Thundercats 2011: Season Two

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    ThunderCats 2011

    Season Two:

    NoteSince the chance for a real Season two seems pretty slim, I made this in hopes of putting my mind at rest (though I doubt it will work)

    DisclaimerI own nothing, this is pure Fan Fiction

    Episode 27- The Next Chapter

    It’s only been a short while since the Thundercats left the crashed remains of Avista city. And after returning the Elephants, the Berbils, the Fishmen and Dobo’s crew back to their respective homes, they returned to their quest for the Stones, now with the help of their new airship, the Feliner.

    The entire group was on the Airship’s bridge, and while Tygra was at the controls, Cheetara was sitting right next to him on one side while Lion-O sat on the other. Panthro sat next the instruments, while WilyKat and WilyKit sat down in the passenger seat with Snarf sitting right between them.

    Panthro was visibly upset about something, but it was not made clear what until he straight out said - -

    “I liked it better when we used the ThunderTank. I got to drive then”

    Tygra didn’t need to look at Panthro to smugly reply:

    “Jealous are we, Panthro? You should count yourself lucky that the Berbils repaired the ThunderTank before we sent them home”

    Panthro pouted and grumbled silently after that, and that’s when Cheetara saw fit to interrupt by saying--

    “Alright, you two, focus. I think we should be using this time to think about our current situation”

    “I can save you some trouble there, it’s not looking good” Tygra replied, his smug smile now turned into a serious frown

    Panthro’s once grumpy face then turned into a slightly remorseful face as he sighed and added –

    “Tygra’s right, we’re in deep swamp water. Just when you think we’ve gotten one step ahead of Mumm-Ra, he gains the Sword of Plun-Darr and makes off with the Tech Stone”

    “At least we didn’t loose the Sword of Omens or the Spirit Stone” WilyKit said

    “…And like Cheetara said: that’s something” her brother added

    “Maybe, but now that Mumm-Ra has the Tech Stone, things just a whole lot more…complicated for us” Cheetara replied

    “There’s only one stone left, and if we want to turn the tide in this war, we’re gonna have to get to it first” Panthro said

    “Which reminds me, where is the last stone?” Tygra asked

    The Thundercats then found a nice place to land their ship and then all headed to the Cargo hold, where the recently rebuilt ThunderTank was currently resting. It remains the same as it did before the Soul Sever’s machines took it apart, apparently, the Berbils didn’t see the need to upgrade it this time.

    Anyway, the group of seven headed inside the tank and hooks up the Book of Omens, which then proceeded to display the large, red, graphic map of Third Earth. The Book showed the location of third stone, but without a lot of distinct markings on the map, it was hard to decipher exactly where this specific location was.

    “It says the stone is here…” WilyKit started as she pointed to where the map showed their target’s location

    “…But where exactly is “there”?” her brother finished

    “(Sarcastically) Oh, great, it’s giving us another riddle” Panthro said as he crossed his arms in an annoyed way

    “Well, at least it’s not just pointing up anymore” Tygra said in a dry-witted tone, minus the smile

    “Riddle or not, we have to find the last stone! This could be our last chance to finally defeat Mumm-Ra” said Cheetara

    “Yeah, especially now that that two-timing, feather bag, Vultaire has joined his team” Tygra replied

    “(Scoffs) you think that’s the worst part?” Panthro said as he got in closer to the holographic image of Third Earth “No sooner do we finally rid ourselves of that backstabbing Saber-Tooth, Grune. Now we have to deal with that lying, two-faced She-Cat, Pumyra!”

    It was at that moment that the old Panther noticed the angry glares of Cheetara, Tygra and even the twins and Snarf. He was unsure of their reason for doing so at first, but that quickly changed when Cheetara said in a hushed voice...

    “Be quiet about Pumyra, Panthro! Can’t you be a little more sensitive than that?!”

    It was then that Panthro realized his mistake, but before he could say anything else, the Cats heard the voice of their young lion monarch, who had finally decided to speak after a long time of staying quite.

    “Guys, it’s okay. What’s done is done. Pumyra has made it quite clear where her allegiance lies. We’ll deal with her and Mumm-Ra when the time is right. But right now, we need to focus on finding the last stone”

    Lion-O then turned around to look at the Holographic image and completely missed the concerned faces of his fellow Thunderians. They all knew how much Lion-O cared for Pumyra, so now that her true colors have been revealed, they could only imagine what kind of feelings their king was experiencing, but chose to not show.

    Still, just like what happened after gaining the Spirit Stone, Lion-O had no intention of letting his own aching heart get in the way of stopping Mumm-Ra. And that was made perfectly clear by his serious demeanor when he looked at the red holographic image and said…

    “There must be someone who has a map of this area”

    Suddenly, out of nowhere, the Feliner started to shake as if something were attacking it. But when Thundercats all rushed outside to see what, they were surprised to see that there was nothing there.

    Lion-O had the team start to look around, but even then, there was nothing to be found. Not even a footprint or anything. This left everyone puzzled, but the mystery was put on hold when the Cats saw a nearby village in the distance.

    “Maybe someone down there has a more detailed map of Third Earth?” Lion-O said, only for Tygra to reply with--

    “(Scoff) considering the rustic way those people live, I certainly doubt it”

    No one really paid Tygra’s comment any heed, of course, because as soon as they prepped up the Thundertank, they were on their way towards the nearby village.

    Meanwhile, back at the ever gloomy place that is Mumm-Ra’s Pyramid, Mumm-Ra himself was in his Chambers, admiring his recently acquired prize; the Tech Stone, as it lay embedded in the Gauntlet of Plun-Darr. In the chamber with him was his other recently acquired prize from Avista, Pumyra, who just stood there watching, as her “master” admired his first actual Power Stone.

    Eventually, the evil Mummy finally broke the silence by saying “Beautiful, isn’t it, Pumyra? After generations of the Birds of Avista using the Tech Stone’s power for their own day-to-day needs, it is at last back in the hands of someone who understands its power”

    Pumyra just smile as she bowed and replied with “Oh, absolutely, Lord Mumm-Ra”

    “And the best part of it is, this is only the beginning. Soon I will have the final stone of Power and with that; it will only be a matter knowing when the proper time is to strike before I can reclaim the War and Spirit Stones from the Thundercats. Then you will have your revenge, Pumyra, and I, I will have everything else (chuckles)”

    Pumyra smiled wickedly after at that comment, but suddenly, the two are interrupted by Slithe and the other generals, as they enter the chamber with apparently something to tell Mumm-Ra.

    “Ah, General Slithe, is everything ready for our departure?”

    “Yes, Lord Mumm-Ra, Vultaire’s technical knowledge has been quite helpful in preparing our armies for the attack. We should be able to take our target faster than Avista or Thundera”

    “Excellent, now, Vultaire, you are certain the location you have given us is where the last stone is being kept?”

    “Perfectly, my Lord, although the keepers of this stone never remain in one place twice, they still travel in the exact same area. It’s simply how their primitive culture operates. It will only be a matter of sweeping the entire selected area until we find them”

    “Perfect, the Thundercats have always tried to gain an advantage over me, well, now, they’ll be in for the shock of their very short lives when see me with the final stone (laughing evilly)”

    This is just the first part, it's still a work in progress
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    Here's the rest of the episode (the second half to be exact)

    The Thundercats eventually arrived at the nearby village, and when they did, they were surprised to see that its inhabitants were all humanoid sheep creatures: these are the Bolkins. And like Tygra initially thought, they lived rather rustically, as their shops and houses all seemed rather simple even by the standards of Dog City.

    However, the Cats were still in need of a map to where they needed to go. So, they looked around town in hopes of finding at least one shop that sold them. They didn’t have much luck at first, and, for a moment, while Lion-O was looking around, he could’ve sworn that someone was following him. He didn’t see anyone when looked behind him the first time, but right after her went back to his searching, the steam coming from one of the local houses began to form some type of shape behind him. It seemed like an ordinary Steam cloud at first, but in mere seconds, it became the face of what looked like an elderly, yet lovely looking woman, and it was looking directly at Lion-O.

    The young lion knew there was something amiss at that point, but when he turned around for a second time, he once again saw nothing, as if the smoke cloud was never there at all. This puzzled him to be sure, but before he could give the matter anymore thought, Cheetara approached him and said--

    “Still no luck any finding map shops, Lion-O”

    This caught Lion-O off-guard for a moment, but he quickly got his mind off of what he thinks just happened and replied to Cheetara--

    “Oh, well, uh, keep looking, there has to be someone here who sells maps. There just has to be”

    The two Cats kept on walking after that, and during that time, Cheetara felt the need to reestablish her forgotten role as Lion-O’s counselor by saying—

    “You know, it’s okay to feel hurt about what happened in Avista City. What Pumyra did was a shock to all of us”

    The young lion heard the cheetah’s words, but he did not look her in the eyes to give his response. No, he just kept looking around, while maintaining a serious look on his face, and said--

    “Yeah, I know”

    Still, Cheetara could not sense any emotion in her king’s response, so she kept talking

    “What’s with you, Lion-O? Ever since we lost the Tech Stone, you’ve been as quiet as the wind and more serious looking than Panthro. What’s wrong?”

    “Nothing’s wrong, I’m just focusing on finding the next stone, that’s all. You said it yourself, if we don’t find the next stone, it’s all over. And I cannot and I will not allow that to happen. (Brief pause) I won’t fail again”

    Lion-O walked off ahead of Cheetara after that, but, as usual, Cheetara was quick notice the sudden shift in Lion-O’s tone when he spoke. It started out in a very serious tone, but then it started to turn into an almost remorseful tone. No doubt to serve as a sign of Lion-O’s inner turmoil. This made Cheetara all the more concerned for her king

    Meanwhile, back at Mumm-Ra’s pyramid, the Lizard army was seen preparing itself for some type of an invasion, and the ones overseeing all of this were non other than Mumm-Ra’s four Generals, along with Pumyra. Vultaire looked upon all of this technology with pride and was particularly proud of the advancements he himself added.

    “Amazing, isn’t it, my friends? Your once highly advanced fleet is now even more advanced then before” the vulture said, as he looked upon the fleet of upgraded vehicles “But then, I was the one who upgraded them after all, so they must be highly advanced”

    That last comment made both Addicus and even Kaynar roll their eyes in an “Oh brother” sort of way. But Slithe just dryly said--

    “Alright, Vultaire, we’re all impressed by your technological know-how, good for you”

    “Well, I’m just saying that these are considerable improvements I’ve made to an already advanced armada. Though, I am concerned that the changes I’ve made will be too much for the Lizards to adjust to”

    That last comment struck a nerve in Slithe and he was quick to respond to it by grabbing Vultaire by the wing and saying--

    “And, what do you mean by that, Bird?”

    “Well, let’s face it, Slithe; the Lizards are not exactly the most advanced race on Third Earth. How else do you think the Cats were able to walk all over you like they did?” this statement only made Slithe more angry, but that didn’t stop Vultaire from continuing by saying “In fact, I’m pretty sure you’re only just barely below the Dogs and Monkeys on the Animal food chain”

    It was then that the smug vulture realized just how much he stuck his foot into his mouth, because Addicus and Kaynar did not take too kindly to that last part. The three generals proceeded to advance on Vultaire with intents of hurting him, but while that was going on, Pumyra was just leaning up against a wall, watching them with an “oh brother” look on her face.

    She turned her head before she saw any real fighting, but right after she did so, she was quick feel some sort of presence in the air. She didn’t know what it was exactly, but it made her head throb painfully for a few seconds and made her eyes briefly glow a shade of green. She came out of it pretty quickly, but when she did, she was quick to notice an array of electrified green energy coming out of the floor and the walls.

    Slithe and the other generals were quick to notice this too (and fortunately for Vultaire, it was right before Addicus was about to pummel him), and all they could do was watch as the multiple bolts of green lightning began to strike every single vehicle in the Lizard fleet without mercy. Much of the fleet was destroyed within seconds, and while the Lizard army scrambled all about in scared confusion, Pumyra and the Generals just looked upon this mysterious occurrence with shock and amazement

    Mumm-Ra was also becoming aware that something was wrong in his Pyramid, because in his chambers, his magical pool had turned green like Pumyra’s eyes and began to swirl like a whirlpool. He also went through a throbbing headache like Pumyra, and when he looked up at the Ancient Spirit statues, he was shocked to see that their eyes had begun to flicker back and forth from their usual bright red to an even brighter shade of blue.

    Eventually, all of this subsided, and when it did, Mumm-Ra’s only response to it was--

    “What a strange phenomenon, but it does bring one name to mind”

    Meanwhile, back at the Bolkin town, the Thundercats were all just returning to the Thundertank after, regrettably, coming back empty-handed from their search for a map. They had already searched every shop in this rustic town, and there was not one single map store among.

    “(Sigh) I can’t believe we didn’t find a single map store in this entire town” WilyKat moaned as looked at his sister…

    …who then responded with “…there wasn’t even a single map-maker in this entire town”

    “I guess these Bolkin things don’t have much need for maps” Cheetara replied as she stood next to Tygra…

    …who then dryly added “Doesn’t surprise me, there’s not a lot out here, why make a map when there’s nothing to map out?”

    Lion-O was the most despondent of the group after this dead-end, and it was shown by how depressed he looked and by the sheer tone of his voice when he said--

    “Well, isn’t this just great? Another dead end for us and another moment for Mumm-Ra to get one step closer to finding the next stone. Just terrific”

    “You know this isn’t your fault, Lion-O” said Cheetara, after she quickly noticed the sense of remorse and self-loathing in Lion-O’s tone

    “So this town didn’t have any maps, big deal. We just picked the wrong place to look” Tygra added in a nonchalant sounding tone

    That’s when Panthro came up to Lion-O and said “Just because we couldn’t find a map here, doesn’t mean the next town we find won’t have any. Let’s get going”

    Lion-O nodded at this comment and then he and his subordinates boarded the Thundertank with intentions of leaving. However, before they could all get on board, they were then hailed by two of the locals; one with brown wool, the other with yellow wool.

    “Um, excuse me, uh, feline beings?” said the Bolkin with brown wool

    “Uh, forgive us for overhearing, but you say you need a map?” said the Bolkin with yellow wool as he reached into the bag he was carrying and brought out a rolled up map.

    (Convenient, huh?)

    The Cats were surprised by this supposed stroke of good fortune, but that soon changed when they actually looked at the map and saw that it only covered the general area.

