Thundercats 2011: Season Two

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    I loved the scene where Pumyra confronts herself so to speak. ;)
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    Please keep updating, srebak! It's as if the tale actually was REAL!
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    Here is the final part of the fourth episode

    Meanwhile, elsewhere, Lion-O was still walking down the forest path and, so far, encountered no resistance or danger. But he did complain a lot the whole way--

    “(Sigh) I can’t believe I’m stuck out here walking in the middle of nowhere just because some old lady in a fancy robe told me to. She said that I would find going this way more beneficial, beneficial how? There’s nothing out here and this forest goes on forever”

    It was then that Lion-O reached the, supposed, end of the path and removed some foliage from out of his way. Afterwards, he noticed what appeared to be a large and vacuous grassland, which served as the divider for the forest he was in and another woodland area just a few miles away. It had various flowers in it, and all of them came in a variety colors.

    “I stand corrected” is what the young Lion said, right before he continued his walking.

    For a while, the young Thundercat encountered no resistance or trouble during his trek, and the most noise he heard was the wind howling all around him. He even felt the wind blow in his face for a brief instant, but after that happened; the young Lion was quickly treated to strange vision.

    He saw the destruction that was wrought during Fall of Thundera and he saw a young female Cat fighting for her life. Upon further inspection, Lion-O easily recognized this Cat as Pumyra, and she looked just as aggressive and dedicated as she did when he first met her in the Pit.

    Any way, the vision showed Lion-O just how Pumyra met her untimely end, in excellent detail. He saw how she was blown away by that one explosion, he saw how she landed flat on the ground and he saw how she was crushed by large falling of piece debris.

    Lion-O quickly came out of the vision after that last part, but it still left quite an impact on him.

    “Whoa, okay, that was weird” is what he said, right before he looked all around him to make sure that he was alone (you never know who could be doing what after all)

    Afterwards, Lion-O continued to walk forward through the grassland, but soon, he was hit with another cool breeze in the face and was then given another strange vision.

    This time, he saw Pumyra lying helplessly under the rubble while she noticed the Lion-O of that time walking passed her with Tygra, Cheetara and Snarf. Pumyra called out to them with her last ounce of strength and then died soon afterwards.

    That was undoubtedly what snapped Lion-O out of this vision, and after he looked around just like the first time, it grieved him to the point where he moaned while covering his face with his hand. Once he was through, he looked up in front of him and noticed the wind blowing various flower petals in the air and was soon led into another vision.

    This time, he saw the inside of Mumm-Ra’s pyramid, where the evil Mummy himself was standing next to the Well of Souls saying--

    “Hmm, what have we here, dear well, a lost soul unable to pass on due to emotional pain? And a Cat no less, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, emotion has always been a crippling weakness among their pathetic race. Still though, if done right, this just might be the tool I need to put end to the Lord of the Thundercats”

    And with that, Mumm-Ra raised up his hands and said--

    “Ancient Spirits of Evil, grant me the power to resurrect this wretched soul and imbue it with your power!”

    Suddenly, the eyes of all the Ancient Spirit statues started to glow red and the Well of Souls started to bubble, up until the task was finished and the new reborn Pumyra was raised from the water, with a sinister looking smile on her face.

    The vision then shifted to a misty looking area, where we see Pumyra once again. However, this time, Pumyra was not smiling wickedly; she was in shock of her new surroundings and didn’t know what to do at the moment. That was when she was approached by what looked like a long, black vine and was quickly grabbed by it on the wrist. She struggled to get free, but then more black vines started to show up and kept coming at her until she was completely and hopelessly entangled by them.

    Once completely bound, Pumyra could only sit still and watch as a mystical window of some kind formed in front of her and showed the POV of someone else. She saw Mumm-Ra staring right at someone and he said--

    “Welcome, my dear, you have been brought back to life, thanks to the Ancient Spirits. And as of this moment, you serve them and me”

    That’s when Pumyra heard another voice respond—

    “Yes, My Master”

    --and recognized it as her own voice

    This left the imprisoned Puma at a loss and it showed in the look of shock on her face

    “Simply obey my every command, Pumyra, and I can personally guarantee that you will have exactly what you desire: the end of the Lord of the Thundercats” Mumm-Ra continued

    That comment made the imprisoned Pumyra feel more than a little bit nervous, but what really upset her was that the mysterious voice that sounded like hers actually responded with--

    “Nothing would make me happier, My Lord”

    That was what really made Pumyra look shocked, and it was also the very thing that brought Lion-O out of the vision.

    “These visions, why am I having them, what do they mean?” is what the young Lion said--

    --Right before he heard a mysterious voice out of nowhere saying--

    “Oh, so you’re having visions now, are you…?”

    He looked around and saw nothing but the small dove that landed right in front of him. But then, within seconds, that small dove transformed into Mumm-Rana with her cloak blowing in the wind.

    “…Good, then that means we’re definitely making more progress here” is what Mumm-Rana said, completing her earlier sentence

    “Mumm-Rana, you were the one giving me all of those visions?!” said Lion-O in an almost angry tone

    “No, not me, little king, it was this grassland that did all the work” Mumm-Rana replied

    “What?” Lion-O asked

    “That’s right, Lion-O, welcome to the Plains of Was” said Mumm-Rana “For years, this grassland has had the ability to show anyone who traverses it visions of what was, what might have been and what will be. No one is really sure of how this could be though. Some believe that the grassland simply possesses its own magic; but others believe that there is something else going on here. (Chuckles slightly) just another glorious mystery of nature, I suppose, nature is just full of mystery and wonders after all”

    “But why am I having all of these visions? What do they all mean?” Lion-O asked

    “Well, that really depends on you, little king” Mumm-Rana said “Your visions could mean something or they could mean nothing. That really all depends on how relevant they seem to you. I told you that you would get more out of continuing with this trek than you would have battling Mumm-Ra”

    Lion-O looked at the mummified woman in an angry way for a brief moment. But then, he looked sad as he said--

    “Oh, they were relevant alright, believe me: I saw someone I knew or rather, someone I thought I knew. I saw just what happened to her during an attack, how she got hurt, and…how she fell into the wrong hands”

    “You once came across a Cat named Pumyra, you wanted to help her, but she had a lot of anger directed towards you because of what happened during the fall of Thundera. And just when it looked like you were starting to win her over, you found out, in Avista, that her anger is what led her into the hands of Mumm-Ra.” Said Mumm-Rana “Now, you’re not sure of how to feel about all that’s happened: angry, sad, betrayed, or just heartbroken”

    “How about all of the above” Lion-O replied in a slightly depressed tone

    “It’s true, Lion-O, you’ve endured many hardships in the past. But the source of all your misery isn’t just in the hardships themselves, it also lies in your own inner turmoil” replied Mumm-Rana

    “What are talking about?” the young Lion asked

    “As you may recall me saying earlier; bad things can and will always happen, that’s just a part of life” said Mumm-Rana “But the problem that you and many others have is that whenever something bad happens, you always believe that it was your fault. Even when it was plain to see that you had no control over any of it”

    “I’m the king, Mumm-Rana; if anything happens to my people, it’s because of my choices. And that makes everything that happens my responsibility” Lion-O said

    “True, but a king must also always be able to look at the bigger picture, and unless you understand that there are things in this world that are beyond your control; that will only become harder and harder to do” Mumm-Rana replied “Take your feelings regarding Pumyra for example: you blame yourself for her current condition as much as she herself blames you. But ask yourself this; were you the one who caused the disaster that claimed Pumyra’s life, were you the one who told Mumm-Ra to resurrect her just to use her, and are you really responsible for every trick and horror that that monster uses against you? Hmm…?”

    All Lion-O could do at that point was look a little sad and say--


    “Exactly, no, you had no control over any of that, there are things you couldn’t have possibly had any control over” said Mumm-Rana “And the sooner you come to terms with this, the sooner you’ll be able to find peace with yourself.”

    “Yeah” said Lion-O “And how, exactly, do I do that?”

    “Well, personally, I’d recommend one of the two following solutions: you could either One: let all the pain and sorrow that you carry flow away, like a leaf in the river, completely forgotten, or Two: take the very thing that caused you so much pain and turn it into the solution to your problems” Mumm-Rana replied

    “You make both sound easy” said Lion-O

    “They’re not, trust me. But, then again, let’s face it, very few things in life are” said Mumm-Rana “Come along now, we’re nearly at the end of our journey, and there is something in the next forest that you must see”

    And with that, Lion-O continued to follow Mumm-Rana, as she walked forward towards the other side of the plains.

    Meanwhile, elsewhere, Blue robed Pumyra and Armored Pumyra were still facing off in the treetops. And just when it seemed like Armored Pumyra was gaining the upper hand, due to a swift uppercut, Blue robed Pumyra was able to turn the tables by delivering a powerful punch and kick of her own. These two blows, along with the weight of her armor, caused Armored Pumyra to lose her balance and fall off the branch they were on (again). She landed flat on her back on a branch below, she wasn’t dead, but she was undoubtedly out cold, and it showed in how she moaned, but barely moved.

    That’s when Blue robed Pumyra looked down at her limp counterpart and said--

    “Now it’s time to put an end to all of this madness”

    --right before she leapt down after her armored doppelganger.

    Meanwhile, back at the Plains of Was, Lion-O and Mumm-Rana had finally reached their forest destination and were just starting to enter it. However, as fatigue started to hit him, Lion-O looked at his guide and said--

    “Alright, Mumm-Rana, I’m starting to get a little tired of this “Mystery Woman” act of yours. You obviously brought me out here for something important, and I think it’s time you told me what it was”

    “I agree, but allow me to ask you something first: remember when I said that nature is just full of mystery and wonders?” said Mumm-Rana

    “Yeah, what of it?” Lion-O replied

    That’s when Mumm-Rana removed some of the foliage that stood her way and showed Lion-O something that left him speechless.

    “Well, my young friend, you’re about to see one of the greatest wonders that nature has to offer”

    Lion-O saw what appeared to be a mildly tall hill in the distance. But what made this hill unique was the fact that it had a large stream of water coming out of the top, and that this very stream was going upwards and apparently formed the mist that surrounded the hill itself. The young Lord of the Thundercats was in complete awe, so much so that he failed to notice that he and Mumm-Rana were being watched from above by Mumm-Ra in Raven form. Once the evil bird got a good look at them, his eyes glowed bright red and the episode quickly faded to black.

