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    Disclaimer: This post is my own original text. If you see a copy identical to this or portions of this elsewhere, you can know that it is a copy of what I wrote here.

    Episode List:
    Original air date in Month/Day/Year format.

    1. Omens Part 1 7/29/2011
    2. Omens Part 2 7/29/2011
    3. Ramlak Rising 8/5/2011
    4. Song of the Petalars 8/12/2011
    5. Old Friends 8/19/2011
    6. Journey to theTower of Omens 8/26/2011
    7. Legacy 9/2/2011
    8. The Duelist and the Drifter 9/9/2011
    9.Berbils 10/28/2011
    10. Sight Beyond Sight 11/04/2011
    11. The Forest of Magi Oar (The War Forgers) 11/11/2011
    12. Into the Astral Plane 11/18/2011
    13. Between Brothers 11/25/2011

    14. New Alliances 03/24/2012
    15. Trials of Lion-O Part 1 03/31/2012
    16. Trials of Lion-O Part 2 04/07/2012
    17. Native Son 04/14/2012
    18. Survival of the Fittest 04/21/2012
    19. The Pit 04/28/2012
    20. Curse of Ratilla 05/05/2012
    21. Birth of the Blades 05/12/2012
    22. The Forever Bag
    23. Recipe for Disaster
    24. The Soul Server
    25. What Lies Above Part 1
    26. What Lies Above Part 2

    Q: Why is there not much of an intro to the new series? The old series had a great, longer intro with a memorable theme song.
    A: Two answers given, the creators of the new series didn't feel they could top the old one and Cartoon Network required a short intro.

    Q: Is Thundera still another planet?
    A: No, Thundera is now a Kingdom on Third Earth.

    Q: How can Tygra be Lion-O's brother and if he's older, why isn't he Lord of the ThunderCats?
    A: Tygra is adopted and because he is not of the royal bloodline, he can not be Lord of the ThunderCats.

    Q: Why do the ThunderKittens have tails?
    A: In this new series, Thunderians with tails are considered to be lower class.
    Added: It is now known that Panthro once had a tail as well.

    Q: Can Snarf still speak?
    A: No, he only makes cat-like sounds now and is considered Lion-O's pet rather than a nursemaid.

    Q: Will any of the ThunderCats from the original series not appear in this new series?
    A: All ThunderCats from the original series will appear in the new one, including Lynx-O, Bengali, and Pumyra. No word on Snarfer.

    Q: There hasn't been any sign of the Mutants besides Slithe. Will any of the others appear?
    A: Yes. The creators have said the others will show up.

    Q: Are they still called Mutants in this series?
    A: Unknown. So far, we only know of Slithe's people as being called the Lizards.

    Q: Will the Berbils be in this new series?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Will Lion-O and company build a Cats Lair fortress?
    A: No, word is that they will find refuge in the Tower of Omens. The Cats Lair is seen in the city in the Kingdom of Thundera where Lion-O was raised.

    Q: Who are the voice actors for the new ThunderCats series?
    A: Will Friedle - Lion-O
    Satomi Kohrogi - Snarf
    Emmanuelle Chriqui - Cheetara
    Larry Kenney - Claudus
    Corey Burton - Jaga
    Matthew Mercer - Tygra
    Eamon Pirruccello - WilyKat
    Madeleine Hall - WilyKit
    Clancy Brown - Grune
    Dee Bradley Baker - Slithe
    Kevin Michael Richardson - Panthro
    Robin Atkin Downes - Mumm-Ra

    Q: How many episodes will there be in the first season?
    A: 26

    Q: How many seasons will there be?
    A: At least two seasons were planned but only one was produced.

    Q: Are any of the voice actors from the original series in this new series?
    A: Yes. Larry Kenney was the voice of Lion-O in the original series. He is the voice of Lion-O's father Claudus in the new series.

    Q: How old are the ThunderCats?
    A: Lion-O=17

    I'll edit this if other questions come up.
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  2. est_no

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    Very helpful topic, thank you for it.
  3. KennY

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    Hmmm... definately answered some questions I was thinking about + some others. Thanks.
  4. Thunderandreams

    Thunderandreams Active Member

    Can the first post also state the sources, whether it are episodes or te creators?
    I only watched the episodes and cant place some answers in that context.

  5. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    Most of the answers come from various interviews we've all read before the show started or from the Crew tumblr blog (which would be here ) It would be a real pain finding them all again. I can attest that the answers on the first post are correct to our knowledge (though the one about them staying at the Tower isn't true because Dan Norton debunked that one last night in the Crew live chat.)
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  6. Booyah!