    “Aww, still not the part of Third Earth we need” WilyKit groaned

    That’s when the Bolkin with brown wool looked up at the TCats with confusion and asked--

    “I’m sorry, is there something wrong with the map?”

    “No, it’s not that, it’s just that we need to get to a specific location and we need a map of all Third Earth to at least get an idea of where it is” explained Cheetara

    “A map of all Third Earth, eh? Hmm” said the Bolkin with yellow wool, as he rubbed his fuzzy chin and pondered for a brief second before coming to a realization “Then I think I know just the place you need to go”

    “And where would that be?” Asked Panthro

    That’s when the Bolkin with brown wool pointed to a part of the map that showed a small mountain range found due west, and said.

    “Here, the Aresian Mountains, ancient home of the Bull Bolkins…”

    “Bull Bolkins?” Asked WilyKat

    “Yes, a much larger breed of Bolkins. They’re not like the ones who live in our village; oh no. They’re far more aggressive, far more challenging, and they have the horns to back it all up. They hate it when anyone comes up to their mountains, that’s why we regular Bolkins stay down here” replied the yellow furred Bolkin

    “Well, if all of that’s true, then why are you trying to get us to go up there?” Tygra asked

    “Because, as troublesome as the Bull Bolkins are, they might just be the solution to your problem” said the brown Bolkin

    “Come again?” said a confused WilyKit

    “You see, in addition to being a bunch of thick-skulled bullies, the Bull Bolkins are also surprisingly well skilled in making maps” the Yellow Bolkin explained

    “Nobody’s quite sure how, but the Bull Bolkins have managed to map out every corner of Third Earth. If you need to find a specific location, those beasts are the ones to ask” the Brown Bolkin continued

    As expected, the Thundercats were quick to hurry themselves towards this mountain range. And once they were gone, the two Bolkins were then approached by a mysterious hooded woman wearing a dark blue robe, and she said--

    “Did they take the bait?”

    “Oh, absolutely, mistress, just as you said they would” said the Brown Bolkin

    “They seemed fairly eager to take the offer, actually” added the Yellow Bolkin

    “After all that’s happened to them already, I wouldn’t expect anything less. But now, wheels are within motion and it appears that it’s time for me to do my part” the cloaked figure said as we got a close-up look at her hood shrouded head.

    (Commercial Break)
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    not bad, I really like it right now. But I'm going to take a wild guess and say that the shrouded figure was Pumyra, right? cause if not, that would be a lot more interesting...
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    Here is the final part of the first episode

    The Thundercats eventually arrived at the Aresian Mountain range by sunset, but when they did, they were mildly put off by the giant ram skulls that acted as markers for the main path. One of the skulls even rested on a stone podium that had the following message carved into it--

    “Turn back, all who come this way, or be forced to feel the deadly consequences of your failure!”

    Cheetara read this message out loud, but while Kit, Kat and Snarf all looked worried, Lion-O showed no signs of fear at all and just said--

    “We’ll rest here for the night; then we’ll climb it in the morning”

    “So what, we’re just ignoring these kind of warnings now?” asked Tygra, as he watched Lion-O start to walk back to the Thundertank

    “It said there would be consequences for failing, but I won’t be failing, not this time”

    Cheetara heard every word of this, and it only further fueled her growing concern for her king. As he seems a bit too concerned about not failing. WilyKit shared those feelings of concern and the two of them just looked at each other before looking at Lion-O as he went back inside the Thundertank. However, what none of the TCats knew was that the hooded figure from the Bolkin village had followed them and was looking upon them from afar. Her true face remained unseen, but the way she stood implied that she was prepared to do something. What, exactly? Well that remains to be seen.

    Anyway, the hours flew by and the Thundercats were all fast asleep in the Thundertank. But the moment Snarf heard a loud noise coming from the outside; he woke up and headed towards the nearest window to see what was causing all of the noise. He did see the cause, but when he did, the small, lizard-cat creature wished he had not seen anything.

    A large horde of tall, shadowy creatures was surrounding the Thundertank, and they didn’t look friendly at all. Snarf immediately panicked and went to wake up the others. But while he was doing that, the horde outside began to throw large stones at the Thundertank, while they growled and shouted like members of a primitive tribe.

    The Thundercats all quickly made their way outside to confront this horde, and when they did, they were surprised to see that these brutes appeared to be little more than much larger and muscular versions of the Bolkin people. They wore tatters instead of rustic clothing, they were as muscular as Addicus at the very most and Kaynar at the very least, and instead of having sheep’s heads, they had the heads of curved-horned Rams with sharp, pointy teeth. These were the Bull Bolkins.

    “The Bull Bolkins, I presume?” Lion-O asked with a slight tint of sarcasm in his voice

    That’s when the leader of this horde, the tallest and most muscular of all the Bull Bolkins, came up to face the young lion, and he said--

    “Who wants to know?!”

    “I do: Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats!”

    “Well, Lord of the Thundercats, did you not see the marker? Did you not read the warning? My people and I do not take kindly to strangers and trespassers!”

    “…so we we’ve been told, but we were also told that you and your people are expert map-makers”

    “What of it?”

    “We need a detailed map of all of Third Earth, simply give it to us and we’ll leave your territory in peace”

    The Bull Bolkin leader then turned back towards his vicious band and started conversing with them silently. Once they were done, he went back to confronting Lion-O and said--

    “Very well then, “Lord of the Thundercats”, we will grant your request, on one condition: a challenge”

    This made Lion-O growl in anger for a few moments, but that didn’t stop the Bull Bolkin leader from talking--

    “You see, we of the Bull Bolkin tribe like to test our strength now and then, so we created a little game called “Grapple”. It’s a simple challenge really; we lock our arms together and attempt to bring the arm of our opponent down. The first person to do so is the winner. And since this is a matter between our two groups, it seems only fitting that this be between the leaders, yes?”

    Lion-O simply nodded at this challenge in acceptance to it, much to the surprise of his six charges, particularly WilyKit, Cheetara and Snarf.

    The TCats and the Bull Bolkins all then made their way to a pile of rocks and found a specific part of said pile that almost resembled a table with benches (not really, of course). That’s where Lion-O and the Bull Bolkin leader both sat down prepared their right arms for the competition. The Bull Bolkins looked upon this state of affairs with much anticipation, but the TCats looked upon it with much worry and concern.

    “I just don’t understand why Lion-O has to do this” said WilyKit as she looked at her twin

    “It does seem a bit unnecessary, we could just as easily find a map elsewhere” Cheetara added

    “Maybe, or maybe this is the only lucky break we’re gonna have in a long time” replied Panthro in tone that seemed much more at ease than Cheetara or WilyKit’s

    “And knowing Lion-O, he’s not gonna let it pass him by” Tygra added, in tone just as nonchalant as Panthro’s

    Still, Cheetara wasn’t totally convinced, as the next thing she said was--

    “It just doesn’t seem necessary to me”

    “You think the Tigers are the only Cats that are Proud? The Lions have a lot of Pride too, especially when they feel like they’ve failed somehow” Tygra replied, still somehow maintaining his aloof tone and facial expression

    Suddenly, everything became clear to Cheetara, as the next thing she said was—

    “This is about what happened with the Tech Stone, isn’t it…?”

    “And the Sword of Plun-Darr and Pumyra. Those were all fiascos and Lion-O blames himself for them. He needs this, Cheetara; I can see it in his eyes”

    Tygra’s eyes never wavered from his nonchalant tone when he said this, but Cheetara knew that her beloved Tiger was right. Though she still didn’t like it one bit.

    Finally, the moment came for the competition to begin and Lion-O and his Goat-faced opponent were ready to “grapple”. They both gave it everything they had, but while both had brief moments of gaining the upper-hand; neither was making any head-way. This was saying a lot, considering that the Lead Bull Bolkin was twice the size of his Feline adversary.

    Meanwhile, back at Mumm-Ra’s Pyramid, the Lizard army was doing everything it could to repair its damaged fleet. Slithe and the other generals were overseeing these repairs, but they still couldn’t figure out what caused all of this in the first place.

    “I still don’t get it (hooping), what just happened?” asked Addicus

    “Beats me, but it sure was a shock” joked Kaynar as he cackled insanely

    “I have not witnessed such power since I first saw Mumm-Ra use his” Slithe continued

    “Indeed, and this power was just as precise and potent, and yet somehow…different” Vultaire added

    “You’re right, Vultaire, it was different, how though; I cannot say” the Lizard general replied, right before he noticed that someone in the hangar was missing. “Hey, where’s Pumyra?”

    “I think she went back up to Mumm-Ra’s chambers, she sure looked like she was in a hurry too” said Kaynar, right before he started cackling again (this time for no particular reason)

    Still, the Jackal was right; Pumyra had gone back up to Mumm-Ra’s and while she was there, her undead master said--

    “So, it happened to you too, Pumyra?”

    “Yes, master, and the strangest part of it was…the sensation felt somehow familiar”

    “What do you mean by that?”

    “Well, while I was travelling with the Thundercats, there were times in which I didn’t feel like myself, when I couldn’t feel your all-enshrouding power. Like when I chose not finish Lion-O in the Pit, there was brief moment where I actually felt glad I didn’t end it there”

    That last part made Mumm-Ra a bit uneasy, but he hid it well when he said--

    “That was only because we needed him to help unearth the Sword of Plun-Darr; nothing more, nothing less”

    “That was what I thought too, but the feeling didn’t stop bothering me from there. It continued to hit me randomly, throughout the entire time I was in Mount Plun-Darr. Come to think of it, right after you took the Sword of Plun-Darr, I didn’t start to feel like myself again until after we arrived at Avista. I can’t explain it”

    This only made Mumm-Ra more uneasy, and it showed by the way his eyes shuddered and the way his face looked. Pumyra noticed this and asked--

    “Master, is something wrong?”

    Mumm-Ra came out of his trance-like state after hearing this, and his reply was --

    “I believe I know what the source of our trouble is, Pumyra. And until it is dealt with, our invasion is going to have to wait”

    “Wait? But, my Lord, the final stone…”

    “…Can wait until later, Pumyra, we will deal with it and the Thundercats when time allows. But for now, if the cause of that strange phenomenon is who I think it is then everything I have worked so hard to achieve is now at risk.”

    Pumyra wasn’t sure what her undead master meant, but she knew better than to argue with him.

    Meanwhile, back at the Aresian Mountains, Lion-O and the Bull Bolkin leader were still grappling, with neither side giving or gaining an inch. For a brief moment, Lion-O’s arm was starting to go down, but as soon as he noticed this, he immediately started pushing back harder and kept on pushing until, finally, bringing down his opponent’s arm, thus winning the competition. The Bull Bolkins groaned in disappointment, but the TCats all cheered in victory, with the obvious exception of Lion-O, who was still worn out by his little exertion.

    As promised, the Bull Bolkins presented the TCats with a map from their collection, and just they specified, it was a map of all Third Earth. The Cats all then made their way back to the Thundertank, but while they did so, Cheetara and Tygra got to talking--

    “One thing’s still bothering me” said the Cheetah Cleric “The Bull Bolkins attacked us while we were still outside of the Aresian Mountain range, why venture out of their own territory just to attack campers?”

    “You heard the Bolkins; those people are savages. Who knows how their civilization works?” Tygra replied

    And once the TCats were out of hearing range, one of the Bull Bolkins approached his leader and said--

    “Master, none of those Cats was wearing a cloak. You said the creature who attacked us was wearing a cloak”

    “Of course he was, you fool; no doubt the Cat who did attack got rid of his cloak, in hopes of throwing us off. Any way, it doesn’t matter, they’re leaving now, and with any luck, we’ll never see those furry trespassers again”

    The Bull Bolkin leader then gave the order to head back into the mountains. But he did so with his left hand, because his right one was still sore from his bout Lion-O.

    Meanwhile, the two sides were both being watched from afar by the same hooded figure from before. And considering how torn and dirty her robes were, it could be assumed that this was the person who attacked the Bull Bolkins and led them to the TCats.

    Regardless, the figure looked upon the two groups as they all went their separate ways and then went off in a very mysterious fashion. We next see her approaching a part of the mountain side with a small rock, which she used to carve a strange and ancient looking design onto the stone wall. Once the design was finished, the hooded figure just backed away as the design she just drew started to glow and float off the mountainside altogether. Once it was in midair, the design quickly transformed into glowing green circle that only showed a pair of bright blue human eyes. And from out of this circle… came a voice

    “Ah, my lost soul, did everything go well?” is what the voice said, and the sheer tone of it would indicate that it was an elderly woman who was speaking.

    “It went exactly as said it would, Milady” said the hooded figure after she bowed her head to the glowing circle “Although, I must be honest, I can’t say that I was comfortable with attacking those Bull Bolkins just for the sake of leading them to Lion-O and the others”

    “And I can understand that, my child, but I was a necessary action to take. Lion-O needed this victory”

    “That’s what Tygra said too, though I’m not sure if this “victory” was enough to make all that much of a difference for the young king”

    “Fear not, my dear, our plan is in motion and the Thundercats are on the right track now, we just need to be patient at this point”

    “…And Mumm-Ra…?”

    “I’ve managed to delay him by crippling his fleet, but I fear it will not be long before his forces are up and running again. (Snickers) fortunately, finding the final stone is last thing on Mumm-Ra’s mind right now”

    “You mean…?”

    “Yes, my child, he knows it was me, and with any luck, his hunt for me will buy Lion-O and his friends all the time they need. But for right now, I want you to go back to the village and await further instructions. And tell the others to do the same while you’re at it”

    The hooded figure then got down on her knees and said--

    “Yes, milady”

    Meanwhile, once the Thundercats returned to the Thundertank, they activated the Book of Omens once again and then compared the next stone’s location to their newly acquired map of Third Earth. However, much to their surprise, they discover that the next stone’s location is in the middle of the Great Sea.

