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Discussion in 'Super7 ThunderCats Toys' started by Sebastiaan, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Sword Breaker

    Sword Breaker Crabman

    Thank you for posting pics, Baedal!!
  2. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Tygra's colour is off and the boot/shin isn't painted properly.
    Pumyra's eyes are too big, the sculpt doesn't really look like her and the snarling head sculpt is poinless and awful looking. I don't recall he ever snarling at all in the cartoon.
  3. motogp_fanatic

    motogp_fanatic Berbill

    Love this wave 2... Will try to get this all...Super7 revived this line awesomely.

    Tygra and Mumm Ra looks awesome.

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  4. Cheetoro

    Cheetoro Vortex Explorer

    Tygra needs his colors tweaked for more contrast and less blue. His boots need corrected in color. And really he's too bulky but that won't be fixed so best to move on.

    The rest really look great to me.
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  5. InnocentSmith

    InnocentSmith New Member

    Why are they re-doing Pumyra? I think I'll be getting the other 3, Pumyra seems to be exactly the same as the wave 1, perhaps few more accessories and it was not that big of a character either? Anyway, I'm happy this line is continuing!
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  6. mjw41

    mjw41 Moleman

    Super7 are re-doing Pumyra because everyone complained how Mattel screwed her up making her taller than Lion-o. So Super7 is correcting her height with new legs and other parts.
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  7. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    His colors could definitely use correcting. His outfit is supposed to be sea green.
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  8. Lionus

    Lionus Junior Member

    Super7...thanks for what you’ve done so far. You’ve given us hope in an updated, quality line we wouldn’t have otherwise.
    Some Feedback...
    Grune: Perfect
    Mumm-Ra: Can’t complain.
    Tygra: In addition to the colour improvement of his thunderwear, the hair hanging down above his shoulders needs to go. That hair length is closer to Bengali’s. Note the respective galleries here, and here

    Pumyra: Absolutely not. I’m sorry, but I have to give you a tongue lashing for this one. Both face sculpts you’re offering are atrocious and insulting. Matty’s Pumyra wasn’t perfect, but at least they gave a damn and tried. Who do you have working on her sculpt? I can’t speak for anyone else but there’s no way I’m paying a premium for that quality. If that’s my option, I’ll keep my taller Pumyra thank you very much.

    Lastly, ”angry” shouldn’t be the automatic second head sculpt, for any character, “just because”. Do some research and choose another expression the character is known for. “Angry” shouldn’t be the default.
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  9. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Colelcting toys used to be fun. Hopefully WB have common sense to let other companies produce Thundercats toys and not just limiting themselves to Super 7 and 4 Horsemen.
    I would rather support companies like Funko etc and be able to buy the toys hassle free without having to wait multiple months on delivery and literally telling the sculptors and company all the faults.
  10. jbrannock1

    jbrannock1 Junior Member

    You are correct- it used to be fun until people like YOU get on here (and other sites) and constantly complain about everything that comes out. Everything is a complaint or a negative comment.

    I am so glad Super7 got Thundercats and are trying to do it right and release figures for us that represent the actual characters we love. That being said, Super7 is always releasing updates and revisions to the prototypes to try and get them as close to accurate as possible. This includes new sculpts, revisions, and paint changes. At the moment, I do not think any other company would be giving us the Classic line of Thundercats and would be even open to fan dictated revisions.
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  11. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I am only also on and have pointed out facts, if you want to class that as complaining that is up to you.
    No company should need fan dictated revisions for their products.
    If YOU and other people want to loyally support any crap released that is up to you.
  12. motogp_fanatic

    motogp_fanatic Berbill

    Well "crap released" is not really fact right?
    Opinions are not facts.

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  13. thezaxfactor

    thezaxfactor Staff Writer and Moderator Staff

    Let’s cool it with the finger-pointing and ad hominem “people like you” attacks. A lot of the takes I’m seeing here are perfectly reasonable. We can choose to see them as just complaints, or as feedback that has a good chance of being heard. And on the other side, we should be able to offer feedback on these designs calmly—there’s no need to get angry over prototypes when there are several months for changes to be made before these figures will actually be produced.
    This is interesting. For most consumer products, I’d agree with you. But this is a product for fans, and fans are going to be more knowledgeable and critical of these designs than anyone. Fan feedback has a history of being heard, and revisions do get made, so in this case I think it’s worth us voicing our feedback. The fact that Super7 is willing to listen to feedback is something that we should be grateful for, not critical of, and the more reasonably we can deliver that feedback the better.
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  14. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Numerous products with quality control issues are crap.
    Therefore the majority of Super 7's products are crap.
    Fact. ;):biggrin
  15. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    It's good they listen to feedback but it is funny though a lot of other companies can release product images and the fans don't have to ask for revisions because those companies do better jobs on their products.

    I was thinkinging about it...but after these pics etc I have no interest in buying Super 7's Thundercats so I will comment no further on their Thundercats products.
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  16. mjw41

    mjw41 Moleman

    Just curious since have no interest in buying Super 7's Thundercats does that also mean you won't comment further on Super7's Thundercats products over on as well?
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  17. jbrannock1

    jbrannock1 Junior Member

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  18. mjw41

    mjw41 Moleman

    I'm sorry but I don't think that there is a toy company out there that makes a 100% perfect toy. Every toy company has QC issues since the toys are manufactured over seas in china. Neca has QC issues, Mc Farlane has QC issues, Hasbro has QC issues, Mattel has QC issues. Many times its due to factory workers not paying attention to how something should be assembled or painted. Super7 is no different but they have improved the QC as they went along or people wouldn't keep buying their product.
    It's no secret you have a strong dislike of Super7 based on both your comments here and over on
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  19. motogp_fanatic

    motogp_fanatic Berbill

    You're funny with your "facts".
    I own a lot of Super7 MOTUC CG and crap does not describe any of it.

    What toy company is that that fans don't ask for revision? I'm tempted to try their products.

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  20. ThunDerianRoyalGuard

    ThunDerianRoyalGuard Site Admin Staff

    Can we stop with the snarky, passive aggressive comments, please? We are not in high school,right? Let talk about toys in an adult manner :roflmao
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