    Booyah! Moleman

    Is there a place to read through last night's chat for those of us that were not there? Chat log, or something?
  7. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    I don't believe so. It was on tinychat. Lets see if I can remember some of the answers to questions....

    Thundercat nobles don't "bob" their own tails. They're naturally born without them.

    The ship in the first flashback (episode 6) wasn't the Feliner. They said it was just a Thundercat fighter jet.

    Mumm-Ra's tank is called the Storm Charger and that we'll see why it's called that.

    They also said that None of the episodes are filler. So I expect to see more of the fish people and the Petalars later.

    And that's all I can remember off the top of my head. Anyone else that was there please fill in any blanks in my memory.
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  8. Thunderandreams

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    Thanks Balgus82

    I already started the blog to do some catch up.
    Some answers just feel a bit like curve balls.
    So the tower is tbe first actual thing that got debunked later?
    I guess in the end we will just have to keep watching the cartoon :D which isnt a punishment, right?

    Thanks for capturing these facts in a tread.
  9. balgus82

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    Yeah they said they might try to chat every Friday, so everyone should probably check the blog for the link next Friday to see if they continue.
  10. MummRaOrigins

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    Anybody have the full episode list?
  11. Booyah!

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    Cool, thanks bro!
  12. blackiecats

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    I've tidied up this thread so it doesn't get bogged down and so folks don'y have pages of posts to read through. All previous discussion has been merged with other threads or given it's own thread.
  13. Harlan Phoenix

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    That is not what that word means.

    If they're asserting the show will always be this tightly serialized, that doesn't mean the fish pirates and Petalars will return. All that means is that those two stories are equally vital steps in the seasonal arc.

    (Though I was never one to believe stories can be "filler" anyway, so.)
  14. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    Well to me "Filler episode" means it's an episode that you could take completely out of the show, and you'd never be able to tell an episode was missing. Nothing in that episode would matter later.

    If those characters don't come back, the only thing non-filler about episode 3 and 4 (again IMO) would be the last couple minutes of each episode (the Mumm-Ra and Panthro scenes respectively).
  15. TheFallen

    TheFallen Berbill

    In my opinion, the episodes were not filler. They were further characterization of Lion-O and his journey to be king of the Thundercats. There was nothing filler about them.

    I watched the Song of the Petalars again last night and it is easily one of the best episodes so far and my personal favourite.
  16. Harlan Phoenix

    Harlan Phoenix Junior Member

    Lion-O went through emotional development through both stories. To say only the ends are "non-filler" is to assert that the full experiences and lessons he learned don't actually matter and that the only "important" thing about Ramlak Rising is moving to a new location that's unimportant because Panthro isn't there.

    Your statement is claiming that the character arcs that drive these stories (and directly address Lion-O coping with Claudus's death and trying to act adult as a result) are just there to meaninglessly kill time until Panthro jacks a lizard in the face with a nunchuck.

    That's...not how writing works. Who Lion-O is in, say, "Journey to the Tower of Omens" requires the emotional arcs of "Ramlak Rising" and "Song of the Petalars" to have occurred, despite your terminology calling that meaningless. If the only things that "mattered" to make a story "important" was making physical, tangible progress...stories would be shallow.

    (Really, my point here is that your meaning of the word "filler" probably drastically different from what the staff actually means)
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  17. balgus82

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    That's not what I'm saying at all. I didn't say emotional stuff doesn't matter. What I am saying is that if you took a metaphorical spoon and carved that episode out of the series you wouldn't miss it. For example, Lion-O's anger in Ramlak... If you had never seen the episode, would you have known anything about it? Sure he got over an emotional issue, but it was an emotional issue that was only in that one episode. If he had been angry for an extra episode or two it would be different.

    Anyway That's all I'm going to say in that matter. The mods just got through cleaning this thread and here we are adding on to it again. lol
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2011
  18. Harlan Phoenix

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    It's an emotional issue derived from the premiere. If I didn't watch Ramlak Rising but watched everything else, I would probably be wondering why Lion-O wasn't a bit unstable or at least significantly upset over his father's death.
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    I edit the initial post to try and update any new data. I don't always follow the replies in this thread. So if anyone has some piece of info they think should be in the FAQ, please just send me a pm.

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    Edited the first post to add air dates next to the episodes. Also bumped the episode list to the top.

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