    (Episode Ends)
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  5. Lady Ocelli

    Lady Ocelli Shadowspy

    That was a great start for the hunt for the last stone. I also think I know who the hooded figure is but I'll give everyone else a chance to figure it out. ;)
  6. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    I read and reviewed this fic on as Heart of the Demons.
  7. srebak

    srebak Laser Beast

    ThunderCats 2011

    Season Two:

    Note – Since the chance for a real Season two seems pretty slim, I made this in hopes of putting my mind at rest (though I doubt it will work)

    Disclaimer – I own nothing, this is pure Fan Fiction

    Episode 28- The Ghosts of the Past

    It was a quiet morning in a quiet, thick forest of Third Earth. But that quiet was soon broken by the humming sound of Hovercrafts. It was Slithe and the other Generals; they were all riding the same type of vehicle they used in “Trials of Lion-O Part One”, but the strange thing was, it was just them. No Lizard army, no tanks, just Slithe, Kaynar, Addicus and Vultaire, no one else. Well, except for Pumyra, who was now sporting a suit of armor that resemble the suit that Grune wore. The main differences being that it was gray instead of gold and was more feminine in appearance.

    Any way, the four Generals and the rogue Thundercat were soon accompanied in the air by the Storm-Charger, which could only mean that Mumm-Ra was travelling with them as well. Eventually, they all found a nice place to land, and it was shaded enough by the trees for Mumm-Ra to emerge from his mobile Sarcophagus in the usual dramatic fashion.

    “The source of all our troubles is within this forest, my generals, I can feel it” said the evil Mummy as he looked at his surroundings

    “Are you sure, Master? There doesn’t seem to be much going on in this forest. I barely even hear any wildlife” asked Pumyra as she approached the undead sorcerer

    “I am absolutely sure, Pumyra, the force that attacked my Pyramid was indeed different from my own magic. But it was also very similar, and that alone is enough for me to track by.”

    “I still don’t understand what we’re doing out here!” said Vultaire as he and the other Generals approached Mumm-Ra “We know who has the last stone, we know where to find them, and if we weren’t wasting our time here, we could be helping to repair the fleet so we could go and retrieve it. Isn’t it more important for us to…?”

    But before the smug vulture could finish his sentence, he was quickly blasted flat on his back by Mumm-Ra, who then said--

    “What’s “important”, Vultaire, is that my ancient enemy be dealt with as soon as possible”

    “And who exactly is this “ancient enemy” of yours, Lord Mumm-Ra?” asked Slithe

    “A truly powerful being, General Slithe, one who, I dare say, wields a power that actually rivals my own”

    “What? Is-is that even possible?”

    “…Though it pains me to say it, Pumyra, yes. This is why we must find her straight away, as long as she is alive, all of my plans are now in jeopardy!”

    ““Her”, “she”, this is a girl we’re talking about?” said Kaynar with a slight maniacal chuckle “So, the great and powerful Mumm-Ra can handle Lions and Tigers, but he’s powerless against some lady with a few parlor tricks? (Cackles insanely)”

    However, Kaynar’s psychotic joy was cut short when Mumm-Ra zapped him just like he did Vultaire. Still, Mumm-Ra managed maintain his aloof attitude as he said--

    “The Thundercats are nothing more than an annoyance that can be dealt with at any time. But this “lady with parlor tricks” as you call her, is a very serious threat, and one I cannot allow to stand in my way for more than one moment”

    “(Hooping) well, if that’s the case, than why only bring the five of us? Why not the entire army (hooping)?” asked Addicus as helped Kaynar up

    “Because, if I am to truly destroy my enemy, I must do it with surprise, and that means keeping the group small and agile. (Chuckling) knowing her, she probably attacked my Pyramid, thinking that I wouldn’t be able to track her power afterwards. Well, her carelessness is about to be her downfall. Now, come along, everyone, we have some hunting to do”

    The five animals did not hesitate to obey their leader’s command as they followed him into the thick, dark forest, especially Pumyra. However, while they were all doing this, even Mumm-Ra failed to notice that they were being watched from afar by a small, white dove-like bird with bright blue eyes. The small bird looked upon all of the villains with great interest, until its eyes began to glow and it decided to fly away.

    Meanwhile, back at the area near the Bolkin Village, The TCats were still pondering their next move in retrieving the final stone. Especially since they just learned that it rests somewhere in the Great Sea.

    “(Moans) first the Spirit Stone was in some other dimension; then the Tech Stone was on some floating city, now the last stone is somewhere underwater?” Groaned Panthro as looked at the next Stone’s current location on the Book of Omens hologram “(Sighs) just once, couldn’t one of those blasted stones have been somewhere on the ground?”

    (No doubt, Panthro has still not gotten over his fear of the water)

    “Okay, we know where to find the last stone now, but who has it this time?” Asked Cheetara, paying Panthro’s complaining no mind

    “I remember seeing in the Book of Omens, that Mumm-Ra had a race of fish creatures under his command. “Tiger Sharks” he called them. They seemed a bit wild, but were definitely strong” replied Lion-O

    “Then I guess it’s a safe bet that they’re the ones who have the last stone” said Tygra

    Lion-O nodded at this prospect, right before he said “Let’s not waste another moment. Panthro, get us back to the Feliner”

    The old panther nodded at the young lion monarch and the TCats were soon on their way again. However, during the ride, WilyKit, Cheetara and Snarf were all quick to notice that their young leader was looking despondent…again. This time he was sitting further away from everyone else on the Thundertank’s bridge and was looking, almost obsessively, at his Gauntlet and the pink power stone that was embedded within it.

    This made the two female Cats and cat-creature very concerned, but their silent observing was soon interrupted by Cheetara’s mate--

    “Still feeling bad for Lion-O, ladies?” is what he said

    “(Sighs) after what’s happened to him so far, I can’t help but feel sorry for him” replied Cheetara

    “Me too” WilyKit added

    “Uh, the bigger question isn’t why they’re feeling sorry for Lion-O, Tygra, it’s why you aren’t?” said WilyKat as he joined the conversation

    “Because he’s always so dramatic about these things, Kat, and he knows that as well as anyone else. Sure, he’s upset now, but I give him another day or two before he’s back to his old footloose and carefree personality” the Tiger explained, obviously confidant of what he just said.

    “(Clears throat) you do all realize that Lion-O’s can hear every word you’re saying, right?” said Panthro while driving.

    But Lion-O didn’t even turn his head when he responded--

    “No he can’t”

    --and just got up and walked off to a more secluded part of the moving tank. His subordinates watched with concern as he did this, and Cheetara turned towards her Tiger and said--

    “I hope you’re right about this not lasting long, Tygra, for his sake”

    However, the look on Tygra’s face implied that he himself was wondering if he was right about this despondency was only temporary. He hoped it was

    Anyway, Lion-O soon arrived at the Cargo bay and then found a place to sit so he could go back to looking at the Spirit Stone in his gauntlet.

    “I still can’t believe it, we have two power stones yet Mumm-Ra has us on the run with only one” the young Lion said as he looked at the pink stone “(Sighs) maybe we’d have a better chance against him if you could do more than just create spirit shields! Some times, I question if you’re really all that useful”

    (Clearly, Lion-O was too angry to remember that the Spirit Stone can also bring the dead back to life)

    Suddenly, the Spirit Stone started glow and began to generate a mass amount of pink, spiritual energy that started to spread all over the Cargo bay and eventually engulfed Lion-O. When it was all over, Lion-O was shocked to discover that he was in a vacuous, violet-colored void that glowed in a way similar to Spirit Stone.

    He was a little worried for a moment, but that’s when the violet-color void transformed into a different surrounding: the desert around Mumm-Ra’s pyramid. However, the moment Lion-O saw the large crowd of animals that was assembled around the Black Pyramid; he knew that this could not have been present day. In fact, not only was this right after Mumm-Ra’s ship crashed on Third Earth, it was the exact moment when the four Power Stones were being fought over.

    Lion-O was a bit confused by all of this, but was even more confused by the fact that no one seemed to notice him. He reached over to touch the shoulder of a Dog, but ended up passing through the canine instead. It didn’t take long for Lion-O to figure out that he was a ghost here, so he just stood there and watched the events of the past play out.

    “Enough!” yelled a young Lion dressed in a black and blue uniform with three red discs on the shoulder and chest “All of this arguing is getting us nowhere. We need to come to an agreement”

    Lion-O was quick to recognize this Lion as his ancestor, Leo, former Commander of Mumm-Ra’s forces. And standing right there next to him was his lieutenant and Love interest, Panthera.

    “Look, we all know how powerful the Stones are when they’re all used together. No Animal should be allowed to have that much power” Said Shen, leader of the Dogs

    “Be that as it may, we can’t just leave them all here in Mumm-Ra’s ship. I don’t even want to think about what could happen if we did that” said an unnamed Rat (who, like the rest of his kind, wore no yellow prison uniform like the other animals for some reason)

    “(Growls) it kills me to say it, but the Rat is right” said an unnamed Tiger Shark (who, like the rest of his kind, also wore no prison uniform for some reason)

    “Yes, someone must protect these stones, but not all four” said Rezard, leader of the Lizards

    “Then it’s agreed, we’ll divide the stones among each other equally in order to protect them. But the question still remains; which species gets which stone?” said Shen

    “The War Stone has already been made a part of the Sword of Omens…” said Leo as he held up his sword to illustrate his point

    “…And since the Cats were the ones who forged this weapon, it seems only fair that we be the ones to guard it” continued Panthera

    “(Scoffs) how fitting, the Cats are going to guard the one Stone whose only real purpose is spreading violence. Somehow that suits your kind perfectly” said Rezard with a smile, as Leo and Panthera just growled angrily at the comment

    “The Birds will watch over the Tech Stone. Its power has given our people a limitless amount of ideas…for science, of course (chuckles nervously)” said the unnamed leader of the Birds

    “My people will the take the “Blue Diamond”, we were the ones who retrieved it after all” said the Tiger Shark leader

    “Well, I guess that just leaves the Spirit Stone then” said the leader of the Rats as he approached the Spirit Stone “Well, if nobody wants it, we’ll just take…”

    But before the Rat could finish that sentence, the large leader of the Monkeys came charging up at him and knocked him down, saying--

    “Claws off, vermin, if anyone deserves this stone it’s the Monkeys”

    “The Monkeys? Ha! The Lizards were the ones who were forced to retrieve it; we should be the ones to take it!” said Rezard

    “Correction, Rezard, the Lizards were the ones who found it, the Dogs were the ones who retrieved” said Shen

    “(Clears Throat) with respect, Commander Leo, I highly doubt that it would be safe to leave one of these…Barbarians in charge of Spirit Stone” said the Rat leader as he got up from being knocked down

    “(Hooping) well there’s no way it would be safe with you miserable rodents either (hooping)” said the Monkey leader “At least the Monkeys will be able to keep it safe in the Treetops”

    “The treetops, (chuckles) how very much like a primitive barbarian. That’s about as safe a place as any the Lizards would choose” said Shen

    “Watch your tone, mongrel, or I’ll--” said Rezard as he began to growl

    Soon, the rest of Rezard’s people started to join him in growling, as did Shen and his people, the Rats and the Monkeys. It looked like there was going to be a four-way rumble between the Lizards, the Rats, the Monkeys and Dogs.

    (Commercial Break)
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    Lion-O's journey into the past will no doubt be interesting.
  9. srebak

    srebak Laser Beast

    Here's the rest of the episode (the second half to be exact)

    The four Animal species were all ready to tear each other apart, but before they could, Leo and Panthera rushed in to stop them before they went too far.

    “That’s enough, all of you” said the young Lion “We defeated Mumm-Ra and obtained our freedom by working together, we cannot afford to start fighting amongst ourselves now!”

    The four animal leaders knew that Leo was right so they all stood down from battle, though the Lizards did so begrudgingly.*

    “It’s pretty clear that the last stone isn’t safe with any of you” said Panthera as she grabbed the Spirit Stone and looked at the four Animal species.

    “Well then, perhaps we should take it” said a voice that came behind Leo and Panthera

    The two cats looked behind them at that moment and saw that it was the leader of the Elephants who said this.

    “Give it to us, Leo, and I vow that the Elephants will keep it safe for all time” the lead Pachyderm said as he reached his hand out to Panthera, hoping she would give him the stone.*

    Leo and Panthera looked at each other for brief moment, but then, Panthera complied with the Elephant’s gesture and gave him the Spirit Stone. The Rats, Dogs and Lizards all looked pretty angry about this, but it was the Monkeys who were looking particularly cheesed off. They even growled to show it.

    Lion-O watched all of this from his current position and, quite frankly, he was amazed. He now knew exactly why each stone was give to their respective guardians and also knew for sure that the Tiger Sharks had the last Stone. However, he wasn’t quite sure of why he was being shown all of this, so he kept watching in hopes of finding that out.*

    The vision then shifted to a considerable amount of time afterwards, when the Elephants were building their village. The leader was overseeing all of the construction, but half of his attention was on the Spirit Stone, which he was using as a necklace. He was just so enamored by its beauty.*

    Eventually, he was approached by his female right-hand and she said--

    “Admiring the Spirit Stone again, Grunesh?”

    “Well, can you blame me, Kali? Look at it” Grunesh replied as he showed his right-hand pachyderm the Spirit Stone “It’s beautiful, and look what it can do…”

    That’s when Grunesh held the Spirit Stone up in the air and summoned its unnatural power. Soon, he was encased in a dome of pink energy, until he lowered the Stone and de-materialized it altogether.*

    Kali showed no signs of being impressed by this, but Grunesh didn’t even have time to notice this, let alone question it. Because, at that very moment, Grunesh heard the sound of rope breaking and saw that it was a rope being used to hoist up a large, stone block. As it fell, Grunesh shielded the Elephants beneath it with a Spirit shield just in the nick of time, much to their relief.

    “…Also, it has proven to be quite useful for our people” Grunesh continued

    “Grunesh, I agree that the Spirit Stone has amazing and helpful powers. But I’m beginning to think that you’re becoming a bit too enamored by it” replied Kali as she held the Spirit Stone in her thick fingers “Remember, we were given that stone to protect it, not abuse its power for our own needs”

    But Grunesh just grabbed the Spirit Stone back and angrily said--

    “Oh, come now, Kali, do you really think that the Cats aren’t “abusing” their Stone, or the Sharks and Birds with theirs? Why should my people be afraid to use the Spirit Stone’s power, while the other Animals use their newfound stones to better their lot?”

    “Mark my words, Grunesh: *power like this was not meant to be used in such a manner. If not used with moderation, trouble will not be far behind” replied Kali in a tone that implied she was getting angry*

    The female Elephant walked away after that and Grunesh just went back to looking obsessively at his beloved Power Stone. Lion-O was surprised to have seen this; the Elephants he met would never behave in such a way. Regardless, the vision kept going, as it shifted to nighttime that very day, and showed Grunesh sleeping with the Spirit Stone still around his neck.

