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    Title: Thundercats: Hall of Omens "Hidden Treasures"
    Author: Cap'N Cracka
    Status: Episode 1 of 26
    Summary: (The Hall of Omens in the oldest structure in Thundera. It contains the rarest,most mystifying and sacred treasures of the Thundercats history. When Thundera fell, the Hall of Omens fell with and was ransacked during the Lizard's attack. One unlikely cat, takes it upon himself to restore the Hall of Omens and restore Thundera to its former greatness of ancient times. )
    Rating: PG
    Genre(s): Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Epic,
    Warnings: mild violence,
    Disclaimer: I do not own Thundercats and this story is not-for-profit

    Thundercats - Hall of Omens is a fan-fiction series written by us here at the Hall of Omens and "Save ThunderCats" Campaign. The story runs simultaneous the new ThunderCats series’ time line. Episode 1 takes place alongside Episode 1 of the new ThunderCats series. Like all of the fan fiction written here, we try to keep it as close to the series as possible. With Season 2 still up in the air, many of the stories written now may not coincide with Season 2 should it ever get a release. Please keep that in mind.
    Thundercats - Hall of Omens follows the original character we created named "Buddha". His mission is to find and restore all the items stolen from the Hall of Omens before its destruction, including artifacts such as the Treasure of Thundera. New characters will be introduced alongside several characters from the original series. We have a lot of stories we want to work on here and they are all interconnected. If you like one particular series we write, check out the others! It will give you more background on your favorite characters and perhaps even a better idea of the bigger picture as intended.

    Thundercats: Hall of Omens
    Episode 1
    "Hidden Treasures"

    Scene 1

    It is a joyous time in Thundera. A great general has returned to the city with vast treasures, conquered enemies, and tales of adventure. One of the mightiest of all Thundercat warriors, Grune, has returned.
    The thrill of seeing Grune ride closer to the city filled Thundera. His return however marked a great sadness in one of its residents. A little known resident that was of no significance to the other inhabitants of King Claudus’ great fortress. One, that if most knew was within the city limits, would demand him removed.
    Buddha, of the Maltese Tiger clan, was not so cheerful of the celebrated general’s return. The two had never been friends, nor could they stand being close to one other. Buddha looked out from the Hall of Omens to where a solitary Grune stood on top of a heap of treasure he had brought with him. When Grune had left Thundera he did not leave alone. He left with fellow ThunderCat General Panthro. But now Panthro was nowhere to be seen. Realizing this, Buddha turned his head, pulled his hood over his face and walked away. He sauntered through the Hall of Omens to a section most Thunderians did not even know exist. These spaces were the areas Buddha called home. He spent most of his time in these ancient halls reading the early texts, researching primeval stories and studying every piece of information he could lay his hands on of the knowledge hidden within the Hall of Omens.
    This was not always how he spent all of his time. There had been a time when his time was divided between his research at the Hall of Omens and apprenticing with Panthro. Panthro and Buddha had become fast friends after an incident in the Thunderian marketplace. They did not start off as friends but soon became the closest comrades. But now, Buddha's friend was gone and he was convinced he would never see him again.

    Buddha wanted to be alone. He gathered some books from the shelves that he wanted to take with him for further reading. It was not safe to study them in the Hall of Omens. If he were to have a run in with anyone here, things would escalate from bad to worse. He knew that he needed to go.
    Buddha made his way out of the dark corners and back to the more populated areas of the Hall of Omens. As he rushed through the great open space, his path was abruptly disrupted. The glutinous Baron Tas had not been paying attention and slammed right into Buddha. They both fell to the ground.
    "You fool!! Who do you think you are?! Do you know who I am?" Baron Tas hollered as he tried to pull himself off the ground. A frail, skinny, grey haired Thunderian that accompanied Baron Tas quickly helped him up. “Are you alright Baron Tas, sir?" the elder Thunderian asked.
    "I'm fine, Mr Grubber." Baron Tas replied as he pushed Mr Grubber away from him. "Get that fool, Grubber"!! Baron Tas demanded.
    Mr Grubber scurried across the floor like a frightened animal towards Buddha. He frantically gathered the pages that had fallen out of the books he was carrying with him. Mr Grubber grabbed Buddha's hood and pulled it down, simultaneously reaching for his arm, but Buddha reacted swiftly by pulling his arm away from Mr. Grubber.
    "Don't touch me Grandpaw" Buddha moaned as he whipped his body around, exposing his face to the light.
    Baron Tas, now able to see his “attacker” for the first time, raised his voice to a loud reprimand of disgust.
    "A TIGER?! I was touched by a Tiger?!" He instinctively wiped the dirt and dust off himself as if he had been brushed by a wind of disease. In protest, Baron Tas did something he would live to regret. In the ultimate display of disrespect, he spit on Buddha.
    "You don't deserve to touch my fur, you pathetic waste of a cat", Baron Tas exclaimed as he turned to signal the Thunderian Royal Guards.
    The situation intensified. Buddha jumped on Baron Tas, flipping him down and springing himself up, knocking down both the guards that had arrived. He then sprung himself back onto Baron Tas, kicking him into the air only to catch him and push him against the wall of the Great Hall. Either end of his sectional fighting staff was shoved against the sides of Baron Tas' face, the center of it thrust against his chin.
    Guards rushed to the area from every direction. Buddha looked to either side, seeing them get closer and closer. His gaze returned to Baron Tas who wore a medallion on his shoulder garb. Buddha pulled the medallion off, growled and head-butted Tas, knocking him out. He dropped Tas as he pulled away his weapon and disappeared into the darkness of the halls.

    The Thunderian guards halted and checked on Baron Tas while three guards ran down the hallway to track down the cat that had just caused this commotion, publicly assaulting Thunderian royalty. They searched all the rooms. There was no sign of the perpetrator. Reaching the end of the hall a guard saw a dark figure in the window of the last room. They entered but the room was empty. The guards hurried to the window and looked out, knowing it would have been his last resort of escape.
    The guards filed out of the room to continue their search outside. As they left, Buddha slowly closed the door he was behind. Little did the guards know that within that room there was a secret passage. In the corner of the room, when the torch stand was pulled down, a door would slide open to reveal a tunnel that lead to an exit at outskirts of the Hall of Omens. With the guards gone, Buddha made his way to the hidden door, pulled at the torch stand and slipped through, locking the door behind him. He looked down at the medallion he had taken off Baron Tas, flipped it in the air and caught it. Buddha then smiled as he continued down the dark forgotten tunnel, disappearing into darkness.

    Scene 2

    After navigating his way through the tunnels in the Hall of Omens, Buddha appeared in a doorway covered in vines and shrubs. It was located in the valley below, behind the Hall of Omens. Buddha made his way to a close by cave opening and entered.
    A great roar suddenly filled the air and two lights lit up the darkness of the cave. They began to move and Buddha appeared behind the wheel of the Jungle Cat.
    Unlike most of Thundera's citizens, Buddha had left the walls of Thundera on many occasions. He knew of the wonders that across the lands of Third Earth. Buddha had been travelling extensively from an early age and had ventured out to the furthest reaches of the land. As a thief in his early days, Buddha had gone to where the jobs had taken him. Even of late, Buddha had regularly left the walls of Thundera on journeys to find items claimed to once exist in the writings of the fabled Hall of Omens. Being an outcast in Thundera due to his Tiger heritage, Buddha had to keep much of what he knew of technology and of Third Earth to himself. Not many would have believed him any way. He had to conceal the Jungle Cat from the preying eyes of the cats alongside his knowledge of what was out there.
    The Jungle Cat was the first vehicle ever designed by Buddha. It was built from salvaging parts and using scrap materials. The Jungle Cat was small but swift and powerful - the perfect vehicle to travel the vast different landscapes of Third Earth. It maneuvered jungle-like territories just as well as it could cross sandy terrain – all at high rates of speed. Sand dunes were therefore no problem for this versatile vehicle. Not even rocky mountainous regions - the Jungle Cat was equipped with the "cat's claw" that could be launched from the vehicle and used to pull itself up against mountains, up the currents of dangerous waterways and to keep an enemy fleeing in a vehicle from getting out of sight. There wasn't anything the Jungle Cat couldn't do, and with Buddha behind the wheel, there was nowhere it couldn't travel.
    Buddha navigated through the valley with no destination in mind. He drove fast. He knew that it relaxed him. He drove for hours on end; through the valley and up the mountain range. With the help of the "Cat's claw", the Jungle Cat was able to scale the side of the mountain, and before long he was on the path leading to Mount Anguish, which was suddenly in sight. When he reached the peak of Mount Anguish, Buddha stopped the Jungle Cat and walked to the edge of the mountain where he sat down looking at the sky. Day was turning to night. The moons of Third Earth began to show in the darkening sky above. This was a view that Buddha found himself enjoying often. Not usually from the peak of Mount Anguish, but he felt that its location would be appropriate for the view today. He acknowledged the irony behind the name of the mountain and his feelings as he sat in remembrance of his fallen friend, Panthro.

    Buddha woke early the next morning with a heaviness in his heart. The time spent on Mount Anguish did not heal any wounds. He did not expect it to. The hurt of loosing his friend while the cats celebrated Grune's return was a dishonor, and he did not approve of it. He spent most of the day atop Mount Anguish, lost in thought. Some were memories, yet some were thoughts of guilt for not being able to help his fallen friend. He was also considering what he was to do next. Buddha wanted to use what he had learned from Panthro for good. Buddha had done enough "bad" in his life, and even though he had changed his ways upon his arrival to Thundera, Buddha felt it was not enough. He had to do more in honor of his true friend, the fallen Thundercat.
    Hours had passed and Third Earth was covered in night all over again. This night seemed darker than the previous, Buddha thought to himself, but it made for an astonishing view of the evening sky and the wonders that lay above the clouds. Suddenly the silence was disturbed by the beeping of an alarm. It had come from the Jungle Cat. Buddha turned to look. A red light was flickering and bathing the inside of the Jungle Cat in a red glow.
    "What?!? It must be some kind of mistake," Buddha thought to himself as he leapt from the rocks he was perched on. He sped to the Jungle Cat to see what the alarm was. He looked inside saw that the alarm was one that he had installed in the Hall of Omens. It had been designed to warn him of any structural damage. The only thing that should trigger the alarm had to be an earthquake. Perhaps there was an explosion of some kind? But there had never been reports of earthquakes within the walls of Thundera. Buddha doubted that it was the cause for the alarm the go off.
    "It's got to be some kind of glitch or a bad circuit or something," Buddha thought to himself, as he sat in the Jungle Cat, starting the engine. "It's probably nothing but I better check it out just in case," Buddha said out load, trying to reassure himself everything was fine. The Jungle Cat took off at an incredible speed. Despite his mind telling him that everything was fine, the knowing voice of his conscience wanted him to make sure. He couldn't shake the awkward feeling and pushed the Jungle Cat to its limits to return as fast as possible.

    Buddha looked ahead. The kingdom of Thundera was clearly visible on the horizon and his worst fear had come true. Flames were dancing all around the city, explosions echoed throughout. Something very bad was happening, and if he didn't hurry, Buddha would helplessly watch Thundera’s destruction. He hit the accelerator and raced towards Thundera and the Hall of Omens.

    Scene 3

    Thundera burned right in front of his eyes as Buddha raced back to the Hall of Omens. He reached the entrance in the valley and jumped from the Jungle Cat. He would be able to reach the Hall of Omens quicker on foot using his knowledge of the tunnels and passage ways. He pushed through the first door to the main concourse he had passed, and to his surprise, Buddha saw Lizards, EVERYWHERE. The Lizards were destroying and looting the Hall of Omens, taking everything they could get their hands on.
    Buddha fought through the Lizard army, making his way through the flotsam and jetsam of the Hall of Omens. He saw one of the Thunderian guards that had tried to stop him earlier lying on the ground. Buddha ran to him and knelt down and asked, "What's going on? What's happening?"
    The guard replied, "The Lizards breached the city and they are led by Mumm-Ra!” He gulped as if he was drowning in water. “The Treasure Room….go!" the guard muttered before passing out.
    Buddha's eyes opened wide as he whispered in awe, "The Treasure of Thundera!" Buddha ran to find the Treasure Room to protect it from the Lizard Army. He battled his way through the Hall of Omens, and every time one Lizard fell, it seemed like three more appeared. When he reached the doorway of the room that held the Treasure, he was knocked down by a dark figure fleeing the Hall of Omens. Buddha couldn't make out who the figure was through the smoke-filled air. The figure vanished into the consuming battle behind him.
    "It must have been a frantic Thunderian", Buddha thought to himself as he regained his stand in front of the door again. He looked inside. It was filled with Lizards. All but one piece of the Treasure of Thundera was gone, and it was in the hands of a Lizard. Stuck between the thin fingered, green claws of the red speckled creature was the Key of Thundera.
    Buddha fought through the group that had ransacked the room. The walls and ceiling of the hall began to crumble and fall. Buddha made his way to the plump-set Lizard that had the Key of Thundera. Sensing there was only a matter of seconds before the room would come crashing down, the Lizard threw the Key to the other side of the room. With only seconds left, the whole ceiling caved in, and instead of running for the door to save his own life, Buddha ran for the Key of Thundera. He reached for it and clutched it in his hands as the ceiling fell, chunks of cement falling down upon him.
    The debris however bounced off Buddha as if he was covered by a glass dome. Buddha realized instinctively that the Sword of Omens was not the only Thunderian jewel that had magical powers. The Key of Thundera had saved his life. His decision to save a piece of Thunderian history saved his life. The Key had released an energy field that acted as a shield protecting both Buddha and the Key from harm. Buddha was convinced that the Key had sensed the danger. He was dumbstruck.
    Buddha climbed out of the rubble and made his way through the remains of the Hall of Omens, looking for survivors. He found many lost and confused cats, and guided them to the tunnels to a safe escape. He saved as many Thunderians as possible, but there was only so much he could do.
    The damage the Lizards and Mumm-Ra had done to the Hall of Omens and Thundera was too immense. The Hall of Omens had crumbled before his very eyes. Even the magical powers that it had been thought to posses were unable to stop it from collapsing. Before more damage could occur, and taking the safety of the Thunderians Buddha had led to the forgotten tunnels, Buddha decided to close and lock the door behind them. As he closed the door with sorrow, he turned to watch the Hall of Omens collapse. The place that he called home was no more.

    Buddha guided the survivors through the passages to the valley below. They were safe there. There were no Lizards in sight. He instructed them to head to a village only a few hours walk further on, where they would be safe. As the Thunderians hurried towards the village, Buddha jumped into the Jungle Cat and began scaling the mountain. It would take a while, but it was going to be the fastest way for him to reach Thundera again.
    By the time Buddha reached the top of the mountain to look out across the land, the sun had risen to reveal a fallen Thundera. Fires that had been burning fiercely in the night were now only smouldering piles of ash. There was nothing left of the once great city. As Buddha looked around he could see Lizards running down the streets, pillaging what was left. The people of Thundera were gone. Many had been captured by Mumm-Ra his Lizard Army, others had escaped and were lost to Third Earth. He knew things were going to very be different from here on out.

    Buddha walked through once magnificent Hall of Omens, wallowing in its destruction. The Hall of Omens was a shell of what it had once been. There was nothing left of it except for the Key of Omens which had saved Buddha's life. Buddha knew what he had to do. The Key had saved him for a reason, and he was not going to let it down. His mission was simple: find all the items that used to call the Hall of Omens home and restore it to its former glory.
    After seeing the power the Key of Omens had within it, the rumors of the Hall of Omens having an “energy” about it became more and more real. If it were true, Buddha figured that it could use all the help it could get. If this iconic Cat structure indeed had the ability to mend it self over time, Buddha figured the sooner it was straightened out and cleaned, the easier it would be for it to heal and repair it self.
    Buddha spent hours combing through every inch of the Hall of Omens, looking for survivors or any injured Thunderians. Buddha planned to search the rest of the city for any cats that may still be alive or hiding in Thundera. He would start clearing the Hall of Omens of debris after his search for survivors. It was going to take him weeks to relocate all the rubble that now cluttered the halls.
    Buddha stood in a doorway facing the exterior, looking out over the fallen city, and to his surprise he could see cats walking in the distance. Not just any cats, but ThunderCats. He saw the son of King Claudus, Lion-O, along with his brother, the adoptive prince Tygra, accompanied by a female cat. They were leaving Thundera.
    This confused and angered Buddha. Why would the royal family of Thundera be leaving the city? Why weren't they conducting a search for survivors and working on saving what was left of the city? Why were they turning their backs on Thundera only hours after its fall? There could still be cats within the walls that needed help, cats that could still be saved. But the new Lord of the ThunderCats was leaving, walking away from it all. The king was abandoning his city.
    Buddha, who already had problems with the way the ThunderCats and cats treated other, was disgusted by this act of cowardice and lost all respect for Lion-O. "What kind of King leaves his people in their greatest time of need," Buddha thought to himself as the trio walked away.

    Scene 4

    Days had passed and there had been no sign of Lion-O or the other ThunderCats returning to Thundera. Buddha had been there for days searching the city for survivors. To his horror, he had not found any, but he had found many Thunderians who did not survive.
    Had these cats seen Buddha on the street, they would have spat at him or walked on the other side trying to avoid him. Yet he chose to ignore that. He did not believe their end to have deserved. Buddha gathered each and every Thunderian that had met their end that night and gave each one a proper burial. He tried to identify each cat and recorded their names, should families one day return to learn of the fate of their loved ones.
    It was a horrifying job. It took days to complete this task. Buddha's past had been dark but this had to be worse. How could one stand being surrounded by death for so long?

    It was the last day of putting to rest the fallen of Thundera. Buddha wanted to put the past nightmare behind him. It was time to look towards the future. He wanted Thundera to forget the death and destruction. He wanted creation and life. The day to rebuild Thundera was here, and he would start with the Hall of Omens.
    "I think I'm going to need a hand with this one. I mean I'm good, but I don't know if I'm THAT good," Buddha said to himself as he stood before the ruins of the Hall of Omens. He looked down at the book in his hands. It was one of the books he had taken with him when he left the Hall of Omens in a rush the day before. He read the page nodding his head. He knew the information on the page he was reading was exactly what he needed to see.
    In the corner of his eye, Buddha saw a piece of cloth blowing like a flag in the wind. The sun’s rays highlighted it, almost as if a greater power was trying to get his attention. Buddha stopped reading, walked over to the cloth and ripped it from the nail that held it on the wall. There was a kind of thunder flickering in his gaze.
    He unfolded the cloth, bowed his head and closed his eyes. Wrapping the cloth around his forehead he said, "I wear this symbol in the name of Thundera ", as he tied a knot at the back of his head. "Star of Thundera, here I come!!" Buddha said as he jumped into the Jungle Cat and raced out of Thundera.

