ThunderCats 2011 Toys Unveiled; Collector's Classic Figures!

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  1. Mark / Grizzlor

    Mark / Grizzlor Site Director Staff

    Thought this needed its own thread!!!

    Thanks to Dr. Slump!

    In a few moments you will see footage from the new series and figures... just transferring London Toy Fair footage from my camcorder!

    (No pictures were allowed so this is really gonna be brief!)

    Edit: Here you go...

    Sword of omens, Tigra, Lion-O, Cheetara, Panthro), the Thunder Tank (two separate words) and the... Thunder Bike!

    Blurry still from my video... pictures were strictly forbidden, sorry guys!
    The interesting part of this picture is the promo picture of the Classics line (20cm tall) Lion-O. Very similar to the Icon Heroes statue but with complete articulation.
    Additionally, there will be 15cm (larger?) deluxe variations of the modern standard figures, with pretty much the same design.

    A brief look at the new Cat's Lair. Or Tower in that case.

    Finally, a picture of the new show character designs!

    ...and the new logo.
  2. He-Fan

    He-Fan Legacy Team Member

    Chris here...

    Oh my God, this is amazing!!! :eek: :eek:

    You know what, I actually quite like the character designs they've come up with - even though they're updates, I can still tell instantly who's supposed to be who and what's supposed to be what, the biggest departure (and worst design overhaul) for me is Panthro, the rest of these...wowsers! :)

    Feeling more optimistic about the new series now!! :thumbsup:

    Take care... :)
  3. Mark / Grizzlor

    Mark / Grizzlor Site Director Staff

    I knew there was a reason why I was still awake at 4AM, Chris!

    I really like how the classic figure (from what we can see) is turning out! Damn, I'm gonna be broke this year!
  4. MannysCollectibles

    MannysCollectibles Legacy Team Member

    I second pockets are gonna be dry after this...that Thundertank is sick!!!!! And it looks like there could be some playsets too from some of the pics posted
  5. wthompson

    wthompson Crabman

    Great stuff,

    The sword telescopes out by the looks of it in the package versus on the shelf, nice design. Glad I'm selling off other toy lines to make room :)
  6. Mark / Grizzlor

    Mark / Grizzlor Site Director Staff

    I have a MOTUC subscription so that's the only line I'm actively collecting, but that line is super expensive. At least these will be mass produced and will cost a lot less that MOTUC.

    I'm running out of space in my room though lol
  7. Dr_SLUMP

    Dr_SLUMP Berserker

    The available playsets were only the Tower (replacing the Lair?), the Thunder Tank and the Tron-like bike (that can be stored inside the Thunder Tank). Each figure features a magnet and they communicate with the vehicles (maybe it recognizes each character but I'm not quite sure).

    The figures are quite small, very similar to the Ben 10 toyline but much more articulated and very well detailed (if the identical figures make it to production). Panthro has scars throughout his massive body and they were actually textured instead of just painted.

    Additionally, there will be deluxe 15cm versions of the new figures. Lion-O looked older in the pictured one and he wears a big armor.

    The classic Lion-O was looking very loyal to the original design, I could easily compare this figure's picture with the MOTU Classics toyline.

    I'm pretty much positive... but a little bit concerned about the classic: I'm not quite sure if it's only going to be Lion-O! :/

    @Manny: I'm afraid the Classics will not be mass-produced. It said something about "Limited edition'...
  8. Vivek

    Vivek Great Void Dweller

    Glad to see there will be new figures based on the original series as well. Hopefully there will be more characters than just Lion-O for the classic line.

    Looking forward to more pics and details. WB and Bandai are going to make 2011 a great year for ThunderCats fans and collectors :thumbsup:.
  9. MannysCollectibles

    MannysCollectibles Legacy Team Member

    If you look at the box is says Thunder Lynx...perhaps it is an interaction feature similar to what the Laser Sabers and the Cat's lair used to have
  10. Synthalus

    Synthalus Junior Member

    I like the new designs for the new animation and I am very much looking forward to see the new show!
    However I wouldn't want figures of the new designs because with most of my toy collecting habits I choose the nostalgic designs over updates.
    So I'm super thrilled we're getting the classic design figures as well!
    Those are the ones I want badly! :)
    They are going to be 20cm That's huge, 8 Inches!!! :eek:
  11. mcss aerocoupe

    mcss aerocoupe Moderator


    I have to say, aside from Panthro's sideburns, I really am impressed with the new looks. I would have preferred the Sword to look closer to the original, but even it is instantly recognizable. And to have the blade extend like that on the toy is cool... I can see it working like the kids' versions of lightsaber toys from Star Wars.

    Wow, just wow! Bankruptcy, here I come!
  12. Dr_SLUMP

    Dr_SLUMP Berserker

    Yeah indeed... and I spent too much money on A/V equipment this year :/

    Guess I'll have to get a new credit card!
  13. Lordore

    Lordore Moderator

    I have already picked which bank to rob... After seeing the Sword Of Omens toy, just doing the final preparations.:mischievous:
  14. mcss aerocoupe

    mcss aerocoupe Moderator

    I collected a lot of the early '02 He-Man stuff. Gonna see how much I can sell it for, but doubt it will bring enough to get many of these :(
  15. Dr_SLUMP

    Dr_SLUMP Berserker

    I remind the fellow Londoners that the toys are available for display until this Thursday 27/01.

    If anyone is riskier than me to take better pictures, this is your chance!

    More info here:
  16. He-Fan

    He-Fan Legacy Team Member

    Chris here...

    Do you have Teela? If so, she often sells for a good price (which is why she's the only major character from the 2002 MOTU toyline that I'm missing)! :)

    Take care... :)
  17. mcss aerocoupe

    mcss aerocoupe Moderator

    I think I have Teela, but I could be wrong as those are in boxes for safe keeping. I know I have several with VHS tapes wrapped on them, and I thought one of those was Teela. I know I have a repaint version of Skeletor, the slime pit and 3 unopened Castle Grayskulls... But I am drawing a blank on the other couple dozen figures I have still MOC.

    I was just surfing the site and didn't see a value chart or guide. Did I miss it?

    Back on topic, maybe Lordore can bribe someone to get more shots with his soon-to-be new fortune. :sneaky:
  18. the fixer

    the fixer Active Member

    Hey did you guys notice Snarf on the ThunderTank box? :D

    As I feared, the ThunderCats got mangafied...
    Anyway... I'm gonna wait for clearer pictures... :)
  19. Croaker

    Croaker Junior Member

    Very exciting to see pictures!

    If we don't get any better pics from London, it's a pretty safe bet that these will be on display in New York in a few weeks.

    Text on the board:
    The classic, iconic series from the 1980s returns re-vamped for the 21st century
    All the characters from the original series including Lion-o and Mumm-Ra return in this brand new series
    Full range of action figures, vehicles, and role-play toy launching Autumn 2011
    Full marketing campaign including TV advertising, online and PR
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  20. PKELL

    PKELL Barbarian

    Oh wow. It was hard to believe, but T-Cats is really coming back! It looks great.

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