Thundercats 2011: Season Two

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    Pretty good on the second half of the chapter. And don't worry about details so much -- just do the best that you can.
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    Daremonger's right! Keep up the good work! AND FAST!!!!
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    Here is the final part of the sixth episode

    We are then shown a near full view of the “RatStar”, only now, it was looking more finished. Its insides certainly were, since the next thing we see is the interior corridor where Lion-O, Pumyra and their Berbil friends are all being escorted down in chains. There were six Rat guards walking with them at the time and each and every one of them was armed with a blaster rifle, sans the two who were walking ahead of the prisoners. Lynx-O was walking down the corridor with them, but he was following from the far behind, just as well though, since Pumyra and Lion-O were both looking particularly agitated.

    “I don’t know why we’re wasting time locking these Cats up in a cell” said one Rat guard “Seems to me, it would have been so much easier just to finish them off outside”

    “I agree, let’s save ourselves some trouble in the long and just get it over with now. My trigger finger’s getting itchy!” said another Rat Guard

    “I agree, it might seem unwise to keep these Cats alive” said Lynx-O from behind “But if I know Ratar-O, and I do, he’ll likely want to keep our 2 prisoners alive long enough to watch his victory or some other such nonsense”

    “Makes perfect sense to me” said a third Rat guard “The way I heard it, the Big Cat here is the one who ruined things for the boss at Mount Plun-Darr”

    “So that’s what this is about, revenge? Ugh” said the fourth Rat Guard in the group

    “Yeah, typical Ratar-O, that’s pretty much all he’s really into: power and revenge” said one of the Rats walking ahead of the prisoners

    “Seems kind of like an obsession if you ask me” said the other Rat walking with him

    “Alright, troops that’s enough, it’s time to put our guests here into storage” said Lynx-O as they finally arrived at what appeared to be a brig.

    Per his orders, the Rats forced the Cats and the Berbils into a their cell and then activated the energy field barrier that sealed them inside

    “Okay, so they’re in the cell, now what?” said one of the Rats

    “Now, you four go off to inform Ratar-O of our catch, while the others stay behind and help me keep an eye on them” replied the Blind Lynx

    “Yes, General” the four Rats said in unison, right before they scurried off to obey his command

    Now it was just Lynx-O, his two remaining Rat guards and their four prisoners.

    “So how did it happen, Lynx-O?” said Lion-O, finally breaking the brief silence

    “I beg your pardon?” Lynx-O replied

    “How did such a high-ranking soldier in Thunderian Royal army, a soldier who was once chosen over both Panthro and Grune, I might add, end up as member of a band of Rats, and a band of slavers no less?”

    “Watch your tone, Cat” said one of the Rat Guards as he aimed his Blaster rifle directly at Lion-O

    “No, soldier, it’s okay, I have nothing hide from the former Prince of Thundera” said Lynx-O, gesturing to the armed rodent to put down his weapon

    “I am King of Thundera now, General” Lion-O replied in a semi-angry tone

    “Does it really matter anymore?” replied Lynx-O “Thundera is in ruins, Lion-O, our once mighty empire has collapsed, our once proud military has been crushed. As far as I’m concerned, the legacy of the Thundercats is no more. In regards to how I got here, well, like any Cat who managed to escape all of the carnage of the Thundera, I’ve made other arrangements, if only to stay alive”

    That last part made Lion-O stare at the blind Lynx with a ****ed eyebrow, however no one else seemed to notice this, especially since Pumyra came out and said--

    “Other arrangements, huh, is that what people are calling deserting your own people and joining up with swamp-dwelling rodents now?”

    --rather angrily

    “Shut your mouth!” said the second of the Rat Guards, as he aimed his rifle at Pumyra’s face

    But before he could fire a shot, Lynx-O pushed the weapon away from Pumyra and said--

    “Calm down, soldier, you’ll get your chance, but for right now, I’m pretty sure Ratar-O wants them alive”

    “(Dejected) fine” said the Rat as he lowered his rifle

    “Good, now, you two stay here and watch them while I go and check on progress of the Berbil Slaves” Lynx-O continued

    That last comment made the two Rat guards exchange a look of confusion before one of them said

    “But didn’t you just tell the others that you were going to stay and help guard the prisoners, General?” the two Rats said at the same time

    “Well, yes, I did, but then I remembered that I had to make sure that the Berbil finish on schedule. You know how much Ratar-O wants this project completed” said Lynx-O, almost nervously

    “Well, yeah, but…” said the other Rat guard

    Right before Lynx-O approached him and said--

    “…But what, soldier?”

    --In a rather angry tone

    “Nothing, sir” is what the armed rodent said, indicating that he had dropped the subject all together

    After that, Lynx-O exited the brig, and once he was gone, Lion-O looked at the doorway he used and made a “that’s interesting face” as a result.

    Pumyra, on the other hand, just scoffed and said--

    “And to think, Lion-O, that’s the Cat that your father chose to be leader of the Thunderian Army. He’s no better than Grune! If I ever get out of here, I swear I’ll…”

    It was at that moment, however, that Lion-O interrupted his Puma associate by placing his hand on her shoulder and then silently gesturing to her to both be silent and to follow him to the back of the cell. The Rats barely noticed this, and once the two Cats were out of their hearing range, they began to talk, albeit quietly.

    “I wouldn’t be so quick to judge Lynx-O just yet, Pumyra” said Lion-O

    “Excuse me?” replied Pumyra, almost shocked by her King’s statement

    “Yeah, I know what it looks like, but…I got a good look at Lynx-O’s face when spoke to me, and when he explained himself to the Rats. Don’t ask me how I know, but, I think there’s something else involved in all of this” said Lion-O

    “Something else? Something else!?” snapped Pumyra, almost raising her voice too high “Lion-O, he’s abandoned his own people and culture so that he could side with the Rats! He’s helped Ratar-O enslave all these Berbils and is, even now, aiding his men in whipping them into submission! What else could possibly be going on here, besides a traitorous Cat who’s lost his way?”

