally pay an admission fee to walk into that museum! The vibrant colors on some of the hardcopies are great after all these years.
    I'm a huge Red Eye fan, but I'd have to say my favorites from this collection were the paint jobs on Lion-o and Cheetara!
    Thanks so much for sharing these pics! :thumbsup:
  7. eastlosfinest

    eastlosfinest Junior Member

    amazing collection friend

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