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    Hall of Omens


    The Jungle Cat
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    Title: Thundercats: Hall of Omens "Black Tower of Traps"
    Author: Cap'N Cracka
    Status: Episode 2 of 26
    Summary: (While searching for an item that used to call the Hall of Omens home, Buddha finds a Thunderin in need of aid and also finds one of the legendary Black Towers of Baron Karnor. )
    Rating: PG
    Genre(s): Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Epic,
    Warnings: mild violence,
    Disclaimer: I do not own Thundercats and this story is not-for-profit

    Scene 1

    There is no time to sit and mourn the recent happenings that took place in Thundera. The once great Kingdom is now rubble. Cat's Lair, the once impenetrable fortress of the Thundercats is now crumbled stone. He once highly respected Temple of the Clerics, lays in ruin. The oldest of all Thunderian architecture and most revered structure in all of Thundera, the Hall of Omens, was shaking to its very foundation. Much of the once impressive structure no longer stands. It too, fell in the Lizards attack of Thundera and to the power of Mumm-ra.

    It has been days since the attacks and not one Thunderian has returned to the city. Thunderians that survived the barrage of carnage are now scattered through out Third Earth, lost. Many separated from their families in the chaos, and now searching for them in the strange lands of Third Earth, which they have never seen. Many of these Thunderians are scared and confused, not knowing what to do. Their King, King Claudus was killed by the Ever-Living force of Evil, Mumm-Ra. His successor, a child in the eyes of many, Lion-O, left the city after its fall. But Thunderians don't know this. For all they know they are the last of their kind. Buddha was the only one to see the now Lord Lion-O departing the city with his brother Tygra, and a female Thunderian.

    Believing, that Lion-O abandoned Thundera, Buddha has taken it upon himself to restore the Hall of Omens to its former glory. It once stood as the heart of ancient Thunderian life, when the Thundercats first crashed on this planet and settled. The Hall of Omens stood for Truth, Loyalty,Honor, Justice, and above all HOPE. It stood as a symbol for good and promise of a new day. This is what Buddha wants to restore to Thundera and the Hall of Omens. This is his mission.

    It will not be an easy task. The Kingdom of Thundera was not built in a day, nor will it be rebuilt in a day. Buddha knows he is going to need all the help he can get. This is why he has taken to the Jungle Cat and focused his efforts on locating the fabled "Star of Thundera". The Star of Thundera, is an ancient Thunderian artifact that is a source of magic and great power. It's origins go back before the time of Third Earth, before the Thundercats left their home world. Thunderian legend dictates that the Star of Thundera was forged from molten materials that came directly from the Sun of the planet of Thundera. It is believed that the Star of Thundera is the most powerful Thunderian artifact to ever exist and can even counteract the effects of Death.

    Unfortunately, the Star of Thundera has not been seen in hundreds if not thousands of years. Written records were not kept that far back and placing the Star of Thundera's exact disappearance is impossible. Some believe the item never existed and was just a story for cubs, of the great power of Thundera. But a few days ago many believed the existence of Mumm-ra was only a myth and now look at what has happened since then. If the Star of Thundera is only a myth, then so be it. But Buddha knows he has to at least try to find locate it and he believes if it does exist, there is only one place it could be. And there is only one on Third Earth that could have it, and if this cat exists, he will be in possession of the Star of Thundera and the magic and power the Star possesses and they will not be willing to hand it over just like that.

    Nothing about this task will be easy and it may be a dead end, but Buddha is prepared to do what needs to be done to find the Star of Thundera and return it to the Hall of Omens, where it belongs, and be one step closer to restoring the Hall of Omens. This is why Buddha is driving, intently focused on what lies ahead of him.

    Scene 2

    As he looks out of the window of the Jungle Cat, Buddha recognizes the landscape. He has been in these parts before. It was a long time ago, when times were different and Buddha himself was a different cat. From the corner of his eye, Buddha is able to see a figure moving. The figure seem to be in the air, hovering. Buddha turned the wheel of the Jungle Cat and continued closer to the figure. As he got closer, he could see the figure was a male cat and this male cat was hanging upside from a tree. He had a rope wrapped around his leg and he was stranded dangling in the air.

    The noise of the Jungle Cat alerted the upside cat and he began frantically waving his arms and calling for help. Buddha cautiously pulled the Jungle Cat close to the area and jumped out.

    "Help!! Help! Please get me down from here!" the cat called as Buddha walked closer to the trapped cat.

    "You have to help me! I've been caught in this trap for hours, I'm lost and I cannot find my family! Quick, you need to get me down from here" the cat pleaded.

    "Ok, Ok, settle down, hang in there" Buddha replied.

    "How did you get yourself in this little mishap, you got a name", Buddha asked standing before the hanging cat clearly not moving until he answered his questions.

    "My name is Torr, I was getting my family out of Thundera during the attack and we were separated. I haven't seen them in days. I was searching for them when this happened. Please let me down". Torr replied.

    "Torr?" Buddha said as if the name triggered a memory.

    "Alright Torr, don't move. I’ll get you down. This might hurt a bit", Buddha said as he jumped and removed his sectional staff from his back, swinging it towards the rope that was wrapped around Torr's ankle and the tree. Torr fall to the ground, landing hard but he was not injured.

    Rubbing his head, Torr said , "Thanks, I think."

    "Hey, your down aren't ya?"Buddha replied.

    "These parts aren't the greatest to be walking around in my friend. You are going to want to find your family and get far from here." Buddha told Torr.

    "I know" Torr replied. "While I was hanging there, I was robbed. I didn't have much but they took the few possessions I did have." Torr told Buddha.

    "What did they get from you? Buddha asked.

    "I was carrying my sons gold necklace and some coins. It wasn't much but that necklace was the only thing I have left that belonged to my son. If I never see him again...."

    "Don't worry, I'll gold it back for you. Let me guess, the necklace was gold?" Buddha interrupted and asked.

    "Yes, how did you know", Torr replied.

    "Lucky guess" Buddha replied as he began looking around the landscape.

    As Buddha searched the land he saw a clearing that he remembered. These was something strange about this clearing. It was a huge area in which nothing was growing in, completely surrounded by trees and forest. Something was not right about this clearing.

    "Torr, follow me and stay close", Buddha instructed.

    "Okay but why are we going to that open field. I can see right to the other side, there is no one there. There is no reason to be sneaking around. The robbers have not been around in hours. They are gone" Torr replied.

    "Things aren't always as they seem" Buddha replied and he stepped forward and to Torr's surprise the large open area was not a large open area anymore.

    They now stood at the door of a giant Black Tower, which seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

    Scene 3.

    "What? How? Where? " Torr asked puzzled by what has just occurred. "How does a tower JUST appear" Torr asked.

    "This is one of the Black Towers of Karnor. Thieves known as the Mwizi use these towers to store the treasure they steal in honor of the Robber Karnor." Buddha replied.

    "But how did it just appear" Torr asked still perplexed about the tower.

    "It didn't just appear, it was here the whole time. You just couldn't see it." Buddha answered.

    "The Black Towers of Karnor are all built in particular places on Third Earth. Each was built directly behind a natural energy vortex that omits from the planet. This vortex causes an illusion to the eye. It makes it seem to be invisible. Until you get up close. That's when you can see it with your own eyes." Buddha answered.

    "Karnor terrorized Third Earth years ago, robbing and taking what he wanted for decades. He was never stopped. He was worshipped, by many, for his skills. Thieves all around Third Earth idolized him. The Mwizi believe that Karnor one day would come back, because his ultimate goal was the cheat death itself", Buddha explained.

    "The Mwizi continue on with Karnor's thievery believing that upon his return he will share his great power with the best of his followers. Not only his power but also the wealth he had accumulated over the years as well as the wealth and treasures the Mwizi has collected." They will do anything to get what they want because each wants to be the best in the eyes of Karnor" Buddha explained as he inspected the doorway that stood before them.

    "Your sons necklace is in here". Buddha told Torr.

    To the surprise of both Buddha and Torr, they heard a voice call from the top of the Black Tower.

    "Father!!!" Father!! Help me, Father”, the voice called from above.

    Torr's eyes widened and he began to panic when he heard the voice. He grew frantic immediately.

    "Mateus!! I am here Mateus!!! Torr yelled. He then ran to the door looking for a way to open the structure.

    "That's my son! We must get him out of there!" Torr said.

    Buddha tried to stop Torr from reaching the door but it was too late. Torr began pounding his fists against the rusted shut door and immediately the ground beneath them opened and the plummeted to the darkness below.

    The two crashed into the stone floor and looked up from where they had fallen but the opening from which they fell was already closed. They had landed in an underground chamber.

    "Okay, don't touch ANYTHING!" Buddha exclaimed. "The original Black Tower of Karnor was created to keep the treasures he collected safe. These is not the original Tower but the Mwizi built these Black Towers to lessen the chance of Karnor's treasure to ever be found. As well as to stop any thieves that may think they are good enough to make it through the tower and reach the treasure room. Each Tower is equipped with traps to stop any unwelcome visitors. Stop them permanently. The Mwizi also use these Towers to store there stolen wealth until it is collected and taken to the Black Tower of Karnor." Buddha explained.

    "This place is booby trapped from top to bottom. We have to be careful and YOU have to touch NOTHING." Buddha said to Torr.

    "Okay, just get me to my son", Torr answered. He then ran took off and ran towards a staircase that the only light in the room was coming from.

    "This way!" Torr ordered as he placed his foot on the first step. The step then crumbled below him and Torr began to fall. Buddha quickly grabbed Torr holding him up and bringing him back over steady land. The two then looked down at the collapsed step and saw that below was a pit with spikes sticking outward.

    "Well go ahead, I'm right behind you" Buddha said with a ****y look on his face.

    "By all means, you go first" Torr replied with his voice trembling with fear knowing that he almost met his demise over his foolishness.

    Buddha then took the lead and cautiously moved up the stair well. Slowly the two made there way up the staircase. Torr followed the exact footsteps of Buddha to ensure he would not fall into any more traps.

    "We are almost there" Buddha said turning his head to look at Torr.

    Almost immediately after finishing the sentence spears shot out of the wall knocking Buddha back and causing him to bump into Torr and knocking him back a step.

    "Are you okay", Buddha asked.

    "Yea, I'm okay, but I'm stuck" Torr replied.

    "This step is sticky, I can't get my leg off it. It keeps pulling me back. I'm stuck" Torr said.

    "I have an idea, but your not going to like it" Buddha told Torr.

    "Alright, just get me out off this thing" Torr said.

    Buddha looked around and reached behind him pulling out his sectional staff. He then took the clawed ends and shoved them into the ceiling above their heads. Buddha then jumped reaching the middle section of the staff and propelled himself towards Torr, kicking him in the chest and knocking him off the step and back down onto the ground.

    "Told you, you wouldn't like it" Buddha said.

    "How are we going to get out of here" Torr asked.

    "I'm done playing around. Grab onto my back and hold on" Buddha said.

    Torr grabbed Buddha's back and Buddha ran towards the steps with sectional staff in hand. He then jumped pushing himself against the walls to by pass the steps.

    The traps that were laid out on the steps started firing. Darts shot from the wall narrowly missing the both of them. The spears shot from side to side and Buddha used them as steps to thrust himself higher up the staircase. They approached the top of the steps and Buddha jumped straight up jamming his staff into the ceiling and using the middle section of the sectional staff to gain momentum and push the both of them out of the staircase.

    Upon landing on the new level of the Tower, Buddha and Torr could hear a strange noise. Buddha without hesitation grabbed Torr, rolled and pushed him out the window on the level of the tower. Seconds after a metal gate slammed down in the exact spot Torr was standing.

    Torr fell from the Black Tower and to the ground below. To his surprise he did not land on the ground. He landed in the Jungle Cat, without harm.

    Buddha appeared at the window which was now covered by the gate and yelled to Torr, "Stay in there, and I promise you both you and your son will be safe."

    Torr had no choice in the matter, the doors to the Jungle locked, locking him in there. He looked to the window from where he just fell only to see Buddha turning and disappearing into the darkness of the Tower.

    Scene 4

    Buddha continued on to the only path that was accessible and he didn't like is only option.

    "Sure is getting warm", Buddha thought to himself as he opened the only door in the room.

    He caught himself from falling forward after opening the door. The walkway before him was narrow and surrounded by flames coming from below. His sense of urgency grew when he turned his head to see one of the stone statues moving forward blocking the path around the doorway. He had no choice but to go straight, and go straight quickly because the statue was growing closer to him with every second.

    He walked out onto the narrow path and began inching his way across through the flames. As he inched he lost his balance and started to fall back. He quickly regained his balance but his stopping on the path caused an unexpected trap to launch. The flames grew higher and the heat coming from then grew immensely. The path itself started to melt away right before his very eyes.

    Slow was no longer and option and Buddha ran down the path jumping off of it before it melted beneath him. He landed on what he thought was safe ground but then that ground began to shake and the floor in front of him opened. The floor itself moved to the other end of the hallway leaving a gaping hole. Pieces of the tower fell as the ground move and fell into the hole and Buddha watched them dissolve to nothing. The hole was filled with acid.

    "Looks like I'm jumping", Buddha said to himself as he prepared himself for his leap.

    With every bit of energy he had he thrusted himself forward. leaping over the acid filled hole. But mid-way through the jump he could see the ground where he was supposed to land moving further back. He wasn't going to land this jump. It was now too far.

    He quickly grabbed his sectional staff and locked it into place and jammed it into the wall that was within his grasp. The staff penetrated the rock and prevented Buddha from falling into the acid but his problems were not over yet. The ceiling started to lower. Buddha quickly unlocked the end of his sectional staff and used the ends to climb the wall as fast as he could. He reached the ground before the ceiling was too low and saw that the doorway was closing.

    Buddha had only seconds to decide his next action. He began to roll and hoped he would make it before the doorway was shut for good. He rolled to the other side of the doorway narrowly escaping being crushed. He was now in a small room, with one door in the other end.

    "Help! I'm in here! Is someone out there?! Father! Help!" Mateus cried from the room on the other side of the door.

    "It's alright, I'm here to help you" Buddha replied as he stepped closer to the door.

    A voice then demanded, "ENTER" and the sound of the door becoming unlocked could be heard.

    "That can't be promising" Buddha said to himself as he opened the door and walked into the room.

    Scene 5

    Buddha walked into the room, directly infront of him was a throne. In the throne sat a corpse in the garb of the Robber Karnor. Buddha could see Mateus high above the ground in a cage.

    "Mateus, are you alright" Buddha asked the young Thunderian.

    "Yes I am okay, did I hear my father earlier?? I could have sworn I heard him calling to me", Mateus replied.

    "Yes, you did. Torr is outside. He is safe and he is waiting for you. I promised I would bring you back to him and get you back safe." Buddha replied.

    "How did you end up in here?" Buddha asked as he looked around the room to see how he could get Mateus down.

    "I was lost in the woods and something grabbed me and flew me into this room and threw me into this cage." Mateus answered.

    "Something grabbed you or someone?" Buddha asked.

    "I'm not sure, it was dark and I couldn't see. But it was hard. It's skin was like stone. When it landed on the tower it was loud like a crashing sound." Mateus tried to describe the best he could.

    A loud crashing noise then shook the tower. It came from the roof. Buddha looked towards the ceiling to see light coming through. Something was opening a door or panel on the roof.

    "Mateus, don't make a sound. I'm going to get us out of here" Buddha told the frightened cub as he hid himself in the shadows of the room.

    The door on the roof of the tower opened completely and a figure entered and lowered itself to the ground.

    The figure stepped into the light and Buddha could now see it. It was a Gargoyle. Gargoyles decorated the Black Tower at the top. There were several through out the Tower. But these Gargoyles were not stone decorations; these Gargoyles were alive.

    Buddha leaped from the shadows, striking the Gargoyle and destroying it. Unfortunately this attracted more. Gargoyles began pouring into the room from the door. Buddha jumped up fighting the Gargoyles as they entered and jumped from Gargoyle to Gargoyle making his way to the cage Mateus was locked in at the peak of the ceiling.

    Buddha broke the lock and grabbed Mateus out of the cage and let gravity take him down. He held Mateus in his arms and flipped his body so his back would directly hit on of the Gargoyles and use it to break their fall. When he hit the floor Mateus ran away from Buddha and disappeared into the corner shadow of the room.

    "Mateus. NO!" Buddha yelled as the young Thunderian ran off.

    "You thought you could steal from me, the great Baron Karnor", a voice asked as the corpse that sat in the chair began to move and rise.

    "You, the self-proclaimed, greatest thieve on Third Earth. You know nothing of greatness" the voice said.

    Buddha looked at the now floating corpse with a look of confusion. Buddha put his head down and said "Good story, but we got to go".

    Mateus appeared from the shadows holding a a gold necklace and Buddha grabbed him and used the Gargoyles once again to reach the top but this time he went out the door the Gargoyles were coming in. Buddha put Mateus down and said "Get to the other side of the roof, I will be right there". Mateus ran to the other side of the roof of the Black Tower, and now he became visible to his father Torr, who was still locked in the Jungle Cat.

    After seeing his son, Torr tried unlocking the door of the Jungle Cat to come to his aid but could not unlock the doors.

    Buddha battled stone Gargoyle after stone Gargoyle. But the more he fought the more flew in. He was becoming overwhelmed. There were just too many of them. Buddha made his way to Mateus and was going to fight till he could not fight anymore protecting the young cat.

    Buddha went to strike the nearest Gargoyle and to his surprise it burst into pieces. As did all the Gargoyles that were attacking them. Buddha looked over the edge of the Tower and saw Torr, in the Jungle Cat controlling the energy cannon destroying their magical powered stone foes. With the help of Torr, Buddha was able to destroy the rest of the Gargoyles. Leaving him and Mateus on the roof of the Black Tower.

    Torr then targeted the "Cat's claw" and fired it at the top of the Tower. The Claw wedged itself into the rock of the Black Tower. Buddha now had a way to get Mateus to the ground safely.

    "Hold on tight, cub" Buddha said to Mateus as they started their decent down the chain and unlocked the door to the Jungle Cat, releasing Torr.

    Scene 6

    "Mateus! Mateus!" Torr shouted with joy as he saw his son for the first time in days.

    "Father!!" Mateus cried in excitement as he ran to Torr hugging him.

    "I can not thank you enough" Torr said to Buddha after being reunited with his son he believed to be lost.

    "No need to thank me friend. Just keep the boy safe. Do me this favor, when you see fellow Thunderians, let them know that hope is not lost. I am rebuilding the Hall of Omens. It is big enough to house all Thunderians that can get to it. There is a village not far from here. You will be able to get there before dark. With the damage we did to this Black Tower, you are not going to have to worry about Gargoyles or the Mwizi. You will be safe there. It is a Wolo village. The Wolo's are friends. They will help you." Buddha explained to Torr.

    "I will come back to the village in a few days. There is something I need to take care of. After that is done, I will be returning to the Hall of Omens and you are welcome to join me." Buddha said.

    "Thank you, but I can not. My family is still out there. They need me. And we need them. We have to find them. I need to know they are safe." Torr replied.

    "I understand, but things have gotten worse. When I was in the Tower, Baron Karnor spoke to me. He has returned to Third Earth, and with everything that is going on this is the worst thing that could happen. Third Earth is not ready for the chaos he is prepared to reign down. Karnor terrorized Third Earth once before, and I won't let that happen again. Third Earth is about to become a much more dangerous place."

    Buddha then shook the hand of Torr and turned to walk towards the Jungle Cat.

    "Torr, I almost forgot. I have something that belongs to you" Buddha said. Torr was puzzled by this statement. Buddha reached into his pocket and pulled out the medallion he had taken from Baron Tas.

