ThunderCats 2011 Toys Unveiled; Collector's Classic Figures!

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    IMO these figures need to have more detail done. I think these are aimed for kids and us collectors have better looking figures. Anyway it so good to have ThunderCats back again!
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    After seeing the pictures on TNI, I'm pretty sad that Bandai has gone the route of the Power Rangers what I was afraid of (and like some of Playmates' 200X TMNT figures with humongous hands like the Foot Elite for example). Just look at Lion-O's hands! They are as big as his head! Totally out of proportion! That really sux! Cheetara looks reasonable, but is still a bit off. The thing is, what makes them cool are the action features and interaction with the vehicles and playset. I'm sure even tho they are totally out of proportion, they would be a lot of fun to play with and I'm sure they could become popular amongst kids.

    I personally have a hard time to decide if I want the 4" line or not. I am extremely curious to find out how everyting works and to see it in action first hand, but I can't stand the out of proportions. I'm afraid if I get them it will be based on impulse and I know I will regret it later on which finally leads to selling them off and losing money on them big time (It's what happened to my TMNT 200X collecting before).

    I know for a fact the 8" Classic Collector Figures is what I really want and what I am most thrilled about. It feels like MOTUC to me and I really hope they will have the correct proportions. The new Sword of Omens role play sword is a must have for sure as well. The features it has makes it totally awesome.

    I think it's pretty cool that in the 4" Scale with all figures/vehicles combined, we'll be getting the complete team of ('80's Season 1) ThunderCats;
    Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, Wily-Kit, Wily-Kat & Snarf

    And the following Villains: Mumm-Ra (The Ever-Living), Mumm-Ra (Mummy), The Mutant: S-S-Slithe
    and the evil rogue ThunderCat: Grune the Destroyer

    I wonder which figure will come with the Tower of Omens Deluxe Playset. I assume it's a repack of Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro or Cheetara,
    but it would be more fitting if it comes with BenGali, Pumyra, Lynx-O or Snarfer.


    This is what's known so far:

    8" Classic Collector Figures (18 points of articulation) vintage style:
    - Lion-O (with long Sword of Omens, short Sword of Omens, ThunderClaw)
    - Tygra


    6" Collector Figures (18 points of articulation) new style:
    - Lion-O
    - Panthro
    - Mumm-Ra


    4" Basic Figures new style:
    - Lion-O
    - Tygra
    - Panthro
    - Cheetara
    - Wily-Kit
    - Wily-Kat
    - Mumm-Ra (Mummy)

    4" Deluxe Figures new style:
    - Lion-O
    - Tygra
    - Grune
    - Mumm-Ra

    4" Vehicles & Playsets - with ThunderLynx action features new style:
    - Tower of Omens Deluxe Playset with ???
    - ThunderTank Deluxe Vehicle with Snarf
    - Bike with Lion-O and Drill Accessory (combines with the ThunderTank)
    - Bike with Tygra and LED Accessory (combines with the ThunderTank)
    - Lizard Cannon with Slithe and Missle-Launching Feature


    "Life Size" Role Play new style:
    - Sword of Omens (with extendable blade + lights & sounds)
    From the looks of it, I'm pretty sure it also transforms the hilt when it extends and opens the eye of Thundera!!! :hmeek:
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    I think the hands in the picture due to size porportion, because they were closest to the camara, they look huge. Just look at the sword, it looks like it at least an inch taller than Lion-o. I think they are going to be a little on the big side, but not this much. Look at Cheetara's hands, they are little big but not by that much.
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    It may also be worth noting that the two figures we've seen so far may just be prototypes.
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    So very Awesome

    God this is so awesome. I used to have some of the originals when I was little. My parents were poor so I was only ever able to get lion-O and panthro. I made a wip with three strands at the end outta rope and tied washers to it when I was like 10 and broke 2 lamps in the house. Thats when my mom tossed my Thundercats home made wip and action figures in the trash. She still apoligizes for throwing out the figures but I was a roudy kid lol. The punishment worked too, I settled down lol. Wish I had em now to share with my daughters.:liono:liono. I will definetly be buying these ones to add to my collection! And this time I will even be able to get the Tank LOL its good to be grown up sometimes LOL:liono:thumbsup:
  7. Going to have to start referring to that fig above as Kakarot-O or something like that. Looks like a FF VII character.
  8. TheFallen

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    The 4inch Deluxe figures mention Grune. Does that mean he will be featured in the new 'toon?
  9. Part of me hopes so (the part that saw how they updated Tygra in such an awesome fashion), but part of me is cringing (the part that saw them take Panthro the master martial artist and turn him into someone that looks like a Thunderian bar room brawler).
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    I've never seen the appeal of figures this size... 3 3/4 is way too small, and most of the time they don't feature great sculpt jobs. Plus, the accesories are so tiny that they get lost too easily. Of course, the advantage of figures so small is that it's easier producing playsets and vehicles in which they could fit, but what is the point of that if the figures themselves are so unsatisfying? I think the best figures of that scale right now, are the "Marvel Universe" ones produced by Hasbro. They are very well done for figures that size.
    All that being said, I'd point out that even by standards of this very same scale, those are very poor figures.