    (Episode Ends)

    Notes: Just so you know, I’m well aware that the consistency of this story is a little sketchy and the dialogue might seem all that good, but please understand that this isn’t easy
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    I'm already starting to like your portrayal of Mumm-Rana.
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    It's looking pretty good so far and I would love to see pics of Mumm-Rana.
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    ThunderCats 2011

    Season Two:

    NoteSince the chance for a real Season two seems pretty slim, I made this in hopes of putting my mind at rest (though I doubt it will work)

    DisclaimerI own nothing, this is pure Fan Fiction

    Episode 31- Geyser of Life

    “Previously on Thundercats” (scenes from the last three episodes show, before the title finally appears with the show itself)

    This episode opens up where the last episode left off: with Lion-O standing next to Mumm-Rana as she showed him a mildly tall hill with a large stream of water coming out of the top. The stream looked like a geyser of some sorts. And apparently, once it reached the sky, it formed the mist that surrounded the hill itself, which made this hill all the more entrancing of a sight.

    “What…what am I looking at?” Lion-O asked, still in total awe

    “Beautiful, isn’t it, Lion-O?” Mumm-Rana replied “For years, this has been one of Third Earth’s most beautiful of sights and one of it’s most mysterious of natural phenomena”

    “So, basically, you’re saying that you don’t know how that hill is doing what it’s doing either, right?” said Lion-O

    “No one does, hence the “mystery” part of what I just said; try to keep up, little king” said Mumm-Rana, in a rather nonchalant way “However, if there is one thing that many a traveler has come to realize about this place, this “Geyser of Life”, it’s that this is place of very powerful, very pure, magical energy”

    That last part was what really captured Lion-O’s attention, and it showed in the way he looked surprised, right before he looked towards Mumm-Rana and replied--

    “What kind of magical energy are we talking about exactly?”

    “The Healing variety” Mumm-Rana answered, albeit rather ominously

    But before Lion-O could get any real details, he heard a rustling going on in the foliage to the left of him. He readied his sword for battle at that point, all while saying--

    “Uh-Oh, get ready for trouble, because I think we just found some”

    “Oh, not at all, my young friend” Mumm-Rana replied while still maintaining her cool demeanor “In fact, this is precisely what I’ve been waiting for”

    Lion-O had no real response to what he just heard, and before he could give it any more thought, he finally saw who was coming his way: Pumyra (Armored Pumyra to be precise).

    “Pumyra…?” Lion-O said in near shock

    That’s when the armored Puma took a look at the young Lion and said--


    --right before she snarled and attempted to charge him at top speed.

    However, before she could get too far, Pumyra felt a strong pull that stopped her dead in her tracks. It was then that Lion-O not only realized that Pumyra was in chains, but was also being handled by someone else: Pumyra (the blue robed one).

    “Don’t even think about it, Witch! You’re going nowhere!” said Blue robed Pumyra, as she held the chain that connected to her counterpart’s shackles.

    This made Lion-O all the more disconcerted; he was seeing two of the same person, and one of them was growling like a wild animal as she attempted to attack him. However, the blue robed Puma was doing an excellent job of keeping her counterpart under control. But that didn’t stop Lion-O from saying--

    “What…what in the name of…”

    That’s when Mumm-Rana walked up to his side and said--

    “Well done, my dear, I see that you were quite successful in your part of the plan”

    “Indeed, Mistress” said Blue robed Pumyra, as she pulled the chain she was holding and drew her prisoner in closer to her “And I see that you were successful in yours as well”

    “Oh, very; now it’s time for the final part of my plan” Mumm-Rana continued, right before she turned away from the Cats and looked back towards the mildly tall hill that she and Lion-O were looking at earlier “And just in time too, we should have a few minutes left over when we’re done”

    Mumm-Rana began to walk towards the mildly tall hill at that point, but Lion-O was still at a loss here. And it showed in the way he said--

    “Done with what? What’s this plan of yours? What’s going on?”

    It was then that Lion-O noticed Blue-robed Pumyra, who was forcing her armored counterpart to walk passed him. Once the two of them were close enough together, the blue robed Puma said--

    “There’ll be time for explanations later, Lion-O, I promise. But right now, you just need to trust Mumm-Rana; she knows what she’s doing”

    Lion-O still wasn’t sure about all of this, but, once again, his instincts made him swallow his suspicions and he followed Mumm-Rana and the others as they headed towards the hill.

    Meanwhile, up in the sky, Mumm-Ra was still in raven form and he was circling the small group from above. Much like he did in “Between Brothers”, and just like in “Between Brothers”, he spoke while still in raven form, via an astral projection in the sky--

    “So, Mumm-Rana, this was your plan all along, was it? First: you lure me away from my “puppet”, and then you capture her so that you could bring her to the Lord of the Thundercats himself. I can’t even begin to imagine what type of plan you have conceived, Mumm-Rana, nor do I care. For you see, by coming here, you have only handed me the means to destroy you in the most ironic way possible. As well as presented me with the perfect opportunity to retrieve the War and Spirit stones”

    After that, Mumm-Ra’s image disappeared and he kept on flying in raven form.

    Back on the ground, Lion-O, Mumm-Rana and the two Pumyras were all still walking, and as Mumm-Rana led the troop, she looked at the hill in front of them and said--

    “If we keep walking at this pace, I estimate we’ll be at our destination within an hour”

    “Great, so do I have to wait until then for you to tell me anything, or are you going to stop keeping me in the dark and actually give me some real answers?” said Lion-O, who was clearly starting to lose his patience.

    “Well, aren’t we an impatient monarch” Mumm-Rana replied, rather nonchalantly

    “I’m serious, Mumm-Rana, you obviously had a reason for luring me all the way out here and I need to know what it is”

    “And you will, I promise, but at the moment, I’m afraid time is not completely on our side and is growing shorter by the moment. Which means, until this matter is resolved, I’m afraid all explanations are going to have to wait until later on”

    Lion-O wasn’t entirely accepting of this answer, but before he could say anything more, Mumm-Rana gestured everyone to stop in their tracks.

    “Mistress, what’s wrong?” asked Blue-robed Pumyra, while still handling Armored Pumyra

    “I sense something is wrong, I can’t tell what, exactly, but I can tell that something is definitely amiss” Mumm-Rana replied

    Suddenly, everyone in the group heard a loud creaking noise, they didn’t know what it was at first, but they certainly knew when they saw the most unsettling of sights: the trees around them started to move and eventually became growling monsters. It was then that Lion-O said--

    “Oh Whiskers”

    (Commercial Break)
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    Lion-O needs to learn to control his emotions. How can he trust Mumm-Rana if he refuses to listen to his heart?
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    That's because he is still in that phase where he can't listen to his own heart until he is able to. And I hope Mumm-Rana doesn't get killed off or anything. I want an ending where she forces the Cats to let her sacrifice herself while trapped in a cave to fight the ultimate death-match with Mumm-Ra, while the Cats get away and enjoy peace and unity for centuries.
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    Here's the rest of the episode (the second half to be exact)

    The demonic trees all began to advance on Lion-O and the others, but, as usual, Mumm-Rana was rather nonchalant about all of this. So much so that she just looked at the monstrous trees and said--

    “(Sigh) really, monster trees: that’s supposed to be a problem for me? For goodness sake, this is hardly a speed bump, let alone a roadblock”

    --right before she rose up her right hand and released a large cloud of green dust that completely doused the tree monsters.

    However, just when it looked like the matter had been easily dealt with, Mumm-Rana was shocked to discover that her green dust had no effect. Each and every one of the tree monsters was protected against the dust by a flaming purple aura, and once the dust cloud had dissipated, the purple aura went away and the tree monsters continued their advance.

    That’s when Lion-O put on his gauntlet, brought out his sword and charged straight at the monstrous trees. He slashed off one tree’s “arm”, then another one’s “leg” and then, he actually used the Spirit Stone to blast another into oblivion.

    The two Pumyras watched the whole thing, and while they did, Armored Pumyra said--

    “You know, with so many tree monsters here, I’m thinking you guys could use some extra hands right”

    --while holding up her hands as a gesture to un-cuff them.

    “I’m thinking not a chance” replied Blue robed Pumyra as she pushed her armored Counterpart flat her side

    Afterwards, she tied the chain she was holding to a nearby tree and then ran off to join Lion-O in the fight. What’s more, she actually discarded her blue robe and revealed herself to be wearing the exact same clothes she was wearing when Lion-O (supposedly) first met her. She even still had her old bolas and wrist-bow, which she used without hesitation against the tree monsters.

    The two Cats took down many trees together, but all the while, Lion-O couldn’t help but look with surprise as Pumyra helped him. Mumm-Rana tried to help out as well, but, for some reason, her magic was doing very little to the trees at all.

    “I don’t understand, what’s going on here?” the sorceress asked, right before the tree she was fighting came in for a close swipe.

    Fortunately, Mumm-Rana was able to dodge the attack with relative ease, which was yet another thing that separated her from Mumm-Ra. You see, while Mumm-Ra is a decrepit bag of bones, barely able to move at all, Mumm-Rana is able to move with as much agility, stamina and dexterity as anyone much younger than she was. This was further proven when another tree monster attempted to attack the sorceress and she dodged by doing a perfect summersault.

    After she landed, she looked at the two monsters approaching her and gave her magic one more crack. Just like before, she attempted to douse the wooden brutes with green powder. But when they didn’t work, they both came at her at once and she had to dodge their attacks once again.

    “This isn’t making any sense; I’ve always been able to handle trees and plants. The only other time this ever happened was…”

    It was then that Mumm-Rana came to a realization and then looked upward to see the raven flying overhead

    “I should have known” Mumm-Rana finished

    But right after she did, a third tree monster came at her and forced her to do another perfect summersault.

    Once she landed, she stared at the three tree monsters advancing towards her and said--

    “I may not be able to hurt you brutes directly, but thankfully, there are more indirect ways for me to fight back”

    After that, Mumm-Rana raised her arms high up in the air and made her hands glow bright green. Suddenly, two of the three tree monsters found themselves sinking hopelessly into the dirt, while the last one was ensnared by vines shooting up from out of the ground.