    “You just answered your own question, Pumyra; he’s a Cat who’s lost his way” Lion-O replied “You heard him; he’s had to make “other arrangements” just to survive, and considering the way he said it, I’m going to assume he’s been through a lot”

    “So what, he’s not the only Cat who’s suffered since the Fall of Thundera. Don’t forget, Lion-O, a large number of us were caught and sold into back-breaking slavery. However, unlike Lynx-O, the rest of us didn’t join up with a band of whip-happy rodents and become slavers ourselves” snapped Pumyra

    “No, some of you just went to work for Mumm-Ra as spies and became pawns in his attempts to get back his stones” said Lion-O, rather coldly “But, hey, at least you were getting rewarded for it, right? And I’m sure that settling a personal score with your King is definitely worth handing Third Earth into the hands of an undead demon”

    It was that comment that made Pumyra’s angry face turn into one of shock and then one of sadness. She knew perfectly well that her King was talking about her.

    “Still though, if there’s one thing that I know about Lynxes, it’s that you can’t break their wills easily” Lion-O continued “They’re some of the toughest Cats out there, and by that logic, if Lynx-O is here, then that means he must have been through something horrible. And if we’re going to help him, we have to find out what it was”

    “Okay” said Pumyra, this time without anger “But may I remind you that we’re still locked up in this cell and are currently awaiting execution”

    “Berbils can fix that” said Berbil #1 s Lion-O and Pumyra looked in his direction and saw what he was doing

    Apparently, while the young Lion and Puma were talking, Berbil #1 and Berbil #2 had already opened a plate covering on the floor and were now fiddling with the wires in the circuitry.

    “Berbils help Thundercats escape” Berbil #2 added as held two clipped wires in his hands and then brought them closer together

    This naturally caused them to connect electrically and when they did, the energy barrier of the cell started to flicker a little and subsequently drew the attention of the Rat guards. When the energy barrier was finally gone, the Rats were left flabbergasted and attempted to investigate by getting closer.

    “Hey, what’s going on here?” said one guard

    “What did you Cats do?” said the other as he and his partner aimed their weapons at Lion-O and Pumyra

    However, what the two Rats didn’t notice was that they were now standing in the middle of the cell doorway, and once they were there, Berbil #2 separated the two wires he was holding and thus reactivated the energy barrier right on top of them. The two Rats screamed in agony for a few seconds, as they were electrocuted by the field’s energy, but before they could sustain any fatal pain, Berbil #2 brought the wires back together and deactivated the energy field yet again. This allowed the two guards to wobble around a bit before dropping their weapons and collapsing to the ground unconscious.

    Lion-O and Pumyra smiled at this for a few seconds, right before they heard Berbil #1 say--

    “Berbils do good?”

    “No, Berbils do great” Lion-O replied

    We then cut to another part of the Ratstar, where Lynx-O is walking down another corridor. True, he did say that he was going back outside, but in reality, he just wanted some time to himself to think about his little discussion with Lion-O. He may have tried to make it sound like he felt no remorse for his actions, but now that he was alone; Lynx-O was free to show how he really felt. He leaned against a wall with one hand and used the other to rub his eyes with the impression that he had just lost his already failed eyesight. Clearly, something was on the blind Lynx’s mind.

    He then turned around a little, so that he could lean on the wall with his back, and when he did, he used his right hand to feel on his chest for the circular plate that’s still there. This is where Lynx-O carried his Thundercats symbol. Granted, it was a little cracked, no doubt from the original siege of Thundera, but it was still a part of Lynx-O’s armor and it made him think about voices he heard in the past.

    We don’t see a flashback this time, but we do hear some voice in the background saying--

    “General Lynx-O, the Lizards are approaching us, their weapons…what do we do?”

    That’s when we hear Lynx-O’s own voice in the thought and he replies--

    “Stay calm men, we’ve sent the warning to Thundera, all we can do now is stand our ground!”

    That last part echoed in Lynx-O’s thoughts for a few seconds and it made him cover his symbol plate with his entire paw while he gave a look of blind despair.

    Within seconds however, Lynx-O is snapped out of his daydream when a Rat guard approaches him and says--

    “General Lynx-O, is something wrong?”

    “What, oh, uh no, nothing’s wrong, soldier” Lynx-O replied “I was just heading outside to make sure that the Berbils were still working”

    “Oh, the Berbils are done building for now, sir” the Rat replied “Ratar-O just gave the word to have all of them placed in the cargo hold”

    “The cargo hold, what on Third Earth for?” asked Lynx-O

    “He didn’t say, he just told us to make sure that every Berbil was present and accounted for in the cargo hold. He must be planning to gather more I suppose” said the Rat

    Lynx-O wasn’t sure on how to respond to this, but before he could give any response, a loud alarm system began to sound off.

    “What’s going on?” asked the blind Lynx

    “I’m not sure, let me check the alarm grid” said the rodent guard as he headed towards a control console and started typing on the mini keyboard.

    Once he was done, he looked at the small screen and said--

    “According to this, the disturbance is coming from sector 8”

    We then cut to sector 8 and when we do, we see that the cause of the disturbance was (of course) the Thundercats. Lion-O and Pumyra were right in the middle of a fight with several Rat soldiers and were making pretty short work of them. Even the two Berbils were helping out in their own way.