    Personally, I was always a fan of the 6/7 inches scales for my action figures. They feature more detailed sculpts, and it's the most comfortable size to have them in hand. I guess I'll have to wait until images of the 8 inch figures are released. They're are going to look huge and out of scale next to the others I have, but I'm hopeful that they're going to take advantage of the benefits of producing figures that big.
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    I completely agree with you, the articulation and movement of those figures is great. I have on the wall in front of my desk the SDCC B&W Captain America limited edition that they released. I was picturing earlier tonite a thundercats version like this and thought to myself, wow that would be amazing. I'm almost tempted to try and do a custom like that to see how it would look.:thumbsup:
  12. Synthalus

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    I am collecting the Marvel Universe figures because I like the sculpts and the scale thanks to so many other properties in 3 3/4". I could give a page long list of different properties in the 3 3/4" scale. That said, Marvel Universe figures are actually of VERY poor quality mostly because of the plastic T-crotch construction. They break very easily if you want to play or try dynamic poses. It's a shame really because Hasbro also makes the awesome G.I.Joe Modern Era figures with metal T-crotches!!! In fact, G.I.Joe Modern Era figures are the best 3 3/4" figures made so far. Great sculpts, wide range of articulation and durable! The Star Wars figures usually lacks articulation in leg movement. Ok what is really bizarre is that all of these properties are made by the same company; Hasbro. Hasbro can make perfect figures yet they only seem to want to do it to their in-house brand... :rolleyes:

    Back on topic, I am still a bit unsure of the 3 3/4" ThunderCats. I did pre-order all of them at BBTS including case C. I might change my mind when I see more pictures if I really want them or not. As of now, I want the Cheetara figure for sure. Her hands aren't as bad out of proportion and I think the sculpt is ok. I guess the factor of proportions makes my decision difficult and I guess I still have to try to adjust to the new style. I didn't get any of the ThunderCats statues because I'm mostly an action figure collector and I recently sold the few statues I had over the years because it wasn't really my thing. The classic style action figures is what I grew up with and always loved the most so it's very easy to make up my mind about those. The Mezco Lion-O looks awesome and has some articulation plus the price is great so it was easy to make up my mind about that one :D
  13. Curious about this Thunder Lynx system. I'm hoping we get to see it demonstrated at NYTF. If it really blows me away by what it does, might have to consider opening some of the extras I plan on getting.
  14. TheFallen

    TheFallen Berbill

    In all honesty, I think the Thunder Lynx system will be the main selling point of the 4 inch line. The figures will just be the gravy :)
  15. I agree, that seems to be the gimmick for this line

    But what does it do???? :eek::eek::eek::eek:
  16. TheFallen

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    I suspect all vehicles will be interchangeable with each other using the Thunder Lynx system. So the Bikes can attach to a flying vehicle and the Thundertank to be complete weapon of mass destruction.

    Also, the magnets could be used instead of springloaded accessories. It could give us the same effect
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    Has anyone speculated what the LED feature is for the one bike/pod vehicle?

    Whoa, BBTS is sold out of the 2011 T-Cat Bandai products!
  18. Again, I really don't think this is the case as you can clearly see the words 'Placeholder' on every single one of their items. Not only that, but you can't even click on an item to see what it is. If they were sold out, the actual item itself would still be there. I'm pretty sure they aren't sold out, and more pre-order items will be put up at a later time.
  19. blackiecats

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    I agree. I think BBTS jumped the gun a little putting them up for pre-order, as I expect that nothing is set in stone and the assortments at this stage are still subject to change.

    I think we will know the final confirmed assortments at Toy Fair :)
  20. Copperkid

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    so my pc went out and it was getting fixed for over 2 weeks and i come back to new thundercats images and toys... i think they are all kinds of awesome! people should stop jumping the gun and getting all upset over just a few pics. i think they're all great honestly. they're different although i DO want to see my original thundercats, that's not what i really want to see. i need something new yet familiar.
    playsets and vehicles!?! are you kidding me? they dont make that stuff hardly at all any longer. you're lucky to find a decent retail action figure with a half-way "tiny" part that someone can choke on. im very pleased and grateful. thanks Bandai and WB!

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