    Armored Pumyra watched all of this from her position, but suddenly, she noticed that the tree she was chained to was starting to move. Just like the others around it, this tree had transformed into a monstrous creature ready to attack. However, this actually worked to the armored Puma’s advantage, because right after the tree’s transformation was complete, the wooden brute inadvertently broke Armored Pumyra’s chains and set her free. As the tree monster advanced towards Lion-O and her unarmored counterpart, the armored Puma took this as an opportune chance to flee, with a smile.

    Lion-O and Pumyra kept up the fight as best they could, and it was definitely starting to pay off. Every tree monster that came at the two Cats was either sliced and/or blasted by Lion-O or was smashed to splinters by Pumyra’s bolas. Eventually, the fight was over, and when that happened, Lion-O had his sword revert back to dagger form and said--

    “Well, that was certainly random”

    “No, my friend; that was my “counterpart’s” trickery at work” replied Mumm-Rana

    “Mumm-Ra!? But Mistress, I thought…” said Pumyra

    “Yes, Pumyra, I know, I had also hoped that we wouldn’t receive any interference from Mumm-Ra. But it appears that I was a fool to think such a thing. No matter, we still have time left, you and Lion-O should take our prisoner and…”

    It was at that moment that Mumm-Rana and her Feline allies noticed the shattered chains on the ground and the fact that Armoured Pumyra was missing

    “She’s gone!” said Pumyra

    “Oh great, now we have to deal with her being on the loose? This day just keeps getting better and better” said Lion-O

    Mumm-Rana then placed her hand on her forehead and closed her eyes as she began to concentrate on something. Afterwards, she said--

    “She’s still somewhere nearby, I can sense her. Pumyra, you and Lion-O track her down and bring her to the Geyser; I’ll catch up with as soon as I can”

    “But what about you, Mistress, where are you going to be?” Pumyra asked

    Mumm-Rana then turned around to a different direction and replied--

    “I’ll be having a discussion with an old friend”

    Afterwards, the elderly sorceress then let out a loud bird-like shriek and engulfed herself in a bright blue light. Lion-O and Pumyra both shielded their eyes at that point, and once they were able see again, they saw that Mumm-Rana had once again taken her Dove form and watched her fly off into the sky.

    Once she was gone, Pumyra headed in the direction of the Geyser hill and gestured Lion-O to follow.

    “Come on!” is what she said as she called out to the young Lion

    And in response, Lion-O just sighed and said--

    “This day just keeps making less and less sense”

    --right before he (begrudgingly) followed the young Puma in front of him.

    Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, just north of the Geyser hill, Armored Pumyra was taking a moment to catch her breath. Understandable, since it must be a real task to try and run fast while wearing a suit of armor. Once she was done, she took a seat on the ground and said--

    “Ha, lost them, though it’s a shame couldn’t have stayed to watch the show. Watching my King get torn apart by those tree monsters probably would’ve been quite the show”

    --right before she smiled the same kind of smile she did on Avista.

    That’s when the wicked Puma heard someone say--

    “Perhaps, but sadly, that was not how things turned out”

    Armored Pumyra easily recognized the voice as Mumm-Ra’s, but when she looked around; she saw no sign of her mummified master.

    “Master, where are you?” is what she said as she continued to look

    “Never mind that now, my Dear, just listen closely” said Mumm-Ra, still nowhere to be found “I’m afraid that you left the battlefield a bit too abruptly, my attempts to destroy your king and my ancient enemy fell flat on its face”

    “Wait, those tree monsters were yours, Master?”

    “Yes, and I thought for sure that by enhancing them with the Ancient Spirits magic, they would’ve wrought Mumm-Rana’s destruction. No matter, for I still have one last trick to pull”

    “How may I be of assistance to your plan, My Lord?”

    “You already are, Pumyra, Mumm-Rana has sent both your king and counterpart after you, all you have to do is make sure that they keep following you to the Geyser of Life”

    “The Geyser of…wait, do you mean that Geyser on that hill? But, Master, that’s where they were planning to take me in the first place”

    “I know, Beloved, and that little fact will make Mumm-Rana’s destruction all the more delicious. Just make sure that Lion-O and Mumm-Rana’s pet Puma follow you to the Geyser of Life. Once our enemies are in position, I will take care of everything else”

    “As you wish, Lord Mumm-Ra”

    After that, Armored Pumyra ran back in the direction she came. As for Mumm-Ra himself, it turns out; his voice was magically coming from above, while the evil Mummy was still in his raven form. The dark bird continued to fly south towards the Geyser afterwards, but before he could get too far, he heard a loud screeching sound from above.

    The raven looked upwards to see what it was and when he did; he was shocked to see the pale white dove swooping down right at him. The dark bird attempted to dodge the bright dove in one maneuver, but the dove still managed to land a swift blow on its right wing. The raven screeched loudly in response, but that didn’t deter the dove from flying right back at him. However, this time, the raven attempted to counter this move by swooping right at the bright bird. The two birds then began to engage each other in an aerial battle, consisting of various maneuvers and a lot of screeching. The two birds seemed to be evenly matched for much of the fight, but eventually, the raven found himself in need of a last-ditch escape move. The dark bird flew upwards toward the sun and used its bright light to temporarily blind the dove, thus allowing it to escape. The dove realized this too late and saw that its opponent was long gone. The white bird wanted to pursue its enemy, but instead, it flew back down towards the forest below. By now, I’m sure it was no secret who the dove was.

    Meanwhile, on the ground, Lion-O and Pumyra (formerly known as Blue robed Pumyra) were still tracking Armored Pumyra. They found some of their quarry’s tracks and followed them further and further into the Woods. What they didn’t know, however, was that Armored Pumyra was watching them from afar, and she smiled wickedly as she maintained her lead ahead of them and kept on moving, purposely making more tracks in the process.

    “Looks like we’re getting closer, but it seems a little odd that these tracks all seem to lead towards the Geyser hill” said Pumyra

    “Yeah, that does seem a bit odd, doesn’t it? Almost as if it were all one big trap or a set-up” replied Lion-O in an almost accusing tone

    “Lion-O, you don’t honestly think that…” Pumyra began in a half insulted/half hurt tone

    “Yeah, actually I do, this wouldn’t be the first time that you led me on just to stab me in the back after all. And it wouldn’t be the first time that you were working for a monster who wanted the Sword of Omens either”

    Pumyra briefly looked sad after hearing this, but then she finally replied--

    “Lion-O, you have every right to be mad at me, but please don’t take it out on Mumm-Rana. All she wants to do is help you, she just wants to help all of us”

    “(Sarcastically) right, the all powerful sorceress, who shot down my airship, lured me into her fancy pyramid, separated me from the rest of my group and brought me out to middle of nowhere to meet the very Cat who twice tried to kill me, just wants to help me. Oh, and of course, she must be doing this out of the goodness of her own heart”

    “No, not just out of the goodness of my own heart…” said Mumm-Rana, as she flew down in dove form and reverted back to her real self “…out of regret, regret for the evil that I allowed to befall Third Earth”

    “Mistress…” said Pumyra as she reached her comforting hand towards Mumm-Rana

    But Mumm-Rana simply gestured her to stop and said--

    “No, Pumyra, Lion-O has a right to hear the truth. I had hoped to save explanations for a much more opportune time, but now I see that if we are to truly have his aid, he must know the whole situation, fully”

    “I’m listening” said Lion-O as Mumm-Rana approached him

    “Actually, I believe that things will progress much faster if I just show you”

    After that, Mumm-Rana attempted to place her hands on Lion-O’s head, but the young king simply backed away. To which, Mumm-Rana replied--

    “Lion-O, you have my word, I am not trying to hurt you. All I want is to be your ally”

    “I’m not sure if I can trust you, Mumm-Rana” said Lion-O

    “Then trust your instincts, young one, trust your heart, they will give you the answers you need”

    Lion-O stared at Mumm-Rana distrustfully for a few seconds, but then he walked back up to her and allowed her to place her hands on his head. After that, Mumm-Rana’s eyes started to glow blue as an aura of the same color began to surround her and spread to Lion-O. The young Lord of the Thundercats felt something come over him and it was further proven by the fact that his eyes started glow blue as well.

    Suddenly, Lion-O started to see visions, not unlike the ones he saw in the Plains of Was. However, these visions were much more clear and they showed, not Pumyra, but Mumm-Rana herself and Mumm-Ra doing battle with each other in some remote location. While we are shown this, Mumm-Rana’s voice could be heard in the background--

    “As you already learned from my Pyramid walls, Mumm-Ra and I have been at war for many eons. We fought in many different locations and used numerous tactics against each other. But, as time went on, it really did seem like our battle was never fated to end. Or at least that’s what I thought, until his former servants, the Cats, rebelled against him and sealed him inside his own Pyramid”

    The last part of Mumm-Rana’s comment was illustrated by visions of Leo leading the rebellion and defeating Mumm-Ra, and the Animals initial arrival on Third Earth.

    “With my old enemy seemingly vanquished, there was little left for me to do in the universe. Oh sure, I did my best to help with the colonization of Third Earth, but once it started to look like the Animals were going to be alright, my Masters and I all agreed that it was time for me to take a long rest, so I did, here on Third Earth”

    This part of the story was illustrated by visions of Mumm-Rana helping the Animals on Third Earth in various ways and, eventually, visions of her resting in her sarcophagus

    “However, as you already know, that decision was premature, because while I slumbered, Mumm-Ra made his return and Third Earth was made to suffer”

    We are then shown visions of Mumm-Ra’s return, the Fall of Thundera and the attacks on the Elephant Village and Avista.

    “The cries of pain caused by this monster echoed loudly across Third Earth, I could hear them even in my deep slumber. But what really awaked me was something else, something more powerful”

    That part of the story was illustrated by visions of Lion-O obtaining the Spirit Stone and the Astral Plane collapsing in on itself, ending with a vision of Mumm-Rana sensing the destruction of the Astral Plane and awakening as a result.

    Finally, Lion-O was brought out of his trance-like state and when that happened, he said--

    “The Spirit Stone…the Astral Plane collapsing…”

    “Indeed, in addition to being connected to the forces of Nature, I also have a connection to the Spirit world. When a small part of it was destroyed, that alone was enough to awaken me from my deep sleep, and, sadly, that allowed me to see the destruction wrought by my villainous counterpart. It shamed me to no end”

    Lion-O suddenly felt a sense of sympathy come over him, and it showed in the way that he asked—

    “What ever happened to “bad things can and will always happen, that’s just a part of life”?”