    He was sleeping rather peacefully, and because of that, the lead Elephant failed to notice that someone, quietly, came into his chambers and stealthily removed the Spirit Stone from his neck. The thief made off with the precise Stone and no one even noticed the robbery. However, when Lion-O saw how the thieves moved, he had a pretty good idea of who thieves were.

    Back in the physical world, Lion-O’s body was just lying where he was sitting a few moments earlier, while the Spirit Stone glowed brightly. Not unlike what happened during the Trials, actually. However, this time the young king just gave the impression that he was sleeping rather than he was dead.

    Meanwhile, back in the thick forest elsewhere, Mumm-Ra and his 5 minions were still walking through the woods with Mumm-Ra, of course, in the lead. But while Mumm-Ra, Pumyra, Slithe and Kaynar and Addicus all have no problems with walking through the forest, Vultaire is having a bit of trouble himself.*

    “(Groans) this filth; the bugs; the mud; we never had any of this on Avista”

    “Well, in case you hadn’t noticed, Bird man, this isn’t Avista” said Pumyra in a cold tone

    “(Hooping) welcome to how we feral barbarians live (hooping)” Joked Addicus as Pumyra just smiled at it

    But the duo’s merrymaking was soon interrupted by Slithe when he said--

    “Keep in line, all of you! We’re here on business; remember?”

    “Yeah, yeah, keep your headpiece on, Scaly” replied Pumyra in a semi sarcastic tone

    “Watch your tone, Cat!” said Slithe, in obvious anger at Pumyra’s comment “You’ve already died once, it can happen again just as easily”*

    Pumyra, however, was not intimidated, as she just looked the Lizard General in the eyes and said--

    “Is that a fact?”

    --before growling at him just as he growled her

    “That’s enough, you two! We came here to put an end to real threat, not each other!” said Mumm-Ra as he stopped (if you’ll pardon the expression) dead in his tracks “And I can feel the presence of that threat, even now, we have arrived”

    But Slithe and Pumyra saw nothing around them, nor did Vultaire, Kaynar and Addicus.

    “Are you sure this is the right place? Because I certainly don’t see anything” said Addicus as he surveyed his surroundings

    “(Sniffing the air) I don’t smell anything either” said Kaynar as he sniffed the area again “Nobody’s here but us”

    Little did the generals know, however, that there was something there, they just couldn’t see it. But Mumm-Ra could sense it.*

    “There is something else here, I am sure of it, search the area, all of you” the evil Mummy commanded as his minions obeyed

    They all went in groups of two, Slithe went with Kaynar, Vultaire went with Addicus and Pumyra stuck with Mumm-Ra. But once Kaynar and Slithe were alone, Kaynar smelled something suspicious. *

    “What is it, Kaynar? What do you smell?” asked Slithe

    “(Sniffing) I’m not sure, (sniffing) but it smells familiar. (Sniffs) it smells like, (sniffs, then smiles wickedly) Cats”

    The Jackal and the Lizard proceeded to follow the scent that Kaynar smelled after that, until it, eventually, led them to an empty clearing. There, they looked and saw what appeared to be Panthro and Cheetara; both with their backs turned towards the two Generals.

    Slithe and Kaynar both smiled wickedly at each other for a brief moment, as they moved in closer to the Cats with intent on ambushing them. Eventually, they were close enough, and when that happened, they leaped at the two Cats with weapons ready and ferocious hissing and growling.

    (Commercial Break)
    Merged Post:
    Here is the final part of the second episode

    The two generals both leapt at their Feline targets, but once they did, the duo was surprised to see that their jumps landed them in the dirt without tackling anything. It was as if Panthro and Cheetara were never there at all.

    The two Generals got up, of course, and when they did, they came across a few closed flowers. Their scent somehow enticed Kaynar, at least enough to draw him closer to them. That’s when they all opened at once and started to release a cloud of green-colored pollen, pollen that nearly completely engulfed Kaynar and Slithe. They both coughed in response to this and their coughing soon attracted the attention of both Addicus and Vultaire, who were not too far away from their position. But once the vulture and monkey found them, the very pollen that infected Slithe and Kaynar, seeped over to them and made them cough as well.

    Slithe and Kaynar were the first to stop coughing, and when they did, they looked around and, to their surprise; they were standing face-to-face with Panthro and Tygra. Needless to say, the two generals attacked without warning, and Kaynar even snarled while doing so.

    Vultaire and Addicus eventually stopped their coughing as well, and when they did, they were surprised to see what looked like Lion-O and Cheetara coming right at them. The two generals managed to fight them off, but the “TCats” were very skilled, so much so that it was hard for them to take them down. Slithe and Kaynar were having the same problem; they fought well, but the “TCats” were significantly harder to take down this time.

    All of this commotion attracted the attention of Mumm-Ra and Pumyra, who also weren’t too far away. They carefully approached the “battlefield” and when they did, they were surprised to see that the four generals were fighting. However, it wasn’t the Thundercats they were fighting, it was each other. Pumyra face-palmed herself after seeing this, but Mumm-Ra just looked angry and raised his hand to blast all four Generals with purple energy. After recovering from this, Slithe and the others were surprised to see that their Cat opponents were gone and the only ones there were themselves and Mumm-Ra and Pumyra.

    “Would anyone care to explain what just happened?” asked Mumm-Ra in a very annoyed tone

    However, the looks on the Generals’ faces would imply that they didn’t have the foggiest idea of what just happened.

    Meanwhile, back in Lion-O’s vision, Lion-O watched as all of the Elephants searched frantically for the missing Spirit Stone, with no luck whatsoever. Eventually, Kali approached Grunesh in the midst of all this searching and said--

    “I don’t understand Grunesh, how could you lose the Spirit Stone when you never put it down?”

    “I didn’t lose it, Kali, it was stolen”

    “Stolen? Now, Grunesh, let’s not jump to any conclusions”

    “Come now, Kali, we both know it’s true! Who wouldn’t want to steal such a powerful artifact? And when I find out who stole it, I’ll-I’ll…”

    However, before the angry Elephant could finish his rant, he heard a very familiar voice call out to him--

    “You’ll what, Pachyderm? Blow your trumpet?”

    Grunesh and Kali both looked in the direction of where the voice came from and saw that it was none other than the Monkeys, all of them sitting on the roof of someone else’s hut, with their leader now wearing the Spirit Stone necklace.

    “Looking for this, Pachyderm?” the Monkey leader gloated as he showed off the Spirit Stone in a very taunting way

    “You miserable primate, give me that stone or I’ll…” yelled Grunesh as he attempted to approach the head simian

    “…You’ll do nothing, foolish giant! I told Leo that the Monkeys were better suited for guarding this Stone, but no, instead, he chose you; a race that not only used the Stone for petty jewelry, but also could not even unlock its real powers.”

    That last statement made Grunesh’s eyes pop wide open, for it indicated that the Monkey leader knew something he didn’t.

    That’s when the Monkey leader held up the Spirit Stone and made it glow, as another pink aura appeared around Grunesh himself. Suddenly, the Elephant leader found himself floating 3 inches above the ground as the Monkey leader just chuckled in a hooping sort of way.

    This left Lion-O in a state of shock; he was now witnessing a new power of the Spirit Stone, one that never even occurred to him. And the sheer strength of it was incredible, as the Monkey leader was able to hoist the lead Pachyderm up even further and then throw him aside like he was little more than a sack filled with fruit. Kali tried to assault the Monkeys after that, but, of course, she too became a victim of the Spirit Stone’s power. However, this time, instead of being lifted off the ground by a pink Aura, she was left flat on her back after being hit by a blast of pink Spirit energy, yet another power that never occurred to the young Lord of the Thundercats.

    All of this made the other Elephants afraid to make a move towards the Monkeys and that made the invading simians very happy.

    “(Chuckles) I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you ignorant pachyderms wouldn’t know the true nature of this stone” the Monkey leader gloated as he leapt from his spot on the hut roof and used the Spirit Stone to levitate himself safely to the ground. “Have you never wondered how this item received the name “Spirit Stone”?”

    Grunesh had already pulled himself up by this point, but suddenly, he found himself being lifted up again.

    “It’s because this stone takes the spiritual energy of all living things and turns it into power” the Monkey leader continued, right before throwing Grunesh aside again “Of course, to truly use this power, one must truly understand it, which is something you Elephants have failed to do”

    Grunesh looked upon the Monkey leader with anger, but the lead simian just walked away with a satisfied smirk. He then used the Spirit Stone to levitate himself again and hovered closer towards his primate followers to say--

    “Let’s go, boys, our business here is finished”

    The other Monkeys complied with their leader’s orders and followed him as he levitated away. But just when it looked like the Monkeys finally got the better of the Elephants, something started to happen with the Spirit Stone. It started to glow more wildly than usual and the Monkey leader started to become surrounded with a fiery pink aura.

    He didn’t know what was going on, but it only got worse from that point on. The aura around simian warrior started to fire a barrage of pink energy all around him and the Monkey leader was feeling more and more discomfort with each and every blast. The Elephants and the Monkeys all scrambled for cover as the Energy blasts nearly hit a large number of them, but Grunesh just watched all of this with shock. Kali watched this from her position as well, though her reaction was less of shock and more of disappointment.

    Lion-O didn’t know how to react to all of this; he was witnessing the true power of the Spirit Stone, but he was also watching it bring about chaos and destruction.

    Meanwhile, back in the dense forest, Mumm-Ra and his 5 minions were standing in a vacant clearing, trying to get their bearings.

    “I don’t understand why we’re still here, Master, we’ve already searched nearly square inch of this forest. There’s nobody here but us” said Pumyra

    “No, Pumyra, she’s here, I’m sure of it, I can feel…”

    However, before Mumm-Ra could finish that sentence, he heard the cooing noise of bird and noticed the small, dove-like bird that was sitting in a nearby tree. All he had to do was take a good look at the bird’s bright blue eyes, and suddenly everything made since to him.

    He was just about ready to blast the bird out of existence at that point, but before he could, it flew away as fast as it could.

    “(Chuckles) that’s right, my dear, run, run like the coward you are, it won’t do you any good. One way or another, I’ll catch you” the evil Mummy said as he walked away

    His followers were still at a loss though; “could this bird be Mumm-Ra’s enemy?” they all thought. Regardless, Mumm-Ra just called out to them and said--

    “Let’s go, everyone, we have someone’s wings to clip”

    Not wanting to go against Mumm-Ra’s orders, Slithe and the others all followed their master as he headed back to the Storm-Charger. Though they were all still unsure of what just happened.

    Meanwhile, back in Lion-O’s vision, the Monkey leader was growing more and more in pain as the Spirit Stone’s power began run amok all around him. Grunesh ran towards Kali to help her up, and when he did, he asked--

    “Kali, what’s happening?”

    “Oh, I was afraid of this”

    “What are you talking about, Kali?”

    “The Monkey leader was right when he said that the Spirit Stone draws its power from the spirits of others. But his spirit was too dark, too greedy. The Spirit Stone was never meant to be used like this, not without a proper conduit, like Leo or Mumm-Ra’s gauntlets, at any rate.”

    “Well, how can we stop it?”

    “There is only one way to stop it, if someone else with a stronger spirit can grab hold of the stone, they might be able to break the connection between it and the Monkey and end all of this madness”

    It was at that moment when Kali got back on her feet and gave the impression that she was going to go through with this plan. However, Grunesh stopped her in her tracks and said--

    “No, Kali, this is my fault. You were right, we were trusted to guard that stone, not abuse it for our own selfish ends. If anyone should be the one to take this risk, it should be me”

    Kali knew that her leader was right, so she stood down and allowed Grunesh to approach the aura enshrouded Monkey. Grunesh could feel the aggressive power surging all around him as he approached the simian, but regardless, he reached for the Spirit Stone and plucked it right off of the string that made it a necklace in the first place.

    The after effects of doing this sent Elephant leader flying backwards with the Spirit Stone in hand. Once that deed was done, the Monkey leader ceased floating in midair and collapsed to ground, after the pink aura around him just vanished as quickly as it appeared. The Monkeys came out of hiding after this and proceeded to pick up their leader and leave the Elephant village with him in tow.

    Grunesh watched them as they did so, but then turned his attention towards the destruction done to the Elephant village. Kali walked up to him as he looked at the Spirit Stone with grief, and she said--

    “It’s over, Grunesh”

    “So much trouble caused by one stone, and it was all caused by that Monkey’s spirit” replied Grunesh in a sad tone

    “The spirit of a living thing is a powerful force indeed, Grunesh, and that makes the Spirit Stone a very powerful artifact”

    “You were right, Kali, we were meant to guard this stone, not abuse it, and that’s what we will do from this point forward” the lead Pachyderm said as he gripped the stone in his hand “Furthermore, we must learn from this day, we will embrace the power of the spirit, but never abuse it”

    Lion-O smiled as he saw this, but then he was caught off-guard by a familiar voice telling him--

    “—and Grunesh was true to his word, Lion-O”

    The young Lion turned around and saw that the person talking to him was none other than the spirit of Jaga himself

    “Jaga” is what he said after seeing the late head cleric

    “After that fateful day, the Elephants dedicated their lives to detaching themselves from worldly concerns and attempted to become one with the spiritual energy that nearly laid their civilization lo” Jaga continued

    “So, all this time, the source of the Spirit Stone’s power was my own spirit”

    “Yes, learn well from what you’ve seen today, Lion-O, for it is your spirit that will help you accomplish your goal”

    And with that, Jaga vanished and Lion-O reawakened back in his own body and saw that he never left the Cargo hold. He was still trying to take in all that just happened, but then, he heard a loud thud coming from the outside and rushed out of the Cargo hold to see what the problem was.

    Apparently, the Thundertank was sitting in a pass between two cliff sides and was covered on the front half by a pile of rocks. No doubt from a rockslide that he missed. Panthro and Tygra were trying to move the stones, but were having little to no success. That’s when the Cats all noticed that Lion-O was outside with them and Tygra said--

    “Where have you been?”

    “Wel, I, uh…” Lion-O started, still not sure how to explain his vision just yet

    “Never mind, just help us get these blasted rocks off the Thundertank” Panthro interrupted as he continued to try and push the rocks away.

    It was at that moment that Lion-O looked at the Spirit Stone on his gauntlet and then held up his left hand to activate its power. Suddenly, the rocks on the Thundertank started to float into the air and were all blasted out of existence by the Spirit Stone, much to the surprise of the other Cats, especially when they saw that it was Lion-O who was doing all of this. Tygra and Panthro were both surprised even further when a pink aura covered them both and they found themselves being hoisted off the Thundertank and onto the ground.