    Once the fight was over, Lion-O found a limp Rat, blasted his rifle with the Spirit Stone when he tried to reach for it and then lifted him up by his fur collar so he could say--

    “Where are the other Berbils?”

    --in a rather threatening tone

    “We-we just put them in the Cargo hold, down the hall, to the left” said the Rat in mild fear

    Afterwards, Lion-O dropped the injured rodent and he and his companions all made their way towards the cargo hold.

    However, what Lion-O and co. didn’t know was that in addition to the numerous Berbils in the cargo hold, Lynx-O and about six other Rat guards were waiting. Two of them were even wearing Vermi-Mechs.

    “Are you sure that the Cats will be coming here, General Lynx-O” asked one of the Rats

    “Those two seem particularly bent on helping our Berbil workers” Lynx-O replied “And if they want to help them all, they’ll have to come here. Make sure that your weapons are ready”

    Per Lynx-O’s orders, the Rats all readied their arsenal and aimed them at the door, much to the concern of the Berbils.

    Meanwhile, on what could be assumed is the bridge of the “Ratstar”, we see about several different Rats seated at a different station and Ratar-O standing in the middle of it all.

    “Are we ready to begin?” said the rodent dictator

    “We are ready, sir” said one of the Rats onboard “But I have to say, master, I’m not quite sure that I understand your reasons for getting rid of the Berbils. I mean look what they have done; don’t you think that we should probably keep them around a little bit longer?”

    “I agree, especially since the Ratstar isn’t technically completed” said another Rat “Parts of the hull are still left wide open”

    “With the incredible firepower that this machine possesses, the hull is nothing more than a needless precaution” said Ratar-O “But if it means that much to you to have it fixed, we’ll pick some more Berbils after our first strike. As for the ones we have, well, to be perfectly honest; I’m sick and tired of having to look at their dopey-looking faces none stop, I’ve already had to do so for 3 weeks solid. Fortunately though, I have the perfect solution for dealing with them”

    It was at that moment, however, that Ratar-O was caught off guard when another Rat entered the bridge and said--

    “Ratar-O, the Cats, they’ve escaped, they’re headed towards the Cargo bay with two escaped Berbils”

    “What!?” yelled Ratar-O in surprise “You fool; how could you have let them esca…?”

    Suddenly, Ratar-O’s anger was replaced with a sinister looking smile as he then continued--

    “Did you say they were headed towards the cargo hold?”

    “Um, yes, sir” said the Rat guard, mildly at a loss on what his leader was getting at

    That’s when Ratar-O started to chuckle wickedly as he replied--

    “Well, this actually works more to my advantage. Pay it no mind, soldier, the rest of you, begin activating the Ratstar, it’s time to get my plans underway”

    And just like Ratar-O ordered, the other rodents all began to push random buttons, until eventually, something started to happen, much to the pleasure of Ratar-O himself.

    Meanwhile, back at the cargo hold area, Lion-O and company had finally arrived at their destination and were prepared to enter, unaware that Lynx-O and his troops were still anxiously waiting for them.

    However, just when you’d think that things were gonna get ugly, something happened to the power and all became dark.

    “Hey, what happened” said one Rat

    “Yeah, everything just went dark” said another Rat

    “Really, well, I guess I’ll just have to take your word for it” said Lynx-O, rather sarcastically

    (Obviously a nod to the fact that he was blind)

    “Sorry” said the Rat from before

    Eventually, the lights did come back on, and when they did, the Rats were a little perplexed by the fact that the door was open, but Lion-O and his friends were nowhere to be found.

    Two of the Rat soldiers went over to the door to investigate, but when they did, Lion-O and Pumyra made their move and left both of them flat on their backs. They ran in to engage the other Rats and their two Berbil friends ran in to greet their friends.

    Lion-O and Pumyra both made short work of the rodent soldiers, even the ones in the Vermi-Mechs, until finally; it was just Lynx-O who was left standing

    They aimed their weapons at the blind Lynx as they advanced on him and he heard every step. He even raised up his hands and said--

    “Alright, alright, an honest General knows when he’s defeated, though I have to say, whatever you did with the lights was pretty underhanded”

    “You like? Our Berbil friends came up with that one” replied Pumyra as she continued to aim her wrist-bow at the Lynx General “You didn’t really think we were going to walk into such an obvious trap without a plan, did you?”

    With that said, Lion-O continued to point his magic sword at Lynx-O as he approached the old Cat and said--

    “We need to talk, General”

    But before the old Lynx could answer, everyone in the cargo hold felt a sudden rumbling all around them. Almost as if the entire Ratstar was being shaken from the outside.

    “Are we… moving?” asked Pumyra

    And indeed they were moving; the entire Ratstar was rising off the ground and was taking to the sky. Now you would assume that such a large warship would take a long time to get too high, but this particular vessel was gaining altitude as fast as the Feliner itself. Anyone who would have seen this would have been both impressed and perplexed.

    We then cut back to the Ratstar’s bridge, where we see all the Rats there monitoring the ship’s instruments. Except for Ratar-O who was still just standing where he was before they took off.

    “Are at a sufficient height, lieutenant?” the rodent tyrant asked

    “Yes, sir, we’re entering 100 ft in altitude as we speak” said the Rat lieutenant

    “Excellent, now then, time to drop off some trash” Ratar-O continued, now stroking his mustache in a devious fashion

    We then cut back to the cargo hold where everyone there is still trying to figure out what’s going on. However, they are all quickly given something else to worry about when solid glass walls appear out of nowhere and seal off every side of the cargo bay. Everyone was at a loss, but suddenly, it all started to somewhat make sense when the sealed off cargo hold began to detach itself from the rest of the Ratstar. Before anyone could react to it, the entire section of the warship was dropped from the rest like a falling peach and everyone on board was screaming as they plummeted to the ground.