    “Indeed, Lion-O, precisely my point. I could have spent my days blaming myself for something that was outside my control, but instead, I looked at the bigger picture and chose to spend my time doing something useful: rectifying my mistake, one step at a time if necessary”

    Pumyra walked up to Mumm-Rana after she said that, and that prompted Lion-O to ask--

    “But how does Pumyra fit into all of this? Mumm-Ra had control over her” said Lion-O

    “No, he had control over part of me” Pumyra replied

    Afterwards, Mumm-Rana said—

    “You see, Lion-O, Pumyra did fight during the Fall of Thundera and she did perish in the aftermath, that much is true. But I’m afraid that Mumm-Ra was not being entirely honest with you, my friend”

    Lion-O looked mildly surprised after hearing this, but that’s when Mumm-Rana said--

    “Try not to look so surprised”

    “Yes, it’s true, I did have strong feelings when I died, Lion-O, but they weren’t anger or rage, I was—sad, it really did feel like I had just been abandoned” said Pumyra in semi sad tone

    “Pumyra, I would never abandon anyone, you know that” Lion-O replied

    “No, I’m afraid she didn’t, and as a result, she died in sadness, with a strong feeling of abandonment. And, unfortunately, sadness, along with fear, is the foundation of anger and rage. A fact that the Ancient Spirits of Evil were well aware of” Mumm-Rana continued

    It is then that we are treated to another flashback, this time it was of Pumyra’s resurrection in Mumm-Ra’s pyramid. Mumm-Rana’s voice could be heard in the background, and she was saying--

    “…So much so, that when they found Pumyra’s spirit in the Well of Souls, they took her sadness and twisted it and corrupted it, thus turning all of that sadness into vicious, bloodthirsty rage, and thereby making the Cat they resurrected into nothing but personified anger”

    The Flashback came to an abrupt end after that, but that didn’t stop Mumm-Rana from talking--

    “Fortunately, however, as powerful as the Ancient Spirits are, there is only so much that they are able to do. They did manage to bring Pumyra back, but they could not have done so without keeping at least some part of her original self in the mix”

    “I was that small part, the real Pumyra” said the “real” Pumyra

    It was then that Lion-O was struck with a realization--

    “The visions, the ones I saw in the Plains of Was, they were of you, weren’t they?”

    “Yes, yes they were” said Pumyra, as we are led into another flashback

    This time, we are shown the same vision that Lion-O saw while traversing the Plains of Was: the one where Pumyra was being attacked by black vines and was eventually restrained in front of a mystical window. Pumyra spoke in the background and she said--

    “When the Ancient Spirits “resurrected” me, they kept any real trace of who I am locked away inside their little puppet. And to add insult to injury, they even gave me window to outside world, so that I could just sit back and watch as their “creation” ruined my life”

    The view that Pumyra is shown in this vision, via the mystical window, was of her attacking Lion-O in the Pit. And just like Cheetara did, the imprisoned Puma looked away in a combination of horror and of sadness. She even shed a few tears.

    However, we are then shown that Pumyra herself was being watched via a green crystal, and the person who was watching her was none other than Mumm-Rana. In fact, the latter even took over narrating the flashback at that point.

    “But what Mumm-Ra and his masters didn’t know was that Mumm-Ra is not the only one with power over spirits and souls. I heard Pumyra’s cries for help and used what magic I could to help her and you, Lion-O”

    We are then shown a close-up of Mumm-Rana as she created several tiny green bobbles out of nowhere and then makes them sink into her “Crystal ball”. The bobbles are then shown inside Pumyra’s “prison”, where they float all around her for a few seconds before sinking into the black vines that restrained her, this caused the vines to boil like they were being burned, thus loosening their grip on Pumyra and allowing her escape. The Puma then made her way towards the mystical window and reached into it, thus causing it to glow.

    Mumm-Rana kept talking in the background during this, and she said--

    “At first, there was only so much my magic could do to help her, it started out with me just giving her soul enough strength the resist Mumm-Ra’s control…”

    The scenes shown after that were of Pumyra stopping her body from killing Lion-O in the Pit, but mere moments afterwards, the black vines that once held Pumyra began to reconstitute themselves and eventually came right at her again. At that point, Mumm-Rana could be heard saying--

    “But unfortunately, places like the Pit and Mount Plun-Darr carried too much negative energy with them for my aid to last completely, especially whenever Pumyra was within proximity of the Sword of Plun-Darr”

    To compliment that part of the story, we are then shown specific scenes from “Curse of Ratilla” and “Birth of the Blades”. That’s when the flashback ended

    “However, right after Mumm-Ra retrieved his Sword, his magic started to weaken and his control over Pumyra started to go with it”

    “At least until we arrived at Avista, after that, his control over me came back as strong as ever. I could actually feel my real self starting to dim at the time” said Pumyra

    “As could I” said Mumm-Rana “I knew at that moment that if Pumyra was to truly survive, I would have to take real action”

    “What did you do, exactly?” Lion-O asked, obviously still in the processing stage

    That’s when we get yet another flashback, this time of Mumm-Rana looking into her “Crystal ball” while she waved her hands around it. During this flashback, she narrated--

    “Well, in a way, I guess you could say that I copied Mumm-Ra’s technique. I called upon my Masters; the Ancient Spirits of Light, and had them grant me enough power to not only free Pumyra’s true self, but to also grant her new life”

    At that point, we are shown Mumm-Rana causing her “Crystal ball” to vent a thick green mist from the top until it causes another Pumyra to materialize out of it.

    Once the Flashback was over, Mumm-Rana said--

    “Of course, by doing so, I had doomed this Pumyra to the same fate as Mumm-Ra’s puppet”

    “I may be, in a matter of speaking, alive. But I’m still nothing more than a shadow, a spirit, a puppet enslaved to the magic of another” Pumyra continued

    Lion-O was completely flabbergasted after hearing all of this, but that didn’t stop him from saying--

    “This is why we’re going to that Geyser hill, isn’t it? You think it can fix all of this, don’t you?”

    “It is a beacon of hope, yes” said Mumm-Rana “You see, the Geyser on that hill, the Geyser of Life as it’s so aptly named, has a variety of healing powers. It can heal any wound, it can cure any illness, no matter how lethal, and some have even said that it can bring the dead back to life. And all of this magic can be accomplished just by stepping into the perpetually flowing geyser waters.”

    “If my armored counterpart and I both step into the geyser’s water, Mumm-Rana and I believe that the magic within will free us both from the Ancient Spirits’ power. We also think that it will make us/me into one Cat again, a real Cat” said Pumyra

    “And what makes you so sure that this plan is going exactly?” said Lion-O while ****ing one eyebrow

    “Nothing really, you’d be surprised at how many plans can go awry, no matter how simple they might be” Mumm-Rana replied “But after hearing so much about the Geyser’s of Life’s power and having actually seen its magic in action in past, I am confident that we have a very good chance of success”

    “Not if we don’t make it there in time, Mistress, and time is fading as we speak” said Pumyra

    “That’s another thing, why are you both in such a hurry?” Lion-O asked

    “While it’s true, the Geyser of Life, and the magic within, never stops flowing, its amount of healing power is measured mainly by its various phases” said Mumm-Rana “For example, in the winter, when the Geyser is just barely flowing, its healing properties are only able to do so much. That is why we must hurry; we are nearing the end of the phase where Geyser flows at its full strength, and for the venture we are planning to undertake, we need the Geyser’s magic to be at its peak”

    Lion-O nodded after hearing this, but then his attention was directed towards a sound he heard from afar. It sounded like a Cat roaring from far away, and when Lion-O looked in the direction it was coming from, he saw that that was exactly what it was, and that Cat was Armored Pumyra

    The wicked Puma smiled for a brief moment, and then ran off into the forest. After that, Lion-O said--

    “There she is!”

    “…After her!” Pumyra continued

    And with that, the two Cats and their tall Mummified friend chased after Armored Pumyra as she continued to stay ahead of them.

    Meanwhile, elsewhere, the raven that we all know as Mumm-Ra finds a place to perch, and when he did, he saw that the ground was littered with the skeletons of what looked like snakes. But the weirdest part about these skeletons was that they seemed to have wings, bat wings. Regardless, once Mumm-Ra saw that it was dark enough, he transformed back into his true form and began to observe the skeletons closely.

    “Poor, wretched creatures, it has been so long since last you fed on the flesh of others hasn’t it?” said Mumm-Ra as he actually picked up one of the skeletons “It’s been so long since you last struck terror into the hearts of all who laid eyes on you. Well, don’t worry my friends, you’ll hunt again, and this time, you will have the chance to feast on Cats”

    After that, Mumm-Ra set the skeleton he was holding down and started waving his hands while saying--

    “Ancient Spirits of Evil: take these decaying creature remains and make these beasts live again by the breath of your power!”

    Mumm-Ra’s hands began to glow their signature purple after that and that purple energy quickly began to spread to the snake skeletons. Some of them started to move after that, and one of them even had a red glow in the eye sockets of its skull.

    This made Mumm-Ra very happy, and it showed when he started to laugh his signature Evil laughter, which could be heard even from a bird’s height view of his current location.

    (Commercial Break)
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  11. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    A very good job on Mumm-Rana's backstory.
  12. srebak

    srebak Laser Beast

    Here is the final part of the fifth episode

    Lion-O and his two friends continued to follow Armored Pumyra through the woods, and just when it seemed like they had lost her, they found that they had arrived at their premade destination: the hill with the Geyser of Life. Now seeing the Geyser from afar was one thing, but to actually get this close to it was an entirely different matter. For one thing, viewing the Geyser as it swirled upwards first and then became mist was a far more astonishing sight when viewed up close.