    "I found this in the Hall of Omens, I believe it belongs to you" Buddha said as he handed the medallion to Torr.

    Torr took the medallion and looked at Buddha with a tear in his eye.

    "But how did you get this? This is my family crest. This medallion had been passed down through generation of my family. It was the oldest and only heirloom we had. I had to give this to Baron Tas, when he came to collect a debt. How did you get this?" Torr asked.

    "I had a run in with Tas, in the Hall of Omens. I could see it was a family crest, and not his. I know of the unfair activities and taxed Tas enforces to get his wealth and I don't stand for that. When you told me your name, I was familiar with it through your ancestry and I knew it belonged to you." Buddha said.

    "If there is ever anything I can do for you, please let me know." Torr said to Buddha.

    "I'm going to take you up on that" Buddha replied as he jumped into the Jungle Cat and started the engine.

    "Where are you off to now?" Torr asked.

    "A place called Fire Rock Mountain. Whatever you do, make sure you never go there. It spells certain death for any cat." Buddha replied as he tore off in the Jungle Cat racing towards the direction of Fire Rock Mountain.



    The Jungle Cat
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    Cap'n Cracka Mutant

    Title: Thundercats: Hall of Omens "Rampagers" (Episode 3) Featuring Driller, Stinger and Bengali
    Author: Cap'N Cracka
    Status: Episode 3 of 26
    Summary: (Buddha makes a decision to venture to a place on Third Earth that no creature dare travel, Fire Rock Mountain. On his journey he is attacked and wakes up to find himself with someone he can not believe. But he must get his head together quickly in order to hold his own in an attack by the Stingers and the "Rampagers" )
    Rating: PG
    Genre(s): Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Epic,
    Warnings: mild violence,
    Disclaimer: I do not own Thundercats and this story is not-for-profit

    Scene 1

    Buddha is racing the Jungle Cat across the lands of Third Earth. He knows he needs to be focused on what lays ahead of him because it could mean his death but he just cannot stop thinking about what had happened to him back at the Black Tower.

    The decorated corpse of the Robber Baron Karnor rose from its seat and hovered in the air. It was almost as if it was alive. What kind of magic could have caused this? Is this someone trying to get into his head? Or did the Karnor find someone to even cheat death itself and now has his concerns on Buddha? Or is this Karnor's one last trap against thieves? Did Buddha play right into some kind of mental trap by Karnor? If say, how can Buddha escape this?! Is it even possible?

    Buddha snaps out of his deep thought of the happenings with Karnor to focus on the point of him leaving the Hall of Omens, the Star of Thundera. Buddha slowed down and stopped the Jungle Cat to look over his books once more. He knew them like the back of his hand but he could not be too sure. He has got Fire Rock Mountain in his sights. Fire Rock Mountain and landscape rich in Thundranium. Thundranium is the most dangerous mineral on the planet. It has been deemed "off limits" by the peoples of Third Earth because of its unpredictable and explosive elements. But that is not all. To a cat, Thundranium is deadly. Thrundranium weakens cats. It exhausts them to the point of death. Pro-longed exposure to Thrundranium means death for a cat. And here Buddha is driving straight into the single largest deposit of Thrundranium on Third Earth. Driving to the center of Death itself, on a hunch.

    It's by no means a great hunch but when times are desperate sometimes you have to do desperate things. Mumm-ra and the lizard army have left him no choice. Buddha is a great warrior. He can stand head to head with any other warrior on Third Earth and beyond but being able to take on hordes of Lizards with high powered technology and the powers of Mumm-ra and the ancient spirits of evil, is a bit of a long shot as well, Buddha figured. He knew he was good, but sometimes even when you that good you need a little luck and maybe it was Buddha's time to get lucky. When Mumm-ra's ship crashed on Third Earth pieces of the ship crashed all over the planet, spreading out many of the survivors as well as portions of the ship itself.

    Not many peoples of Third Earth have ever been able successfully explore much of the portion of the planet known as Darkside because the mountainous regions of Fire Rock Mountain boarder most of the area. Buddha figured if there were survivors all across Third Earth why not be in DarkSide.

    There had been many Thunderian treasure seekers that search all over Third Earth without one even coming close to the where abouts of the Star of Omens. Many believed if it was one of the pieces of Thunderian Treasures Mumm-ra kept for his personal collection in the ancient times, it was destroyed like much of the ship and its cargo. But there were cats that believed it was on the ship and the item was on Third Earth. And there was a small sub-cect of archeologists that believed it was indeed on Third Earth and it was located in DarkSide.

    Because there is no record of anyone ever making it into Darkside or if they did, they never made it back there is no real knowledge of what lies in the lands. This causes many stories and theories to arise from Thunderians and citizens of Third Earth.

    Some believe there is nothing there. That it is just a baron wasteland. They believed if there were survivors in DarkSide there would have been some kind of sign from them by now as to their existence. They also believe that if there were survivors of the crash that their proximity to Fire Rock Mountain and its high deposits of Thundranium would have quickly caused the survivors to meet their end. Due to its toxicity to cats and even to all known inhabitants of Third Earth. Pro-longed exposure even to none-cat species has shown to cause the same symptoms just not as quickly. So it is deadly to all known inhabitants of Third Earth.

    But not all believed that theory. Some believed that part of the ship did crash and not just any part. But the part that held Mumm-ra's maximum-security prison.

    Mumm-ra kept his most dangerous enemies that he had conquered close to him. He knew he had nothing to worry about if he had them. He didn't just keep them imprisoned; he also kept them sedated. Mumm-ra figured the best sedation was to keep them cryogenically frozen. Time meant nothing to Mumm-ra and he wanted to share that with his enemies.

    Buddha was in the frame of thought that if their were survivors everywhere else, why not in Darkside. And if no one has come close to finding the Star of Omens of Third Earth, why not search Darkside. That was, if he could even make it there. He would deal with what lies beyond the rocks of the Fire Rock Mountains. Drastic times have called for drastic measures.

    Buddha shut the book he was looking over and took a deep breathe and said "Here we go" and pushed the accelerator down on the Jungle Cat with the highest peak of the Fire Rock Mountains now in his sight.

    Scene 2

    Buddha knew the Jungle Cat would provide him with the speed and maneuverability he needed to get through the Fire Rock Mountains and he also knew that it would provide him with some protection against the exposure to the Thundranium but how much, he wondered. Would it be long enough for him to navigate through the Fire Rock Mountains and find a way into Dark Side?? How long would he have? Would it be hours, days? All these thoughts went through Buddha's head as he got closer and closer to the region.

    The closer Buddha got to the area he could begin feeling the effects of the Thrundranium. It was as if the air was getting heavy.The thundranium proved to be more powerful then Buddha imagined it would be. He wasn't even that close to the mountains yet and he was already feeling its effects. This couldn't be good. Did Buddha make a mistake in coming here? Should he have just met up with Lion-O when he was leaving Thundera and continued on with them? At least he could have done some good instead of seemingly signing over his own death warrant to the most dangerous land on Third Earth. These were Buddha's last thoughts before things to an unexpected turn.

    As Buddha drew near there was an explosion in front of the Jungle Cat. Buddha quickly turned the wheel to avoid the flames and thought to himself," what the!?, I'm not close enough yet for this area to have exposed thundranium.

    Buddha didn't have time to think long because in front of him and all around him and the Jungle Cat began to rain huge balls of thundranium. Causing massive explosions as soon as it hit the ground. Some of these fire rocks were exploding in mid air. The force from the explosions around it causing the unsteady mineral to combust. The Jungle Cat is engulfed in flames. Buddha can't see a thing. Navigating through this Fire Rock Rain had grew to great. Buddha closed his eyes and pushed the accelerator all the way down, shooting him forward at maximum speed. He figured if it was raining Fire Rocks maybe he could push his way through it. Buddha set the controls of the Jungle Cat to auto-pilot and grab the control the the Jungle Cats energy blaster. Buddha flipped open a switch with his finger and pressed a button causing a targeting mechanism to open from the seat of the Jungle Cat and position itself and power on in front of Buddha's eye, a feature Buddha was able to salvage from an old Tiger Flyer he had once found. With the Jungle Cat speeding through this thundranium night mare Buddha began firing at every piece of rock he could to prevent it from striking him.

    Chunk of rock after chunk of rock collided with the Jungle Cat repeatedly. "I don't know how much more of this this baby can take" Buddha thought to himself trying to keep the Jungle Cat steady. The Jungle Cat begin to bounce wildly as if something was just run over. Buddha took his attention away from firing the energy blaster to see before him the giant rock wall raising above. He quick grabbed and turned the wheel but the Jungle Cat began to bounce wildly again and another wall rose. This one Buddha was not able to maneuver around and hit with the side of the Jungle Cat. Immediately after striking that rock wall rock walls began to rise all around the land. Buddha tried to navigate around all the walls but it was just too much. The Jungle Cat began taking on too much damage as Buddha got closer and closer to the Fire Rock Mountains, and it wasn't going to make it. The raining fireballs continued and increased as he drew closer to the the mountains and after one last impact with the front of the Jungle Cat, Buddha lost control. The Jungle Cat flipped up forward and was struck but a wall that was raising and pushed back and began being throwing through stone walls and stone wall, ricocheting through the landscape

    Buddha was thrown from the Jungle Cat and crashed against boulder and stopped. The rock protected him from the Fire rocks that were slowly decreasing in number from falling from the sky. Buddha slowly pulled himself off the ground onto his feet. He was badly injured. The weakness that was being caused from the thundranium was only making things worse. But Buddha got himself to his feet. He heard noises all around him. Not of rocks falling or explosions but it sounded mechanical. Buddha could barely see a thing in front of him, he was still dizzy and everything was blurry from the pain he was in. He pulled his sectional staff from around his back to be ready for anything.

    He then heard a noise and quickly reflected an energy weapon blast.

    "What the?!" Buddha said to himself.

    This was followed by more energy blasts that Buddha tried to reflect. He was fast but there was only so much he could do. Who ever or whatever that was shooting at him was shooting at him repeatedly and did not stop. Buddha was injured and could only keep up for so long.

    He spun his staff reflecting shot after shot and jumped out of the way of countless energy blasts, all along the mountainous landscape until the landscape got the best of him. When Buddha landed from narrowing escaping one of the blasts the rocks below him crumbled. The slip caused him to stumble and Buddha was shot by the energy blast, and then another, and another. Buddha fell to the ground. He laid there nearly losing consciousness quickly. Buddha then saw a figure approach him, The last thing Buddha saw before his eyes closed and he lost consciousness was figures head lean over his head and growl.

    Scene 3

    Buddha awoke to the splashing of water against his face. He tried to move but could not. He was sitting upright in a chair with his arms restrained behind him and his ankle to the base of the chair.

    "Don't bother trying to struggling. Those restraints are made of Thundranium. I believe you are familiar with its effects." a voice said from behind Buddha.

    He turned his head to try to see who had been keeping him held captive but he could not see him. All he could see was a water jug. He saw the water jug be raised and pour a cup of water. Buddha then turned his head back putting his head down.

    "Now, tell me why you have come to this mountain" the figure said to the restrained Buddha.

    Buddha did not respond. But stared directly out of the front of the dwelling where he could see the fiery inferno that is the Fire Rock Mountains before him. Buddha was somehow being held within a cave in the mountains themselves. But how? Buddha no longer felt weak like he did as he approached the mountains. He felt fine. How is this possible if he is directly in the heart of the death that is the Fire Rock Mountains. But Buddha could not let see his enemy see him fret. He sat up tall. In silence staring straight ahead of him.

    "You have come here, putting your life in danger and you have nothing to say. No reason why? This is not a land where one comes to travel through or sight see. If one comes here, one has a reason. What is your reason, cat?? The figure said as he moved around the cave the were in. The figure walked closer to a fire that was burning brightly on the side of the dwelling.

    As the figure approached the fire, Buddha could see the outline of his captor. It was dark so Buddha could not see details clearly but he could clearly see the outline of a Cat. A Cat is holding him captive.

    The Cat walked to the fire and stood in front of it staring into the flames intently. "I can wait, much longer then you can my friend. It is in your best interest to start talking sooner as opposed to later", the Cat told Buddha.

    The Cat then turned away from the fire and began to walk toward Buddha. He lifted his head to look at his captive only to see an empty chair. The Cat's eyes opened wide not believing what he had saw but then quickly noticed standing along the back wall hanging the restraints from his finger.

    "Impressive cuffs, but I'm not one for jewelry" Buddha said with a smug demeanor. "Your bluffing about the Thundranium cuffs, if they were I would not have had the strength to get out of them and you would not be walking around this place. So, how about we talk about things Cat to Cat or do you want to do this fun way?" Buddha asked as he turned his arm revealing his sectional staff in front of him.

    The Cat reached to his side to grab his weapon. On his side he held a Hammer. As he was about to reach and grab for his hammer he clenched his fist tight and released it putting his hand down.

    "Your the first one to ever make it this far, you know that?". The Cat said to Buddha. The Cat walked closer to Buddha putting him directly in the light. Buddha could see that it was not only a Cat, but it was a fellow Tiger and not just any Tiger, but another rare Tiger. Buddha could see that before him stood a White Tiger. The White Tiger put his hand out in front of Buddha and said. "My name is Bengali, welcome."

    Scene 4

    Buddha looked at Bengali for a minute somewhat confused by him but did not feel as though Bengali meant him harm. So he shook Bengali's hand and said,"The names, Buddha. So how are we walking around right now and not on the floor drooling?".

    Bengali chuckled and replied,"The Hammer, it protects us" as he patted his side.

    Buddha looked at Bengali more confused now then he was before. What did he mean,"the hammmer"? How could the hammer be protecting them? That really wasn't much of an answer Buddha thought to himself.

    "Your going to have to give me a little more to go on then "the hammer", Buddha said.

    Bengali took the Hammer from his side and spun it around. This is the Hammer of Thundera.

    "The Hammer of Thundera?! It exists?!?" Buddha interrupted. "Records show it disappearing in the Great Crash".

    "That's what we wanted the records to show, the Hammer never disappeared. We disappeared", Bengali replied.

    "We? Who is we?" Buddha questioned as he began to look around the cave dwelling for any hidden uninvited guests.

    "The Thunderian Masons" Bengali replied as he looked over the Hammer.

    Buddha was taken back and did not know what to say. Was Bengali telling him that the ancient myth of the Thunderian Masons was true?? Buddha read about stories of these fabled Thunderians in the books of the Hall of Omens.

    They were a secret order that existed as long as the planet of Thundera itself. The stories of the Thunderian Masons existed long before Third Earth. They were the original builders on Thundera. They built the Hall of Omens brick by brick as well as the rest of the Kingdom of Thundera. The Thundercats would not exist today if it were not for these ancient Thunderians. These Thunderian Masons were simple Thunderians, no great warriors and were around before the times of royalty and class, they were everyday Thunderian commoners that believed in what Thundera stood for and the Code of Thundera. These were the cats that created many of the Treasures of Thundera. It was their skilled hands that crafted many of these magical items. Their skills were beyond that of other cats of the day. The most skilled of the Thunderian Masons voted amongst themselves and appointed an unofficial "Leader" to make sure the Thunderian Masons would always follow the path of Code of Thundera. The "Leader" of this secret underground society was named "The Blacksmith".

    "The Blacksmith" was the single most skilled Thunderian among the Thunderian Masons. The first "Blacksmith" was named during the construction of the original Hall of Omens on Thundera. A Cat named Cougara was chosen for his skills of building structures and items with such precision, he was able to focus the natural energies within the stone. From that day on The Blacksmiths would choose their apprentice and only the apprentice would possess the Hammer of Thundera.

    One night, in a time of unstableness in Thundera's sun, a rock came crashing down to Thundera believed to be from the Thunderian sun itself. A Thunderian farmer found the piece of the hardened cool sun. He was a mason. It looked like a piece of rock he had never seen before and could feel the energy coming from the rock. He quickly took it to a secret room in the Hall of Omens, where the Masons met out of the eyes of the public view. It was there, Thunderian Masons agreed that something must be done with this gift from the Sun.

    It was then Cougara was appointed by his fellow Thunderian Masons as the most skilled builder in Thundera - the "Blacksmith".

    After the Blacksmith was chosen, it was agreed that they wanted to harness the power that was granted before them. Cougara knew exactly what must be done. He talked to the clerics and been members of their society and those that knew of "magical" powers. Cougara wanted them to use whatever skills of magic they could to protect him from working with the rock. They knew nothing of the rock other then being able to feel the impressive amounts of energy emanating from it and also make it possible for him to work with the rock. It was not of Thundera and its nature was unknown to all. Cougara wanted to be safe and not sorry. The most powerful cleric and manipulators of magic spent much time blessing the stone and casting spells over the object to protect Cougara from harm and to grant him ease in working with the material.

    When the final spell was cast, the cleric called to Cougara telling him, "It's time".

    Now that the strongest magic of Thundera were swirling within the rock as well as protecting Cougara he knew he could now finish his creation. He grabbed the other worldly stone and began to chisel away at it. He spent hours working on the stone being distracted by nothing. His focus was on the task at hand and would not be swayed.

    After hours of relentless hammering, Cougara put down his tools. He looked at his creation and picked it up.

    "It's perfect" Cougara said to himself.

    It was from that very stone the Hammer of Thundera was created. The Hammer thrived with the power a Thunderian sun as well as the must power magics of Thundera. Cougara grabbed the Hammer by the handle and raised it high above his head. The Hammer of Thundera glowed blue and Cougara The Blacksmith could feel the powers and energies of the Hammer within him. The Hammer of Thundera was not perfect because Cougara crafted it with excellent precision, it was perfect because in the hands of the right Thunderian, the Hammer of Thundera's powers know no limits.

    Scene 5

    That was it. That was it right there before him. The mythical Hammer of Thundera exists and it is in the hands of the Thunderian Mason Bengali. This was a lot of information for Buddha to take in. If all this was true it lead him to one question.

    "So, where ya guys been the last couple hundred years" Buddha asked. It made no sense. If these Cats still existed way did Buddha never find one trace of them in the Hall of Omens. Not one scroll or writing said a thing about the Hammer of Thundera or the Thunderian Masons being on Third Earth.

    "Your Thundera lost its way long ago" Bengali answered. "They turned their back on their own kind, the Tigers, and doing so turned their back on the Code of Thundera. On this mistake, they built an empire taking the best for themselves and leaving the rest for Third Earth to fend for. It separated its citizens based on financial standings, taking away equality among its citizens. That is a Thundera that the Masons would not stand for." Bengali said.

    "The Masons took the word of Leo, Panthera and the rest in the early days when construction of the Hall of Omens began. They told what was left of the Masons, who made it a point to let all the cats know of their stand against casting out the Tigers, that after the Hall of Omens would be completed the Tigers would be welcomed back. They just wanted to let them see what their crimes of war had cost them. They wanted them to see a thriving Thundera without the Tigers included and even a monument based on their actions. After the point was made, they were to be welcomed back." This is what they reassured the original Masons.

    "Taking their word the Masons helped construct the Hall of Omens. The Blacksmith, doing much of the work himself. Using the Hammer of Thundera on every inch of the structure. The Hall of Omens was finished well ahead of schedule and became the standing monument of greatness of Thundera. It was the center of Thunderian life. For a great time it was Thundera. And yet, the Tigers had not been welcomed back to Thundera. No effect was even made to open communications with their banished brothers." Bengali explained.

