ThunderCats Bandai Toys: Do You Like Them NOW?

Discussion in 'Mezco and Bandai Toys' started by Mark / Grizzlor, Feb 14, 2011.


Will You Be Supporting Bandai's New ThunderCats Line?

  1. Yes, I like what I see!

    28 vote(s)
  2. No, I don't like it.

    5 vote(s)
  3. Not sure yet. Still need to see more.

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  4. Bring back LJN toys!

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  1. Mark / Grizzlor

    Mark / Grizzlor Site Director Staff

    Now that the Bandai line has been officially revealed and we have dozens of photos to base our opinion on, will you be supporting the new ThunderCats line?

    And we're talking about the WB redesigns, not the classics ;)
  2. Copperkid

    Copperkid Vortex Explorer

    i think they did a great job, so far only grune i'm not so keen on. he's cool but very different and i'm sure that once the mummra symbol on his chest is better explained it'll be more interesting. i've been ready for 10 years for new toys and i love these. i am very pleased and surprised by much of the line. the size is fine with me considering if you look at a lot of toys in reatil over the past 10 years or so, there arent many that have things like vehicles and playsets. most of the time it's just the figures for the most part. thanks WB and Bandai!
  3. Endorx

    Endorx Rampager

    Now ive seen proper pics. I do like them.. They dont look as cheap as i originally thought..

    Looking forward to there release :)
  4. He-Fan

    He-Fan Legacy Team Member

    Chris here...

    I really like all the ThunderCats designs I've seen and think Mumm-Ra looks excellent, the ones I'm not so keen on are Grune and S-S-Slithe. Love the look of the vehicles and playsets, so overall I'm sold! :thumbsup:

    Take care... :)
  5. Bengali

    Bengali Rampager

    No, I like them even less now!

    I will not be supporting this line of happy meal toys. I'm gonna be looking at this whole relaunch as an 'alternate' dimension. Similar to how MOTU fans look at the New Adventures.

    The only thing I'm happy with is the classics packaging, the figures themselves don't even look right though.
  6. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Love them, Banai has done amazing work. Horsemen and Mattel couldn't have come close to this.
    Grune is differet to wha Ivisualised him to look like but I think its great.
    It appears S-s-slithe isn't S-s-slithe but a reptilian henchman according to the Bandai video as he comes with the reptile tank thing. Still like the figue though...its definitely got a Rakin Bass / Anime / Star Wars vibe to it and thats all good in my book.
    All look excellent toys, TOYS, not overpriced, poorly supplied and under articulated collectors pieces.
    Bandai Rules.
  7. sakuraxchan

    sakuraxchan Junior Member

    I think that this new Tcats figures are awesome!!

    But I will buy only some figures....and of course...the new Tower playset!! Just awesome!!
  8. Valdin

    Valdin Junior Member

    I am really digging the Thundercats Classics, I can't wait to see more! I do wish they were more 6". I am looking forward to the 4" line and vehicles, but am not sold on the cheetara design or the new panthro. Panthro was one of my favorite characters, and this guy looks like a gorilla with big hands. The thundertank with pods look awesome.
    Now the playset however seems like a revamped He-man Eternia playset (amusement park, more than a base) I would much rather have a Cats Lair Playset.
    With all these new toys coming out, I wonder if there will be any SDCC exclusives?
    As far as the scale goes, I hope the classics take off, but they decide to go to 4" and 6" I wouldn't be offended if they made a classics cats lair with the 4" figures if they decided to make them. 8" is a bad scale, nothing much else is in that range besides the classic thundercats. Now if they decided to do a mego/signature series line at 9" with cloth costumes and good high detail weapons, I would be real happy.
  9. voice_guy

    voice_guy Berbill

    I like the classic designs, but as far as the new designs go... I hate them. Call me old, but I don't care for the smooth, hyped up anime look that they gave all the characters. It's ThunderCats not Yugio. Grune and S-S-Slithe are some of the worst of the group, and even Panthro looks horrible compared to the classic. Give me the old toys any day of the week.

    The only thing I liked was the vehicle that looked like the old Cat's Lair and even then it seemed more of an insult than a nod.
  10. Chromeagle

    Chromeagle Barbarian

    Im not feeling the new line, but I am excited about the classics.
  11. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Not s-s-slithe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Does ayone listen to the video, its not S-s-slithe is a reptilian henchman.
  12. Lion-o-loco

    Lion-o-loco New Member

    I just wish that the paint apps on the Classics figures wouldn't be that shinny "happy meal" looking.

    They still look cheap to me compared to Bandai Japan figures... I hope they fix this before their launch!
  13. Lord LionO

    Lord LionO Mutant

    Not feeling the new line either, might pick up some classics but thats about it.
  14. Lordore

    Lordore Moderator

    Like the majority here i am in favor of the Classic line as well. I believe the Classic Lion-o stole the show as the most iconic representation.

    The Sword of Omens and the Thundertank singled out from the New Thundercats Toyline.

    However i have to admit that the LJN toys had a certain magic and enchantment which i can't discern to the New wave. take the unparalleled quality and beauty of their card backs for example.

    My vote went for 'not sure yet, i want to see more'.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2011
  15. Dr_SLUMP

    Dr_SLUMP Berserker

    I dislike glossy figures as well, I really hope that the final products will not feature a shiny finish.

    I also really wish they will eventually release LJN remakes just like Mattel did with the commemorative MOTU replicas about 10 years ago...
  16. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    Not gonna happen as they don't have the rights to do that. Mattel actually owned those sculpts, which is why they could re-issue them. WB do not own the LJN sculpts.
  17. Lion-o-loco

    Lion-o-loco New Member

    Does anyone know when are TC Classics coming out?:confused:
  18. To add to that, if it were possible for them to release the sculpts, they wouldn't be able to release them with 'Battle-Matic' action as both that phrase and that mechanism are owned by whoever owns LJN now (since Acclaim went under, I haven't heard anything). In other words, it would have to be a different mechanism, with a different name.
  19. GK Punk

    GK Punk Formerly Astrokreep

    I'm actually really starting to like the bandai line and I'm falling in love with all the new designs. Before Toy Fair I was a bit on the fence. But I have to admit, it all looks pretty good to me. Love the classics.
  20. Lord LionO

    Lord LionO Mutant

    OK, I'm wrong. After seeing a couple of you tube videos, this line is starting to look REALLY good. I still don't think I will buy them....yet but they are looking VERY Promising from what I've seen. Really exciting to be a Thundercats fan!!!

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