    (Episode Ends)
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    It's been a while. It's great to see this update, srebak.
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    Fantastic update, srebak!
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    ThunderCats 2011

    Season Two:

    DisclaimerI own nothing, this is pure Fan Fiction

    Episode 33- Old Wounds

    “Previously on Thundercats” (scenes from the last episode are shown, before the title finally appears within the show itself)

    We open up where the last episode left off: with Lion-O, Pumyra, Lynx-O, along with six Rat guards and all of the captive Berbils, all sealed inside the cargo hold, which has been detached from the rest of the Ratstar and left to plummet several stories above the ground. As one would imagine, they were all screaming their heads off as they fell. But when we cut back to the Ratstar’s bridge, we see that Ratar-O is smiling in regards to what he just did.

    “(Chuckles) well I guess that takes care of all the loose ends for now” is what the vermin warlord said, right before he turned towards the Rat originally told him about the Thundercats’ presence “Now, you’re certain that you saw the Cats heading towards the cargo hold?”

    “Yes, sir, I swear that’s where I last law them headed” said that very same Rat

    This made Ratar-O smile rather largely, and his happiness was only confirmed when he said--

    “Excellent, then that means we’ve seen the end of the child King of the Thundercats. Which means, now, we can get on with much more important matters”

    While Ratar-O said that last part, he brought out his Rat’s Eye daggers and put them in their activation stance. Nothing happened this time, but Ratar-O was holding them this way as he looked towards a part of the Bridge that almost resembled a viewing glass on a microscope. That’s when he began to smile wickedly yet again.

    Meanwhile, back inside the sealed up cargo hold, as the whole thing continued to plummet from the sky, nearly everyone inside was still panicking, especially the Rats.

    One Rat even went as far as to say--

    “We’re going to be splattered, we’re going to be pulverized, do something, we’re all gonna die!”

    That’s when Lion-O suddenly punched out said Rat with his gauntlet hand, and then used the Spirit stone to restrain all of the Rats with spirit energy bonds. He also created energy gags for each of them, so that none of them could scream anymore.

    “Not that I’m not glad that you did so, but was there a reason why you restrained all of the Rats?” asked Pumyra

    “Their constant panicking was driving me nuts and it was making it really hard for me to concentrate!” replied Lion-O

    “Concentrate, on what?” asked Lynx-O

    “On this” Lion-O replied

    During which time, he made the Spirit Stone start glow again and then held up his left arm to unleash its power. He made it emit numerous streams of spirit energy, which began to hit the floor, the ceiling and every wall in the cargo hold. This caused the outside of the falling compartment to glow bright pink, until finally; a large Spirit Stone energy sphere had engulfed the entire compartment and caused it to slow down.

    (The heroic theme that was heard in “Curse of Ratilla” and in “Birth of the Blades” was heard the entire time)

    This action was quite the strain on Lion-O though, since he was clearly struggling the entire time. But everyone else on the inside could feel the terminal velocity of their drop slowing down, and eventually the Cargo hold was set gently on the ground below instead of crashing like Mumm-Ra’s ship. Lion-O was just about ready to collapse afterwards, but Pumyra ran up to him at that point and helped keep him on his feet by acting as a crutch. During that time, Lynx-O, although still unable to see, moved his head around as if he could see and said--

    “Hmm, impressive, very impressive”

    However, while this was happening, the energy bonds that restrained the Rats suddenly vanished and they were free to stand up and talk.

    “Come on” said one of the Rats “Now’s our chance to get away”

    The other Rodents nodded at this idea, but before they could make their escape, they were suddenly assaulted by a barrage of spherical projectiles. When the spheres made contact, they smeared the Rats like paint, but made them stick to the floor like chewing gum. At least until it all started to dry, then it was more like quick drying cement. The Cats noticed this, but only after the deed was done, and when they looked around to see who was responsible, they were shocked to see that it was the Berbils who fired those shots, and with the Rats own weapons no less.

    “Berbils installed plasma cannons in rifles” said one of the Berbils holding a weapon

    “Plasma cannons good for stopping enemies” replied another Berbil

    The Cats were still, understandably, dumbfounded at that moment, but that didn’t stop Lion-O from glancing at the struggling Rats again and saying--

    “I should say so”

    The scene then cuts to the outside of the detached cargo hold, a few minutes later, where we see both Lion-O and Pumyra standing on the top of the detached compartment. Lion-O had a telescope with him at the time, and he was using it to look upwards and see just how far ahead the Ratstar had gotten since Ratar-O’s attempt to get rid of them.

    “Ratar-O’s already too far ahead of us as it is, if we don’t hurry now, we may never catch up to him again!” is what the Young Lord of the Thundercats said

    “And that’s just in terms of distance” Pumyra replied “Considering how high up that ship has gotten, unless we suddenly sprouted wings, we’re still out of luck”

    “(Scoff) we were out of luck the second the RatStar was constructed and finished”

    Lion-O and Pumyra both looked around to see where that comment came from, and saw that it was Lynx-O who said it, while leaning against a tree. The two Cats leapt back down to ground afterwards, and as they approached the Lynx general, he just continued with--

    “Don’t you get it? Ratar-O wanted to create the perfect weapon of conquest, something that would make him unbeatable. So he had the Berbils design the RatStar to be unstoppable”

    “No one is unbeatable, and no weapon is unstoppable” Lion-O replied, rather determined if I do say so myself. Right before he went back to looking upwards and said “There must be a way to get up there and fast”

    “Berbils have found a way” said Berbil #1 as pulled on the Young Lion’s pants to get his attention

    At first, Lion-O wasn’t sure what the robotic bear was getting at, but that quickly changed when Berbil #2 came over and pointed him and Pumyra towards something the two Cats were not expecting to see; a new vehicle. Horizontally, it was circular all around, but rather than be one big sphere, the top half was flat with sleek wings on both sides. These were just south of what looked like a ****pit of some kind, and it appeared to be in the same vein as the ones in cycle attachments of the Thundertank. There was only one seat, but there still looked like there was room for three or more to ride on it. As far as weaponry goes, the only visible weapon was a slender laser gun placed at the front of the vehicle, it wasn’t much, but it was a weapon nonetheless.

