ThunderCats costumes through Target

Discussion in 'Modern Collectables' started by CodeofThundera, Sep 21, 2011.

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    Keep in mind, only adults aged 30+ saw the original show when it originally aired. And youths aged 20+ saw it on the Toonami run. So why would a 5 year old know who the original Lion-O or Panthro are?

    But what does surprise me is that we haven't seen costumes for the 2011 characters.
  3. This is creepy!
  4. CodeofThundera

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    I think the mask on the Lion-O costume, the skin looks too white compared to the body.

    I'm surprised too that there aren't costumes out for the new series.

    I should mention that the costumes and masks are also available at Sears web site. Sears actually has quite a collection of stuff for sale.
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    Not surprising really. The show is new and it still needs to pick up some steam. Not everybody is going to instantly jump on the advertising thundertank.

    By this time next year I bet we will have seen 2011 shirts, bed sets and school supplies, which'll give way to halloween costumes.

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