ThunderCats 2011 vs She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Discussion in 'ThunderCats (2011)' started by Tygra_Rules, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. Tygra_Rules

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    Have you guys watced the new She-Ra series on Netflix?
    I'm pretty sure the producers are the same from the 2011 TCs series as the drawings are pretty much alike and the plot pretty similar (looking for allies, magic stones, Hordak and his minions...btw, Hordak reminds me of Mumm-Ra although different). I must say I was skeptical about it (the She-Ra series) but it was a nice surprise, and I wonder waht if the TCs reboot had the lighther tone the new She-Ra series has, because it is really fun.

    Sorry if this has been posted in another thread.
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  2. Daremonger

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    I've seen the "She-Ra" reboot and find it to be pretty good. I never even considered that it and "ThunderCats 2011" would be similar to one another.
  3. Mark M

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    The She-Ra cartoon is pretty good and personally in some ways I think it is a lot better than the 2011 Thundercats cartoon.
    Unlike Thundercats the show has a lighter tone and more humour.
    But the biggest difference is that the characters in She-Ra are likeable, something the Thundercats 2011 cartoon drastically lacked.
    I do like aspects of the 2011 Thundercats show and it did have some good episodes, but there was a lot of filler and the story wasn't great and like I said the characters were not that likeable or interesting. In fact I have mentioned before that if anything from the first episode it's really hard to cheer for the Thundercats as they are some what presented as the bad guys. The Mutants/lizards/other races get more sympathy due to how the Thundercats ruled them.
    Although regardless of the cartoon at least Bandai got merchandise on the shelves to support the cartoon. In the last year or so Super 7 have only released two action figures of She-Ra and Catra but there is a rumour Mattel are going to be releasing a supporting toyline to be unveiled at SDCC or Powercon.
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  4. Tygra_Rules

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    What I meant by the shows being somehow sinmilar is that the characters are younger than in the original versions, there are these power stones in both shows, just like Lion-O looked for allies among the other animal towns in the 2011 series, She-Ra (actually, Glimmer) looks for allies in the other princesses...
  5. tone

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    I've enjoyed Netflix She-Ra, although I never watched the original so I didn't come in with any preconceptions on characters or storylines. Haven't watched the latest season but so far I wouldn't have connected it in my mind with 2011 (of which I was very much NOT a fan - right idea at 500 ft, bad choices on the ground). But I can see what you're saying. I'll keep it in mind on rewatch.

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