ThunderCats at New York Toy Fair!

Discussion in 'Mezco and Bandai Toys' started by blackiecats, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Wolf873

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    O I hope not :(, I wish supplies meet the demand.
  2. Endorx

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    Ill be there with a huge wod.... Early morn.. Lol
  3. egoing

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    I just watched the video with the bandai marketing director. The packaging are mock ups and will be illustrated by the animators. The Tower of Omens it seems is not a mobile command center, but a static playset. It looked a little sparse, perhaps a cardboard back drop will fill it out.
  4. voice_guy

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    Am I the only one who wasn't impressed?
  5. nickat

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  6. Endorx

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    Repost ;)...............
  7. I am so excited over these I cant wait!!! :thumbsup:
  8. He-Fan

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  9. catamountain

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    i think all these look so cool, and i love the interactivity aspect of them all. I just cant wait to get my hands on these and play with them. I know i will be 30 next year but, tbh i dont care, just soooo excited right now, and i know for a fact that the comics and collectables shop near my parents will be stocking them, they told me so on twitter. which is great cause i can get them to get some for me for christmas, lol.

    That is of course if i dont buy any before then :thumbsup:
  10. neisan18

    neisan18 Moleman

    It doesn't seem to be working?
  11. ASOE!

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    That rep is good at sticking to the script. He's never faltered in any video I've seen.

    Can someone please sneak a video of what's playing on the flat screen? There's gotta be a bunch of info there. You could hear it near the beginning of the Pop Culture Network's second video.

    Also, I am still wondering if the holes (e.g. near winged Mumm-Ra's chest symbol) on the 4" will be gone in the final run.
  12. neisan18

    neisan18 Moleman

    Albert Lawrence is wearing an AWESOME looking tshirt in that official video...from what I can see of it.. does anybody know if it's available to purchase online?

  13. I was wondering the same thing. I did see a t-shirt company partnered with WB studios to offer up two new Thundercats t-shirts recently, but neither one was that shirt. Neither of the two most prominant 80s t-shirt sites online have that shirt last I saw.


    However, I suspect that shirt will be making its way online to order sometime soon.

    Edit - just checked a few more sites and no dice. Pretty sure it isn't available yet, but I would also suspect you'll see it up for order soon.
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  14. Snake-Eyes

    Snake-Eyes Junior Member

    Man.... The classics are the ones I'm interested in the most; LION-O and TYGRA look AWESOME! I hope BANDAI continue with them and release the whole gang. ;)
  15. Lordore

    Lordore Moderator

    Most likely the New Thundercats wave will hit every aspect of the market, including clothing. I am eagerly waiting for an upcoming Thundercats Video game.
  16. neisan18

    neisan18 Moleman

    Thanks Grune! I appreciate you checking for me!

    I want that shirt so bad that I E-mailed Albert directly.
    I'll let you know his reply :)

    Oh and a video game would be just great! finger's crossed!
    Cheers everyone!!
  17. PaulNomad

    PaulNomad Junior Member

    Pics for you if you didn't catch them when they launched yesterday. Tried my best to get them posted ASAP for the most loyal of TCats forums! I don't think I could have possibly taken more pics than this. Enjoy!

    P.S. they are all water marked so feel free to repost anywhere u like.
  18. oICEMANo

    oICEMANo Junior Member

    Meh, Im still not feeling the look of these new TCats... the toys dont get me excited either.
    The Classic figures of Lion-O and Tygra look amazing though.
  19. elkkthunder

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  20. Poe Ghostal

    Poe Ghostal New Member

    Greetings all! First-time poster here...I just wanted to drop by and give you a link to my own coverage of the Thundercats line at Toy Fair:

    I really think Bandai has a winner here. They seem to be doing everything right; the only question now is whether the kids will latch on to Thundercats.

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