    “How did you…? Where did you?” stammered Cheetara

    But Lion-O’s only response was—

    “I guess I just learned a new trick”

    After that, the TCats all headed back into the Thundertank and continued to drive off back to the Feliner.

    (Episode Ends)

    Note: I know, not a very good story, but I was mainly focused on the subplot about Mumm-Ra’s search so I didn’t really think this episode through.
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    Very, very cool. :)
  11. srebak

    srebak Laser Beast

    ThunderCats 2011

    Season Two:

    Note – Since the chance for a real Season two seems pretty slim, I made this in hopes of putting my mind at rest (though I doubt it will work)

    Disclaimer – I own nothing, this is pure Fan Fiction

    Episode 29- Balance of Power

    The story begins in the sky, where the Feliner could be seen flying through the air. As usual, Tygra was at the controls while Cheetara and Lion-O sat in the chairs next to him. Snarf and the Twins sat in the passenger seats while Panthro manned the instruments (it kept him away from the windows).

    There was silence on the bridge of the Feliner, but eventually, it was broken when Tygra looked at Lion-O and said--

    “So, just so we’re clear, Lion-O, the vision you saw, it proved we were right, right?”

    “Yep, the last stone is definitely with the Tigersharks, Tygra, just like we thought.” Lion-O replied

    “And did you manage to find out what this stone actually does while you were at it?” asked Panthro

    “(Shaking his head) ‘Fraid not, all could find out about this stone was that, apparently, the Sharks were the ones who retrieved it”

    “Well, the Elephants were a “spiritual” culture and the Birds were big on technology. So, maybe the last stone benefits the Tigersharks in someway” Cheetara concluded

    “Like how, it makes flash floods or something?” said Panthro, much to the annoyance of Cheetara, who was now looking at the general with a look of annoyance

    “I think she was referring to how it might be benefitting their civilization, Panthro” Tygra replied, who was now sharing his mate’s look of annoyance

    “If it even is benefitting their civilization” Lion-O added “For all we know, the Sharks could’ve had just as much trouble with their stone as the Elephants did with theirs, and judging from what I saw in the vision, that was a lot”

    “Well, if that is the case, we’ll have no trouble getting from them then. Which reminds me, Cheetara, how long until we get to the last stone’s location?” replied Tygra

    It was at that moment that Cheetara brought out the map of Third Earth and observed the group’s current bearings.

    “Hmm, well, given our current position, I estimate we’ll be there within…5 days, if we stay on schedule that is”

    “Then we will, no more distractions” Lion-O replied

    However, right after Lion-O said that, the TCats all quickly noticed that the Feliner was flying right into a large storm cloud. Once the airship was inside the large cloud, everything went dark.

    “Well that was out of nowhere” said WilyKat in a nonchalant kind of way

    Suddenly, the thunder and lightning started to act up, and when they did, the Cats all became a little bit unsettled. But what unsettled them the most was just how close their ship seemed to be to crackling bolts of lightning, which were all colored a shade of green. Tygra did his best to keep the ship as far away from the lightning as possible—

    “Easy now, Tygra, just take it easy” is what Lion-O said while his brother did so

    (Lightning is always drawn to the tallest object after all)

    But right after the Feliner just narrowly dodges a very large lightning bolt, and the Cats all take a moment to sigh in relief, a much smaller one lands a direct hit on the airship’s wing.

    The electricity from that one hit was strong too; it surged through the entire airship, making all of the Feliner’s instruments go crazy. Some of them even started to break and smoke.

    “What’s happening?” asked WilyKat

    “Why are we shaking?” his sister added

    “It was that blast of lightning, it’s making out instruments go haywire!” replied Panthro as one of said instruments broke right in front of him

    It didn’t take the Cats long to figure out that they were in trouble, especially when they felt the Feliner start to lose its momentum.

    “Brace yourselves, we’re going down!” yelled Cheetara as the Feliner began to head towards the ground below.

    Tygra tried to hold the Feliner steady as best he could and, eventually, it paid off. It was a bumpy ride, but the Tiger prince managed to land the Feliner safely on the ground (relatively speaking that is).

    “Heh, looks like I can land pretty well too” is what Tygra said afterwards

    The spot that the TCats landed in was a clearing nearby a forest, and right after they landed, the storm cloud above them just vanished, as mysteriously as it came. Lion-O saw this and it made him a little concerned

    The TCats inspected the damage and Panthro and Tygra attempted to fix it, of course. Unfortunately, this was not an easy task, I assure you.

    “So, how bad is the damage, you guys?” Lion-O asked

    “Well, the good news is; the ship’s hull didn’t take too much damage from the landing. But the bad news is; that bolt of lightning really did a number on the Feliner’s insides” answered Panthro as he lifted open a hatch and allowed some smoke to escape to prove his point.

    “But, you both can fix it, right?” asked Cheetara as she walked up to Lion-O’s side

    “Well, between the two of us, yes, but it’ll take some time, and that might not be something we have much of” Tygra answered

    “(Sighs) great, one step forward then two steps back, story of my life” said Lion-O in a very angry yet despondent voice “Can anything else go wrong?”

    Then, as if in direct response to Lion-O’s question, the young Lord of the Thundercats noticed something rustling in the bushes nearby the crash sight. Cheetara and the Kittens noticed this as well and when they joined their king in approaching said bushes, they were shocked to see that it was a none other than a Lizard soldier. And after he was spotted, the Lizard made a run for it into the forest.

    “If there are more Lizards around, we can’t let him warn them, after him!” Lion-O roared as the others followed him into the woods. “Panthro, stay here and guard the ship”

    Panthro complied and stayed with the Feliner, ready for action, just in case this was a trick.

    The Tcats followed the Lizard closely and eventually they managed to cut him off, thanks to Cheetara. But before they could detain him, the Lizard displayed a level of agility and stamina not normally known to his species and briefly overpowered the Cats. Even Cheetara was in awe.

    “Okay, even I’ll admit, I’m impressed” is what the Cheetah said, as her Mate and king both helped her up

    Afterwards, the Tcats all continued to pursue the Lizard, without even noticing the most interesting fact about him: he was unarmed.

    That’s right, this Lizard had no blaster, he had no rifle; he didn’t even have a club or anything. He was completely unarmed. However, that fact didn’t stop him from snickering a bit as he looked back and saw the Tcats pursuing him. Apparently, weapons or no weapons, he was doing exactly what he was trying to do.

    Meanwhile, in another woodland area elsewhere, Mumm-Ra’s Storm-Charger was making its way through the forest quickly, with Slithe and the others following closely with their hovercraft. Now this forest was considerably more vacuous than the last one Mumm-Ra’s forces were in, but even so, that still didn’t stop Vultaire from complaining--

    “Ugh, another filthy, insect infested forest, we’ve already searched two of these already and have still yet to find anything. I’m beginning to believe that Mumm-Ra is only real objective is to intentionally expose me to all forms of disease on Third Earth”

    “Oh, what’s the matter, Vultaire, afraid you’ll actually have to do some real work?” said Pumyra in a chastising voice

    “(Scoff) what do you know about work, Cat? You’ve done nothing but serve as Mumm-Ra’s pet since the fall of Avista” Vultaire replied “In fact, I wouldn’t be surprise if he made you clean his wings later”

    This made Pumyra growl and show off her new weapons (razor sharp blades that extend from her armored gauntlets) as she held them up to Vultaire’s neck and replied--

    “Keep talking, vulture, and you won’t have any wings!”

    “Hey, save it for later, you two” Slithe interrupted “Lord Mumm-Ra is stopping; we must be at the right place”

    “(Scoffs) that what you said about the last forest we investigated” said Vultaire as he and the rest of the crew got off their hovercraft and approached the Storm-Charger, just in time for Mumm-Ra to exit it. The evil mummy then inhaled and exhaled after coming out and said--

    “I can sense my enemy’s presence, generals, she is nearby, and clearly still on the move”

    “(Moans) when isn’t she on the move, this is the third forest we’ve searched in 12 hours and I have yet to actually see this enemy of yours” Vultaire lamented, up until Mumm-Ra silenced him by, once again, blasting him.

    “That’s because she is afraid of me, Vultaire, she knows that her end is at hand and she is afraid to face me like a warrior”

    “With respect, Lord Mumm-Ra, you still have not told us the nature of this enemy of yours” said Slithe

    “That’s true (hooping), we don’t even know what her name is or even what she looks; who is she? (Hooping)” added Addicus

    “They’ll be plenty of time for explanations after my enemy is no more, my dear Monkey. Now come along, we are definitely close to her location”

    Mumm-Ra and his followers kept on moving, but what they didn’t know was that a trio of strange creatures was watching them from the treetops. They all remained in the shadows, but they also looked armed and looked like they were planning on doing something to the undead warlord and his horde.

    Meanwhile, the Tcats were still chasing the one Lizard soldier, but, eventually, he was starting to get further ahead of them.

    “Hurry up, we can’t lose him” Lion-O called out as he and the other Cats started to pick up the pace, as it were.

    Once he was far enough away though, the Lizard chuckled one last time before actually vanishing into thin air. The Thundercats did get to see this however, so they kept on running, still believing that their quarry was still right in front of them. Eventually, however, the group arrived at a clearing within the forest and that’s when they found something far more shocking and breathtaking than any Lizard Soldier: a pyramid, a white pyramid.

    (Commercial Break)
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    This old enemy of Mumm-Ra's will make their presence known very soon.
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    Merged Post:
    OMG, it's Mumm-Rana!!
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    Here's the rest of the episode (the second half to be exact)

    The Thundercats were all, understandably, in awe at this amazing structure, so much so that they had almost forgotten completely about the Lizard they were chasing.

    “It’s- it’s amazing” said Cheetara as she and others approached the Pyramid

    “Yeah, but, what is it?” replied Lion-O

    “Uh, it’s a pyramid, Lion-O, a common geometrical shape that has four sides, four corners and a square or triangle base…” said Tygra, semi sarcastically

    “I know what a pyramid is, Tygra, but what’s this one doing here?” Lion-O replied

    “It must be the ancient remnants of some lost civilization or something” Cheetara added as she and the others all got closer and closer to the Pyramid.

    “Well, if that’s true, then where are all the other ruins?” asked WilyKit

    “And if this pyramid is a ruin, then why does it look so – well taken care of?” her brother added

    “Hmm, good questions” replied Cheetara

    “And here’s another, why does this pyramid look so—familiar?”

    Lion-O was right to say this, you see, because once you get passed the forest background and the bright coloring, this Pyramid looked almost exactly like Mumm-Ra’s temple.

    However, before anyone could answer their leader, Tygra noticed something and said--

    “In more ways than one”

    The other Tcats all looked in the same direction as Tygra and saw that a small group of Lizards was heading towards the north side of the Pyramid.

    “More Lizards?” asked WilyKat

    “This must be some kind of camp for their army” Cheetara replied

    “Then let’s take them out” Tygra continued as he got out his whip

    However, that’s when his brother stopped him and said

    “Hold on, there must be a reason for why they would need all of the space inside, right? So let’s find out what that reason is first, and then go get Panthro and Thundertank for a little surprise of our own”

    The other Cats knew their king was right, so they complied with his plan, and swiftly and silently followed the Lizard soldiers inside as they entered the White Pyramid.

    Meanwhile, back at the Feliner, Panthro was still on high alert, but with no one to fight; all he really did was pace on top of the airship’s wing.

    “Hmm, no sign of any other Lizards, the one that the others chased off must’ve just been a straggler” is what the old Panther said as he put his Nunchucks away

    However, that quickly changed when Panthro heard a rustling sound from a nearby bush (not the same one as before, a different bush) and went over to investigate. He readied his nunchucks in case it was an enemy, but in truth, it was really the Feliner he should have stayed focused on. Because right after he went over towards the rustling bushes, the airship started to glow with a mysterious aura that appeared out of nowhere, and it was the same shade of green as the lightning that brought the ship down in the first place.

    Then, as if by magic, the Feliner’s damaged hull became shiny once more and the airship looked like it never went down at all. Panthro didn’t notice this until after the process was finished and the green glow was gone, but even then, he still could not believe his eyes. He approached the now fixed airship to inspect it, and when he did, he couldn’t find a single thing wrong with it. Not even a single mud stain.

    He went inside to check the instruments and saw that they were all fixed as well, all the damage that was there before was completely repaired, even all the glass pieces that shattered. The old general tried to start the Feliner and when he did, the insides sounded like they were working perfectly. All Panthro could say at that point was--

    “I don’t know what just happened, but whatever it was, I’m glad it did”

    Meanwhile, back in the other forest elsewhere, Mumm-Ra and his minions were all still walking through the woodland with their weapons ready for battle. Soon enough, they all stopped when Mumm-Ra halted them and said--

    “Hold, the power that I have been tracking ends right here, we have arrived”

    However, when Pumyra and the others all started to look around, they saw nothing but the trees.

    “We have?” said Pumyra

    “Yes” Mumm-Ra replied as he pointed up towards the treetops “There, in the treetops”

    This made Addicus particularly happy, as he just smiled and said--

    “Sounds like the perfect job for me (hooping)”

    And with that, Addicus scurried up into the trees with the greatest of ease and eventually vanished into the treetops.

    “Ha, this is where being a Bird comes in handy” said Vultaire, as he spread his wings and flew into the treetops after Addicus

    Mumm-Ra allowed them to do this, but not because he thought Addicus and Vultaire would succeed. He knew that they would be no match for his “enemy”. But he did believe that Addicus and Vultaire would draw his enemy out into the open so that he could finish her himself. So, he anxiously waited for the sounds of a struggle and for his enemy to finally show herself.

    However, what he got instead was the sound of both Addicus and Vultaire screaming, as if they were under attack by a monster. The two of them both fell from the trees and when they did, Addicus looked like he was just pummeled vigorously and Vultaire had both of his wings tied up with bolas.