    However, Lion-O’s viewing pleasure was abruptly interrupted when he saw Armored Pumyra climbing up the hill and gesturing to him to follow her. The young Lion and his lady friends climbed up after her, but eventually, she escaped them once again, via the mist. Regardless, the trio continued to climb after her, or at least they would have if Mumm-Rana hadn’t remembered something--

    “What am I doing? I have special abilities for this”

    After that Mumm-Rana levitated herself off the ground and then grabbed Lion-O and Pumyra by the waists as she floated towards the peak of the hill. Eventually, they arrived at the top, and once they were there, the three of them looked around, but saw no sign of Armored Pumyra. Still they continued to look around for any sign of her. And while they did so, Pumyra eventually came to a spot where she was mere inches away from Lion-O. When that happened, Lion-O finally worked up the courage to approach the Puma and say something that had been dogging him for quite a while--

    “I need to know what parts were true, Pumyra”

    “I beg your pardon?” Pumyra asked after hearing this

    “You said that Mumm-Ra only had control over part of you and that there were moments when you were fighting back against his control” Lion-O continued “I need to know, which were the times when it was the real you”

    Pumyra clearly wasn’t expecting a question like that, nevertheless, she looked the young Lion in the face and said--

    “Well, I was only just barely able to control myself after our fight in the Pit, and I could certainly feel Mumm-Ra’s control over me growing stronger when we were at Mount Plun-Darr”

    “What about your “concern” for the Cat Slaves, was that really you or was it just a part of the plan to retrieve the Sword of Plun-Darr?” asked Lion-O

    “That much of what I said at the time was true, I really didn’t want to see my own people suffer, but anything between that and when Mumm-Ra retrieved the Sword, that was all just his control at work.”

    “Well…what about what happened after we left Mount Plun-Darr? Do you remember what happened when we were with the Wollo, Ponzi?”

    “Well, yes, that was when my “Master” was attacking us in monster form, and…”

    Suddenly, Pumyra was struck with realization as she finally figured out where Lion-O was going with this

    “Oh” is the next thing she said

    “Well, was that really you, or was it just a part of Mumm-Ra’s ruse?”

    “Well, uh, like Mumm-Rana said; after we left Mount Plun-Darr, Mumm-Ra’s control over me did start to weaken greatly. So, yeah, I guess you could say that was really me”

    Pumyra started to blush after saying that and Lion-O started to join her, but then, the two Cats were hailed by Mumm-Rana as she said—

    “Lion-O, Pumyra, quick”

    The two Cats came over, like she said, but that was because they assumed that she found Armored Pumyra. However, once they were both standing next to her, she showed them something even more important than the wicked Puma: the amazing majesty of the Geyser of Life. It was a large Geyser that flowed upward towards sky, yet it looked like the Geyser was in the middle of a shallow pond, the water wasn’t even rippling.

    “So, this is the Geyser of Life, is it?” said Lion-O

    “It’s enough to take your breath away” Pumyra added

    “Aw yes, just one among many of Nature’s amazing wonders, they’re all beautiful in their own way, I dare say” Mumm-Rana replied

    “You really enjoy the beauty of nature, don’t you, Mistress?” asked Pumyra

    “Of course, my dear, it’s part of what separates me from Mumm-Ra. You see, I only use the purest aspects of Nature to balance out all the negative aspects of the Technology Mumm-Ra uses. Besides, there’s just something so wonderful about the amazing beauty that universe manages to create on its own: the stars that fill the sky, the amazing colors of the rainbow, and especially the beautiful flowers that cover entire fields”

    It was at that moment when Mumm-Rana actually knelt down and began stroke a small blue flower, to which Lion-O and Pumyra both gave a smile.

    However, that quickly came to an end when Lion-O heard someone clapping from a direction just left of the three. They saw that it was Armored Pumyra, and while Mumm-Rana shot back up, the wicked Puma said--

    “Oh, how very touching, Mumm-Rana, really, I’m crying over here. But I’m afraid that time for sentiments is over”

    “Oh really?” said Lion-O “Well, in case you hadn’t noticed, uh, Pumyra, it’s three against one, and those odds are not in your favor”

    “I’d count again, if I were you, Lion-O” said a raspy voice from out of nowhere

    Lion-O and the others looked around and saw that it was Mumm-Ra himself who said this, and right after he revealed himself, Mumm-Rana glared angrily at him and said--


    “Greetings, Mumm-Rana, it’s been ages since we’ve seen each other. And, I must say, it was very kind of you to make things all the more easier for me” Mumm-Ra replied as he kept walking towards his counterpart “First you chose the perfect spot to be your resting place, and then you provide me with the exact means I need to destroy you, but more importantly, you’ve also brought me the War and Spirit Stones!”

    Lion-O then readied his Sword and gauntlet after hearing that and said--

    “You want them, come take them!”

    This made Mumm-Ra chuckle evilly for a moment, right before he replied--

    “Oh, I intend to”

    Suddenly, Lion-O, Pumyra and Mumm-Rana all heard a loud hissing sound, and before they could ask what it was, the trio was suddenly vaguely surrounded a pack of long, winged snakes (undoubtedly the very creatures that Mumm-Ra called upon the ASOE to resurrect).

    “What in the world…?” said Lion-O as he looked at the advancing serpents

    “Winged Serpents, in ancient times they were the ferocious guardians of the Geyser” said Mumm-Rana “But they have not been seen in decades”

    “Until now you mean, and I can assure you, they are quite hungry from their long rest” said Mumm-Ra

    “Lion-O, you and Pumyra deal with the serpents and Mumm-Ra’s puppet, I’ll handle this” said Mumm-Rana as she stared angrily at her counterpart

    It was at that moment that the winged serpents started to come at Lion-O En Masse. He slashed some of them with the Sword of Omens and blasted others with the Spirit Stones, but they just kept coming at him. Not that Lion-O was wiling to back down, mind you.

    As for our two mummified sorcerers, they were staring each other down, but the silence between them was broken when Mumm-Ra said--

    “So, here we are again, my dear. It’s been too long since last we’ve gotten the chance to have our usual dance. It’s only a shame that this will be the very last time we do”

    “I agree, I’ll miss them as well, but not half as much as I’ll miss you, “my dear”” Mumm-Rana replied

    After that Mumm-Ra began to do his thing, as it were, all while reciting his usual mantra--

    “Ancient Spirits of Evil, Transform this Decayed Form into Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living!”

    Once he was fully transformed, the large, winged demon gave out a loud growl while bolts of purple lightning began to surround him all around.

    However, Mumm-Rana was not deterred by this, not by a long shot. In fact, right after Mumm-Ra was finished with his transformation, Mumm-Rana began to go through one of her own, complete with her own mantra--

    “Ancient Spirits of Light, Transform this Gentle Form into Mumm-Rana, Guardian of Virtue!”

    During this mantra, Mumm-Rana was surrounded by a green aura, while her own personal whirlwind engulfed her completely. Afterwards, a bright light flashed within the whirlwind and caused the whole thing to dissipate. Once that happened, the mummified elderly woman that was Mumm-Rana was replaced by a much younger woman with long brown hair, dressed in Egyptian style clothing. This was Mumm-Rana in her Immortal form, and it was the exact same figure that Lion-O and the other Tcats saw on the wall carvings within Mumm-Rana’s White Pyramid. Like that carving, Mumm-Rana was now a beautiful young woman dressed in a white and green Egyptian-esque skirt and a pale white armor top with a blue circle on her chest. She had green shoulder-guards; she wore white and blue colored boots over green stockings, and covered both of her arms with green gloves that were covered on the lower half with white and blue fingerless gauntlets. On her head, she wore a green and white tiara with two golden wings adorning it on the sides and a dove ornament on the top. This perfectly complimented the golden choker with a green emerald that she was apparently wearing. However, what made this new Mumm-Rana stand out above all else was the large pair of golden angel wings that she sported behind her back. This was clearly meant to be in contrast to the demon wings that Mumm-Ra had. Finally, while Mumm-Ra’s transformation was given a sense of flash by the bolts of purple lightning, all Mumm-Rana had to do to complete the effect she wanted was just stand there looking pretty.

    Mumm-Ra was not deterred by this however, in fact, the first thing he did right after that was blast Mumm-Rana with purple energy. Fortunately, Mumm-Rana was able defend against that by firing a blast of her own green energy. Once the two of them were passed that, Mumm-Ra and Mumm-Rana both flew head-on at each other and engaged one another in battle.

    Meanwhile, Pumyra once again found herself fighting her armored counterpart, and just like before, the two Pumas seemed to be equal in strength. However the “Real” Pumyra seemed to be the one gaining the upper hand, mainly due to her speed. Understandable, since Armored Pumyra was likely to be weighed down by her suit of armor. However, this very suit of armor did offer the wicked Puma some protection against her counterpart’s attacks and it did still provide her with the wrist blades she used to fight.

    Lion-O was still holding his own against the Winged Serpents. In fact, he was making short work of them rather easily. So easily, that, as he grabbed one with his gauntlet hand and vaporized it, he said--

    “Ha, nice try Mumm-Ra, but if you want the War and Spirit Stones, you’ll have to do better than a bunch of tiny flying snakes?”

    Then, almost as if in direct response to Lion-O’s comment, the remaining Winged Serpents all began to en masse on each other and then went from being a swarm of tiny flying snakes to one giant Winged Serpent with great big fangs and eyes as red as rubies.

    “My own fault” said Lion-O after witnessing the result of his own ****iness, especially as it lunged right at him

    The young Lion dodged, of course, but the beast was a lot faster than it seemed. So much so that it proved rather difficult for Lion-O to lay a blow against the beast. But lay a few blows he did, all courtesy of the Sword of Omens.

    Meanwhile, Mumm-Ra and Mumm-Rana were both continuing their little battle, but neither of them was really gaining the advantage over the other. They grappled, they blasted each other, they even used their magic to create constructs to use against each other, but nothing was tipping the scale. However, for a brief moment, Mumm-Ra’s misfired blast came close to the Geyser and that concerned Mumm-Rana. This distracted her long enough for Mumm-Ra to deliver a mighty blast of purple energy, which sent the winged sorceress flying backwards towards the ground.

    Pumyra witnessed this and when she did, she yelled--


    This distracted her long enough for Armored Pumyra to deliver a swift kick to her stomach, a kick so powerful that it sent her flying back and knocked her senseless. Armored Pumyra smiled after that, but then her attention was directed towards the battle Lion-O was having and that made her smile even more wickedly.

    As for Mumm-Rana, her crash did leave her disoriented for a few seconds, but thankfully, she came out of her daze just in time to dodge Mumm-Ra’s next attack. She back flipped out of the way of his energy blasts and then got airborne so she could counter with a mighty blast of her own. Mumm-Ra managed to dodge it, but right after he did, Mumm-Rana got in closer to blow her signature green powder into his face. Mumm-Ra groaned in agony after that (since the powder was apparently able to hurt him in someway), but it only lasted long enough for Mumm-Rana to blast at him yet again, and this time, she scored a direct hit.