    Bengali continues,"This lead to great tension between THe Blacksmith, the ancient Masons and the newly appointed Thundercats. The Masons did not care. They vocalized their disapproval. Masons claimed "these cats may be cats, but shall never be Thundercats. Many times this incited riots on the streets from arguments between Masons and Thunderian citizens that did not want the Tigers in Thundera. Too frequently these riots ended in violence. The Masons began to become a Thorn in the side of the powers that be in Thundera to get their point across. This caused Thundera to outlaw the Masons. All known members of the organization were searched for and the ones found were imprisoned in Thunderian prisons. Any books or their writings were ordered to be destroyed. Their name was ordered out of all history texts and all text. The Thunderian Masons were to be as if they never existed. This was the punishment the first Thundercats declared for Thunderians that created and protected all that they knew before the times of Mumm-ra."

    "That seems a bit harsh" Buddha replied while looking out of a window out into the fiery orange glow along the Mountains.

    "That's what the Masons thought too. The Blacksmith and what was left of the Thunderian Masons, brought with them the items they had and left Thundera. They traveled Third Earth living by the Code of Thundera and helping citizens all over the land. Times were hard and the Masons had no real place to call home. The constant travel in times of hunger and cold grew to be too much for many of what was left of the Masons. Times had grown dark for the Masons". Bengali explained.

    "Sounds familiar", Buddha said while squinting and looking out the window.

    "Desperate cats, do desperate things" Bengali said.

    Buddha laughed thinking to himself how he had thought that same exact thing before. That thought is actually the thought that brought him to where he is right now.

    "That's when the Blacksmith decided to go to DarkSide." Bengali said.

    Buddha quickly turned his head from the window and had his full attention on Bengali. Buddha was doing the exact same thing Thunderian Masons and their leader had done years before. Buddha learned a long time ago that you have to learn from the past to be successful in the future.

    "Did they make it?" Buddha asked.

    "They never stood a chance" Bengali explained. "It was a time before they ever knew that Thundranium was toxic to Cats. The fews Masons that were left fell one by one on their journey to DarkSide through the Fire Fock Mountains. They had already been weakened and the Thundranium was too much for them. They didn't even know what it was. They had no idea it was its effects they had been feeling. They had just thought that they had fallen ill. It was with the fallen Masons did Cats learn of Thundraniums deathly effects.

    "Things don't add up. If the Masons didn't make it, how do you claim to be one?" Buddha asked.

    "I never said that all of the Masons had fallen." Bengali said as he walked toward the doorway of the cave. As he talked with Buddha he saw that he kept looking out the window and now his interest had grown. "Just what was he looking at", Bengali thought to himself as he made his way to the doorway.

    "The Blacksmith was the last remaining of the Masons. He continued on till he could no longer move. He was not going to let his friends deaths be in vein. The Hammer of Thundera protected his body from harm. But the exposure to Thundranium started to effect his mind. He had became lost in the Fire Rock Mountains. He pushed on until the day he fell to the ground. Below him the ground began to shake and rumble. The greatest of all Masons, the Blacksmith had been too weak to move, all he could do was lay there and bare witness to a truly incredible event." Bengali told Buddha.

    "The grounds began to quake and the Great Fire Rock Mountain erupted. The Great Fire Rock is a volcano. It had been dormant for centuries but that day things changed. On that day The Great Fire Rock became active as The Blacksmith lay unable to move. He saw the liquid fire rock flow from the mountain peak down. He rolled and slid down the rocks trying to avoid its path. But he had no more. With every ounce of energy and life he had in him he reached to his side and took the Hammer of Thundera and raised it to the sky. A great Thunder filled the sky and a blue lightening crashed in the clouds reaching and engulfing the Hammer of Thundera. The Blacksmith struck down the Hammer against the ground causing the earth to separate and fall. The liquid fire rock poured into the gorge. The Thundranium would not reach any further. It would not flow toward the civilization on Third Earth." said Bengali.

    Bengali continued " His arm fell above his head and over the side of the rocks. He could no longer hold the Hammer of Thundera. He looked toward the liquid Fire rock running down the side of the mountain. He stared at it knowing that whether it be from it or time, his time had come. He wouldn't survive this day. That's when something caught his eye. He saw something shine in the liquid Fire Rock. He didn't know what it was but it looked like something was floating in it. The Blacksmith watched the object flow down the mountainside, his eyes then closed. He had succumbed to the same fate as the rest of the Masons."

    "Put that's when it happened. Something no one ever could have predicted" Bengali said.

    "Hate to interrupt, but I don't know how to say these any other way. You know you got bugs?" Buddha asked Bengali.

    Bengali thinking Buddha's comment was strange reach the doorway but continued with his story.

    "That's when the the Star of Thundera bonded with the Hammer of Thundera. This created a power far greater then any power before it. The power pumped through the Hammer of Thundera. The Hammer raised and the Blacksmith opened his eyes. He then stood completely healed from all of his injuries and it was made clear to him the dangers of Thundranium. He understood it. He understood what it had done to the Mason. He also knew how dangerous it was and what destruction it could cause." Bengali said as he looked out the dooorway.

    "The Star of Thundera?!" Buddha exclaimed. The Star of Thundera was the item he was looking for. It was the purpose of his mission.

    Seeing what was coming toward them Bengali yelled, " They're not bugs, they're Stingers!!!!!". Bengali then stuck his hand out and the Hammer of Thundera flew from across the room to his hand.

    Scene 6

    "Bengali, the Star of" Buddha began to say before he was interrupted by Bengali. "I hope you are well friend, for WE BATTLE!" Bengali exclaimed as he ran out the door. Buddha followed behind him, spinning his sectional staff around him.

    "What's a Stinger?" Buddha questioned as he ran side by side with Bengali to collide with the oncoming bugs.

    "They are cybernetic soldiers. They are a bio-mechanical Dragon Fly species. Perfect soldiers if that is what you want them programmed to be. But there is no way Mumm-ra is strong enough yet to power an army of Stingers." Bengali said.

    "Don't get caught by their stingers. They hurt" Bengali also instructed. As he head this the Stingers flying above began shooting at the 2 Cats.

    Bengali raised his Hammer in the air and began to swing it, he used the hammer to propel him forward and he flew through the air. He flew directly into an oncoming stinger. Bengali crashing into the stinger caused it to start falling back. Bengali continued to hit the stinger with the hammer breaking through to its insides. Bengali then swung the Hammer and ricocheted himself off 3 stingers.

    The stinger that Bengali had broken through had hit the ground. It wasn't moving. But if one were to look close they would see that it was repairing itself. The damage Bengali inflicted was almost completely repaired.

    Stinger after stinger landed on the ground and targeted both Buddha and Bengali. The went from shooting with their stingers from the air to landing and confronting the Cats and facing them in hand to hand combat. As the Stingers landed their helmets raised off their heads and went to their backs and slowly became one with their skin.

    "Could have warned me their skin was made of metal" Buddha yelled to Bengali through the chaos. "Not that I'm complaining but it just would have been information nice to know going in." Buddha said as he struck a stinger in the face with both ends of his sectional staff while spinning and kicking another off of their feet. This caused the stinger to fire and striking another stinger.

    "Aw, You paws hurt" Bengali questioned Buddha as he fought off the attacks of the Stingers.

    Buddha couldn't believe what he was seeing and what he was fighting. These stingers were unrelenting. For every one he knocked down, 1 more would land and 2 more would get up. Even in the middle of all this all he could think about was the Star of Thundera. If Bengali had it, where was it.

    "So the Star!" Buddha said to Bengali through the fighting.

    Bengali answered . "it's in good hands" as he whipped the objects hanging from his Hammer up to in front of the Hammer, striking it and shooting an rail of energy destroying the stingers that were in its path.

    Buddha fought his way through this bio-mechanical nightmare. The eyes of these stingers were cold. There was nothing there. They were just doing what they were told and even their lives meant nothing. Their individual meaning was meaningless. Explosions began to increase around Buddha. One of these Stingers was getting awfully close.

    He looked up and this Stinger was different then the rest. He was larger and seemed determined.

    "Watch out!", Bengali yelled " That is their leader. That is The Stinger!!" Bengali exclaimed.

    The Stinger began to land and looked directly at Buddha. His helmet raised and went behind him just like rest when they landed but this one did something else. The thorax of The Stinger spread apart and The Stinger put out his arms connecting it to the thorax. The Stingers arms began to glow green and upon them were giant cannons. He began to open fire on Buddha.

    Buddha was able to avoid being hit by using other stingers as his shield, rocking behind them and pushing them in its path.

    Bengali raised the Hammer of Thundera and slammed it to the ground causing the ground to explode in a path until it reached The Stinger and then the ground raised and knocked the Stinger back. Buddha seeing this quickly took advantage of this and while The Stinger was in the air jumped on top of him repeatedly striking him with the claws of his sectional staff. When they landed Buddha jumped off of him kicking him in the face.

    Bengali pulled his Hammer back and swung it forward. A blue energy beam flew from the Hammer striking the Stinger and pushing it back into the Rocks of the Mountain. Buddha threw his sectional staff into the rocks above The Stinger triggering a rock slide. The Fire Rocks slide down exploding and slowly covering The Stinger.

    Buddha and Bengali both came close to the area that The Stinger was covered in fire rocks and they heard them began to move and saw The Stinger start to pull his way from the rubble.

    "No way" Buddha said as he saw the rocks move.

    "It's impossible" Bengali said looking at the falling rocks.

    They both then stopped. If The Stinger was going to get out from under those rocks they were going to have the upper hand. They were going to be ready for him. The other Stingers have been defeated and are repairing, they have bought themselves some time.

    Bengali gripped the Hammer of Thundera tight and Buddha moved his sectional staff in a ready position waiting to strike.

    They then felt the earth shake below them. The ground trembled wildly then out from it shot the robot known as The Driller.

    The Driller appeared from below the ground and looked directly at The Stinger.

    "Rampager: Stinger = severely damaged. Return to hive. The Driller instructed.

    The wings of the Stinger began to flap and he began to fly away. The Driller turned to Bengali and Buddha and stared them down. The Driller stood there staring at the 2 before acting. He brought himself closer to Bengali and Buddha and then dropped his head.

    Bengali stood with the Hammer of Thundera in front of him ready to release an energy burst from the powerful weapon and Buddha stood ready to strike at whatever moved. The Driller then moved forward like he was about to try to strike Bengali and Buddha but he quickly dropped his head to the ground and disappeared into the earth.

    Buddha looked and Bengali and said "I think we won" as he saw the fallen stringers beginning to stand and wings starting to flap.

    "No, they can not be allowed to share what they know or saw" Bengali said as he stood lowering his head an d raising the Hammer of Thundera high in the air. The Hammer began to glow and the mountains themselves began to move. Everything began to shake and Buddha looked and saw that all around catapults had began to become visible. As did guns and cannons. Great walls grew protecting the outside reaches of the land from anything happening within it. The entire mountain changed from a mountain to a heavily protected fortress. The weapons all began firing at once completely destroying every Stinger that was around Fire Rock Mountain. Leaving nothing.

    Bengali swung the Hammer propelling him forward where he grabbed Buddha and they both stopped at the entrance of the Fortress at Fire Rock Mountain.

    It was then Buddha finally understood. He thought that Bengali was hiding in the mountains not wanting to be found. He thought he wanted nothing to do with a city that turned his back on his people. Both Tigers and Masons. But Bengali wasn't hiding at all. Bengali had been stationed at the Fire Rock Mountains, protecting them. Not just protecting the area from danger. But protecting each and every cat and species on Third Earth from the dangers of the Fire Rocks and Thundranium. He spent his life building and maintaining a structure to save citizens of a kingdom that banished him. Bengali is and always was a true Thundercat.

    "So if you could do that all this time, why did you wait?" Buddha asked.

    "I never had to set my security alarm when I'm home" Bengali replied.

    "What do you think that was about?" Buddha questioned.

    "There is only one reason to send Stingers to Third Earths's largest Thundranium deposit. That's to mine Fire Rock. Stingers are the only beings on Third Earth equipped to last long periods of time being exposed to Thundranium. Mumm-ra is planning on doing something that he and other before him had feared. Mumm-ra must be working on a way to weaponize Thundranium. If he succeeds, not only will it mean certain death for whatever cats are left on Third Earth, but also all other residents of the planet." Bengali explained.

    "This whole mountain, all the defenses, all run on Thundranium. It is at full power at all times and the destructive power of this energy is unmeasurable. If the Blacksmith of an ancient time was able to figure out a way to turn Thundranium into a energy and a weapon, so I know it can be done. That's why I know it must never be done." Bengali said.

    "What about this place" Buddha asked.

    Bengali then raised the Hammer of Thundera one more time and the landscape began to change once again. This time revealing even more weapons throughout the mountain range.

    "This place will be safe" Bengali said confidently.

    Bengali the said, "I will tell you all you need to know of the Star of Thundera but now, I think it's time the Blacksmith return to the Hall of Omens."


    The Blacksmith- that forged the Sword of Omens and Sword of Plundarr on Mumm-ra's ship

    The ancient Blacksmith and Hammer of Thundera

    The ancient Blacksmith working with the Hammer of Thundera




    The Jungle Cat
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    Thundercats: Hall of Omens "Badlands of the Jackalmen" (episode 4)

    Title: Thundercats: Hall of Omens "Badlands of the Jackalmen" featuring Kaynar
    Author: Cap'N Cracka
    Status: Episode 4 of 26
    Summary: ( Bengali and Buddha rush to get back to the Hall of Omens, taking a short cut through the Badlands of the Jackalman, only to have a run in with the maniacal, Kaynar. Will Bengali and Buddha get out of their encounter with the Madman of the Badlands unscathed?? Or will the Badlands be their final resting place )
    Rating: PG
    Genre(s): Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Epic,
    Warnings: mild violence
    Disclaimer: I do not own Thundercats and this story is not-for-profit

    Scene 1

    This quest for the Star of Thundera has left Buddha with more questions then answers. What started off as a search for an ancient Thunderian treasure/artifact, has lead to much, much more. Buddha has had a run-in with who he believes can only the legendary Baron Karnor. He has found the last of the Thunderian Masons- the Blacksmith, Bengali. He has learned that the fabled Hammer of Thundera, one of the most powerful items in all Thunderian history, did indeed exist and he has even been witness to it's power. He has even fought an army of Stingers, as well as come face to face with their leader "The Stinger" and almost had a run in with the Mercenary mechanoid-The Driller.

    This run in with the two "Rampagers" left more questions to be answered such as "what and where is the hive", the Driller had ordered the Stinger to return to. If Mumm-Ra plans on building an army of Stingers lead by The Driller and Stinger, how would he stop them?

    Buddha now is no longer alone on his journey. Buddha knows this. He know is accompanied by Bengali, the Blacksmith. Bengali showed to be a mighty warrior in the battle between the two and the Stinger scouts. Bengali, wielding the Hammer of Thundera, was an incredible power to be reckoned with. The two fought well together, like they had known each other for years.

    As Buddha drove the Jungle Cat, he found comfort that he no longer had to face immeasurable odds, alone. The odds may not have changed but he knew he know had someone watching his back. Someone he actually got alone with. It had been awhile since he had someone he would call a "friend". Panthro was the last cat that Buddha had called a friend. He had done well trying to occupy his mind with the loss of his friend, but he could not get away from the feeling of great sadness it had caused him. Buddha may not show it on his face but deep down within, Buddha was truly hurt by the loss of Panthro. He could not get the image of Grune riding back into Thundera, alone.

    Even with all the other obstacles that lay ahead of him this is what was really on Buddha's mind. With his hand on the Jungle Cat's accelerator, Buddha squinted his eyes and could see a bird flying high above them. It wasn't like any bird Buddha had ever seen. This bird's feathers were all blue. It was a piercing blue, like no color Buddha had scene on an animal before.

    Bengali then shouted, "I know a shortcut to your Hall, it will cut out about a day of our travels".

    "I told a friend I would meet him and his family back there a few days ago, the sooner we can get there the better", Buddha replied.

    Buddha then noticed that the bird that was high above their heads had flown down and was flying next to the Jungle Cat.

    "That's one fast bird" Buddha thought to himself seeing the bird match the racing speeding Jungle Cat move for move.

    "When your finished losing this race to your bird friend, I will tell you the way", Bengali said.

    Buddha then pushed the accelerator down to full speed while looking at the bird laughing to him and the Jungle cat propelled forward at a steadily increasing speed.

    "So where's this shortcut?”, Buddha asked.

    "It's through the Badlands of the Jackalman", Bengali replied.

    Buddha looked and the blue bird had stopped flying next to them. It had pulled itself up and seemed to watch the Jungle Cat speed away after hearing about their shortcut. Buddha could see the bird in the rear view mirror turning around and making its way back to where ever it had come from.

    "Well that sounds promising", Buddha replied.

    End if Scene

    Scene 2

    "Jackalman!!!" a voice could be heard yelling from behind a door.

    "Get in here"!! The voice continued to yell as the sound of crashing and breaking could be heard coming from the room as well.

    The guard in front of the door was a Jackalman. When he heard the voice bellow, he shuttered and took a deep breath. For, he was about to head into the lair of Kaynar, the leader of these Jackalmen.

    Kaynar, was not made leader because of his battle prowess or for his strategic endeavors. Kaynar simply ripped the leader before him to pieces. His people fear him. They know at any minute he could snap and they would become his target. Many of his followers love him, because he has no rules. If Kaynar decides its time to attack a village, he doesn't care what you do as long as his mission is successful. Kaynar cares nothing about his army. He doesn't even learn their names because he does not care if he never sees them again. Kaynar doesn't plan ahead to keep his army fed or cared for. He doesn't care. He gets what he needs and expects his army to do the same. This causes many of his people to grow closer and closer to Kaynar's mental state, due to dehydration and starvation.

    The land now known as the Badlands of the Jackalmen, was not always a desolate wasteland. It was once a thriving savannah until Kaynar and his people made that area the base. The entire landscape quickly changed. Kaynar and his army turned the flourishing area to a land of death and decay. They showed no care for the land or its resources. They drained the land for everything it was worth and have left it a baron dessert.

    The people of Third Earth very rarely travel through the Badlands because it is known that is Kaynar or the Jackals catch you in their land, you will end up being dinner for a pack of wild carnivores. While these vicious creatures patrol the Badlands in search for their next meal, they know not to speak out of line to Kaynar or to vocalize their hunger. The last jackal that questioned Kaynar's lead and instructed him that his people were hungry had his innards torn from his body and discarded outside of Kaynar's lair. Even though his fellow jackals were horrified by what they had just seen they wasted no time in getting their paws on the scraps of what was left of their fallen comrade.

    This is why the Jackal outside of Kaynar's door was not excited to be called into the maniacal madman's lair. Not all return from within those walls.