    Lion-O and Pumyra were left in awe of what they just saw, mainly because it was hard for them to fathom how the Berbils could’ve made such a thing, and so quickly no less.

    “Thundercats like the vehicle the Berbils make?” asked Berbil #2

    “Berbils use parts from cargo bay to build vehicle” Berbil #1 added

    That’s when Lion-O and Pumyra looked towards the cargo hold and saw that, per what the Berbils said, it had been virtually gutted for its parts and circuitry. It was only mildly visible, but the feeling that the compartment had been disassembled in some parts was definitely there.

    “Hard to believe we didn’t notice that while it was happening” said Pumyra

    “Thundercats not answer Berbils’ question, do you like vehicle?” Berbil #2 continued

    “Oh, ugh, yeah, we like it, of course” Lion-O replied, with a hint of bewilderment in his voice “It’s just, um, what does this thing do exactly?”

    “Berbils build flying machine” said Berbil #1

    “Fast moving flying machine” Berbil #2 added “Help Thundercats catch up to RatStar and fast”

    This response made Lion-O smile as he looked back towards the “flying machine” and said--


    Afterwards, the young Lion approached the vehicle, hopped inside of its ****pit and started fiddling around with the piloting controls until the machine started to make the sounds that implied it was working. Things were a little shaky on takeoff, but Lion-O still managed to get the vehicle airborne, and when he did, he looked over towards Pumyra and said--

    “Let’s go, we have to hurry if we’re going to catch up to Ratar-O”

    Pumyra was ready to go, of course, but before she got too close, she looked back towards Lynx-O, who was still leaning against his tree, and said--

    “What about the traitor here?”

    That was when Lynx-O stood up straight and said--

    “I’m coming with you”

    This made both Lion-O and Pumyra look a little shocked, and it was further illustrated when Lion-O said--

    “Excuse me?”

    “Don’t forget, your majesty, Ratar-O attempted to kill me as well” Lynx-O continued “And I don’t know about you, but I have no intention of letting that go unpunished”

    “The last thing we need with us is one of Ratar-O’s vindictive lackeys, especially one that’s already a traitor to his own kind” said Pumyra as she got up close to the blind Lynx’s face

    (Seemed rather pointless though, seeing as he’s blind)

    “Oh, I beg to differ, my dear, I think you need me more than you know” Lynx-O replied “You see, while I might not have been able to actually see the RatStar’s construction, I was able to hear quite a few secrets about it, like how to get inside undetected for instance”

    “Yeah, well what about taking the whole thing down altogether?” said Lion-O, still a little unsure of the blind Lynx

    Lynx-O briefly paused after that, but he soon replied with--

    “There is a way to do that as well, but it’s very slim and I can’t guarantee that you’ll live long enough to make it happen”

    “We’ll take that chance, get on” said Lion-O

    Pumyra was left mildly shocked by this, as the next words to come out of her mouth were--

    “What, Lion-O you can’t be…”

    “There’s no time to argue about this, Pumyra, now come on, we have to hurry!” Lion-O replied

    Once that was said, Lion-O lowered the vehicle so that Pumyra and Lynx-O could both climb onto a side of it. Afterwards, Lion-O looked towards the Berbils and said--

    “Wait here and stay hidden, we’ll be back as soon as we can to take you all back to your villages”

    “Good luck, Thundercats” said Berbil #1--

    --and Lion-O’s response to that was simply a nod.

    Afterwards, he piloted the flying vehicle further off the ground and soon had it soaring off into the sky. Pumyra and Lynx-O were both crouching on the right and left side while this happened.

    (Commercial Break)
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    Awesome update, srebak. I hope Pumyra warms up to Lynx-O soon.
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    If anyone here is still interested in my fanfic, I just want to let you know that i have two reasons why i'm taking so long with my episodes:

    1. Because i'm suffering from a case of writer's block, it's gotten so hard to find the right words, especially since i'm trying to make it seem like something the actual series would show.

    2. With the holidays and all, i tend to dedicate some of my time to trying to celebrate.
  9. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    Heck, you know I'm interested in your story.
  10. 19Tabularasa94

    19Tabularasa94 Thunderian Legend

    Word them in any way, I couldn't care less as long as you cut to the chase. Just imagine the scene playing in your head the ay you'd see it on tv, then interpret it in your own words. And I'm honestly interested in the story. I love it.
  11. srebak

    srebak Laser Beast

    Here is the second part of the Seventh episode

    The Ratstar was flying through the sky at a quick yet steady pace, but the Thundercats were quickly catching up, thanks to their new flying vehicle. And as they got closer and closer, Lion-O broke the silence by saying--

    “Alright, Lynx-O, we’re closing in on the Ratstar by the second. So, if you have any useful information on how to get inside, now would be a pretty good time to share it with us”

    Now, of course, Lion-O was expecting an immediate response to that comment. But when he and Pumyra looked in Lynx-O’s direction, they instead saw that the old Lynx was still in his crouching position on the flying vehicle and was still maintaining his silence. His eyes were not even open, he looked like he was asleep.