    Meanwhile, Lion-O was doing a moderate job at fighting the giant winged snake, but then, the moment of truth finally came when the Serpent lunged right at him. Lion-O readied his weapon, and before the serpent could even react, the young Lord of the Thundercats ended him with one swipe of his mighty sword. The beast was then reduced to purple mist, which immediately dissipated like water when it hits something hot.

    Lion-O was, understandably fatigued after that battle, and the situation only got worse when he was suddenly blindsided by someone’s kick. It was Armored Pumyra, and right after her kick left the young Lion flat on the ground, she extended her wrist blades and said--

    “Nice job with the snake, your Majesty, now I have you all to myself, and you have no idea how long I’ve waited for that”

    The wicked Puma was prepared to finally end the young king, but just as she readied her right wrist blade for a fatal blow, she felt something grab her on her right arm. She turned around and saw that it was “Real” Pumyra who was restraining her, and she said--

    “Stay away from him!”

    --right before she smacked the armoured Puma away.

    Armoured Pumyra got right back up after that and when she did; she and her unarmed counterpart resumed their earlier battle. Lion-O watched this for a few seconds, but then he spotted the Sword of Omens, which had fallen out of his hands when Armored Pumyra blindsided him. He went and got his sword, and while he did, Armored Pumyra had just knocked her unarmed counterpart down as was ready to end her with her wrist blades. Fortunately, before she could, Lion-O blocked the wicked Puma’s wrist blades with his gauntlet and said—

    “Back off!”

    --right before he used the Spirit Stone to blast Armored Pumyra away.

    “Real” Pumyra got back up after that, and when she did, she was at a loss about what just happened. Not long ago, this was the same Cat who made it clear to Pumyra that he trusted her and Mumm-Rana as far as he could throw them. Yet here he is, coming to Pumyra’s defense, and right after he did, he even looked back at the unarmored Puma and said--

    “I got your back”

    --which made Pumyra smile.

    Meanwhile, Mumm-Ra and Mumm-Rana were still having a heated battle of their own, and neither of them was really showing any signs of winning. This became very taxing on Mumm-Ra’s patience and it showed when he angrily yelled--

    “That’s it, I’ve had enough of this nonsense, this ends now!”

    --right before he fired a blast of dark magic out of his own mouth.

    But Mumm-Rana just replied with--

    “Yes, Mumm-Ra, it does!”

    --right before she fired a blast of blue energy from her eyes

    The two magical energy blasts collided for a few seconds, but eventually, it was Mumm-Rana’s eye beams that came out as the victor. They pushed back Mumm-Ra’s dark magic and eventually overwhelmed the undead warlord all together in a bright flash of blue light.

    When the flash finally dies down, all we are shown is Mumm-Rana while she still hovered above the ground with a stern look on her face. Mumm-Ra was nowhere to be found.

    Meanwhile, below, Lion-O and Pumyra were both holding their own against Armored Pumyra, and eventually their fight was leading them right towards the Geyser of Life. However, just when it looked like the wicked Puma was going to be forced into the Geyser’s waters, she stopped dead in her tracks.

    “Nice try, fools, but I heard you and Mumm-Rana when you were talking about your precise Geyser, and I’m afraid that you won’t get me into its water that easily” said Armored Pumyra “And from the look of things, I’d say that your hourglass has just about run out of sand”

    Unfortunately, Armored Pumyra was correct when she said this, for, you see, the Geyser of Life seemed to be dying down a bit, thus indicating that it was just about passed its “most powerful” phase.

    This made Pumyra and Lion-O look really worried, and Armored Pumyra just mildly chuckled while she said--

    “Sorry, guys, but it looks like your time is up”

    “Not yet it’s not” said Mumm-Rana as she levitated down closer to the three Cats

    It was then that Mumm-Rana fired her blue eye beams again and sent Armored Pumyra flying towards Lion-O and her unarmored counterpart. “Real” Pumyra then leapt into the air and tackled Armored Pumyra in mid-air, thus forcing the two of them back towards the Geyser. The maneuver worked and the two Pumas both landed smack dab into the flowing Geyser waters.

    Once the two of them were there, something began to happen to the two Cats: Armored Pumyra began to turn purple all over while her eyes and mouth turned red, and “Real” Pumyra began to turn green all over while her eyes and mouth turned blue. Armored Pumyra let out a yell of agony during all of this, but “Real” Pumyra just groan in discomfort, withholding a scream that was obviously brewing on the inside. Eventually, the two Pumas both melted into the Geyser’s flowing water and a bright combination of purple and green light flashed within the Geyser itself. The armor that Armored Pumyra wore was left empty after this, and eventually it also began to disintegrate and melted within the Geyser. Within moments, the combination of green and purple quickly became one big flash of yellow light, and after it shined brightly, within a few seconds, someone emerged from the Geyser’s flowing waters; it was Pumyra, just one.

    She wobbled a little bit while she walked towards Lion-O and Mumm-Rana, and eventually, she collapsed to knees and starting breathing heavily. Lion-O and Mumm-Rana ran over to her at that point, and once they were there, Lion-O looked at her and said--


    The Puma looked at the young Lion face-to-face at that point and when she did, Mumm-Rana got a good look the young Cat’s eyes and said--

    “It’s her, the real her, I can feel it”

    Lion-O took another look at Pumyra after that, and after getting a good look at the Puma’s eyes, he said--

    “It is you”

    Pumyra then started to stand up, and once she was on her feet, she said--

    “Yes, my King, it’s me”

    --right before wrapped her arms around the young Lion and gave him a hug, to which Lion-O gladly returned, much to the happiness of Mumm-Rana.

    However, happy time was soon interrupted when Mumm-Rana looked upwards and saw a raven flying overhead. The two Cats saw it too and it didn’t take any of them long to figure out who it really was. No doubt Mumm-Ra was attempting to make an escape after the injuries he sustained from Mumm-Rana.

    Lion-O was ready to use the Spirit Stone to shoot the dark bird down, but Mumm-Rana stopped him

    “No, Lion-O, let him go, let him run like the coward he is. He knows that his end is near, and he also knows that I will not rest until I’ve made sure that that day arrives, that’s a promise” said Mumm-Rana as Mumm-Ra continued to fly away in bird form.

    Lion-O and Pumyra joined Mumm-Rana in watching this, and during this time, Lion-O had already put his arm around Pumyra and pulled her closer to him.

    The scene then cuts to another part of the forest surrounding the Geyser of Life, where we see Mumm-Ra coming in for a landing as he returned to his true form. He was clearly in a large amount of pain, but that didn’t stop him from being angrier than he’s ever been, and it showed in the way he said--

    “Alright, Mumm-Rana, this is the final straw! For years I have put up with your constant interference, but that finally ends now. Mark my words, Mumm-Rana, I will retrieve all four stones, I will gain the power I deserve, and most important of all, I will destroy you, and that is a promise!”

    (Episode Ends)

    Notes: Not as good as the endings from the real show, I know, but it’s the best I can do right now
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    The two Pumyras have become whole again. I'm so happy that that's over with. I'm hoping that you'll return the focus to the other ThunderCats.
  14. srebak

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    I was hoping to write one more episode focusing on Lion-O and Pumyra before i get back to the other Cats actually
  15. Daremonger

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    Oh. Okay then. :)
  16. 19Tabularasa94

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    Srebak, words. Just. Mumm-Ra may sound a tad informal, but your story seems so real! The production crew should choose you to write the 2nd season! I'm so shaking with relief right now over the whole Pumyra affair! Well done! And now it's time for Ben-Gali and Lynx-O to show up! Can't wait! BTW, I hope that Pumyra gets the forgiveness she deserves.
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  17. srebak

    srebak Laser Beast

    ThunderCats 2011

    Season Two:

    DisclaimerI own nothing, this is pure Fan Fiction

    Episode 32- Fallen RatStar

    The story begins in a very secluded part of a woodland area, most likely nearby the Geyser of Life. There, we are shown a group of Berbils hard at work, but they didn’t seem happy about it one bit. Some of them were seen carrying strange machine parts, while others were seen welding pieces of metal together. As for the ones moving piles of scrap metal and machine parts around via carts, they were all doing it in a beeline, much like the Cat Slaves did with the crystals in the mine within Mount Plun-Darr. And like the Cat slaves at Mount Plun-Darr, when one of the Berbils tripped and fell down, he was suddenly approached by a guard carrying a whip. It was Rat soldier, just like the ones at Mount Plun-Darr, and without a moment’s hesitation, the vermin started to ruthless whip the poor metallic bear creature.

    Meanwhile, in another part of the general area, another Rat guard was found overseeing another group of Berbils hard at work; this time, a group that was moving various machine parts. Suddenly, this exact armored rodent was approached by a much larger figure, who was revealed to be none other than Ratar-O himself.

    “Ratar-O, is there a problem, sir?” said the Rat guard, after turning to face his corpulent Leader

    “Yes, my friend, actually there is problem” Ratar-O replied, rather angrily “The problem is that we have all of these Berbils working on this little project of ours, and yet we are no closer to finishing it than we were when it was just the lot of you fools working on it!”

    “I-I assure you, sir, we’re working those little runts as fast as we can and….” The scared Rat guard began

    But then, he was cut off by Ratar-O when he said--

    “Well, work them harder! I went through all the trouble of coming up with this project and I expect you fools to make sure it becomes a reality, or else”

    “Yes, sir” the Rat guard replied right before Ratar-O walked away

    But right after he was gone, the rodent soldier quietly sighed before saying to himself--

    “I’m starting to think that Mordax had the right idea when he left”

    Afterwards, he goes back to overseeing the Berbils and we are given a bird’s eye view of what the Rats are making the Berbils build: a large technologically advanced warship.

    The scene then shifts to a different woodland setting: a pathway that apparently leads away from the Geyser of Life. There, we see Lion-O and Pumyra walking down the path while Lion-O held what looked like a map in one hand. He checked over said map, but based on his facial expressions, it was pretty clear that Lion-O could barely read it.