    Mumm-Ra was at a loss, and it showed in the way he said—


    However before he could ask the Monkey and the vulture what happened, several lines of rope came falling down from the treetops. The ones who threw said ropes came sliding down them and revealed themselves to be a tribe of primitively dressed females, all of them armed with bows and arrows and knives. This was a lesser known tribe on Third Earth, known simply as the Warrior Maidens. And what made lesser known is the fact that they weren’t Cats or Dogs or any other kind of Animal. They were humans, a rare thing you’ll find on Third Earth, if at all

    Once the large tribe of primitively dressed women was on the ground, they readied their weapons as the last two Maidens came sliding down from the treetops. One was a svelte yet muscular-looking female (about Lion-O’s age or younger), she wore a yellow dress with a brown belt and had a red flower adorning her long, raven hair, which she ponytailed at the very tip. The other was a slightly younger and slightly thinner female with long brown hair that she kept in a full ponytail. She wore light yellow top and a brown skirt, and bore a striking appearance to the older female next to her.

    Like the rest of their group, they both carried weapons, which they quickly readied and aimed at Mumm-Ra and his minions

    “You are all trespassing on private ground, leave now or my warriors and I will be forced to throw you off our sacred land” said the raven hair maiden, who could definitely be the assumed leader of this band

    However, Mumm-Ra was not intimidated, nor was Slithe, Pumyra or Kaynar. In fact, the next words to come out of Slithe’s mouth were--

    “And who, might I ask, are you to make us leave, little lady?”

    “I am Willa of the Warrior Maidens, queen of the Treetop kingdom, and I decree that you are not welcome here, Lizard. So I say one last time; leave now or face the consequences!” the lead Maiden exclaimed

    But even then, Mumm-Ra was still not fazed; in fact, the first thing he did in response was chuckle --

    “The only one who will be suffering the consequences, my dear, is you” is what the Evil Mummy said, as Queen Willa and all of her followers just glared at him.

    Then, without a second thought, Mumm-Ra recited a very familiar mantra--

    “Ancient Spirits of Evil, Transform this Decayed Form to Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living!”

    After that, Mumm-Ra’s frail, Mummy form melted away in favor of a more muscular, demonic, winged form: Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living

    However, surprisingly, Willa and her fellow warriors were not the least bit intimidated by this. In fact, Willa and her brown-haired associate seemed rather happy that Mumm-Ra did this, as the first thing they did when they saw him transform was smile. They didn’t even flinch when Pumyra, Slithe and Kaynar all readied their weapons.

    “Alright, ladies, this is the moment that we’ve all been waiting for” is what Willa quietly said to the warriors behind her, right before she turned to her brown-haired associate and said “Nayda, you know what to do”

    The brown-haired Warrior Maiden (whose name is apparently Nayda) nodded in response to her queen’s comment and proceeded to have four of the other Warrior Maidens follow her as they dodged Mumm-Ra’s energy blast. Willa led the other seven in another direction and had them attack Mumm-Ra with a barrage of arrows. Mumm-Ra, of course, destroyed all of the arrows with a single energy blast, but right after he did, Willa reached into a pouch she was carrying and pulled out a handful of small pellets. She threw them at Mumm-Ra, and, of course, he blasted them. But right after he did, the pellets exploded into a green cloud of sparkling dust, a cloud that resembled the green pollen that affected Slithe and the other generals.

    Now, at first, the dust didn’t seem so bad, but as soon as it covered Mumm-Ra, it started to burn him, and he started to yell and moan as if he were standing in clear field at high noon. That’s when Willa called out to him and said--

    “Oh, you’re not afraid of a little dust, are you, Mumm-Ra? Our shamans made it just for you, after all”

    This made the other seven Warrior Maidens chuckle for a bit and that made Mumm-Ra growl in anger. Afterwards, Willa led 2 of her team of 7 into the trees while the other 5 leapt back onto the ground.

    “If you wanna make us pay, big ugly, you’ll have to catch us first, if you even can” Willa taunted as she and her associates scurried further up into the treetops

    “Do you honestly think that hiding in the treetops like cowardly Monkeys will be enough to save you, fools?” said Mumm-Ra as he spread his wings and followed them upwards.

    Meanwhile, Slithe, Kaynar and Pumyra were all attacking Nayda and the remaining 9 Warrior Maidens, but none of them were landing any real hits. Finally, Nayda saw her chance to deliver a swift kick to Pumyra’s side and when the angry Puma tried to counter by viciously slashing her, Nayda dodged her rather easily and pulled a clever move where she jumped on top of Pumyra and used her as extra height to jump up into the trees. Three of the other Warrior Maidens scurried up into the trees with her and this, of course, made Pumyra very angry

    “Come down here and meet your end like a warrior, you coward!” is what the evil Puma yelled to Nayda

    “Oh no, pretty kitty, why don’t you come up here and fight like a warrior? If you even qualify” Nayda taunted, much to the amusement of her three fellow Warrior Maidens and to the anger of Pumyra

    Pumyra was so angry that she leapt onto a tree trunk and started climbing up to chase after Nayda and her associates. She got close a few times, but Nayda and the others just leapt away from her on the tree branches. She followed after them, of course, but while she did, Nayda looked at one of her associates and smiled almost mischievously.

    Only 6 Warrior Maidens remained on the ground now, and Slithe and Kaynar were ready to fight them all. Vultaire and Addicus both started to come to at that point, and when they did, they were both a little scared. These were the same women who got the drop on them after all.

    Meanwhile, high up in the trees, Queen Willa and her 2 followers were still keeping ahead of Mumm-Ra, and when they finally had a moment, one of the Maidens approached Queen Willa and said--

    “(Panting) he took the bait, my Queen, now what do we do?”

    “(Panting) now, we keep playing decoy for that flying bag of bones and allow my sister, Nayda to do her part” Willa replied, almost out of breath “With any luck; it won’t be long before she gets our target to the right spot. Then, we can begin the endgame”

    Just then, Mumm-Ra made himself known to the three warrior women and started to blast them without delay. They dodged his attacks with ease, of course, and then attempted to lead Mumm-Ra further away by leaping through the treetops like agile Monkeys.

    Meanwhile, back at the white pyramid, the Thundercats were still hiding in the shadows as they followed the Lizard troops through the Pyramid’s corridors. For a while, the Cats seemed like they were doing a pretty good job of keeping out sight. But the whole time, Lion-O, Tygra and Cheetara couldn’t help but notice that they had yet to see any other Lizards besides the ones they were following.

    As for the Kittens, however, they were more concerned with just how different this Pyramid was in comparison to Mumm-Ra’s.

    You see, while Mumm-Ra’s pyramid looked scientific in design, this pyramid was clearly more primitive looking. It had stone walls instead of metal, had torches resting in holders attached to the walls, and had strange designs written on all sides but the floor. This supported the “it’s just an ancient ruin from a lost civilization” theory actually.

    Suddenly, the Cats found themselves caught off guard when everything went black. All of the torches in the corridor suddenly went out for no particular reason. And when they mysteriously came back on a few seconds later, the Cats were all shocked to see that the Lizards they were following were gone, without a single trace to follow.

    "The Lizards, where'd they go?" said Lion-O as he surveyed the corridor

    "Uh, more importantly, where'd our way out go?" said WilyKat as the other Cats looked behind them and saw what the young Wildcat was talking about.

    Apparently, the corridor that the group had just used had become a dead end. In a nutshell, that meant they were trapped.

    (Commercial Break)

    1. Tell me the truth, can you actually see any of the stuff i've written as an actual episode? Because i was trying to write this stuff like actual episodes (it's really hard)
    2. In my opinion, the writing is terrible in certain parts
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    You're simply trying to keep the "ThunderCats" brand afloat like every other fan of the property. You should go with the flow.
  16. srebak

    srebak Laser Beast

    Here is the final part of the third episode

    As one could imagine, the TCats were more than a little concerned about the sudden disappearance of their only way out, especially since that meant they were supposedly trapped inside with a Lizard Army.

    “It doesn’t make any sense, I’m certain that we came in this way” said Cheetara as she faced the dead end that used to be a corridor

    “Looks like the Lizards set a trap for us after all” replied Tygra

    “(Sighs)—and we fell for it like a rock in the river” Lion-O added in a very cynical tone “Great, just great”

    “Well, what do we do now?” asked WilyKit in a combination of fear and concern

    “(Sigh) not much else we can do at this point, except keep moving. If the Lizards really did set a trap for us, then they already have us right where they want us” said Lion-O as he then proceeded to walk down the opposite side of the corridor

    The other Cats followed him and the group continued to walk for quite sometime. Eventually, they made their way down three corridors in total within the course of 20 minutes. The weird part of it all was that while the Tcats assumed that this was trap set by the Lizards, they had yet to see any more, not even the ones they followed in.

    Another weird part about all of this was that with every new corridor the group walked down, the torches just automatically came on, almost as if they were lit just for them. This made the group a little uneasy, especially the Kittens.

    “(Shudders) this pyramid is giving me the creeps” said WilyKat “There’s just something so…alive about this place”

    “I know what you mean, Kat” said WilyKit “I keep getting the feeling that there’s some kind weird force all around us”

    “Uh, what kind of force, exactly, sis?” asked Kat

    “That’s the weird part about it, Kat, it’s definitely something looming, but at the same, it doesn’t feel all that bad. In fact, it feels kinda friendly”

    Kat didn’t know how to respond to that last part, so all he did at that moment was raise an eyebrow in confusion.

    As for Tygra and Cheetara, their main concern was just how serious Lion-O looked at the moment. Because whenever Lion-O looks serious, it usually means that he’s upset somehow. The couple tried to comfort him (mostly Cheetara), but at every turn, Lion-O showed off just how despondent he was, while still managing to remain serious and composed. When he walked on ahead of the other Cats, WilyKat approached Tygra and said—

    “So, do you still think that this won’t last for very long?”

    (An allusion to Tygra’s line in the last episode)

    “I…can’t really say anymore” said Tygra, in a semi-concerned, semi-serious tone

    Eventually, the Cats ran into a perpendicular intersection between corridors and noticed the strange carvings on the wall in front of them. Unlike the other walls, this one had carvings that almost made it resemble a stone tapestry, not unlike the wall carving that first appeared in the first episode of Season One actually.

    Lion-O could tell that there was some kind of message behind all of these carvings, so he moved in closer to get a better look. However, right after he did, Tygra looked at him and said--

    “Uh, what are you doing?”

    “I’m trying to figure out what all of these carvings mean. If we’re lucky, maybe they’ll even lead us to a way out”

    “And you learned how to read ancient text when?” asked Cheetara

    “It doesn’t seem to be all that different from the old wall carvings in Thundera; I think I should be able to get the gist of it” replied Lion-O

    “Then, by all means, translate, O learned scholar” said Tygra

    Lion-O could tell that Tygra was making fun of him, but he showed no signs of reacting to it. Instead, he just leaned in closer to the wall carvings and translated them for the others.

    “From what I can tell, there was apparently once some kind of war between 8 powerful spirits; 4 good, 4 evil.” is what Lion-O said as he translated. And the pictures of the wall made it easier for him to illustrate his point “They battled for a long time, but because of the equality in their power, neither side was gaining any real advantage in the struggle. So, to tip the scale in their favor, the evil spirits created a Herald for themselves, a conduit for all of their dark energy”

    It was then that Lion-O and the others noticed a carving that looked exactly like Mumm-Ra in his “Ever-Living” form. It didn’t take any of them long to put two and two together after that.

    “The evil spirits thought for sure that this would tip the Balance of power in their favor, but that was before their rivals; the good spirits, countered this move by…creating a herald of their own”

    After Lion-O translated that last part, he and the others noticed another carving, a much different one. It was of a beautiful young woman dressed in a white and green Egyptian-esque skirt and a pale white armor top with a blue circle on her chest. She had green shoulder-guards; she wore white and blue colored boots over green stockings, and covered both of her arms with green gloves that were covered on the lower half with white and blue fingerless gauntlets. On her head, she wore a green and white tiara with two golden wings adorning it on the sides and a dove ornament on the top. This perfectly complimented the golden choker with a green emerald that she was apparently wearing. However, what made this woman stand out all the more (in addition to the fact that she was a human instead of an animal) was the large pair of golden angel wings that she sported behind her back.

    Never had any of the Thundercats ever seen something so beautiful, and it showed in the looks of awe on all of their faces.

    “She’s so beautiful” said Cheetara

    “—and you’re saying that she’s supposed to be Mumm-Ra’s--opposite?” Tygra continued

    That’s when Lion-O continued to translate the carvings on the wall by saying--

    “Yes, exactly, in every single way, and if I’m reading this right, she was also just as strong”

    “Well, if that’s true then what happened to her?” asked WilyKat

    “Hmm, from what I can tell, it looks like when Mumm-Ra’s ship went down all those years ago, his “rival” felt that she was no longer needed anymore and decided to take a good long rest; here, on Third Earth”

    “So, what you’re saying is…” asked Cheetara

    “Yes, we’re inside her pyramid” replied Lion-O

    The Tcats were not sure on how to respond to this, so they mainly just looked all around themselves in awe.

    Meanwhile, in the forest elsewhere, Queen Willa and he fellow Warrior Maidens were still climbing the trees in an attempt to evade Mumm-Ra. But when Willa looked behind her, she was surprised to see that Mumm-Ra was no longer chasing them. She gave the order to halt after that and she and her follows settled on a tree branch so that she could think.

    “Um, is there something wrong, my Queen?” asked the still unnamed Warrior Maiden

    “Yes, Ewa, I think there is, Mumm-Ra was supposed to be chasing, but where is he?” replied Willa

    It was then that Queen Willa and her followers heard what sounded like an evil cackling in the distance and heard someone saying--

    “Where am I, you ask?”

    Then, out of nowhere, Mumm-Ra appeared out of the foliage and said--

    “I’m right here!”

    The evil Mummy then blasted the other two Warrior Maidens and made them fall for a few seconds before they grabbed onto different tree branches. Willa dodged Mumm-Ra’s attacks, but they were no longer with ease, in fact, Willa was definitely showing some signs of fatigue this time. Regardless, she scurried up the treetops a little more and eventually found a branch to rest on. Unfortunately, Mumm-Ra caught up with her rather easily and soon started to corner the Warrior Queen.

    “(Chuckles) you gave me quite the chase, Queen of the Warrior Maidens, but now I think it’s time to put an end to this little game of ours”

    Mumm-Ra then held up his right hand after saying this and made it glow with purple energy as he prepared to deliver the final attack against the tired human. However, in a surprising turn of events, Queen Willa showed no signs of being the least bit scared. In fact, the most she did was stare directly at the undead warlord as he fired his blast.

