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    Pictures to follow.

    Let me start by saying that i really cherish my Thundercats comic collection, it's where my Thundercats collection started.
    However, as my collection (and family) has grown larger i need to make some room and the comics are the obvious choice as they are stored away in boxes.
    I have the complete run of 24 US 80's comics, the complete run of 129 UK comics & Annuals / Price of pride & Collected Comics 1,2,3,4,5 & 7 (missing the ever elusive Collected comic 6,8 & 9)
    There are also a few French Cosmocats comics & specials and some UK books & sticker album. 2 or 3 of the UK issues also have the free gift attached.

    Around 200 comics & books in total selling for £1000 - with the price to include shipping worldwide.

    As i say i really love the collection i have built up so am listing as a last resort at my "i don't want to sell it price" so i understand that people may scoff at the price tag!
    This is a really heavy lot & will take a lot of time & packaging to pack safely for transport. I will offer a discount to anyone who can collect.
    Time is a massive issue for me with a long-hours job and a young family so i would rather sell as one lot than cherry pick the good bits to sell.

    I can provide as much info as anyone needs, but please bear with me if it takes a few days to respond.
    I'm always available on Instagram/Twitter should you need a faster / easier response
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    Pm sent.

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