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Discussion in 'ThunderCats (1985)' started by Tygra_Rules, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Tygra_Rules

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    I've watched this episode several times, and even when I like it, I find some things that I don't like and some others that don't make sense and that, by changing them, the ep would have made so much more sense (alas, like so many other eps in the series).

    The chosen villains

    I'm ok with Safari Joe and Spidera, maybe even with Ratar-O. But why Slithe? A foe that has provesd to be so inoffensive against Lion-O. I know MummRa chose him foir that fear gas or whatever, but if he wanted fear, he could have gone with Mongor. Other possibilities were Ta-She, Demolisheror, Shiner or even Charr-Nin. Even more, imagine just one big portrait of every enemy the Tcs have defeated together.

    Lion-O's curiosity and arrogance
    It speaks for itself... not so much for an already anointed leader who has gone a long way into adulthood and maturity (this was one of the latest eps in season 1, not one of the earlier ones).

    The ThunderCats'division

    There were 4 portratis and 4 TCs (if we team the kittens together, as it usually happened). So why not the TCs entered one portrait each? The kittens could have entered Safari Joe's, Panthro in the tank into Spidera's, Tygra to Ratar-O's and Cheetara to Slithe's (or any other combination). Even more, if they wanted to check two portraits at a time, why having the kittens go alone against Safari Joe while the three adults went together to fight Spidera? So three adults together go against one enemy and leave two kids to fight another? Wouldn't it have been better of one of the adults accompained the kittens?
    Even more, going on with the idea of one single portrait with all the enemies together, it would have been great to see the TCs entering it and dividing to fight them.

    The final segment
    I didn't like the TCs thanking Lion-O and ackowledging how heroic and good friend he is because he went for them and didn't let them die in those portraits, and Lion-O just taking it and bloating and gloating on it.
    In the first place, it's what a leader should do. In the second place, the TCs wouldn't have got themselves in that predicament if not for trying to help Lion-O in the first place, so some "No, thank you, guys", wouldn't have come bad. And finally, and related to the previous point, it was so submisive the way the TCs thanked him, as if they did nothing for him. I didn't like that part of the episode. "Oh Lion-O, you're such a good friend and so smart and brave. You're the best, our hero" rather than "Hey, we got there to help you in the first place, so how about some aknowledgment to what we did and some gratitude?"

    Any thought?
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  2. Daremonger

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    You raise some pretty interesting points. I didn't really like Mumm-Ra making a portrait for Slithe. My own first portrait choice for Mumm-Ra would be Queen Tartara of the Crystal Kingdom. Mumm-Ra's take on Tartara would not only entrap people in suspended animation, but forge weaponry so as to make her a little more formidable.
  3. Tygra_Rules

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    I thought of Tartara but didn't consider her as Mumm-Ra didn't appear in "Crystal Queen" and I thought of villains Mumm-Ra had interacted with. But then he never crossed paths with Safari Joe either.
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  4. ButterflyBoy

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    Regarding how the Thundercats split up, I think the tank was sent into Spidera's Kingdom of Webs and the kittens were sent after Safari Joe for the sole reason that they could then reuse footage from the previous episodes. I know that is unsatisfying, but I think that is the answer. This also partially answers why those specific villains were selected.
    As for "why Slithe?", I always thought that adding him and the warp gas was the writer's attempt to add variety to how the paintings operated instead of them all just being bad guys that pop out of nowhere. I think the warp gas specifically being used was an attempt to add a call-back to the very start of the show (or as close as possible). It is pretty clear that this episode was written as a season finale or possible series finale (as of the writing of the episode, they might not have been guaranteed for another season). It seems reasonable that they would want to throw in a reference from earlier episodes as other than the warp gas, Safari Joe comes in as the earliest reference and he was from episode 24.
    Anyhow, those are my thoughts. The only thing that really bothered me about the episode is that some of the animation is just gorgeous while some of it is just a bit hap-hazard. Its clear that multiple teams worked on it.
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  5. Daremonger

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    The way Mumm-Ra was animated at the beginning of the episode was pretty good. There's a shot of his face in his ever-living mode that was redrawn from the "Exodus" pilot intro. :)
  6. Wilycub

    Wilycub Staff Writer and Artist Staff

    You raise interesting questions, @Tygra_Rules and the only answer that I can think of for all of them is - Saving time and money! Sad but true. Most of what was done in that episode appears to be so that they could re-use previous animation and save time and money. They pitted Safari Joe vs the Kittens and the rest of the Cats vs Spidera so that they could re-use footage from earlier episodes. The whole story of the episode seems overly contrived to me. The animation is also pretty lousy in many places. Not one of my favorite episodes. And being a season ender, one would have expected it to be great.
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  7. LiamABC

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    It's basically a box-ticker finale. Both it and "Mechanical Plague" epitomise the problems the show had in general, the Lion-O-centric format, the catchphrase becoming a fix-all, and yes, I think Butterflyboy is right on reusing animation. The Safari Joe sequence with the kittens was a straight lift, and I think the Spidera sequence was too.

    Moreover, why did Mumm-Ra only activate one picture at a time? And why did the warp gas have a different effect on Lion-O to when he inhaled it in "The Slaves Of Castle Plun-Darr"?
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  8. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    I know, right? Warp gas on ThunderCats could only unleash one's dark side, albeit temporarily.
  9. Booshman

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    I watched the final annointment trial with the kids at school last week and it felt like a much more satisfying ending to the story, or at least the season, than Find Memories. We watched one a week and when Mumm-Ra was obliterated at the end, it felt like a real resolution to the story. They were all quite confused by the epilogue where Mumm-Ra is restored and the ASoE's eyes light up again, I think they thought the story was done.

    As a kid I though the whole show ended with Thundercats HO. Even though there are some good later episodes, had that really been it I think I would have been quite satisfied too.
  10. LiamABC

    LiamABC Thunderian Legend

    The later series just wasn't up to the same standard as the first.

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