    The Jackalman opened the door and slowly peaked his head in. The room was dark. He could not see Kaynar, or much else. He pushed the door open more and exposed the room to light. He immediately heard chains moving and could see Kaynar's pets, Cro and Cuta. They were hyenas. Massive hyenas. These were the largest hyenas on Third Earth. They were as large as any of the big cats on the planet. They were vicious creatures. Both gnawing on bone until they saw the light. They now stood posed to attack growling. But their growls sounded like a maniacal laughter. It sounded this way because that is indeed what it was. Like their master,Kaynar, Cro and Cuta get so excited during a confrontation they can't help but laugh. That is all they can do. They enjoy it. They are just as crazy and vicious as their master so it was easy to see Kaynar's attraction to the psychotic creatures.

    The Jackalman nervously looked for Kaynar. He could see Cro and Cuta, staring him down ready to hunt him and the only other thing he could see was Kaynar's throne. Cro and Cuta are found on either side of this monstrosity at all times. It is as if they are always standing guard over the structure.

    The path leading to it is outlined in long bones leading to the base of the throne, which was made up of a mound of skulls. The base and back of the giant seat were laid out in bone length wise and tied together at the ends with twine. Along the top of the back of the seat is a row of various creatures’ skulls. Each skull within it was a lit candle. The backside of the seat consists of random bones that are thrown together from his scraps and Cro and Cuta's scrapes. Bones stick out jaggedly all throughout the chair of death. Each armrest has a skull on its end with a lit candle on the inside. From that skull hangs the spine of a fallen enemy on each side.

    The Jackalman could see this horrific site and yet could not see Kaynar.

    "Sir" the Jackalman questioned.

    Across the room, behind the chair, a curtain opened and the Jackalman could hear Kaynar smelling the air. Kaynar then began laughing hysterically. The Jackalman guard stood there not knowing what to do. He was confused by Kaynar's actions and began to fear for himself.

    "2 things Jackalman" Kaynar said.

    "Send a fleet of Scavengers to the North West to meet our guests", Kaynar instructed.

    "Guests?" the Jackalman questioned.

    Kaynar began laughing, "HAhAhAH, yes we are having more guests tonight" he exclaimed!

    "The maiden is coming with us to great our guests, just in case they don't willingly accept my invitation." Kaynar explained.

    "Yes sir, is that all?" the Jackalman asked.

    "Oh yea, there is one more thing" Kaynar said.

    "NEVER, MAKE ME YELL FOR YOU TWICE!!!!!" Kaynar yelled while he dropped a chain to the ground.

    As soon as the Jackalman heard the chain hit the ground, he knew exactly what it was. It was the leash to Cro and Cuta. The Jackalman's eyes opened wide as he heard the blood curdling growls of the hyenas.

    Kaynar began laughing hysterically as Cro and Cuta jumped on the Jackalman and knocked him to the ground and began attacking him and digging their teeth into him. Kaynar smelled the air once more amongst his laughing fit and settled himself down enough to say, "I...HAhaAH...Like...Cats....HAhAHhahAHA"


    Scene 3

    Buddha and Bengali slowed their pace across the badlands as it grew dark. The sound of the Jungle Cat speeding across the desolate landscape would travel for miles and alert any Jackalman in the area. They both stared vigilantly into the night, keeping their eyes peeled for the sign of trouble. But at the slower rate of speed they were traveling, their minds couldn't help but wander.

    "So, tell me more about the Star of Thundera", Buddha said to Bengali who was holding on to the rear handles of the Jungle Cat.

    "Bengali smiled and replied," For someone with such a insatiable thirst for knowledge, you don't share much of what you know with others".

    Buddha remained quiet. Perplexed at Bengali's statement. But he also realized it was some what true. Buddha did not talk about himself. He did not share stories. He did not share information. He could talk for hours but reveal nothing about himself.

    "I'll tell you more of the Star, but first you must tell me what brought you here", Bengali said as he stared into the darkness surrounding them.

    "What brought me here? Mumm-ra and the Lizard army have brought me here. You know this." Buddha replied.

    "No, that's what caused you to be here. What brought you to this? What brought you here??" Bengali questioned.

    Buddha thought about what Bengali had asked him. He understood what he meant. He wanted to know what was going on in my life that has brought me to this. There had to be more to my story then a random journey to an area that meant certain death for something that probably doesn't exist. Buddha didn't share much with others. He sat driving, thinking if he was going to answer this question. While it is not something he normally would do, the rewards for the action deems it necessary. He will get more information of the Star of Thundera and possibly be able to actual have it in hand.

    Buddha thought for a minute and said, "I suppose it started when I met a Thundercat named Panthro”, Buddha began to recall the first time he met his former mentor and best friend.

    It was a day like any other day in the Thunderian Marketplace. Packed with Cats buying and trading goods, supplies, and luxuries for their daily life but today it did seem to bit a bit busier then usual. There were cats everywhere. Times like this are prime times for pick pockets and other thieves to strike unknowing victims. This is NOT why Buddha was in the Marketplace. Buddha rarely was out in public in Thundera around these times. Tigers were not allowed within the city limits. If Tigers were caught within the city limits they were subject to imprisonment, public humiliation, and depending on what they were caught doing...death.

    Panthro was in line out of the side of one of the fruit vendors, waiting for the Cat in front of him to get all of her fruit and kittens in order. Her cubs were running amok in the stand and she yelled as she placed her fruit with the cashier as he nervously watched the cubs running around the store and what damage they were doing.

    That's when a Rhinosauran turned the corner and was walking on a mission. He stared forward bumping into Thunderians and other species as he made his way through the Marketplace. The Rhinosauran slammed into Panthro as he stormed passed him. As Panthro turned to say something to the Rhinosauran, the vendor said, "The usual Panthro?"

    Panthro stared at the passing Rhinosauran and took a breath and turned around and replied to the vendor.

    "Yeah, just the usual" Panthro said.

    This is when a female Thunderian screamed. The Rhinosauran had grabbed her bag and she tried to fight for her bag but she was no match for the sheer size and strength of the Rhinosauran.

    Panthro quickly turned his head and his eyes widened.

    "The commotion had everyone's eyes focused on the two of them, and me", Buddha explained.

    The Rhinosauran pushed the female cat and that is when Buddha quickly swept the legs of the Rhinosauran out from beneheath knocking him to the ground, hard. When the Rhinosauran hit the ground Buddha dropped both of his legs down on his chest then pulled his legs back and pushed himself forward kicking the Rhinosauran in the face knocking him out with one foot and using the other leg to push off and catch the falling Thunderian feline.

    The female cat smiled at her hooded hero.

    "Anything worth doing, is worth doing with style", Buddha said to the female Thunderian.

    She was close enough that she could see the grin on Buddhba's face and his eyes. That's when the female cat asked, "Doesn't the hero get the girl?" as she pulled Buddha's hood down.

    She saw that Buddha was a Tiger and immediately screamed and jumped up into the arms of Panthro who had made his way over to help the situation. She had screamed not out of fear but out of shock. A Tiger was the last thing she had expected to see when she pulled down that hood. But it was too late. Everyone in the Marketplace was now staring at the Tiger in the middle of the crowd.

    Some began to yell and Buddha knew he had to get out of there. Buddha looked and he could see the Thunderian Guards making their way to the area. But there he stood face to face with Panthro. Panthro stuck his paw out in front of Buddha and said, "The names Panthro".

    Upon seeing this, the female cat began yelling for the Thunderian Guard. "Over here!" the feline shouted.

    Buddha explained "So, I grabbed Panthro's paw introduced myself and said I was sorry.

    "Your sorry?" Why did you tell him you were sorry Bengali asked?

    "For what I was about to do." Buddha answered

    Buddha then grabbed onto Panthro's arm and pulled him forward. Since he caught Panthro off guard, Panthro pulled forward with ease. Buddha then jumped over him and used Panthro's back for leverage. He pushed off Panthro back to push himself forward to a pole he used to propel himself on to the rooftops. In doing this Buddha kicked Panthro directly into Thunderian Guard First Officer Bobcat, knocking both of them and the other guards to the ground.

    The guards hurried to their feet and tried to lift Panthro to his but he kept pushing them off. They apologized over and over. Panthro was a higher-ranking officer in the Thunderian Army.

    "We are sorry, sir" one of the Thunderian guards said.

    "I'll get him, don't worry sir", First Officer Bobcat said to Panthro.

    "Get him?" Panthro questioned.

    "You saw what happened, the Rhinosauran is the criminal here", he continued.

    "But the Tiger" first officer Bobcat said.

    "You worry about the Rhinosauran, I'll handle the Tiger" Panthro replied.


    SCENE 4

    "Did you hear something?" Buddha asked Bengali as he slowed the Jungle Cat to a crawl.

    "I think the darkness is getting to you my friend," Bengali replied as he looked through out the surrounding area for signs of what Buddha thought he heard.

    "But then again, I can't see a thing" Bengali continued.

    The two stopped and listened for a moment to see if they could hear anything. But it was silent, eerily silent. Neither of them could hear a sound.

    "I think it's safe to say we are good" Bengali said as Buddha stared intently on the darkness around front of him, almost as if expecting to see something.

    "So how much longer is this short cut anyway?" Buddha asked sarcastically.

    Bengali growled and replied, "I'm sorry, I didn't know you were going to go the speed of a Slothman".

    Buddha turned and looked and Bengali and said, "Are you sure your not needed back at your rock cause I mean we're not that far".

    "Hahahaha. I believe you were telling me what brought you here" Bengali replied.

    "Oh yea, I lost my train of thought. I'm sorry" Buddha answered.

    "The Cat named Panthro helped you get away in the Marketplace" Bengali quickly replied.

    Buddha paused for a few seconds and said, "Thanks, friend" and continued on with his story.

    "Disappearing from the Marketplace was easy. Disappearing is a quality that most Tigers share. The problem was that I planned on staying around Thundera for a while and now they are already on the look out for me. I laid low for the night but there was another problem. A few weeks before this, I had lost my ThunderClubs. They were my babies. So here I was am on the wanted list in Thundera and I'm weaponless. I was going to need a way to protect myself." Buddha explained.

    That night Buddha had stayed in. Since the incident in the Marketplace, the Thunderian Guard has been on high alert as well as having more Cats on guard. Being on the streets or in the open would be a bad idea right now and Buddha knew this. So he went to sleep early that night and as he lay in bed he planned out what he would do the next day.

    The first thing he had planned to do was to find a weapon. He could make a makeshift weapon easily, but he wanted a real weapon. Something that he would be able to use to defend himself in case he had another run in with the Thunderian Guard or even the Royal Thunderian Guard. The best place to find a weapon was the Marketplace. While returning to the scene of the crime is not a good idea, the large amount of Cats there would be Buddha's protection. He would be able to disappear in the crowd. It may have been a crazy plan, but it was his best plan.

    Buddha awoke with the first light of the sun. While eager to put his plan in motion, he knew that this was not the optimum time to be in the Marketplace. It was too early. Most Cats were not out on the streets yet, if awake at all. So Buddha had to wait. He wanted the Marketplace to be filled with Thunderians doing the daily routines. It would be only an hour or so until so Buddha laid out a scroll. He was going to use this time to work on a design that he had been working on for some time. He always kept the paper on him in case he had an idea or had time to work on the design. This was his blue print to something he truly cared about it. He wouldn't 's anyone see it because "It wasn't finished yet". Or so Buddha replied to those who would ask. He would lose himself in thought over what he was writing, sometimes for hours. And that is what he did. He lost himself in the design until he looked at the Sun and knew it was time. He folded up the parchment, placed it in his pocket, put on his cloak, pulled the hood over his head and headed to the Thunderian Marketplace.

    As Buddha walked through the crowds he looked over each and every one his eyes could see. He was on a mission. But was having little luck. The only weapons he was seeing belonged to the Thunderian Guardsmen who patrolled the Marketplace looking for him. He didn't want to risk a second run in with the Guards in just as many days. But as a last resort, Buddha had no problem disarming the first guard he saw and dealing with the situation as it played out. He wanted this to be a last resort but the longer he searched through the Marketplace it seemed as though the last resort was the only resort. That's when he saw what he was looking for.

    Not far ahead was a Cat standing by the door of building. The Cat had his back to Buddha so Buddha could not see a face. He just saw a Big Cat. A Big Cat with a pair of red and blue claw ended nunchucks tucked in his belt behind his back. Nunchucks wouldn't have been Buddha's first choice but he figured worse case scenario he could rip them apart and have himself a new pair of Thunderclubs. It would be a simple bump and lift. The Cat wasn't paying attention at all. So, Buddha made his way through the crowd until he was only feet away from his soon to be victim. Without hesitation Buddha went to be his plan in motion.

    He approached the Cat and as he got close "tripped" and bumped into the Big Cat, while simultaneously grabbing the pair of nunchucks and lifting off of him. But things did not go as planned. Immediately after being bumped the Cat turned, so quick it was uncanny, and grabbed Buddha by the throat and slammed him against the wall.

    "You picked the wrong Cat", the Cat said but now Buddha could see the face of the Cat he was trying to rob. It was Panthro.

    "At least look at me when your going to try to steal from me" Panthro said as he ripped Buddha's hood down.

    As soon as Panthro saw it was Buddha he threw him through the door of the building he was standing in front of.

    Buddha picked himself off the ground, still stunned at what just happened. That was the last thing he was expecting. As he looked around at his surrounding he saw that he was in a Dojo. Panthro had been doing his daily work out regimen and took a break when Buddha had approached him. Now Buddha really didn't know what to expect.

    "You have 3 choices", Panthro said.

    "1. I throw you in a cell myself.
    2. You walk out that door and if I see you in my city again, you're gonna have to deal with me"

    "And three?" Buddha smugly asked.

    "3. You and me, right now. If I win, I decide" Panthro replied.

    "And if I win" Buddha asked.

    Panthro laughed as if he found the idea of Buddha winning comical then said, "If you win, I never saw you and this never happened."

    "Oh Panthro, but here's the thing." Buddha said as he began to smile.

    "You CAN'T see me" Buddha continued you as he jumped towards the wall of the Dojo and disappeared from sight. Buddha may be a rare Tiger, but a Tiger none-the-less.

    Panthro then turned his head back violently like he was struck. The once again to the opposite side before being thrown back by the force of the Buddha's invisible attacks.

    "Haha okay, you want to play that way, we'll play that way" Panthro said. He then grabbed a piece of cloth that was part of a decorative wall hanging, and ripped it. He took the cloth, covered his eyes and got back on his feet.

    "Let's do this" Panthro taunted.

    Panthro didn't need to see his enemies to fight them. He was a highly skilled martial artist, possibly the highest skilled of all the Cats in Thundera. He was just as deadly without his vision as he was with it.

    Buddha tried to jump at and strike Panthro but Panthro grabbed him and slammed him into the ground. The impact caused Buddha to be visible again but he then swept Panthro's legs our from under him like he did to the Rhinosauran the day before. But Panthro recovered immediately and jumped right back to his feet.

    "Don't you have any other moves", Panthro asked, taunting Buddha.

    "I got a few" Buddha answered as he kicked Panthro's leg to the side and rolled and jumped through Panthro's legs. Buddha then quickly jumped up struck Panthro in the side and wrapped his one arm under his chin and his other arm to the side of his head. Panthro was deadly, but he wouldn't be deadly if he were asleep. Buddha's plan was to choke him out and he had him exactly where he wanted him.

    Panthro stood un-phased by Buddha's hold on him and chuckled. Panthro then jumped back and fell to the floor dropping all of his body weight directly on top of Buddha.

    Buddha laid on the ground with the wind knocked out him and his arms out, clearly in pain from Panthro's counter.

    "You should add some candy fruit to your diet" Buddha said.

    Panthro had already been up and standing waiting for Buddha. He had pulled out his nunchucks and began spinning them and said "Get up".

    Buddha looked at the now armed Panthro and said "Seems a bit one sided, don't you think"

    Panthro then pulled a long axe, the same axes the guards carry, off the wall and threw it at Buddha.

    "Better?" Panthro questioned.

    Buddha turned the axe around and put the metal end of the ground. He then picked his foot up and slammed it into the axe breaking off the axe part. After that he took the stick that was left and broke it over his knee giving him two fighting sticks.

    He began showing off his abilities with the sticks and Panthro just rolled his eyes. Buddha continues his skill show and began running towards Panthro and leaped at him with the fighting sticks pointed right at him. Panthro quickly turned the claw end of his nunchuck and pointed it to the floor. Marbles began covering the floor around him. Right where Buddha was about to land.

    Buddha landed right on the marbles and was unable to stay on his feet. He went down and he went down hard. Before he could open his eyes Panthro was above him with his nunchucks pointed on either side of Buddha's head.

    "You're a good fighter. You have a lot to learn but you're good." Panthro said. He continued, "Tell you what, I will let you decide. 1 and 2 remain the same. But option 3 has changed. Choice 3 is, you will show up here tomorrow morning, same time, and you'll start to really learn how to fight."

    Panthro removed his nunchucks from the side of Buddha's head and started walking out of the Dojo. "If I don't see you here tomorrow, I better not see you in Thundera again", Panthro said as he walked out.

    "So wait, not only did this Cat Panthro beat you but he let you decide" Bengali said. "Sounds like you lucked out that day my friend", he continued.

    Then, out of the silence of night, arose a loud noise. It was the sounds of engines running and they were approaching Buddha and Bengali's position quickly.

    Bengali growled and said "look's like we have company."

    "Hold on!" Buddha yelled to Bengali. "We are going to have a run in with Scavengers!!!!!"

    Scene 5

    The lights of the Scavengers, the Jackalmen were driving, lit up the barren terrain. The Jackalmen were closing in and they were closing in fast.
    The Jackalmen stationed on the weapons turrets, of the Scavengers that were equipped with them, began firing at the Jungle Cat.

    Bengali growled and began to swing the objects that hung from his hammer in front of it to return fire with his energy blasts. With the first shot he missed. The Scavenger he aimed at was too fast. It was able to avoid t he blast by maneuvering around. The second shot had the same result.

    "Can't you keep this blasted thing any steadier", Bengali yelled down to Buddha.

    "I'm sorry, would you like me to slow down" Buddha questioned while engaging the targeting mechanism.

    "Well if you're not going to hit them then I am" Buddha yelled back to Bengali.

    The targeting mechanism positioned itself and Buddha began locking onto the surrounding Scavengers. But then from the opposite side came Scroungers racing across the badlands. The Scroungers did not offer much in armor or protection for the drivers because they were 2 wheeled vehicles. But what they lacked in protection they made up for in speed. Buddha heard them approaching and tried to retarget the energy blaster but the Scroungers were too fast. They were able to bridge the gap between them and the Jungle Cat in seconds. Each of the Jackals, piloting the Scroungers, carried in hand a bottle with flames coming off the top.

    The first Scrounger that was closing enough to throw on of these bottles at the Jungle Cat was able to avoid being shot but the energy blaster and set his eyes on the Jungle Cat. As the Jackal lifted his arm, he was struck by a blue energy blast from Bengali's Hammer.

    "Bout time you made yourself useful" Buddha yelled to his fellow tiger.

    By this time, the Scavengers were right on the Jungle Cat's tail but the Scroungers had passed the Jungle Cat and started setting the path in front of them ablaze. Buddha quickly turned the wheel of the Jungle Cat to try to avoid them but in every direction he turned was an inferno.

    The turrets from the Scavengers were hitting the Jungle Cat directly and what seemed to be non-stop.