    “Uh, Lynx-O?” the young Lion continued with a hint of confusion in his voice

    It was then that Lion-O and Pumyra noticed the almost twitchy movement of Lynx-O’s long, pointed ears. He was listening for something.

    “Hmm, just as I thought” said the blind Lynx, finally breaking his silence with a smile “There is a great deal of clanking and banging happening on the Ratstar’s surface. I think it is safe to say that the Rats launched the warship without making sure that the haul was fully armored”

    “Seriously, you think we needed a blind man to help us figure one that out?” said Pumyra, while Lion-O just looked at her with concerned glance “There are empty spots all over thing, Lynx-O; anyone with eyes could have told us that that thing wasn’t fully armored!”

    “Perhaps, but could anyone with eyes have told you that there was a particularly large haul breach behind the left wing?” said Lynx-O “It’s large enough for us to fly through without trouble and, more importantly, it’s in a complete blind spot, so we’ll be able to sneak inside undetected”

    Pumyra wasn’t fully accepting of this answer and this was only confirmed when she replied--

    “I’ve got my eye on you, General, and I assure, it’s not a friendly eye”

    “Really? Hmm, well, I suppose I’ll just have to take your word on that” said Lynx-O with a smile

    (No doubt, this was meant to be a reference to him being blind and therefore unable to notice when Pumyra was glaring at him)

    Pumyra scowled after hearing this, but Lion-O just spent the next few seconds rolling his eyes in an “Oh brother” kind of way, right before he promptly took the blind old Lynx’s advice and headed towards the Ratstar’s left wing. Like Lynx-O had said, there was indeed a breach in the haul large enough for them to fly into, which they did, with very little trouble I might add

    We then cut back to the Ratstar’s bridge, where we see Ratar-O standing up in front of his chair while the rest of his crew continued to man the controls. Ratar-O was clearly aggravated about something, and it was made all the more apparent by the way the crossed his arms and tapped his fingers.

    “Haven’t you dolts found a suitable target yet?” is what the rodent warlord said, finally breaking the silence “I am, quite literally, itching to do some damage somewhere and so far, all we’ve seen is more wilderness! Where are the cities, where are the villages!? I didn’t have this thing built just for show!”

    “We know that, Ratar-O, and we’re sorry, but there just aren’t any populated areas close by” said one of the Rat crew members

    “Yes, remember, sir, you told us to find the most remote area we could find so that we could work on the warship without interference. So we did” said another Rat soldier

    Ratar-O wasn’t fully accepting of this answer, but just when it looked like he was going to do something out of anger, his scowl turned into a sigh of exasperation as he sat back down in his chair and said--

    “If I had known that working on this warship in secrecy would have meant waiting this long to actually use it, I would have had you construct it in the junkyard outside of Dog City. At least then we would have had a closer target and it would’ve saved me all of this trouble”

    “Yeah, it would have saved us a lot of trouble too” said the first Rat soldier as he whispered to the second “Especially since we’re the ones who risked our tails to get the material from that Soul Sever guy and then had to lug it all the way out here”

    “What was that, soldier?” said Ratar-O, in the tone that suggests that he heard them

    “Oh, uh, nothing, sir, nothing at all” said the first Rat soldier, realizing that he had been found out. He even gave nervous chuckle while the other Rat just smiled with much chagrin.

    Ratar-O’s facial expression implied that he wasn’t buying any of this, but that didn’t stop the other Rat from saying--

    “Um, anyway, sir, since it is taking us so long to reach a populated area, perhaps we could satisfy your itchy trigger finger by firing on an empty area, as practice, if nothing else”

    “Hmm, it would be good practice for the actual campaigns” said Ratar-O as he stroked his mustache “Very well, pick me out a nice target, gentlemen: something big, something that I can leave my mark on”

    After that, the rodent crew all began to fiddle around on their individual consoles while Ratar-O waited eagerly in chair for them to finish.

    Meanwhile, back at the haul breach behind the Ratstar’s left wing, we see that the Tcats have already landed their flying vehicle inside the warship and have already begun to make their way further in. Lynx-O was in the lead for now, and he was on alert for anything suspicious, as were Lion-O and Pumyra. Eventually, the group arrived at a doorway, and while Lynx-O attempted to open it with the password console, Pumyra took the opportunity to look back at the Cats’ new vehicle and say--

    “Ya know, Lion-O, we never did get around to naming this new vehicle of ours; what should we call it?”

    “Well, I was hoping to wait until the others saw it before we decided on a name” said Lion-O “But, me personally; I was leaning towards the “Hovercat””

    “Hmm, catchy” said Lynx-O sarcastically, right before he finished punching in the code that finally made the doors slide open

    “Oh, and I suppose you have a better name in mind, General?” said Lion-O as the doors finished opening

    The feline trio made their way through the opened doorway after that, but that didn’t stop Lynx-O from replying--

    “No, not really, but that’s probably because I never put too much stock into such frivolities. I am just a hardened, hard-working soldier after all, not a highly privileged royal like some people.”

    Lion-O could instantly tell that that last comment was directed towards him and his only response to it was--

    “Uh, excuse me, what is that supposed to…?”