    “(Sighs exasperatedly) I can’t make heads or tails of this stupid thing” is what the young Lion said as he attempted to decipher the map “You know, you would think that with all of her magic and wisdom, Mumm-Rana would be able to create a far more legible map”

    “(Scoffs) not likely, Mumm-Rana normally tends to just teleport where she needs to go. I bet she’s never had to use a map in years” replied Pumyra, as she followed her monarch while he kept walking

    “That reminds me: where exactly did Mumm-Rana disappear off to any way?” asked Lion-O

    “She didn’t say; but knowing Mumm-Rana, she probably had something more important to deal with” Pumyra replied

    “Maybe, but I really would’ve appreciated it if she used some of that magic of hers to teleport us back to the other Cats” Lion-O continued

    “Well, before she left, Mumm-Rana did say that if we followed this map, we’d get to where we needed to go” said Pumyra

    “(Sighs) sounds like she’s just being enigmatic again to me, but okay, let’s keep moving”

    After that, the young Feline Monarch and his Puma associate kept on walking further into the woods. But it was suddenly at that moment when the two Cats heard something coming from nearby.

    They quickly ran over to see what it was and once they were within a viewing distance, Lion-O and Pumyra saw that the noise they heard was a group of Berbils yelling in their monotone voices. The tiny metallic bears were clearly running in terror, but Lion-O and Pumyra didn’t find out why until they saw that their pursuers were Rat Soldiers. Once the armored Rodents caught up to the Berbils, they wasted no time in rounding them all up. This made Lion-O and Pumyra particularly upset.

    “Rat Soldiers; and it looks like they’re into rounding up Berbils now” said Lion-O

    “Those rodents make me sick to my stomach” is what the female Puma said

    And she was about ready to leap into action, until Lion-O grabbed her by the arm and said--

    “Take it easy, we don’t want any of the Berbils getting hurt, besides, the Rats might have more of them hidden somewhere else. We’ll follow them back to their nest and then we’ll free all of their prisoners”

    Pumyra nodded after hearing this plan and then the two Cats proceeded to follow the Rodent soldiers as they made off with their Berbil captives.

    Eventually, the Cats’ “prey” did lead them right to the Rats’ base camp, and once there, Lion-O and Pumyra watched with disdain as the recently acquired Berbils were added to the large wary workforce. However, what really attracted their attention was what the Berbils were building

    “What is that thing they’re building?” Pumyra asked

    “Not sure, but whatever it is: it’s something big, and I’m going to assume dangerous” Lion-O replied “Let’s just free the Berbils and get out of here”

    Once that was said, the two Cats began to sneak into the enemy camp, thoroughly avoiding the notice of the rodent guards.

    Meanwhile, on another side of the enemy camp, Ratar-O was standing on a nearby cliff side as he watched the progress of his “project”. But then, he was soon approached by a tall figure, a figure that, for the moment, remained in shadow.

    “What do you want, General?” Ratar-O asked, without turning to look at the figure behind him

    “Only a minute of your time perhaps, O mighty Ratar-O” said the nameless figure, his face still unseen

    “(Sighs) very well then, what is it?” Ratar-O replied reluctantly

    “Well, sir, I have to be honest with you; I’m a little surprised that you’re still relying on forced labor to get things done, especially after the events at Mount Plun-Darr”

    That last comment made Ratar-O glare back at the mysterious figure, right before he replied--

    “While my attempts to reclaim the Sword of Plun-Darr may have failed, this new project I’m working on will undoubtedly be what brings me back to the top of the food chain, where I belong”

    “But must your glory be built on the backs of so many in pain?” asked the nameless figure

    “Don’t presume to act highbrow with me, General, from what I understand, you yourself are not unfamiliar with the concept of slavery. In fact, I hear that you got into the business strictly out of cowardice and fear for your own life. (Chuckles) not unlike a Rat actually” Ratar-O said while stroking his long mustache

    The next thing we see is the unseen figure’s left hand as he clinched it into a fist in anger. His face was still yet to be seen, but by the appearance of his hand, it would be safe to assume that he was a Cat of some kind.

    “Oh, but don’t threat over it, my friend, it was a change for the better. I mean, if you hadn’t gone down the path you did, you wouldn’t be here, at my side, during my greatest triumph. And that’s infinitely more preferable to the alternatives, isn’t it?” Ratar-O continued

    “Yes, sir” said the nameless figure in a slight melancholy voice

    “Good, now continue to monitor things from here, I’m going to go see how the metal welders are doing” said the Rat dictator as he walked away

    It was at that point that the nameless figure came into the light, and when he did, he was revealed to be not only a Cat, but was none other than General Lynx-O: the blind Lynx General from the first half of the Pilot. And the next thing he said was--

    “Yes, Sir”

    Meanwhile, elsewhere in the enemy camp, we are shown two Berbils nearly collapsed from exhaustion. They tried to get back up, but they were both just too tired, not that it mattered to the Rat guard who came up to them and prepared to whip them. But before he could do any harm, the armored Rodent felt his whip get snagged on something. He turned to see what it was, but much to his surprise, his whip wasn’t snagged on anything; it was grabbed by Lion-O, who immediately struck the Rat with a swift yet strong punch in the face.

    As the rodent fell unconscious, the Berbils looked with confusion as Lion-O approached them with Pumyra walking close by.

    “Who are you?” asked one Berbil

    “We’re friends, I’m Lion-O and this is Pumyra”

    “Are you here to help us?” asked the second Berbil

    “Yes, we were nearby when a group of your people got caught by the Rats, so we followed in case you needed some help” said Pumyra as she removed the small shackles that both the Berbils wore

    “What are you all doing so far from home anyway? Are Ro-Bear Bill and his family here too?” asked Lion-O

    “Ro-Bear Bill? There is no Ro-Bear Bill here” said the first Berbil

    “And we aren’t far from home; our village is just over that rise” said the second Berbil

    “It is?” said Pumyra in slight confusion

    This was understandable, since the Berbil village that she was told about was actually far from their current location.

    “Yes” said the first Berbil “We Berbils have many villages on Third Earth. Our original home was too small, so the Berbils built many colonies”

    “Some of the other Berbils here come from two other villages close to ours” said the second Berbil

    “Well, don’t worry, we’re going to get you out of here, all of you” said Lion-O

    But suddenly, she and Lion-O were caught off guard when a voice from behind them said--

    “Is that a fact, Cat?”

    The two looked behind them, and when they did, they saw that the voice came from a Rat guard, who was aiming what looked like a blaster rifle right at them, along with several other Rat guards. More Rat guards started to arrive on the scene after that, and they were all armed to the teeth with Blaster rifles.

    As the two Cats found themselves surrounded, they both took the moment to say--


    --in unison

    (Commercial Break)
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  18. Daremonger

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    The return of Ratar-O. The plot really is thickening.
  19. 19Tabularasa94

    19Tabularasa94 Thunderian Legend

    I'll say! I'm just waiting to pounce on the next update!
  20. srebak

    srebak Laser Beast

    Here's the rest of the episode (the second half to be exact)

    The Rat soldiers began to advance towards the two Cats, who both looked like they were ready to fight back.

    “You are surrounded and outnumbered” said one of the Rats “Remove your weapons and surrender!”

    Lion-O and Pumyra looked at each other for a brief moment, and then Lion-O replied--

    “Well, if we must”

    --as he reached for his sword and Gauntlet

    But while he did so, Pumyra gave a subtle smile, and the reason for that was because when Lion-O reached for his gauntlet, he quickly put it on and activated the Spirit Stone.

    The Rat soldiers started to fire their weapon after that, but Lion-O used the Spirit Stone to create an energy field around himself, Pumyra and the Berbils. Then, he used the stone to make said force field fire numerous energy blasts that knocked the blaster rifles right out of the Rats hands. Afterwards, Lion-O and Pumyra came at the rodents and started knocking them out like flies.

    The two Berbils ran off to a safe distance during this fight, and it’s a good thing they did, because more Rat soldiers were starting to arrive. They ferociously fired their weapons, but Pumyra was too agile and Lion-O had the Spirit Stone. Eventually, they took care of the reinforcements, but what the two Cats didn’t notice was that three of the Rat grunts from earlier had regained consciousness and were planning to attack the duo from behind.

    Fortunately, before they could, a cart filled with scrap metal came right at them and plowed them all over. Lion-O and Pumyra didn’t notice this until afterwards, but when they did, they saw that it was the Berbils who did this.

    “Lion-O and Pumyra are friends” said the first Berbil, much to the glee of the two Cats

    While one of the Rats was lying on the ground in agony, Pumyra came up to him and picked up the blaster rifle that he was holding. She inspected the weapon for a brief moment, and once she was done, she said--

    “Okay, I can almost understand where the Lizards got their weapons; Mumm-Ra gave them their arsenal. But where on Third Earth did the Rats get this kind of firepower?”

    “Rats force Berbils to build weapons” said the second of the Berbils “Rats make Berbils build many weapons”

    “But only a few Berbils are made to build weapons” said the first Berbil “Other Berbils are made to work on Ratstar”

    “The What-star?” asked Lion-O

    “Wait, are you talking about that giant “thing” we saw when we came in?” Pumyra added, as she dropped the rifle she was holding and approached the Berbils

    “Yes, Ratstar very giant, Rats force Berbils to make Ratstar giant. Rats also force Berbils to fill Ratstar with weapons. Ratstar very dangerous” said the first Berbil

    “Well, in that case, lets get you and the other Berbils out of here before that thing gets finished” said Lion-O “Come on”

    After that, Pumyra and the two Berbils all followed Lion-O closely as he walked away. However, once Pumyra made it to her King’s side, she said--

    “Lion-O, you do realize that if this “Ratstar” thing really is as dangerous as the Berbils say, we can’t just leave it in the Rats’ hands”

    “I know, that’s why once we’ve gotten the Berbils out of here, we’re going to take that thing apart” said Lion-O

    “Great” Pumyra replied, with a smile, right before she continued with “Um, any idea how we do that, exactly?”

    “I’m not quite sure yet” said Lion-O “But, don’t worry, when the time’s right, I’m sure something will come to me”

    “Oh, that’s reassuring” said Pumyra in a dry-witted tone

    After that, we are then shown another part of the enemy camp, a higher cliff, where Ratar-O himself is once again overseeing the slave labor of the Berbil captives. This time, he, along with two of his Rat guards, was watching over a group of Berbils that were building more laser rifles. Once one of these weapons was completed, the Rat dictator picked it up and started admiring it while saying--

    “Ah, marvelous, simply marvelous: is it any wonder why the Lizards chose to embrace such advanced weaponry?”