    "What are they doing, shooting rocks at us or something. What are they hitting us with?" Buddha yelled back to Bengali.

    Bengali turned his head just in time to see a Scavenger turret pointed directly at him. It began to fire and Bengali quickly turned his head and raised the Hammer in front of him. He could feel the vibrations of the Hammer from taking the direct hits. As soon as he felt the vibration stop he turned his head back around and threw the Hammer directly at the turret. The Hammer struck the turret causing and explosion that knock the Jackal off the vehicle and made the Scavenger lose control and trash into another Scavenger close by. The Hammer returned to Bengali's hand and turned it to see what exactly the turrets were firing. He grabbed ahold of the small object and pulled it from his Hammer.

    "Bone" Bengali yelled to Buddha.

    "Uh what", Buddha yelled back, confused at why Bengali was yelling the word "teeth".

    "They're firing sharpened bone", Bengali explained.

    "This is a fantastic short-cut. Let me guess next we are going to cut through the River of Despair next" Buddha said sarcastically as he tried to maneuver through the growing flames that engulfed surrounding area.

    "You may want to hold on, because they are leading us somewhere and something tells me its not going to be good when we get to where ever that is" Buddha said to Bengali, as he had no choice but to follow the only path that was not covered in fire.

    Bengali gripped the Hammer of Thundera and started to bring his arm back but then the very ground of the Badlands crumbled beneath them. The Jungle Cat fell. There was no driving around it. Third Earth it-self opened below them. The Jungle Cat crashed to the surface below, along with it, Buddha and Bengali. All three were covered in debris. Buddha crawled out of the Jungle Cat as Bengali pulled himself out of the rock and dirt that covered him. The two got themselves back on their feet and looked around them. There were bars surrounding them in a circle. On the other side of the bars, Scavengers and Scroungers drove slamming against the bars, laughing and howling. It was trap that the two literally, fell right into.

    Bengali and Buddha looked above them to see that they had fallen a good distance. They were not jumping out of this hole. Bengali gripped the Hammer of Thundera once again and was about to swing it to propel himself out of the dungeon, when Kaynar appeared above.

    "How nice of you to drop in, HahAHahahAHhAhah" Kaynar said followed by hysterical laughter.

    Bengali pulled his arm back but before he could throw it forward, a whip wrapped around his wrist.

    "It's nice to have friends in low places, like the Molemaster here" Kaynar said.

    "Besides, if you try to do anything with that little Hammer, tool boy, this lovely fair maiden will just absolutely lose her head. HaHAhAHAhAHAHAhAhA" Kaynar said as one of the Jackals pushed a woman to him. Kaynar then pushed the polearm weapon to her throat and began laughing once again.

    "Go ahead and hand your weapons to my vertically challenged little friends there, and we can start getting ready for dinner" Kaynar said with a demented look in his eye.

    Bengali threw his Hammer to the feet of one of the molemen that approached him. He could hear them mutter something as they walked but it did not seem like they were talking to him, or anyone for that matter.

    Buddha knew he had no choice. He had to do what the maniacal Kaynar instructed him to do. Not for his sake, but for the maiden. While Buddha looked up he could see the maiden struggle. She was not sitting still and accepting what was happening. She was a warrior and was struggling with every ounce she had. But she could not release herself. The more she struggled the deeper Kaynar pushed the spear into her throat. So, Buddha threw his sectional staff to the ground.

    "HAhahHAHAahaHA" Kaynar laughed and pushed the maiden down into the hole. he turned his back and then walked away.

    Buddha jumped and caught the maiden, preventing her from crashing down to the rocks below and inflicting further injury.

    "Get off of me!" the maiden shouted.

    Buddha put her down and turned his head, only to see the elbow of the Molemaster directly in front of his face. The Molemaster elbow connected with Buddha's face, knocking him unconscious. The Molemen quickly ran towards him, lifting him and carrying him off, while the Jackals pushed Bengali and the maiden along with weapons to their backs.

    End of Scene

    Scene 6

    Kaynar and the Jackalmen took Buddha, Bengali and the maiden to the Jackalmen's camp. The three were shackled to the walls of= three different sides of the room.

    Bengali growled and asked "Why do you have us here?"

    "I'm the one asking the questions here" Kaynar said excitedly. He then pulled out a paper and showed it to them all.

    "Does this picture make me look fat" Kaynar asked laughing.

    The paper he had pulled out and unrolled was a WANTED poster from Dog City. It read “ For crimes against the people of Dog City, theft, and the most heinous of all the chargers; the murder of 3 members of the Royal Court and the Princess”

    Kaynar laughed and replied "We're having you for dinner of course. HaHAHAhaHAhaha" He said and licked his lips.

    "You with the hands, I wouldn't try doing that thing that you do with the Hammer coming back to your hand" Kaynar instructed. He continues, "To make sure you don't get any ideas, I set up a little demonstration."

    Kaynar walked to the area the maiden was chained and unchained her and threw her to Jackalmen that were standing guard in the room behind him. These Jackalmen were armed with their newest weapons, one a sectional staff, the other a bow and arrow. Kaynar placed the Hammer on a metal plate that made a clicking noise when the weight of the Hammer was fully on it. The plate was on a table next to where the maiden was chained.

    "Watch carefully, I'm only doing this once and there may be a quiz later...HAhaha" Kaynar said. He then pushed the Hammer of Thundera of the plate to the floor. The very second the weight of the Hammer was off the plate, a metal door with spears, sharpened bone, and jagged sharp metal come falling from the ceiling and crashed against the wall where the maiden was chained.

    "Oh and same thing will happen if she moves from this spot" Kaynar said.

    The Jackalmen handed the maiden back to Kaynar and began pulling the mechanical metal nightmare off the wall and re-rigging the deathtrap up.

    "Get your hands off of me, canine", the maiden demanded and she continued to struggle.

    "That's no way to treat your host!" Kaynar yelled. He pushed the maiden against the wall, where the trap had slammed, and the Jacklamen re-shackled her into place. When he stepped away the maiden, both Bengali and Buddha heard a click.

    "Now you little kitties hang in there, it's almost dinner time HAhahAhahAhAHAhahaHA" Kaynar said as he walked out of the room, followed by the Jacklmen who slammed the door closed behind them.

    "Don't worry, I'll get you out of there" Buddha said to the maiden.

    "I don't need your help cat, just like I didn't need it back when you let yourself get captured" the maiden replied.

    Bengali growled and said, "Let ourselves get captured? That madman was going to kill you."

    "I am a Warrior Maiden, I don't need help from any animal" the Warrior Maiden responded.

    "Alright, Warrior Maiden. How are you getting yourself out of this one" Buddha asked smugly.

    "My name is Nayda. If I could just get to my bow and arrows, I would be able to get all of us out of here" she replied.

    "Oh yea? Well, let me give you a hand with that", Buddha said as he slipped the shackles off of his wrists.

    "How do you keep doing that?" Bengali questioned.

    "You have your secrets, and I have mine" Buddha answered as he unlocked the shackles from Bengali's wrists.

    "Think you can get that Metal Death trap disabled while I go get something that belongs to me" Buddha said to Bengali.

    Bengali replied, "Go" as he started looking at the trap to see how exactly it worked.

    Buddha slowly opened the door and peaked into the adjacent to where they were. Seeing that the coast was clear Buddha slowly moved forward into the room, closing the door behind him.

    "I'll have you out of here in no time" Bengali reassured Nayda.

    "I told you, I don't need your help. As long as your friend brings me my bow, I won't need help", Nayda replied.

    "Why are you so angry towards us" Bengali asked. "We have done nothing to you, your safety has been our concern since you have seen you" he continued.

    "You have done nothing to me?!" Nayda said angrily, raising her voice.

    "The Warrior Maidens, at one time, were at the top of the food chain. We lived peacefully among the other species that call Third Earth home, until the day of the crash. The Warrior Maidens came to the aid of those that survived and what did we get?! We were driven to the highest trees of Third Earth, while the felines took the best lands for themselves and the other animal races spread across Third Earth. They spread to the ;and, sea, air, and even underground. While doing this, they left next to nothing for the original inhabitants of this planet." Nayda explained.

    She continued, "With the help of the Birdmen, that separated themselves from the others at the time of the crash due to a difference in beliefs, we created the Treetop Kingdom. Unlike the Birds of Avista, these Birdsmen did not believe technology was the way of the future. They wanted simpler times. They believed technology was one of the causes of what brought them to Third Earth to begin with and wanted nothing to do with it."

    "We needed each other to survive" Nayda said. "The Birdmen use their brains to fix problems. They are smart. They always have been. They are some of the smartest inhabitants of Third Earth. But they are also weak. Their bodies are fragile. That's where we came in. We, Warrior Maidens, are skilled, strong, brave and loyal and are now the protectors of the Birdmen and the Treetop Kingdom", Nayda explained.

    A crashing sound could be heard from close by. Bengali quickly turned his head to the door to make sure they were not going to have any uninvited guests. The door did not open, so Bengali went back to trying to disarm the trap. Then to both Nayda and Bengali's surprise the door flew open and one of the Jackalman came crashing through it. The Jacklaman hit the ground and lifted his head but immediately dropped it. He was knocked unconscious. Buddha walked through the door with sectional staff in hand and Nayda's bow on his shoulder. He placed the bow next to Nayda and said, "Alright let's see what you got."

    "Get my hands free and you will see what I will do to Kaynar" Nayda replied.

    "I thought you said you just needed you bow" Buddha said with a smile on his face.

    Nayda looked at Bengali and asked, "Are all Cats as arrogant as this one?"

    "Hey, I'm just trying to help" Buddha replied while Bengali laughed to himself.

    "Alright, I'm done waiting" Buddha said as he stepped in front of Nayda. He then turned and looked at Bengali and asked, "How fast are you?"

    "Fast" Bengali replied.

    Buddha then slammed the claw end of his sectional staff into Nayda's restraints and the door began to swing down. Bengali stuck his hand out and the Hammer of Thundera came right to him. Just as quickly as the Hammer flew to him, he threw it towards the falling door. The Hammer struck the door with such force it slammed into the wall across the room.

    "You can open your eyes now" Nayda said to Buddha, who was standing in front of her with his shoulder up and eyes closed as he prepared for the impact of the jagged metal. Buddha then opened one eye and looked around the area, and then opened both and relaxed.

    "Your faster then I thought" Buddha said to Bengali.

    "I'm faster than I thought too" Bengali replied.

    Nayda picked up her quiver and put it around her shoulder. She then grabbed her bow and said, "If you want to get out of here, follow me."

    End of Scene

    Scene 7

    Nayda lead the way through the door and out into the room Buddha had ventured out in early to retrieve his and Nayda's weapons. Buddha and Bengali followed the Warrior Maiden close behind. As they walked through the room, to the right of them they saw the Jackalman that Buddha had encountered in there. The Jackalman was on the ground still on conscious. He had a wooden barrel around him and it appeared that he head and shoulders were protruding from the bottom of the barrel. Buddha had slammed the barrel down over his head and left him confined within it. As they passed him Bengali turned and looked at Buddha and asked "really?"

    "What?" Buddha replied through his laughter.

    "So, how do we get out of here Nayda" Bengali asked.

    "This dungeon is below the Kaynar's private den. We make our way through and his den leads right to their main compound. In one of these two places, that's where we will find Kaynar." Nayda answered.

    "How do you know your way around here so well?" Buddha asked as the 3 crept through the lower level of the den.

    "I have been here for days" Nayda replied. "They have moved me through here quite often. They would lead me to outside and have me join them while they feasted. So, I could see the fate that awaited me. The Jackalmen, Kaynar especially, like to play with their food before they eat it." She continued.

    "Have you been alone?" Bengali asked.

    "Luckily, yes. I don't know what happened exactly, but I woke up on the ground below the Treetop Kingdom surrounded by Jackalmen and they brought me here." Nayda answered.

    "You have no idea how you got on the ground?" Buddha asked.

    "Not exactly. I was with my sister and several other Warrior Maidens. A blood thirsty, barbian named Addicus, a Monkian, lead a Monkian hunting party into the Kingdom. He first targeted the Treetops because the birds were easy prey for the savage. But then we encountered us on one of his excursions. We were finally able to track him. While we did what we could do defeat him, it was only my sister, Willa, and I and he was able to escape. Since that day he has been bringing in other Monkians with him to hunt, not only the birds but us as well. The Monkians he brings with him are hand picked by Addicus himself. He only chooses the most cruel and vicious Monkians to join him. But on his last trip in, we had them right where we wanted them. We had teams of Warrior Maidens waiting for them. As they came, we were able to take them out one by one. This enraged Addicus and he began killing his own people. He kept saying that they were not worthy to call themselves Monkians, nor were they worthy enough to stand along side him in battle. After he disposed of his elite group, he turned his attention to us. He came at us with an intensity we have never seen before. He was a monstrous brute. We had him outnumbered but he was quickly evening the odds, taking out Warrior Maiden after Warrior Maiden. My sister and I had a plan, I was to sneak behind him and distract him, while Willa, used the new arrows she had developed. That's what I did. As I approached him, as he fought off the others, I was about to strike him when out of nowhere I felt something grab my leg. It was Addicus. He used to foot too grab me and throw me against a tree. I landed on a branch and as my eyes closed I saw my sister's arrows strike him. He went down. The Warrior Maidens had him where they wanted him. But that is all I saw. I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. When I passed out, I must have fallen from the tree branch I was on, all the way to the ground. The Treetop Kingdom ends close to the outskirts of the Badlands and the Jackalmen found me." Nayda explained.

    The three quickly stopped. The heard the noise of someone approaching them. It was a Jackalman walking through the tunnel that was about to intersect with the one they were in. The Jackalman walked passed the tunnel and Buddha jumped on top of him knocking him to the ground. Buddha took the ends of his sectional staff and crossed them across the Jackalman's neck.

    "Where's Kaynar?" Buddha asked as he pushed up on the staff, making the Jackalman's neck push.

    "He's out in the main center, just let me go! I want nothing to do with you or that mental Madman!" the Jackalman exclaimed.

    Buddha got back to his feet and pulled the center of the sectional staff, pulling both ends out of the ground.

    "Go" Buddha instructed.

    The Jackalman got up and ran down the tunnel. Nayda reached back into her arrow quiver and pulled one out that had a rounded, weighted end on it. She pulled the string of her bow back and fired in the direction of the Jackalman hitting him in the back of the head knocking him to the ground. Bengali and Buddha looked at Nayda with their eyes wide open in disbelief of what she had just done.

    "He will be fine. He will wake up with a headache. Kaynar, on the other hand, will be much more severe. Besides, we can't trust that he won't warn Kaynar of us." Nayda said.

    "She's right" Buddha said.

    "But that doesn't make hitting him from behind after we told him to go, right." Bengali said.

    Buddha was about to reply when he saw something out of the corner of his eye in the room that they had passed. He stopped, looked and proceeded into the room.

    "Where are you going?" Bengali asked.

    "I don't have time for this, you two are on your own from this point. I'm going after Kaynar." Nayda said.

    Buddha wasn't listening to either of them. He couldn't care less what the two of them were saying. Something caught his eye that he knew he had seen before. Most of the item was covered under random debris. But there was one piece exposed. It was the end piece. Buddha moved the debris that was covering it off until the whole item was exposed. Buddha had known he had seen it before. It was the Thunderscope, an item that used to be within the Hall of Omens. The Thunderscope was used by the first Thundercats on the Third Earth. It was created to help find Thunderian items that were lost in the crash. The Thunderscope also had the ability to find Thunderians. The Jackalmen must have come across a Lizard that had taking it in their attack of Thundera/
    Buddha grabbed the Thunderscope but immediately after moving it he saw a symbol carved into the table that it was sitting. It was a "K". Buddha's eyes opened wide and he began to run for the door. Bengali had followed Buddha and was making his way through the door. Buddha tackled Bengali out of the room. As Buddha jumped, the room started to explode. But that was not all. It triggered explosions all through out the den and the Jackalmens compound. They could feel the explosions shake the ground. The ceilings of the den began to cave in. Buddha and Bengali raced through the tunnel leading upwards. The fire and explosions did not stop. The two could see the flames engulfing the camp on the outside. They ran towards the outside but the explosion continued around them. Bengali grabbed Buddha's arm and swung the Hammer of Thundera to propel the both of them out of the tunnel. He got them out in the nick of time because as they reached the outside the explosions within the tunnel intensified causing the entire thing to cave in.

    The Jackalmen were running frantically amongst the camp trying to collect items they have gathered while using this as their camp, and save what they could.

    Through the flames Kaynar saw Buddha and Bengali and shouted, "The first to bring me their heads gets first choice of dwellings in our new home, THUNDERA!!!!!"

    End of Scene

    Scene 8

    After hearing Kaynar's words about the Jackalmen's soon to be new home, Thundera, the Jackalmen all stopped what they were doing. This was the first time Kaynar had an order that would actually benefit the Jackalmen. Thundera could be a REAL home for them and not this desolate desert. Relocating to Thundera, meant the Jackalmen had a possibility to become the highest on the food chain. They would never need to worry about a dwelling again. They could rebuild the city, as they wanted to be protected against enemies as the Thundercats once were. This is what the Jackalmen have wanted for as long as they could remember and this was their chance.

    All eyes were on Buddha and Bengali. The two saw the same look in each of the Jackalmen's eyes that they saw in Kaynar. Even though the flames and explosions continued around the camp, the Jackalmen didn't even flinch. And all at once, ran at Buddha and Bengali.

    Buddha looked at Bengali and said "Once again, great shortcut."

    Bengali growled and threw his Hammer at the oncoming Jackalmen. He threw it on a curve, and the Hammer of Thundera struck 3 Jackalmen knocking them to the ground but through the flames came more of the deranged Jackals.

    The 2 cats ran at the Jackalmen and closed the gap, fighting them through the blazing inferno. Buddha fought off two of the Jackalmen at the same time and when one fell another came flying through the flames. The Jackalmen were fighting as a pack. The Jackalman had landed on Buddha's back and had his arm around Buddha's neck. Buddha could not get him off so he decided to do the only thing he could do, jump back first onto the ground.

    Bengali saw Buddha struggling with the Jackalman and saw Buddha run towards the mountain that was the behind them and run up the side. He saw what Buddha was trying to do. Bengali grabbed the Hammer and the second the Jackalman hit the ground, slammed the Hammer of Thundera against the ground causing all the Jackalmen in the area to fall to the ground. The force sent a shock wave through the ground that reached Buddha and the Jackalman clinging to his back. The impact of the ground combined with the force of the Hammer caused the Jackalman to release his grip and Buddha slammed his head back into the Jackalman's, knocking him out.

    Kaynar saw this and attack Bengali from behind. Kaynar knocked Bengali to the ground and began clawing at his back, ripping it apart. Buddha came running to Bengali's aid and tackled Kaynar off of him. Buddha was on top of Kaynar and pulled his arm back to strike him, he was then tackled by a Jackalmen. Buddha quick flipped the Jackalman off of him and while the Jackalman was in the air, Bengali had shot an energy blast directly at him, sending him deeper into the inferno.

    Buddha and Bengali stood back to back fighting off the Jackalmen as they jumped through the flames at them. They would attack and jump back into the flames and others would jump through. Kaynar used this tactic as well. He fought both Bengali and Buddha but would jump back into the coverage of the flames and let the other Jackalmen jump in and out. It was chaos. The two didn't know who they were fighting or where they were coming from. They tried to look through the flames but they could only see so much.