    However, before the young Lion could finish that statement, Lynx-O held up his hand in front of him, gesturing him to stop, and said--

    “Hold, (starts sniffing the air) I know that I recognize this scent from somewhere” is what he said, right before he sniffed some more “Yes, I definitely recognize it, we are undoubtedly heading right where we need to go”

    “Oh, really?” asked Pumyra as she crossed her arms

    “(Sniffs the air again) yes, because, unless I’m mistaken, (sniffs) there should be a small staircase at the end of this corridor” said Lynx-O “(Sniffs some more) which should lead to another, smaller corridor (sniffs) and on the other side of that, (sniffs) there should be an intersection (sniffs) and that should lead to two very important places on the Ratstar”

    “And you were able to figure all of that out just by sniffing around like a hungry Jackal?” said Lion-O, as Lynx-O gave a mild facial expression of confusion “Right, of course you were”

    “Follow me and stay close” said Lynx-O as he started moving again

    “Not so fast, old man, first, I want to know a little more about this intersection of yours” said Pumyra, as she and got in front of the blind Cat and blocked his path “Like these “important places” you speak of, what’s so important about them, hmm?”

    Lynx-O managed to get passed Pumyra during that last part, and right after he did, he replied-

    “Well, in your case, my dear, the corridor on the right side is important because it leads right to the Ratstar’s engine room. You said you wanted to take down this warship? Well take out that part of it and the whole thing will go down like a rock”

    “And the left side, where does it lead?” said Lion-O

    “That’s the path I need to take, and that’s all the two of you need to know” said Lynx-O, almost defiantly

    However, seconds afterwards, the blind Lynx felt a strong tug on his left arm and he could easily tell that it was Lion-O.

    “You’ll understand why I can’t accept that answer?” is was the young Lord of the Thundercats said

    “Do you really believe that we have the time for this, Lion-O?” said Lynx-O

    “We can make time, General, so start talking” replied Lion-O while giving his “no joke” face

    “(Scoffs) I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that we could take a break just because you said so, your majesty, I mean you are an all-powerful Lion and I’m just a common soldier” said Lynx-O

    “Okay, there you go again, Lynx-O, what is that supposed to mean, huh?” said Lion-O in a frustrated tone “Because if you have a complaint with me, please let me know!”

    “Oh, you really want to know, your majesty? Fine” replied Lynx-O, in an almost angry tone “For as long as anyone on Third Earth could remember, the Lion Clan: your clan, has always been the most privileged of all the Cat species, and all the animals in general. You’re always the ones who wield the most power, you’re always the ones who decide the actions of others, and while the rest of us have had to work our fingers to the bone to get the things that we want, the only thing you Lions have ever had to do in that regard is snap your fingers and suddenly, whatever you want is brought right to your royal feet!”

    Lion-O was visibly annoyed after hearing this, but Lynx-o continued his ranting, regardless--

    “Well, I for one have grown tired of that and seeing as I was once a member of the very army that served your clan; that should really be telling you something. Even the fall of Thundera did little to change your species luck, our entire empire has been reduced to rubble, and yet, somehow, at least one Lion manages to stay alive and still be worshipped by the other surviving Cats! Your kind has it far too easy, Lion-O”

    Lynx-O was ready to turn around and go back to doing what he was doing after that, but before he could, he, once again, felt Lion-O grabbing onto him. Only this time, it was by the shoulder, and this time he heard Lion-O growl right before he did so and right before he said--

    “Alright, that is it!”

    --apparently, Lynx-O had hit a new nerve within the young Lord of the Thundercats.

    Lion-O immediately made Lynx-O turn around so that he could face the young Lion directly—

    (Again, kind of pointless, seeing as he’s blind)

    -- And then said--

    “Listen to me, Lynx-O; you might think that being Lion means living in the lap of luxury, you might think that it means getting whatever you want, whenever you want. But let me assure you, I’ve lived the life of a Lion, I’m still living the life of a Lion, and, so far, the only thing it’s ever brought me is misery! From the moment I was first brought into this world, every Cat in Thundera was expecting me to be the perfect King. And, for a while, I really did want to live up to those expectations, it was my family legacy, I had no choice. Yet, no matter what I did or how hard I tried, it just wasn’t good enough… for anyone. Not for my Father, not for my “perfect” brother, and definitely not for the people of Thundera. No, to them, Tygra was always the better choice to be King, and that, on its own, was enough to make me just throw up my paws and say “I give up”, there just wasn’t any point to it anymore, there never was! (Chuckles) but, surprise-surprise; that only turned out to be another huge mistake, because all it ended up doing was make the public think that I was lazy and irresponsible, and it certainly didn’t help things along when I actually showed a pair of Lizards a sign of mercy, because, apparently, showing mercy to anyone but other Cats is considered a sign of weakness, a fact that both my Father and Tygra basically rubbed in my face during the fall of Thundera. And even with my empire in ruins, even when I’m only surrounded by a small number of Cats, I’m still forced to suffer! Not only do I now have to deal with five other Cats questioning my every decision, but, so far, I’ve also had to find the Book of Omens, lead the other Cats to the fabled Stones of power, avoid the Lizard Army at every turn, deal with my own brother attacking me and knocking me into a well, and to top it all off, I had to watch the girl I had a crush on reveal herself to have feelings for another! But, heaven forbid that that misunderstanding could be anyone else’s fault but mine, so, of course, I had to be the only who felt like a misled fool who just got left high and dry. Not that anyone cared, mind you. And just when it felt like a near-death experience was just the thing I needed to be reinvigorated, I soon found myself crossing paths with a certain female Cat refugee in need. I wanted to stop and help her, but what did I get in return? Endless insults, a savage beating and her blaming me for every bad thing that’s happened to her already. Never mind the fact that I was out there trying to keep an ultimate evil away from ultimate power. Still, I did feel a certain responsibility for this refugee and her fellow Cat slaves, so I took time out of my mission to help them, and just when it seemed like doing so allowed me to win the respect, and possible affection, of my Cat refugee, it turned out that I was being misled again, and it cost me dearly. Not that anyone cared about that either, mind you. So, tell me, Lynx-O, does any of that sound like something a Cat living in the lap of Luxury would have to deal with, does it, hmm?!”