    When the blast made direct impact, Mumm-Ra was certain that this battle was over. But that was before the smoke cleared and the evil Mummy saw that Willa was still alive and well. She was surrounded by a mystical green aura and was shown to be wearing a strange glowing amulet.

    “How--how can it be?” said Mumm-Ra in complete shock, as he back away while Willa walked forward

    That’s when Willa grabbed her strange glowing amulet, held it up for Mumm-Ra to see and said--

    “A gift-- from a friend, though not a friend of yours, obviously”

    After that, Willa held up her amulet, aimed it towards the treetops above and fired a blast of green energy. This created a large hole in the canopy that was wide enough for the sun to shine through. This was, of course, where Mumm-Ra decided to retreat, but not before yelling--

    “A stroke of good luck, at best, savage, next time, you will not be so fortunate”

    “Oh, I think I will” Willa replied rather smugly, even though Mumm-Ra was too far away to hear her

    Any way, Ewa and the other Warrior Maiden both climbed back up the trees and eventually made it to where their queen was.

    “My Queen, are you all right?” asked Ewa as she placed her hand on Willa’s shoulder

    “Yes, Ewa, I’m fine”

    “W-where’s Mumm-Ra?” asked the other Warrior Maiden

    “Gone; we’ve done our part, Zera. Now it’s up Nayda and her group to do theirs”

    Willa walked away after saying that and once her two associates shared a brief look at each other, they walked after her

    Meanwhile, back in the White Pyramid, the Thundercats were all still unsure about how to respond to the newfound knowledge they just learned.

    “So, this is it, this is the same pyramid?” said WilyKit

    “But then, doesn’t that mean…?” her brother continued

    “—Mumm-Ra’s “rival”, she could still be here” said Cheetara

    “Maybe, but if she is, and she’s working with the Lizards now, that makes her no friend of ours” said Tygra

    Suddenly, Lion-O noticed something further down the corridor and said--

    “Speaking of the Lizards…”

    The Thundercats all looked in the same direction as their leader and when they did, they saw that, true to his word, there were more Lizards, 3-4 to be precise. This time, they noticed the Cats, but instead of attacking, they simply ran way.

    “We can’t let them sound the alarm, come on!” yelled Lion-O as he lead the other Cats in pursuit of the Lizards.

    The chase initially led the group in a zigzag pattern and the Lizards did manage to escape the Cats sight after turning a corner. But after picking up the pace (so to speak) and turning the next corridor to the left, the Tcats soon caught up to their targets, just in time to watch them make their way through a large, strange looking doorway that, presumably, led outside.

    Without a second thought, Lion-O yelled—

    “Come on!”

    --and the Thundercats all followed the Lizards through the doorway, thus causing the doorway itself to glow.

    We are then shown Panthro, who was still observing the Feliner from the outside, still unable to believe that it was suddenly fixed without him having to lift a finger.

    “I just don’t get it” is what he said “a few minutes ago, this thing was as good as spare parts. But now, suddenly, it’s up and running again? It doesn’t make any sense”

    That’s when Panthro noticed something coming his way and readied his nunchucks in response. However, this was an unnecessary action, because the people coming his way were none other than his fellow Thundercats.

    The group was particularly disoriented by what just happened; one minute, they were chasing after a group of Lizards; the next, they’re right back where they started. A lot of them even commented on this. However, what really grabbed everyone’s attention was the fact that they were short one Lion.

    Meanwhile, back in the forest elsewhere, Nayda and her three fellow Warrior Maidens were still keeping ahead of Pumyra in the trees. But as the evil Puma grew closer and closer to them, Nayda gave the signal to the others and they all stopped jumping after landing on one tree branch. When Pumyra finally caught up, she landed on a tree branch just across from them and looked like she was ready to pounce.

    “(Chuckles) so, we’re done jumping through the treetops now, are we? Fine with me” is what the evil Puma said as she got ready to leap over towards Nayda and her friends “Ready or not, here I come”

    But before Pumyra could make that leap, she was blindsided by someone leaping onto her branch from the right. She grabbed onto a much lower branch, but just barely. As for the person who blindsided her, it was none other than the same hooded figure that appeared two episodes prior, and her face was still shrouded by her dark blue robes.

    Soon enough, Pumyra managed to pull herself up onto the tree branch (not an easy task, due to her armor), and when she did, she growled at the hooded figure and said--

    “Who are you!? Who told you to interfere!?”

    “Told me? Oh, no one had to tell me, Pumyra, I’ve wanted to do nothing else for the longest time!” said the hooded figure in a similar growling voice

    That was when Nayda looked towards her friends and said--

    “Come, sisters, we’ve done our part, it’s all up to our friend now”

    --right before she led her fellow Warrior Maidens away from the confrontation and left Pumyra and the hooded figure to themselves.

    The two women stared each other down for a few seconds and both looked like they were ready to tear each other to bits.

    “So, you’ve got some kind of vendetta against me or something, huh?” said Pumyra in a sour tone

    “It’s hard not to have one, especially since you’re the one who ruined my life just when it was starting get better!”

    “Oh, really, well then, perhaps you would be so kind as to let me in on what exactly I did wrong? Maybe even give me your name while you’re at it?”

    “Oh, you want my name, Pumyra? I’ll do you one better, traitor!”

    And with that, the hooded figure at last removed her hood and revealed her true identity. As it turns out, she was, in fact, Pumyra!! This was much to the shock of the armored Pumyra.

    Meanwhile, just like Tygra and the others, Lion-O found himself in a situation that seemed rather hard to believe. The last thing he remembered doing was going through the doorway that, supposedly, led outside the White Pyramid. And yet now, he was in a dense forest and was nowhere near anything that remotely resembled a white pyramid. He surveyed his surroundings for the others and even called out--

    “Cheetara!; Tygra!; Wilys!; Anybody!”

    --but there was no answer, and that made the young king more than a little worried. However, that worry soon changed into surprise when the young Lion looked behind him and saw that a tall, elderly human female wearing a dark blue robe was standing right next to him. She had violet eye-shadow, purple lipstick, and a pair of golden wings that adorned the sides of her head. A much closer inspection would’ve also shown that this woman was also bandaged in a way that is similar to the way Mumm-Ra looks. The main difference was that, unlike Mumm-Ra, this woman looked more like a healthy older woman who was just wrapped up bandages, rather than a decaying corpse that had just been uncovered. Even this woman’s voice seemed more pleasing than Mumm-Ra’s, particularly when she said--

    “Welcome, King of the Thundercats”

    (Episode Ends)
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    srebak Laser Beast

    ThunderCats 2011

    Season Two:

    Episode 30- Mumm-Rana

    “Previously on Thundercats” (scenes from the last three episodes show, before the title finally appears with the show itself)

    The episode opens up with an overhead view of the clearing where the Thundercats crashed the Feliner. Once we get a close-up, we see that the Tcats (minus Lion-O) have all gathered around their airship and have just finished explaining what just happened to them to Panthro.

    “So, let me get this straight: you followed that Lizard and found a White Pyramid, you followed more Lizard troops inside, but then your exit disappeared, you found out that Mumm-Ra has a “twin” and then you went through a magical door that brought you back here?” said Panthro as he broke down what he was just told

    “Uh, yeah, that pretty much sums it up” replied WilyKat

    “Look, we agree that it might sound crazy, but trust us, it’s all true” said Tygra

    “Though, to be perfectly honest, we’re still not quite sure how” his mate added

    “Uh-huh?” the Panther general replied in a semi-skeptical way “Well, I guess that only leaves me with one question: where’s Lion-O?”

    The Thundercats all shared a look of concern at that point, right before Cheetara responded—

    “We’re…we’re not entirely sure of that either”

    This made Panthro more than a little concerned

    Indeed, the TCats were all at a loss on where Lion-O was, even Snarf didn’t have a clue. One minute, he was leading the others through the mysterious doorway that presumably led out, then the next minute; the others were back at the Feliner and Lion-O was nowhere to be found.

    It is then that we are shown the scene that ended the last episode: Lion-O facing off with a mysterious older woman wearing a dark blue cloak. She was 2-3 inches taller than Panthro; she had bandages covering all parts of her except her hands and face, and she looked like she was roughly the same age as Jaga. Her eyelids had violet eye-shadow; her lips were regal purple, and the sides of her head were adorned by two golden wings. In a lot of ways (her robe and bandages), she almost resembled a female version of Mumm-Ra. But unlike Mumm-Ra, who looked like a recently uncovered corpse, this strange figure looked more like a perfectly healthy, living woman who was only wrapped up to look like she was mummified.

    “Who…who are you?” said Lion-O, finally breaking the silence

    And when the strange woman responded, even her voice sounded better than Mumm-Ra’s.

    “I am what I am”

    While Mumm-Ra’s voice sounded raspy and a bit weak, this woman’s voice sounded more like a loving mother talking to her infant child.

    However, her response still did not answer Lion-O’s question, so he replied by saying--

    “I… don’t understand”

    “I am Mumm-Rana, Mistress of the White Pyramid, guardian of all nature and caretaker of all spirits”

    “White Pyramid…?” Lion-O started, right before he came to an important realization “You’re…you’re the woman from that wall carving!”

    “Oh, you read those carvings did you? Good, then that means the Lizards did their part perfectly” replied Mumm-Rana with a smile

    “Lizards? So, you are in league in with them” said Lion-O

    “Well, yes and no. Yes, I did use the Lizards to get your attention, but, that’s only because I couldn’t think of any other reason for you to venture away from your airship. Especially after it crashed like it did”

    “How did you…? Wait a minute, that storm, the one that brought down the Feliner, that was you wasn’t it?!” replied Lion-O, his look of confusion now turning into a look of anger

    “Well, the lightning did most of the work, but, yeah, I was the one who created the storm” said Mumm-Rana as she rose up her hand and twirled her index finger around to magically create a small storm cloud, complete with thunder and lightning. “Nature is my thing after all”

    “So that’s it, you brought down our airship just so your Lizards could lure us into trap?!” said the angry Lion

    “Now you see, that’s actually where the “No” part from my earlier comment comes in” Mumm-Rana replied, as she clinched her fingers and subsequently made the small storm cloud disappear “True, I did use the “Lizards” to bait you, but I think you’ll find that the ones I used are a little “different” from the ones you’re used to dealing with”

    Then, with a snap of her fingers, Mumm-Rana called forth a small group of Lizards to appear out of foliage surrounding her and Lion-O. Lion-O reached for his sword, but before he could, Mumm-Rana said--

    “Oh, relax yourself, little king, in case you hadn’t noticed, these “Lizards” are unarmed”

    Lion-O took a closer look at the reptilian troops and saw that they were indeed unarmed, especially when they held up their empty hands.

    “Besides, even if they were armed, I doubt that it would’ve have mattered in the slightest”

    After that, Mumm-Rana rested her left hand on one of the Lizards and made said Lizard disappear after removing her hand. Suddenly, all the Lizards around Lion-O started to vanish into thin air; they were all illusions. Just like the ones of WilyKat and WilyKit during the first of Lion-O’s trials.

    “Not bad, huh? And it only took me a few minutes to make them all too” said Mumm-Rana “Not as original as the storm, I’ll admit, but still, far more of a challenge than just mixing a few clouds together, I assure you”

    “Okay, so you’re not with the Lizard Army, that’s fine, but that still doesn’t explain why you wanted me here. What do you want?” replied Lion-O

    “I was wondering when you were going to ask me that. Simply put: all I want is to help you”

    That response caught Lion-O off guard for a bit, as the next thing to come out of his mouth was--


    “I’ve been watching you and your charges for quite some time now, Lion-O. I’ve watched your journey, your struggles and, more recently, your pain and loss” Mumm-Rana continued

    “Why is any of that your problem? From what I’ve read about you, you’re supposed to be a being of almost infinite power” said Lion-O

    “Yes, power that was given to me specifically so that I could carry out three specific tasks: One: to act caretaker to all of nature’s bounty, Two: to serve as guardian for all wayward spirits on the physical plane, and third and most important of all: to protect all living things from my “counterpart”…”

    “…Mumm-Ra” said Lion-O

    “Indeed: an enemy that I now share with the Cats, yes?”

    Lion-O looked at Mumm-Rana in a suspicious manner after that, right before he replied with--

    “Okay, let’s just say, for a moment, that I believe any part of what you’ve just told me. If all you want to do is help the Cats, why wait until now to seek us out?”

    “Because after witnessing the tragedy that befell your group in Avista City, it seemed only right that I make myself known to you now. Especially since I have found a way to remedy some of the damage caused during that venture”

    “Remedy, how?”

    That was when Mumm-Rana walked ahead of Lion-O and gestured him to follow her, while saying--

    “Follow me, and all will be explained”

    Lion-O was, understandably, skeptical about all of this, and it showed in the way he looked at Mumm-Rana. However, when the towering female noticed this, she simply replied--

    “Hey, if I really am up to something, you can always just use your sword and Power Stone to defend yourself, right? Besides, at this point, can you really say no to an ally against Mumm-Ra?”

    Lion-O’s look of skepticism started to fade a little after that, until he finally relented and started to follow the tall, mummified woman.

    Unbeknownst to him, however, was that the two of them were being watched from afar. It was Queen Willa and her two Warrior Maidens: Zera and Ewa. They were observing Lion-O as he followed Mumm-Rana.

    “Huh, so, that’s the “hero” Mumm-Rana was expecting, eh? Doesn’t look like much to me” said Willa

    “Mumm-Rana says that he’s a very competent warrior, my Queen, and a very effective leader as well” said Zera

    “Yes, especially under current circumstances” continued Ewa

    “Whatever, Mumm-Rana only wanted us to deal with Mumm-Ra and his lackeys, we’re done here. Let’s get back to our village” replied Willa as she got up and started to leave

    “Yes, my Queen” Ewa and Zera both said in unison, as they both bowed before their Amazonian monarch

    However, once Willa was far enough away, the two Warrior Maidens started talking—

    “Do you think we’ll ever get the old Queen Willa back, Ewa?”

    “I don’t know, Zera, I just don’t know”

    After that, the two warriors followed their leader as she got further ahead in the treetops, and kept following her until they eventually caught up with her.