    Kaynar then jumped from the flames and struck Buddha in the face. The two went blow for blow but while they were fighting Buddha, the flames directly behind them seem to settle a bit. It was no longer a wall of fire. It was constant flame but not as heavy. Buddha was able to see Nayda in the distance, pointing her bow directly at Kaynar. She was not using an arrow that had a rounded, weighted end. It was an arrowhead.

    Buddha fought Kaynar off, blocking two punches and then did a flip to be on the other side of Kaynar. As he did this, Nayda had released the arrow and it was coming directly for them. Buddha landed on his feet and leaned back out of the way of the incoming arrow, so it would not hit him but he also grabbed the arrow in mid arrow. Kaynar turned around to see Buddha grab the arrow from mid-flight, saving Kaynar's life.

    Then Kaynar said, "Never do a favor for a favor. HAhahHAhAhAha". He then head-butted Buddha and struck him in the center of his chest sending Buddha back into the flames.

    "Those who fight and run away, yadda yadda yadda hahAHAhAhAahaha" Kaynar then said. He then ran off towards the mountain that was behind them and made his way up it.

    The Jackalmen's attack was relentless. They continued their attack on Buddha and Bengali. But Bengali saw Kaynar heading to the top of the mountain and was not going to let him get away. Buddha saw Bengali looking right at Kaynar and he knew what he was going to do. Buddha jumped towards Bengali and as Bengali swung the Hammer forward, propelling him towards Kaynar, Buddha used the claws on his sectional staff to hold on to Bengali's back as they flew towards the mountain. They were within seconds of reaching Kaynar and Buddha used the claws to throw himself forward and higher into the air. Bengali was on target and hit Kaynar directly, sending him into the air. As Kaynar went up in the air, Buddha was coming down and landed on top of Kaynar. This pushed Kaynar downwards and the two were now falling to the ground. Buddha continued his assault on Kaynar striking him as they fell. They two fell closer and closer to the ground and Buddha grabbed both ends of his sectional staff and slammed them into Kaynar's chest as the hit the ground. Kaynar was down and unconscious. He was not getting up from the combination of Bengali's strike with the Hammer and Buddha's barrage of strikes and the impact with the ground.

    Seeing Kaynar's defeat. The Jackalmen ran off into the night. The cowardly nature shown through once their leader was defeated.

    "You have to see this" Bengali yelled down to Buddha.

    Buddha made his way up to where Bengali was on the mountain side, he knew Kaynar was not going to be moving for awhile but still tied him with ropes that were hanging on the side of one of the still standing dwelling.

    "Do you suppose this is what Kaynar had planned the whole time" Bengali questioned as he looked down to the flames below.

    Buddha looked down and saw what Bengali was talking about. The fires that had been burning, when looked from above, were in the shape of a "K" surrounded by a circle.

    "No, Kaynar didn't plan this. But I know who did" Buddha replied.

    "Congratulations Bengali, we passed the first trap of Baron Karnor" Buddha said.

    End of Scene

    Scene 8

    Kaynar had been defeated, the Jackalmen were dispersed, Buddha and Bengali were able to free Nayda, Buddha had found the Thunderscope, the Jungle Cat had been destroyed, and Baron Karnor let them know he was one step ahead of them.

    "Any sign of Nayda?" Bengali asked.

    "No, she must be on her way back to the Treetop Kingdom. But something tells me that is not the last we will see of her or the Warrior Maidens." Buddha replied.

    "I'm sorry about the Jungle Cat, you seemed pretty attached to that." Bengali added.

    "Between the two of us we will be able to rebuild it in no time once we are back in Thundera. Besides, I have a design for something else that I have been wanting to build for a long time." Buddha answered.

    Buddha then started looking around the area to see if the Jackalmen had left behind any Scavengers, for the two to use to get back to Thundera and to take Kaynar to Dog City where he is a wanted criminal.

    "There's one over here." Bengali yelled.

    The two inspected the Scavenger to see if it was operational and if they would be able to start it and drive it. The Scavenger started right up on the first try.

    "Maybe this is a sign for good things to come." Bengali said trying to be optimistic.

    Buddha was behind the Scavenger, chaining a board to drag behind it. He pulled on the chains and it was sturdy. He and Bengali then carried the still unconscious Kaynar to the board, placed him on it, and chained him down to it. The two jumped into the Scavenger and began driving towards Dog City. Buddha was still getting used to driving the Scavenger. They were fast. Faster then he expected. But he got the hang of it pretty quick. With the speed of the Scavenger they would get to Dog City in no time.

    The two had been driving for awhile in silence. Both were still letting everything that just happened to them sink in.

    Bengali then decided to break the silence. "You never finished your story earlier." Bengali mentioned. "About you and the Thundercat named Panthro", he added.

    "Oh that's right." Buddha said, rolling his eyes hoping that Bengali would not have remembered considering the night they just had.

    "He had just defeated you, in the Dojo, and had given you 3 options" Bengali reminded Buddha.

    "You have quite the memory." Buddha said.

    "It's my job." Bengali said smiling.

    Buddha took a minute and thought back to the time that seemed like it was lifetime's ago.

    "That night was like any other night for Panthro. He went to sleep and woke up at his usual time and started his daily routine. At the usual time he had made his way to the Dojo. It was early. Panthro was usually one of few Thunderians out in Thundera around this time. He liked to train early. He trained for hours, so he needed to get an early start. Panthro approached the Dojo door and slid it open. As he walked in he was shocked. There was a Cat in the training Dojo before him. This never happened. NEVER." Buddha explained.

    He then stopped because Dog City was just ahead. Buddha and Bengali drove directly into the city. The wanted signs that Kaynar had shown them earlier where all over the city. Buddha had been familiar with Dog City. He had spent some time there in his past and he knew exactly where he had to take Kaynar. He had to go to a place called "The Pit" and deliver him to the "Pitmaster - Dobo"

    Due to its small size the Scavenger was able to maneuver through the streets of Dog City with ease. The two pulled directly out front of the coliseum known as "The Pit". There arrival was no surprise. The Dogs had been watching the Scavenger since it entered Dog City. When Scavengers were around, that meant Jackalmen were around.

    As soon as the Scavenger stopped teams of Dogs stormed our of the Pit and t he surrounding area to completely surround the vehicle.

    "Easy there puppies. We are on your side" Buddha said.

    The Dog named Dobo, the Pitmaster, then stood in front of Bengali and Buddha. That is the wrong type of vehicle to be driving in this City, Cat.

    "I know, but we have something for you" Buddha replied. Buddha and Bengali then walked to the back of the vehicle where they had Kaynar restrained to the board being dragged the entire way.

    Dobo so the restrained Kaynar and ordered his men to help unchain the board from the Scavenger.

    "I suppose you would like your reward." Dobo then said.

    "Keep it." Buddha replied.

    "What were his crimes?" Bengali asked.

    "This despicable Jackal, not only lead Jackalmen into Dog City to pillage it for jewels and gold but he also mutilated the King's daughter." Dobo answered.

    "The King's love for his daughter was so great that he went to the ends of Third Earth to spoil her with riches. His proudest acquisition for her was the Diamond of El-Dara. The diamond was the largest diamond known to exist on Third Earth. The diamond is also believed to be the only known "perfect" diamond in existence. The King gave this diamond to his daughter after having it set into an necklace. She never took this necklace off. When Kaynar lead the Jackalmen to Dog City, he went right for the King's daughter. By the time, we reached her chambers it was too late. Kaynar had ripped her limb from limb. The only Dog that survived the attack was her nursemaid. She informed us that the Princess refused to take the necklace off and hand it over to Kaynar. The Princess said "Over my dead body" and Kaynar looked at her growled and said "With pleasure" before attacking her, laughing hysterically the whole time. He continued his attack long after she had died. He didn't stop there. Before he took the necklace from the lifeless princess, he decapitated her." Dobo said.

    Dobo then instructed his Dogs to take Kaynar to the holding cells.

    "hAhahHAhAhAhAhHAhahHAahAHAH" Kaynar began laughing they took him to their underground cells.

    "What are your names" Dobo asked.

    "Buddha" Buddha answered.

    "And I'm Bengali" Bengali replied.

    "I heard what happened to Thundera. I'm sorry for your loss. Because of what you have done for us here, you are welcome here."

    "Thanks but we are heading back to Thundera" Buddha replied.

    "Well thank you, for bringing the psychopath to justice. Be safe on your journey my friends" Dobo said to Buddha and Bengali who were getting back inside the Scavenger.

    "If you need us, we will be at the Hall of Omens." Bengali said to Dobo.

    "And if you need us, you know where to find us" Dobo replied.

    Buddha started the Scavenger and he and Bengali began their journey, once again, for the Hall of Omens. As they left Dog city Bengali looked at Buddha and asked. "So, the Cat in the Dojo when Panthro showed up, it was you?"

    "Yeah, it was." Buddha said remembering the time like it was yesterday.

    As he turned around to face Panthro, he tied a cloth around the top of his head, looked at Panthro and said, "Let's do this".

    End of Scene

    Scene 9 - BONUS SCENE

    As the Scavenger headed out of the city, Dobo watched from high above his personal viewing area of the Pit. Dobo then ordered one of his men into to the room.

    "Now that we have Kaynar in custody, go around the city and remove all the wanted posters." Dobo instructed.

    "Yes sir." The Dog responded.

    "But when you take those posters down, replace them with this one." Dobo said as he handed the Dog a new poster to hang up all over the city.

    The poster was for the latest gladiator in "The Pit". This poster would attract much attention within Dog City. For what Dog, did not want to see a female Cat battle for her life.











    The Jungle Cat

    Poster hung
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    You're a brilliant storyteller, Cap'n.
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    thank you daremonger. you are too kind. i hope you are enjoying so far. i have a ways to go. the next ones are going to becoming in a slower pace because i still need to write them. i hope i dont disappoint.
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    Title: Thundercats: Hall of Omens - Episode 5 "Black Magic"
    Author: Cap'N Cracka
    Status: Episode 5 of 26
    Summary: ( Bengali's arrival to Thundera marks the first time a Thunderian Mason has entered Thundera's walls in centuries. A trapped Cat inside the Hall of Omens needs help but is there more to her this mysterious Cat than there seems?)
    Rating: PG
    Genre(s): Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Epic,
    Warnings: mild violence
    Disclaimer: I do not own Thundercats and this story is not-for-profit

    Thundercats: Hall of Omens - Episode 5 "Black Magic"

    Scene 1

    Buddha accelerated the Scavenger to full speed in the direction of the Hall of Omens, it would not be long before he and Bengali would arrive to the only thing left in the once great kingdom of Thundera. In his lap was an Thunderian artifact that he could not have found at a better time - the Legendary Thunderscope. The Thunderscope was created in the ancient times when the Ancient Founders, settled upon the planet that than became known as Thundera. The Thunderscope can be used to find objects of Thunderian decent. It can also be used to find Thunderians. The Thunderscope could be the key to finding all of the lost Treasure of Thundera as well as bringing the Cats scattered across Third Earth back home; Back to Thundera.

    Buddha could not wait to get back to the Hall of Omens and see if the Thunderscope actually worked. It was centuries old. He did not expect it
    to but he also had not expected anything that has happened recently in his life, to happen. He figured there was as good a chance as any.

    "Are you sure that is the Thunderscope", Bengali questioned while holding on to the rear handle.

    "I'd bet my staff on it", Buddha replied. He was confident this was the Thunderscope he had read about in the scrolls deep within the Halls of the
    Hall of Omens. This item was never displayed for the public, so he had never seen it with his own eyes but this was it. Bengali laughed to himself at Buddha's confident reply. Bengali knew it was finally time. It was time to explain to Buddha about the location of the Star of Thundera and how it became one with the Hammer of Thundera, giving it the power that it has today. Bengali then told Buddha the story of the Star of Thundera becoming one with the Hammer of Thundera and being passed down to each "Blacksmith", (***which can be found in ***Thundercats: Hall of Omens Episode 3 - Rampagers. ***)

    "Well Bengali, you are not quite what I was expecting when I set out to find the the Star of Thundera", Buddha said jokingly.

    "And you are not what I thought a Thundercat would be", Bengali replied laughing.

    "I'm not a Thundercat" Buddha replied annoyed about being compared to the Cats that turned their backs on and walked out of Thundera, leaving it to burn.

    Just then, on the horizon, the Hall of Omens crossed into sight. This would be the first time a Thunderian Mason has entered the Hall of Omens,
    since they departed Thundera. The Masons kept watch of over the happenings of Thundera, but from afar. This would also be the first time
    the Hammer of Thundera would be back to its first creation on Third Earth, the heart of Thundera, the Hall of Omens. This day would prove to be a historic day for Thundera and the Thundercats.

    "How familiar are you with the Hall of Omens" Bengali asked Buddha, while looking at the Hall.

    "More familiar than most" Buddha replied.

    "What about its history" Bengali asked further.

    "Again, more than most. Why what do you want to know" Buddha replied.

    "Just curious" Bengali replied with a grin on his face.

    "Hold on!!!" Buddha yelled back and accelerated the Scavenger.

    The Hall of Omens was in sight and Buddha wanted to get there as soon as possible. So he pushed the Scavenger to it maximum speed. As they
    approached Thundera, Buddha slowed down to a safer speed. While the Scavenger is maneuverable, even it will have problems getting through
    Thundera. The once great city is in shambles. It is a shell of what it once was. It was hard for both Buddha and Bengali to not get emotional
    making this drive. A slew of emotions came over the both of them. Sadness, anger, but the most important one, determination. Both wanted to
    see Thundera back to its full potential. Thriving with life and reaching the greatness that Thundera is supposed to be and to stop the monster that
    could do this to a city filled with life.

    Buddha pulled up to the Hall of Omens and jumped out, eager to get the Thunderscope back in the Hall of Omens and to search for any information
    he could find on it in what's left if the books and scrolls.

    "Hold on a moment, friend" Bengali said.

    "What, why?" Buddha questioned. "Are you stuck? You just have to let go of the handle" Buddha replied.

    Bengali walked ahead of Buddha and reached for the Hammer of Thundera.

    Bengali then began to lift the Hammer in the air and it gave off a bright blue glow. The Hammer was thriving with energy. The ground began to shake and a great noise filled the air. The noises were coming from within the Hall of Omens. The eyes of the Hall of Omens began to glow. Buddha stood puzzled and in awe of whatever was going on. Gripping the Thunderscope, just in case things turned for the worse. Buddha hated to think that way, but he had been turned on before and he could never be too careful.

    Bengali leaped into the air and he came down swinging the Hammer of Thundera into the ground. The ground began to crack and the energy from
    the Hammer could be seen headed directly to the Hall of Omens. Bengali remained motionless feeding energy into the the now cracked earth making its way closer to the Hall.

    "What are you doing?!" Buddha yelled above the thunderous noise.

    Bengali then looked Buddha straight in the eye and replied, "What needs to be done".

    "Then so am I" Buddha said to himself as he jumped directly at Bengali with intentions to tackle him. While in mid-air, and energy bolt from the
    Hammer of Thundera struck Buddha sending him flying back and crashing into the Scavenger.

    End of Scene

    Scene 2

    The violent shaking and noise coming from within the Hall of Omens finally settled down. It was over almost as quickly as it began. Buddha was stunned by the energy bolt that had struck him and when he opened his eyes he saw Bengali standing before him with his hand extended towards him.

    "Get up my friend, we have much to do." Bengali said.

    Buddha glared at Bengali and asked "What did you do?", as he gripped his sectional staff preparing himself.

    Bengali then looked at Buddha and said , "You are not as familiar with the the place you call home as you think. There is much that was left out of
    your history and stories of the Hall of Omens. We must go so we can complete out work inside."

    "How about you tell me what all that was about before we go anywhere" Buddha replied.

    Bengali answered, "Short story. When Tygris designed the Hall of Omens, he and the Blacksmith worked together to make it that ALL Cats were needed for the full power of the Hall of Omens could be accessed. When the Tigers where never allowed back in Thundera and the Masons left, the power of the Hammer of Thundera "locked" the access to the great technologies and power that was incorporated into the Hall of Omens design. It did so, by completely rearranging the interior design and leaving absolutely no trace of its existence. I just "unlocked" the door. I must begin to show you how to use the greatest Thundercat technology there ever was, the Thunder-lynx."

    Unsure about the things he had just heard, Buddha reached out and grabbed Bengali's hand reluctantly and Bengali helped him on his feet. He did not know if Bengali was speaking the truth because he had never read or heard this story. But it makes sense that the Thundercats and the lions wanted to keep this out of there histroy due to how it made the look. So Buddha, decided to go along with it for the time being because the Hall of Omens appeared to be undamaged from whatever it was Bengali had done to it. While Buddha may not have trusted the current situation he was in, he decided to go along with it to see if Bengali's story was true. If it was, this could mean there was much more the Hall of Omens could provide in the war against Mumm-ra. The Hall of Omens and the Thunder-lynx could be exactly what is needed to turn the tides in the war and to defeat Mumm-Ra. It was a risk Buddha was willing to take...for now.

    As Buddha and Bengali headed to the main entrance of the Hall of Omens, Buddha looked around at the building that had been like a second home to him over over the years. Nothing seemed to have changed. Bengali explained the the entire monumental structure that is the Hall of Omens, was no longer going to be the same but nothing was any different. Or so Buddha thought. The two reached the main entrance way that has been protected by heavy doors as long as Buddha could remember but the doors were no longer the wooden blockades they once were, they were now made of a smooth metal. As they grew closer to the doorway the Hammer of Thundera gave off a blue glow once again and the doorway slid open. The metal doors opened from the center and slid to within the walls of the Hall of Omens as they passed through.

    "Well that's new" Buddha said as he walked through the door.

    Bengali replied, "that is not all that is new my friend."

    As Bengali and Buddha made there way inside the Hall of Omens, Buddha was in awe. The structure was different. The once solid rock pillars and walls now ran intermixed with what looked to be glass. Some rooms and hallways were now entirely constructed of metal. Rooms that had been there for as long as Buddha had been studying in the Hall of Omens were now gone. It was as if they were never there. Other rooms remained very much the same but "updated". It was like it was a whole new structure. It was going to take time to learn the layout of this new Hall of Omens.

    "So where exactly are we going?" Buddha asked Bengali. He was confused as to how a Cat that had not been in the Hall of Omens in his lifetime knew exactly where to go.

    "We are going to the Chamber of Omens. Once we get there I can access the Thunder-Lnyx. We will "turn the power on" so to speak." Bengali replied.

    "What is this Thunder-lynx you keep talking about?" Buddha questioned.

    "The Thunder-lynx is an ancient technology. It is the technology of our ancestors. From the times back on the original Thundera." Bengali

    "All this for some outdated tech?" Buddha answered.

    "Haha not quite Bengali, replied. The Thunder-lynx was and is far beyond its time as far as technology goes. This is why Mumm-ra had set to
    enslave the Thundercats early on in his plans many years ago. Having access to it would make conquering other worlds easy. The Thunder-Lynx
    gave its user(s) the ability to connect with the technology he or she was using. It also is a database of knowledge. It contains the pasts of
    hundred of species, Thundercats, enemies, allies, and other information. All this information is at the finger tips of the user. This place is
    full of surprises and activating the Thunder-Lynx is the only way to restoring the Hall of Omens to its full potential." Bengali explained.