    “I must say, these weapons really are very impressive, sir” said one Rat guard as he picked up another finished rifle

    “Yeah, impressive and lethal” the second Rat guard added as he also grabbed a finished blaster

    “We’ll need such an arsenal when our campaigns start to get underway” said Ratar-O as he aimed the blaster he was holding at a nearby rock “Our new “project” might be able to handle the heavy duty work, but these little trinkets will come in handy if we encounter any minor details”

    That’s when Ratar-O fired his blaster at the rock and reduced it to pebbles. He then walked up to where the rock used to be and smiled a toothy kind of smirk. However, his look of joy was soon replaced by look of surprise when he looked down to the lower part of his camp and saw that Lion-O and Pumyra were running passed his position with the two Berbils they freed.

    Now, considering what happened to Ratar-O the last time he crossed paths with Lion-O, one would assume that this discovery would make the rodent dictator very angry. However instead, the mustached Rat just went back to smiling, chuckled wickedly and said--

    “Well, isn’t this a delightful surprise. Here I was, waiting for the right moment to exact my revenge on the King of the Thundercats, and now, he practically comes to me on a silver platter”

    “What do you want us to do, Ratar-O?” asked the first of the Rat guards as he joined his master in looking downward

    “Gather up as many spare men as you can, then intercept them, and bring out our new “toys” while you’re at it” Ratar-O replied

    The Rat guard knew fully well what the oversized rodent meant by that last part and the fact that he smiled right before running off to obey Ratar-O’s order only cemented this.

    Meanwhile, Lion-O and the others were still sneaking around the camp and, just like before, they were doing a good job of not being seen by the guards. However, as soon as they found cover behind a large rock, the young Lion and his Puma follower saw a sight that reminded them of what happened at Mount Plun-Darr: a Berbil being whipped unmercifully by a Rat guard.

    “That’s my sister, Ro-Bear Beth!” said Berbil #1

    This made Pumyra start to snarl in a very angry manner, as well as make her attempt to charge the Rat with the whip. However, Lion-O stopped her and said--

    “Pumyra, take it easy, remember the plan. Don’t forget about what happened the last time you flew off the handle”

    Pumyra quickly caught Lion-O’s drift and instantly remembered how her impatience and hot-bloodedness got herself, Lion-O and Panthro caught in Mount Plun-Darr. That’s when the young Puma collected herself, took a deep breath and said--

    “You’re right, I’m calm. I just hate to watch anyone get treated like that, especially by vermin like those Rats!”

    “I understand, but if we’re going to help them, we’ll have to do so without getting caught” said Lion-O

    Meanwhile, while the Rat guard was whipping the female Berbil, he felt his whipping arm be grabbed by someone from behind. The Rat turned around seconds after and saw that it was Lynx-O himself who was holding him.

    “That’s enough, soldier!” is what the old Lynx said before letting the rodent drop to the ground

    Lion-O and Pumyra both opened their eyes wide in shock when they saw the elderly Cat. Never did it occur to either of them that the blind Lynx general survived the Fall of Thundera, especially since all signs pointed to him perishing during the first attack.

    “General Lynx-O…?” said Lion-O, silently

    “He’s alive...but how…?” Pumyra added, also silently

    At any rate, the Rat guard simply got back up and looked towards Lynx-O to say--

    “I was only making sure that this slacker was doing her job, General Lynx-O. I found her lying down on the job, so …”

    “…So what? She’s a part of the disposal group, her only job is to get rid of excess scrap metal, I highly doubt that that will affect our plans” Lynx-O replied

    That last part made Lion-O and Pumyra look even more shocked than before. The Cat who was once chosen to lead the Thunderian army by Claudus himself, a member of a band of Rats? How could that have happened?

    “Well, I suppose that’s true…” said the Rat guard

    “Of course it’s true, soldier, now get back to your rounds, and remember, I’m the one who handles the Berbils that aren’t pulling their weight”

    “Yes, General”

    The Rat guard scurried away after that was said, and during that time, Lion-O and Pumyra both looked particularly angry as they glared at Lynx-O. However, once the guard was gone, the two Cats were surprised to see that Lynx-O actually knelt down to the Berbil female and helped her get back on her feet.

    “Are you alright, little one?” is what the old Lynx said afterwards

    “Ro-Bear Beth fine, thank-you” the female Berbil replied

    Lynx-O started to rub Ro-Bear Beth’s head after that and that only made Lion-O and Pumyra all the more confused.

    “Okay, now, I’m at a complete loss” said Pumyra

    “You’re not the only one” Lion-O added

    Little did the two Cats realize, however, that something was fast approaching them behind; in fact, they didn’t notice it until one of the Berbils said--

    “Thundercats, look out!”

    That’s when Lion-O and Pumyra looked behind them and saw a small missile heading right for them. They each grabbed a Berbil and got out of the way, of course, but right afterwards, the two Cats saw that their attackers were Rat guards using the strangest looking weapons either has seen to date.

    Lynx-O became aware of this right after the first missile was fired, and he soon made his way out of the blast zone with Ro-Bear Beth in tow.

    There were four Rats in total, and each and every one of them was wearing what looked like a bulky mechanical exoskeleton. They vaguely resembled the Warbots that the Lizards use, but seem relatively smaller and had more of a rodent look to their design rather than reptilian. They also had considerably less visible weaponry, which made it hard to tell where that last missile came from. However, that question became the least of the Cats’ worries, as two Rats quickly revealed their suits to have laser blasters built into their shoulders, which they began to fire directly at the two Cats.

    Lion-O and Pumyra once again dodged their attackers with the Berbils in tow, and once the Berbils were safe, the two Cats quickly went on the offensive. Problem is, their usual attack patterns proved to be less than effective. Lion-O tried using his sword to slash through the Mechas’ armor, but it proved to be too thick even for the Sword of Omens. When the Mechas tried to attack him back, the Lord of the Thundercats was forced to use the Spirit Stone to defend himself with an energy shield.

    Pumyra was having even less success, as her pellets had virtually no effect on the Mechas what so ever.

    “Do you like the new arsenal, ***** Cat?” asked one of the Rats attacking Pumyra “We had the Berbils make them special. We call them “Vermi-Mechs”, they’re a delightful improvement over the Lizards’ Warbots, wouldn’t you say?”

    The Rat then used the “Vermi-Mech” to swing at the young Puma, but she just barely dodged it. Once she was far enough away, she stopped using her wrist-bow and instead brought out her bolas. She twirled them as fast as she could and then came at the Vermi-Mech with great speed. The Rat pilot attempted to blast her before she got too close, but regardless, Pumyra managed to get close enough to strike the Vermi-Mech on the hinging joint of its right arm.

    After that blow was made, the right forearm of the Vermi-Mech started to crackle with electricity before ultimately falling off, much to the horror of the Rat piloting it. Pumyra, on the other hand, was very pleased with what she just saw, and it showed in the way she said--

    “No, not much of an improvement at all, really”

    (Obviously, a reply to the Rat pilot’s earlier comment)

    Once that was said, Pumyra started to use her bolas to strike multiple joints on the Vermi-Mech until it eventually fell over, with the pilot still inside.

    “Lion-O: the joints, they’re the weak spots!” the she-cat called out as she herself was being approached by another Vermi-Mech

    Lion-O was also being advanced on his Vermi-Mechs, but after hearing Pumyra call out to him, the next thing to come out of his mouth was--

    “Good to know”

    Afterwards, Lion-O used the Spirit Stone to defend himself against a barrage of laser blasts as he charged right at the medium sized war machines. Once close enough, he used the Sword of Omens to slash at one the Vermi-Mechs’ knee joints and sent it falling face forward onto the ground. As for the other one, it sped up its advance towards the young Lion and took a powerful left arm swing at him. Lion-O dodged it, however, and delivered a swift slash to the Mecha’s upper elbow joint. With only one arm left, the Rat pilot attempted to swing at the Cat one more time, but when that was a miss as well, Lion-O took the opportunity to slash this Vermi-Mech’s legs as well, thus sending it falling over as well.

    Pumyra spent most of her time dodging the last Vermi-Mech. But eventually, she saw her chance and used her wrist-bow to fire multiple shots at the Mecha’s arms and legs.

    The four Rats piloting these Mechs were all still alive, of course, but after what happened to their Vermi-Mechs, they were all left unconscious within the ****pits

    Lion-O and Pumyra were both pleased with how the battle ended, as were their Berbil friends, once they saw that it was safe to come out.

    “Well, I’ll admit, that was a little unexpected…” said Lion-O, as he dusted himself off

    “…But, all in all, not a bad workout” Pumyra continued

    “Still, we’d better keep moving before any more of those “things” show up” Lion-O added

    But before the Cats and Berbils could start moving, they heard someone say--

    “Too late”

    They all look in the direction of where the statement came from, and when they do, they see that more Vermi-Mechs have arrived and have begun to surround them on all sides. Regardless, Lion-O and Pumyra both stepped up in front of the Berbils and prepared for another fight. But that’s when they noticed several more Vermi-Mechs approaching them from behind and Lynx-O himself approaching along with them.

    “There are quite a few Vermi-Mechs here, my friends” said Lynx-O “If I were you, I’d surrender, for the Berbils sake, if not your own”

    Lion-O and Pumyra didn’t like the situation, but, they deep down, they knew Lynx-O was right. So, begrudgingly, they both dropped their weapons and held up their hands high. But they both did so with a growl.

    Some of the Rats got out of their Vermi-Mechs after that, and approached the two Cats to apprehend them. But all the while, even though his eyes were closed to symbolize his blindness, it was pretty clear that Lynx-O took no pleasure in this.

    (Commercial Break)


    1. Just so you know, i'm not very good at writing details

    2. There are certain things i want to do with this Second season, but it's gonna be hard seeing as some of the stuff has already been done;


    OS Berserkers = NS Fishmen

    OS Miscrits = NS Petalars

    OS Black Tower = NS Tower of Omens

    OS "Return to Thundera" = NS "Legacy"

    OS Hachiman and "Excalibur" = NS Hattanzo and "The Duelest and the Drifter" episode

    OS Safari Joe = NS Conquedor

    OS Baron Tass and Mr. Grubber = NS Tookit, Ratar-O and Mordax

    OS Leah = NS Gusto, Jenyo and Albo

    OS Frogmen = Albo's race

    OS Dr. Dometone = NS Jorma and Soul Sever

    Point is, it's gonna be a little hard to use certain ideas, since alot of them have already been adapted. (I especially had ideas for Baron Tass)
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