    Lion-O got up close to Lynx-O’s face during that last part, and even though the blind Lynx was, well, blind, he still was able to make a facial expression of shock while this was happening. As was Pumyra when Lion-O had finished and started panting as an end result. She even backed away ever so slightly while he did so.

    “Lion-O, I…I didn’t know, I…” said Lynx-O with an obvious sense of remorse over what he said earlier

    But Lion-O didn’t seem to pay much attention to this hint of sincerity and showed when he replied with--

    “Yeah, well, now you do. So, let’s just keep moving before we’re found out”

    --in an almost angry tone

    After that, the three Cats proceeded to head down the long corridor. But what they didn’t notice was that they were being observed by what resembled a small mechanical eyeball with a red pupil. It seemed like a pretty superfluous mechanism at first, but the sound it made while focusing in on the Cats implied that it was equivalent to a modern day security camera. And the fact that it showed what it saw on a small video screen installed on a console on the bridge only supported that comparison. The Rat sitting at that console noticed this and then tried to tell Ratar-O--

    “Uh, Ratar-O, sir, I think you should see…”

    But before the rodent soldier could finish that statement, Ratar-O rudely interrupted by saying--

    “Not now, soldier, can’t you see your leader is waiting for his practice target?”

    “But, sir, I really think that this is impor…” the Rat soldier continued before being cut off by Ratar-O again

    “I said not now, you incompetent halfwit”

    The Rat soldier decided hold his tongue after that, and while he just sat there in his chair, Ratar-O looked towards his other soldiers and said--

    “Haven’t you dolts found a suitable area to fire on yet? I’m growing impatient”

    “Wait no more, sir, because I think I just found the perfect mark for you” said one Rat as he typed on the keyboard of his console, which allowed him to display a particular image on the bridge’s main monitor screen

    It was a nearby mountain range, and while it was indeed a fascinating sight, there was nothing all that significant about it. But that didn’t stop Ratar-O from saying--

    “Hmm, that will due for now”

    Afterwards, the large rodent warlord rose up from his chair and walked towards the part of the Bridge that looked like a viewing glass on a microscope. He brought out his Rat’s Eye daggers when he was standing right next to the viewing glass and then, he placed them right over the “eye piece”. The daggers started to glow their usual blue after that and then fired their usual blue energy into the viewing glass. We then cut to the outside of the Ratstar, particularly the front of the warship, which looked like an angry rat’s head. Said rat’s head started to glow blue in its eyes and mouth, until finally, it fired a magnified version of Ratar-O’s energy blast out of its mouth. The blast swiftly made its way towards the mountain range and ultimately reduced it to pebbles; this made Ratar-O, who was watching the whole thing from the bridge’s main monitor, very happy.

    We then cut back to the corridor where Lion-O and the others are, and while they were walking, they both heard and felt a faint rumbling all around them.

    “W-what was that?” asked Pumyra

    “I’m not sure” said Lynx-O “But if I had to guess, I’d say all of that was the result of the Ratstar being used”

    This made Lion-O and Pumyra look uncomfortable, and it was only further illustrated when Lion-O got a close-up while saying--

    “When have to hurry”

    (Commercial Break)
  12. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    The brief confrontation between Lion-O and Lynx-O was pretty emotional.
  13. 19Tabularasa94

    19Tabularasa94 Thunderian Legend

    I agree with Daremonger on this one. However, I think you should shorten it a bit, because I just don't see it taking up a full 1/2 hour episode.
  14. srebak

    srebak Laser Beast

    Looking back, i think i'd like direct feedback for how i handled Pumyra's redemption.

    One would have assumed that Lion-O would've directly had a hand in saving her, with just a hint of her being saved by her own will. But instead, the way i wrote things, Lion-O had little to nothing to do with Pumyra's resurrection. Mumm-Rana already had a plan in mind to help her and Lion-O did virtually nothing to add to that. In fact, all Mumm-Rana did with him was let him know the whole story behind what happened to Pumyra. So, pretty much, the way i wrote things, Pumyra got herself out of this mess with a little help from Mumm-Rana.

    I'm not saying that that's a bad thing, but it sort of takes a lot away from the classic romance move where the girl would say that their lives would've been one way if their boyfriend had not intervened and made it better. But Lion-O did virtually nothing to make Pumyra's life better in my story.

    So tell me, as the readers of my fanfic, how did you feel about the way i handled Pumyra's resurrection?
  15. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    Pumyra's ressurection, I think, was pretty well written by your standards.
  16. srebak

    srebak Laser Beast

    What do you mean by "my standards"?
  17. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    I feel that, since the 2011 series isn't really coming back, a fan-made second season should be in play. Who better to write it than you? Despite its flaws, I am completely and totally immersed in your second season.
  18. srebak

    srebak Laser Beast

    I know that this is a little odd for me to ask but humor me.

    What kind of message are you, the readers, getting from my Season two?


    How am i doing with the camaraderie between the Thundercats? And the relationship between Mumm-Ra and Mumm-Rana?
  19. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    You've captured the T'Cats' camaraderie and the Mumm-Ra/Mumm-Rana dynamic very well. :)
  20. srebak

    srebak Laser Beast

    To anyone out there, the reason i'm taking so long with this is actually two reasons:

    1. Because i'm having a minor case of writer's block

    2. Because the looming fact that this is just fanon has made it so that changes i've made so far next to meaningless.

    I do still intend to finish this and hopefully move on to a 3rd season, but for now, please be patient

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