    (Commercial Break)
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  18. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    Mumm-Rana's introduction was sensational. I can't wait to see more of how you write her.
  19. srebak

    srebak Laser Beast

    Here's the rest of the episode (the second half to be exact)

    Meanwhile, elsewhere, Mumm-Ra was flying beneath the tree canopy in a very wobbly manner. No doubt this was the after effect of his last confrontation with Queen Willa. Eventually, the undead warlord found his way to the ground and when he did, he reverted back to his frail mummy form as he collapsed to his knees. He struggled to get back up for a minute, but after he was up, his moaning was replaced by angry growling.

    That’s when the evil Mummy noticed that his four Generals were walking nearby, all of them limping or holding a part of their body in pain (Kaynar was actually using his weapon as a crutch).

    “General Slithe!” is what Mumm-Ra called out as he approached the battle weary Animals

    As expected, Slithe was a little wary to be seeing Mumm-Ra right about now, as the next words to come out of his mouth were--

    “Uh…Lord Mumm-Ra, there you are. We were, uh, just looking for you”

    “Spare me, Slithe, I don’t want to hear your pathetic prattle, all I want to know is how you and the others dealt with those-those treetop dwellers”

    “Oh, well, um, we fought as ferociously as usual, Lord Mumm-Ra, and we had them at our mercy a few times…” Slithe began, until he stopped rather abruptly

    “But…?” Mumm-Ra added

    “Um, the, uh, Warrior Maidens proved to be more…formidable then we initially thought” Slithe finished

    “So you’re telling me that you: a quartet of physically superior Animal Generals, were defeated by a motley band of tree-climbing savages?! Pathetic” said Mumm-Ra

    “Um, in our defense, Lord Mumm-Ra, those “savages” each fought like an army of savages!” said Addicus

    “I’ll say, they were like animals, and not in a good way” Kaynar added

    “Well, I suppose if any good came out of all this, it’s that at least those treetop climbing barbarians are now without a leader, isn’t that right, my Lord?” Said Vultaire

    Mumm-Ra looked a little surprised after hearing that, but he quickly resumed his look of anger as he said--

    “Do not presume to think that my actions can act as overcompensation for your failures, Vultaire!”

    Suddenly, Kaynar started to smile and said

    “Ooh, sounds like we weren’t the only ones sent home licking our wounds (chuckles)”

    Suddenly, Kaynar found himself (once again) zapped by Mumm-Ra, and afterwards, Slithe said—

    “Perhaps we should leave, Lord Mumm-Ra, there’s obviously no trace of your “enemy” here”

    “No, General Slithe, our encounter with those tree-dwellers has only proven that my enemy is indeed here. Why she has sided with those savages, I do not know, but what I do know is that we must find her before she does away with all of us!”

    Mumm-Ra’s words warranted a brief look of shock from his battle-scarred generals

    “Come along, every moment we waste is…”

    But before Mumm-Ra could finish that sentence, he came to a realization

    “Wait, where is Pumyra?”

    The Generals all looked at each other in confusion for a brief moment after that.

    Meanwhile, elsewhere, Pumyra was still facing off with the same hooded figure that blindsided her when she was chasing after Nayda, and her fellow Warrior Maidens. However, once said figure removed her hood, she revealed herself to be Pumyra herself, much to the shock of the armored Pumyra.

    “You’re…you’re me, but how—how can that be?” asked the Armored Pumyra in disbelief, which quickly turned into mild anger

    “Okay, first of all, “Pumyra”: I was never you! I’m an actual Cat, an actual being, something you stopped being a long time ago” said the Blue robed Pumyra, as her armored counterpart growled in anger “Oh, and second of all:--”

    Then, before actually saying anything, Blue robed Pumyra delivered a swift and savage kick to Armored Pumyra’s side and sent her falling backwards, closer to the tree trunk.

    As one would expect, Armored Pumyra was none too happy about what just happened, and it showed in the way she growled as she got back up. The armored Puma then came charging at the blue robed Puma with her wrist blades, but Blue robed Pumyra dodged the attack rather easily and delivered one of her own: a swift punch in the face. Armored Pumyra almost lost her balance after that, but quickly regained it after wobbling for a bit. At that point, Blue robed Pumyra moved in closer to her armored counterpart and said--

    “That was for all you did to the Avistans…”

    --Right before she delivered another swift kick to her counterpart’s torso and said--

    “…And that was for all you did to Lion-O”

    That time, Blue robed Pumyra’s blow did knock her armored counterpart off the tree branch and she landed on a much lower branch, just barely getting her grip into the wood. As she pulled herself up, Blue robed Pumyra leapt down after her and Armored Pumyra said--

    “Lion-O? You’re with the ThunderCats?”

    “I would’ve liked to have been, I would have liked to have been able to walk among my fellow Cats. But no: thanks to you, I can’t. Thanks to you, I’m a traitor in the eyes of the other Cats…especially Lion-O--”

    Blue robed Pumyra’s voice sounded sad during that last part, but it quickly changed back into anger as she glared at her armored counterpart and continued--

    “--which makes this next blow long overdue!”

    --Right before she charged at Armored Pumyra, claws extended.

    However, her armored counterpart counters this move by grabbing her left arm and throwing her over to the branch of the tree next door. Blue robed Pumyra manages to land on her feet, but Armored Pumyra leapt after her and extended her wrist blades once again.

    “Oh, cry me a river, you should be thanking me for all of that” is what the armored Puma said “Why would you want to side with the Cats who left us behind, or the King who left us to die”

    Armored Pumyra ran towards her blue robed counterpart at that moment, with intent to slash her, but Blue robed Pumyra dodged her and then delivered another swift kick to the armored Puma’s back. Armored Pumyra stumbled forward for a few seconds, until finally collapsing. At which point, Blue robed Pumyra said--

    “Our king did not lead the army that destroyed Thundera; our king didn’t bring us back to life just to use us as a puppet against our own people, and our king certainly did not make us endanger the lives of hundreds just so he could have his precise stone!”

    After that was said, Armored Pumyra got back on her feet with a growl and engaged her counterpart in hand-to-hand combat. The two of them fought viciously for a while, but every attack either of them made was countered by the other rather easily. For example, every punch Armored Pumyra made was blocked by Blue robed Pumyra. Even when Armored Pumyra used her wrist blades, her blue robed counterpart managed to dodge them without gaining so much as a scratch.

    However, as soon as Blue robed Pumyra had a blind-spot, Armored Pumyra made her move and knocked her down to a lower tree branch below. Blue robed Pumyra just barely grabbed onto the branch in time, and while she dangled for dear life, Armored Pumyra leapt down to the branch and looked down at her.

    “Need I remind you, “Pumyra”, that Mumm-Ra is the only reason I’m still alive at all? He brought me back, gave me new life, a better life” is what the evil Puma said

    “A cursed life you mean; a life without any real choices or meaning! A life spent feeling nothing but enough pointless rage to make any Cat too stupid to tell the difference between a leader who’s just using them and a leader who actually cared about them!”

    This made Armored Pumyra angry enough to try and knock her counterpart off the branch with her foot. But as soon as she tried to do so, Blue robed Pumyra grabbed said foot and moved it back upwards, sending Armored Pumyra stumbling backwards as a result. Once the armored Puma was lying flat on her back, the blue robed Puma pulled herself back up and faced her armored counterpart just as she got back up.

    “Well, now it’s passed time for this issue to be rectified, and I intend to do just that! Regardless of the effort” is what the blue robed Puma said, right before she came at Armored Pumyra and tackled her.

    This caused them both to fall down to a much lower tree branch and then resume their fighting.

    Meanwhile, elsewhere, Lion-O was still walking side-by-side Mumm-Rana. But all the while, the young king still did not seem very happy about it.

    “Well, this has certainly been the latest in a long stream of bad days for me” is what he said “First: I lose the Sword of Plun-Darr, then I get betrayed and lose the Tech Stone all in one day. And now, I’ve managed to get shanghaied by a crazy sorceress who’s lured me to the middle of who knows where. Can anything else go wrong?”

    “Things will always go wrong, little king, that’s really just a part of life” said Mumm-Rana, apparently ignoring the fact that Lion-O was doing a soliloquy

    “(Sarcastically) oh look, she starts to speak again. Well, now that you are speaking, perhaps you could tell me where you’re dragging me to? We’ve been walking for who knows how long” said Lion-O

    “Fourteen minutes and forty-three seconds to be exact” Mumm-Rana replied, after looking up at the sun “As to where we’re going: I’d say we’re about halfway there”

    “Halfway to where? There’s nothing out here, we’re the only ones around for miles!” Lion-O replied

    It was at that moment when Mumm-Rana stopped in her tracks and widened her eyes in mild shock, before saying--

    “I’m not so sure about that”

    “What, what’s wrong?” the young Thundercat asked

    “Someone is close by, I can feel it, and it’s definitely someone who shouldn’t be here”

    “Mumm-Ra?” Lion-O asked

    “I’m not entirely sure, but I’d better go investigate just to be sure. Just keep walking forward and I’ll meet up with as soon as I can”

    “Mumm-Ra could be close by and you want me to just keep walking? I don’t think so, I’m going with you!” Lion-O replied

    “Trust me, Lion-O; continuing with this trek will be far more beneficial for you than facing off with Mumm-Ra. Just keep heading forward until you reach a vacant plain, and believe me, you’ll find something far more helpful to you than just settling an old score”

    And with that Mumm-Rana disappeared in a bright flash of blue light, leaving Lion-O to silently growl to himself. He was obviously trying very hard to be mature about being left behind. Afterwards, he looked forward at the path ahead of him, and decided to take a deep breath and follow Mumm-Rana’s instructions. But not before sighing and saying—

    “I must be out of my head”

    Meanwhile, elsewhere, Slithe and the others were all standing at the edge of nearby cliff, while Slithe was surveying the area with a pair of binoculars. Kaynar then stepped up to Slithe and said--

    “’Kay, so explain to me again what we’re doing out here, Slithe”

    “Mumm-Ra’s orders, Kaynar, he specifically ordered us to come to this exact location and then await further instruction” Slithe replied as he lowered his binoculars

    “(Hooping) as long as we don’t have to deal with those tree-dwelling savages again, I’m not complaining (hooping)” said Addicus

    “—and where exactly is our wise and powerful leader?” asked Vultaire “Vanished without a trace again, has he? How typical”

    “I’d watch my tone if I were you, Vultaire, you’re on thin ice with Mumm-Ra as it is. And believe me when I tell you that you do not want someone like Mumm-Ra as your enemy” Slithe replied

    “Ha, I can personally vouch for that one” said mysterious voice out of nowhere

    The generals all looked around for the source of the voice and, eventually, they found out that it was none other than Mumm-Rana herself. She was leaning against a tree in a casual manner and the nonchalant look on her face indicated that she was not least bit worried that the Generals saw her.

    “Greetings, Generals, we’ve never been properly introduced, my name is Mumm-Rana, guardian of all nature. I believe I’m the one your master was looking for”

    Slithe, Kaynar and Addicus all growled at the mummified woman after that, but Vultaire just remained calm and said--

    ““Mumm-Rana” eh? (Sarcastically) my, isn’t that an original name”

    “(Chuckles) this coming from the vulture who calls himself “Vultaire”” Mumm-Rana joked as she walked closer towards Vultaire and the others

    Slithe readied his Laser rifle at that point, and as he aimed at Mumm-Rana, he said--

    “Take one step closer, witch, and it’ll be the last thing you ever do!”

    Mumm-Rana was not intimidated, however, in fact, she remained completely at ease, as she smiled ever so slightly and replied with a--

    “Go ahead”

    --as she extended her arms and left herself open to a blast from Slithe’s rifle.

    Slithe fired, of course, but when he did, an invisible energy field completely blocked out the blast and left Slithe and the other Generals completely flabbergasted. Slithe continued to fire at Mumm-Rana, but just like before, all of his blasts were deflected by some kind of energy field and Mumm-Rana was free to move in closer as a result.

    Once she was close enough, Slithe attempted to attack Mumm-Rana by using the axe-blade attachment of his rifle. However, Mumm-Rana simply grabbed the blade with one hand, lifted the weapon into the air, with Slithe hanging on, and then swung the rifle around until Slithe was tossed aside.

    Slithe was angry, of course, but at that moment, all he could do was just watch as Mumm-Rana looked at his weapon and said--

    “Ugh, I’ve never had a problem with technology as a whole before, but the potential for violence it has; the sheer destruction it’s capable of. Well, that’s just not my cup of tea”

    After that, all Mumm-Rana had to do was hold out the rifle in her hands and then it just short-circuited and fell into tiny pieces. This left Slithe a little bit worried.

    “Well, Pretty lady, maybe you’ll like this weapon instead” said Kaynar as he held out his spear/axe “It’s pretty low tech and it’s always worked for me (chuckles insanely)”

    The crazed Jackal then charged towards the mummified woman, but before he could do anything, Mumm-Rana actually outmaneuvered him rather easily, grabbed his spear/axe and then knocked Kaynar away, just like she did Slithe.

    “Really, you wouldn’t know” said Mumm-Rana, rather smugly, as she held up the Jackalman’s weapon before tossing it aside.

    Unbeknownst to her, however, Addicus and Vultaire were both sneaking up on her and were both getting ready to strike the mummified woman on her right and left side. Or at least it looked like she didn’t know, but it soon became clear that she did know, because as soon as the Monkian and Vultureman swung at her, Mumm-Rana held up her right and left wrists in an attempt to block her enemies’ weapons. Not only did she succeed in blocking them, she also made both Addicus’ mace and Vultaire’s Energy spear snap into two upon impact.

    This left the two of them more than a little shocked, but it was short-lived, because right afterwards, Mumm-Rana zapped them both with green energy without even turning around to face them. After that, the Generals all completely forsook Mumm-Ra’s orders and ran away like scared chickens, except Kaynar, who had to be carried by Slithe, due to still being unconscious.

    Once they were all gone, Mumm-Rana looked around and said—

    “I know you’re nearby, Mumm-Ra, and I know you sent those Generals of yours to get my attention. What I don’t know is why? And why not join the fight?”

    Mumm-Rana quickly let her suspicions drop after that, and then walked over towards the cliff’s edge to transform into her dove form. But while she changed and flew away, another bird was watching her from afar. It was a raven with blood red eyes and its voice indicated that it was none other than Mumm-Rana’s counterpart himself.

    “So, Mumm-Rana, you’ve obviously managed to remain just as powerful as ever, have you? No matter, all I need to know is where you’re disappearing off to and how I can make that place your final tomb”

    And with that, Mumm-Ra flies off after Mumm-Rana in her dove form as she flew off into the sky

    (Commercial Break)
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