    "So, this Thunder-lynx" has been here all along and a Cat that has never been within the walls of Thundera is the only one that knows about it and
    knows where it is, and how to activate it. So, you have to tell me something. How do you know where we are going?" Buddha asked.

    Bengali lifted the Hammer of Thundera and said "You forget, this Hammer built this place, it knows where to go."

    "So we are following a Hammer?" Buddha said in disbelief.

    "Hahaha it has brought us to the right place." Bengali replied.

    Buddha and Bengali reached the bottom of a stairway and came to a holt. Two giant doors stood before them and unlike the other doors that they had encountered that opened once the Hammer of Thundera was close to it.

    "This is it, the Chamber of Omens" Bengali said. "We are going to be the first cats to step foot inside this Chamber since it was sealed off by the
    Blacksmith ages ago" he continued.

    "Should we knock?" Buddha said sarcastically as he looked around the area for a way to open the doors in front of the sealed Chamber. He began to push on the door and he knew even with the combined strength of himself and Bengali, they would never be able to push it open. He then began feeling the walls around the doors to see if there was a hidden way to open the doors but the walls were smooth. Buddha turned around to face Bengali only to see Bengali with the Hammer of Thundera raised coming right at him. Bengali then swiftly swung the Hammer down. Buddha felt nothing but heard the thunderous crash right next to his head. Bengali did not strike him. He had struck a part of the wall next to the
    door. The energy from the strike caused a portion of the wall to pulse a light blue color, the same color of the energy that stems from the Hammer of Thundera The energy was slowly absorbed by the wall and could be see traveling through the door way and to the walls around them. As the energy traveled it was lighting up the door and the wall and for the first time Buddha cause see through the dark glass that was on the walls. The glass was actually monitors and computer systems. Buddha had seen this technology before but never in the Hall of Omens or within the limits of Thundera. He would be hard pressed to find technology like this on all of Third Earth.

    As the energy traveled through the door noises could be heard as if that sector was being powered. They could hear the latches and locks on the
    door unlatching. Buddha watched as the energy traveled to the center of the door lighting up the Thundercats symbol that was engraved within it. Once the symbol completely lit, the door opened and Buddha and Bengali had their first glimpse inside the Chamber of Omens that was now lighting up with the same energy that traveled through the door. Buddha and Bengali wasted no time and entered the Chamber of Omens. Bengali went right towards the computer systems and monitor in the room.Buddha set the Thunderscope down a chair that was in the room and
    continued to look around the structure. This was definitely not in the Hall of Omens that he remembered. He then heard a loud noise coming from
    the down the hallway.

    "Did you hear that" Buddha asked Bengali.

    "You will be hearing some noises from time to time. Things have rearranged. Some things may be falling and the Hall of Omens will be settling after such a transformation" Bengali replied.

    Buddha nodded because that made sense. The grounds had to settle from its recent shaking. So he continued to look about the room and saw 3 large terminals with what appeared to be the Eye of Thundera on top of them. They were constructed entirely of metals.

    "We only have one shot at this and since we only have one shot we have to make sure we do everything right or else both your DNA and mine will be locked out of the Thunder-Lynx system permanently. " Bengali said.

    "The Hammer of Thundera has temporarily powered the Chamber so that we can attempt to active the power crystals. That is, if they have power left in them" he explained.

    "See the terminal on each wall? They are what are known as Cat's Eye Terminals. These terminals will enable us to activate the Thunder-lynx.
    The Thunder-lynx and all of what the Hall of Omens truly has to offer along with all of its secrets. Activitaing the Thunder-Lynx will make it possible for ALL cats to gain access the technology possessed within these walls, and even outside these walls. The Thunder-lynx was designed
    by the ancient Thundercats who were enslaved by Mumm-ra. Mumm-ra hand-picked the smartest scientists and engineers to help further his empire with the combined technologies of the races that he took over and adding them to the databanks and intermixed all their tech with the Thunder-lynx. This made Thunder-lynx the combined knowledge of millions and one of the most advanced technology in the universe. Knowing that this power could be dangerous in the hands of his enemies, Mumm-ra included a special feature in all the weapons and machines he had created. With the Thunder-lynx technology it was now possible for the DNA and life signs of the creature touching it could be easily identified and if that DNA was not registered within the Thunder-lynx database, the weapon or machine would become inoperable and self-destruct, destroying the one that was trying to use it. This feature made it possible for Mumm-ra to control his armies to an even greater degree. Only certain species had access to certain technology and if any scan picked up a weapon targeting Mumm-ra, it would immediately be destroyed. This was just one of the many ways Mumm-ra used to keep the species he held captive from revolting against him. He also knew that if they gained the power of the Thunder-lynx technology, it would be possible to defeat him. For the Thunder-lynx also increased the power of any object it was infused with. His machines were faster, stronger and more deadly than anything the galaxies had ever seen. His sensors could pick up more information from farther distances than any other tech of its time, or even now. We just have to tap into the Thunder-lynx and we might be able to turn the tides against Mumm-ra and his army." Bengali explained.

    "So what do we have to do?" Buddha questioned.

    He continued, "I need you to stand on the far Cat's Eye Terminal on the wall directly across from us. That is the only terminal that we will be
    able to use unless you are of blood to that of Tygris the architect, or that of the royal blood line and an ancestor of Leo.

    "Not that I know of." Buddha replied.

    "Alright, then you need to stand on the platform in front of the of third terminal. Stand completely still." Bengali instructed Buddha.

    Buddha walked over to the terminal and looked at it once more.

    "You sure about this" he asked, starting to feel uneasy about this whole situation once again.

    " I can stand on the platform and you can work the computer if you would prefer but remember, we only get the one chance. Technology safety
    protocol." Bengali replied.

    Buddha glared at Bengali for a moment for his comment but then took the step on the platform.

    "Now what?" Buddha asked.

    "Hold still and look forward" Bengali said and he pushed a button on the console that made the terminal activate.

    A light shot out from the Eye of the Thundera atop the terminal and it scanned Buddha from head to toe. As the light from the scan came back up
    Buddha's body and reached his head it shot off and the terminal began to light up. As the terminal lit up more and more of the room began to light

    Bengali while looking on the screen said. "We have power! We have access to some systems. It will take me some time to get everything up and
    running. We still are not at 100% full operating capacity but we are up and running."

    Loud crashing sounds could be heard coming from within the Hall of Omens. The two turned their head quickly towards the door. The sounds continued and items could be heard crashing down to the ground followed by footsteps that echoed through the massive halls.

    "That's not the place settling" Buddha said as he grabbed his sectional staff from his back.

    Buddha continued, "looks like we have company..."


    Scene 3

    "I'll head off whatever or whoever is out there. You, lock this chamber down. We can't let whatever is out there get in here or worse yet,
    destroy all thats in here. We have to keep both the Thunder-lynx and the Thunderscope safe" Buddha said to Bengali.

    "Go! I'll be right behind you" Bengali exclaimed.

    Buddha ran from the room and up the hallway. Noises began coming from all throughout the Hall of Omens and they were getting louder and more
    frequent but Buddha could not find the cause of the noises or footsteps. He looked into every room as he passed and found nothing. Buddha then stopped in the Great Hall and began looking around to see if he could see or hear. He then heard footsteps quickly approaching from behind him. It was Bengali. The two looked around the Great Hall and out the windows to see if they could see anyone, anything, but found nothing.

    "Anything?" Bengali questioned.

    "Not yet, but there is something here" Buddha replied.

    "Help!" a elderly female voice yelled from within the Hall of Omens.

    Without hesitation Bengali and Buddha ran in the direction of the cry. As the two ran up the long hall in the East Wing of the Hall of Omens the
    crashing noises began once again. It sounded like there were dozens just a bit ahead. The more they ran the noises stayed just a bit of ahead of
    them but got louder and louder. Both looked in every room and passage as they passed but still found no one and nothing. They once again heard the cries of the elderly Cat.

    "Heeeelp me, I'm so weak" the voice cried.

    After hearing this, the two were able to pin point where the calls were coming from. They were close. The calls were coming from the end of the
    hallway they were currently on.

    Bengali looked at Buddha and said "I'll meet you there". With a whip of his wrist, the Hammer of Thundera propelled him to the end of the hall.

    He stood in front of the door of the room the voice was coming from and tried to open it but it would not budge. He slammed his shoulder into the
    door but it would still not move. He then raised the Hammer above his head and with the might of Thundera swung the Hammer down, striking the
    door and it crumbled before him. Bengali entered the large room but saw nothing.

    "I'm in here" the voice said weakly.

    Bengali turned the corner to see part of a wall not connected to the rest of the wall. He had thought it must had been due to the Hall of Omens
    rearrangement but to his surprise it was a fake wall. He then pushed the wall open wide so he would have no problem getting through and that is
    when he saw the source of the cries. It was an elderly female black Cat. Very elderly. She looked weak. Like she could barely move. She was laying in the middle of four stones.

    "Please hurry. The Lizards put these stones around me and now I am just so weak, I can't move. The Lizards can't be far, they are coming back. Please help me" she explained.

    "It's okay, I'll get you out of here and you will be just fine. The stones must be Thundranium. That's whats causing your weakness" Bengali
    explained as he hit one of the stones with his Hammer, completely destroying it.

    At this time, Buddha reached the door way of the room and entered the quarters.

    "Puuuuurrrrrr, my hero" the female Cat said.

    Bengali looked up and saw not the old cat that had laid before him only seconds ago but a young female Cat. This stunned Bengali and that was the opening the female Cat needed. She struck Bengali's hand with her staff causing the Hammer of Thundera to fall. The second the Hammer left Bengali's paw a purple energy surrounded him and lifted him into the air as the female Cat raised her staff. She quickly moved the staff to the
    right sending Bengali slamming into the wall across the room and then to the left, slamming him into the wall opposite. She then threw Bengali through the fake doorway sending him flying through the room before hitting the far wall. Buddha saw Bengali smash into the wall and ran to him. He knelt before his friend but Bengali was out cold. He looked up to see the female Cat smiling. She then began running towards Buddha but as she ran she began to multiply herself. By the time she reached Buddha there were a dozen of her that were running through out the room. Buddha would block one strike only to be hit by another. Because of the sheer amount of attackers he could only be on the defensive. He tried to go on the offensive but when he would land a hit on the Cat, that one would disappear in a puff of purple smoke and he would be hit 3 more times by others and block 5 more strikes. He had no idea which was the real Cat that started all of these. There was no way of telling at this point. He knew getting to her would be the only way that he would stand a chance of stopping this overwhelming onslaught. But how could he determine which was the true Cat. He decided the only way to tell would be to take on as many as he could and when one didn't disappear in a poof a smoke, that would be the one. It wasn't the best idea he had ever had but it was the best he could come up with on a short period of time. Buddha whipped his sectional staff around clearing all the attackers from him but more just kept coming. One came jumping down at him with her
    staff first. He put his sectional staff up stopping her staff from striking him and swung it around her staff causing it to come flying out of her paws across the room. She then spun herself around him and in mid spin grabbed Buddha's ankle with her tail and flipped him into the air. Before he hit the ground, Buddha was stopped in mid-air, just hovering there. All the female Cats were gone except for one, the real one. She was walking out of what appeared to be yet another secret passageway in the room holding her staff out, holding Buddha there. With a flick of the wrist and staff Buddha was thrown into the wall and still held in the air.

    "Meee-ow" the female Cat said as she walked closer to Buddha. She then looked at Buddha from bottom to top and said, " I could use a Cat
    with your...abilities."

    Buddha saw that Bengali had awaken and was trying to make his way to the Hammer of Thundera as quietly as he could without being seen. Buddha knew he had to buy him sometime.

    "Thanks, but I am a one girl kind of Cat and I can only imagine how long it takes all of you to get ready. Besides, I am superstitious. It would
    never work out." Buddha replied to the female.

    She then bashed Buddha into the wall harder this time and Buddha felt as though something around his neck choking him.

    She then leaned in close to Buddha and said "A sense of humor, I like that" as she poked his nose.

    She then quickly turned and raised her staff and said "Bad Kitty" as she raised Bengali into the air before he could reach the Hammer. She then
    flung him against the wall next to Buddha.

    "What am I going to do with you two" the black Cat said. "It's a shame. I liked you. I really did. But I just can't trust you or you" she explained
    as she ran her fingers up Bengali's chest while glaring at the two.

    It was then from behind where the stones and had been originally placed that were keeping her powerless a bright light appeared and a portal
    opening. An older male Cat then stepped out."Release them, Jivra" the older male Cat said.

    Hearing his voice angered the Black Cat and she squinted her eyes and her
    face to grimace momentarily. She then smiled and turned to face the old Cat.

    "Your friends here destroyed one of your precious little stones, Lygarr.

    What are you planning on doing? You know you are no match for me" she said smuggly.

    "You act like I have never stopped and captured you in the past, Jivra." the old Cat answered.

    While he said this, the female black Cat known as Jivra, glanced over the old Cat now known as Lygarr's shoulder and out the window

    "I'd love to stay here and chat with you and your friends, Lygarr. But it looks like you 3 are going to have your paws full in a few minutes and I
    have things to do" Jivra said as purple smoke raised from her feet covering her.

    And then she was gone. The second she disappeared, both Bengali and Buddha fell to the ground.

    "You fools! You have no idea what you have done. What are you even doing in this room?!" Lygarr scolded Bengali and Buddha.

    "You can yell at us for things later. She wasn't just trying to distract you" Buddha said as he pointed to the window.

    Buddha, Bengali, and Lygarr all stood before the window and looked out.

    "There's got to be a 100 of them" Bengali said.

    "Only a 100 if we are lucky" Buddha replied.

    Lygarr answered, "You both are lucky that I have much experience dealing with Gargoyles"


    Scene 4

    Lygarr lifted off the ground. There was a blinding flash of light that made both Bengali and Buddha close and cover their eyes. When they opened
    , a young Cat was in the air in front of them. He wore the same clothes Lygarr was woring but he was as young as Buddha and Bengali.

    "You and that Jivra are eerily similar, you know that?" Bengali said to Lygarr.

    "She transforms to her younger self out of vanity. I only transform to my younger self for battle. While I hate to admit it, my younger form has
    more advantages in battle than my natural self." Lygarr explained. He then flew out the window to meet the Gargoyle herd, that was flying into
    Thundera, head on.

    Buddha extended his out towards the window, looked at Bengali and said, "After you."

    With the flick of the wrist, Bengali flew out the window at a great speed. He then dove towards the ground. As he landed he struck the ground with the Hammer of Thundera filling the air with a thunderous roar.

    "Show offs..." Buddha said to himself. He then pushed the claws on the ends of his staff into the top of the window, grabbing the center section
    and using it to swing out the window. As he went out the window he pulled the sectional staff out of the top of the window. He landed on a ledge and began jumping down from ledge to ledge of the exterior of the Hall of Omens until reaching the ground.

    "What took you so long" Bengali asked with a smile on his face and holding his ribs. He is still hurting from Jivra's attack.

    "Sorry, I don't have a magic hammer" Buddha replied.

    The gargoyle herd grew close and Lygarr intended of heading them off. As they neared, Lygarr crossed his arms and bowed his head. He quickly spread his arms open and upon doing so a triangular energy beam shot towards the herd. The energy beam grew to engulf the entire herd but it did not have the reaction he intended. When the beam went through the gargoyles, their eyes glowed with a burning blue fire. After seeing this Lygarr wasted no time flying down to the surface to Bengali and Buddha.

    "Which one of you brought these things to Thundera?! Who did you anger?! The spell I cast, should have destroyed them and left them a pile of rumble. They are protected with a dark magic not of this earth!" Lygarr exclaimed.

    "I saw gargolyes like these not long ago. It was at one of Baron Karnor's Black Towers of Traps.(***which can be found is Episode 2 - The Black
    Tower of Trap***) He has awakened." Buddha replied.

    "Karnor?! That is impossible!" Lygarr replied.

    "Tell that to the dark magic protected army of gargoyles about to rain down on us" Buddha said.

    "You two can argue about this later, here they come!!" Bengali exclaimed gripping the Hammer of Thundera.

    The Gargoyles began crashing feet first onto the ground. One after another they landed. Buddha ran towards Lygarr and lept into the air. He
    landed on Lygarr's shoulders using them to push himself higher and further landed in the middle of the Gargoyle pack. He then kicked the legs of a
    Gargoyle from under him causing the gargoyle to fall on his back on the ground. When it hit the ground, Buddha kicked the gargoyle in the chest with the back of both of his heels. The gargoyle crumbled into hundred of pieces of rock.

    "Brute force works!" Buddha yelled as he rammed the claws of his staff into a gargoyle, lifted him and slammed him into the ground.

    Lygarr then created three orbs of energy and thrust them towards a group of the gargoyles. As he flew into one of the of Gargoyles shoulder first,
    knocking it into the air, the orbs of energy continuously struck the gargoyle and ricocheted off the group. When the gargoyle landed on the
    ground, Lygarr came down on top of it slamming his staff into destroying it and continued his assault, controlling the orbs and having them hit he
    gargoyles as he struck them with his staff. He then spun his staff around his hand and knocked 4 gargoyles into the air. The orbs then crashed into them knocking them further into the air. Bengali then swung the Hammer forward and propelled himself crashed through all 4 gargoyles leaving them nothing but piles of rubble. When Bengali landed he shot rails of energy from the Hammer of Thundera directly into the gargoyles. It shot right through them and they crumbled at the touch of it. He was able to take out many with ease.

    The gargoyles numbers were dwindled down to nothing but piles of rocks. The Cats had stood victorious against the gargoyle herd. Lygarr once
    again took to the air, raised his staff and upon doing so he raised all the piles of rocks that used to be their enemies. With a quick movement
    of his staff he sent the rocks flying out of Thundera. Lygarr landed and by the time he touched the ground he had changed back to his older aged form.

    "He let us win" Lygarr said.

    Bengali and Buddha looked at each other. Both were badly bruised, as was Lygarr.

    "Let us?" Buddha questioned.

    "If what you said is true and they were Baron Karnor's doing, that was just to let you know he has not forgotten about you. That was nothing. It
    was too easy." Lygarr explained.

    He continued, "I do not have time for this. I have to get back and now
    because of you two fools, I need you to track and find Jivra Kuroneko."

    "We can help you" Buddha replied.

    "Help?? HA! what are you going to do? Hang on the walls again?" Lygarr asked mockingly.

    Lygarr's eyes then opened wide and he asked "Did she take anything?!"

    "Can't say that I noticed, but I was a bit busy at the time" Buddha answered.

    "What about you, Mason? Did you see her take anything" Lygarr asked Bengali.

    "I did not. But that does not mean she did not. I wouldn't know what to have been looking for." Bengali answered.

    Lygarr pointed his staff forward. His staff shot out an energy that created a portal.

    "The fault of her escape falls on both of your shoulders. If she took anything it is up to you two to find her and it and get it back. I have
    to return to the Astral Plane but first, both of you follow me." Lygarr said. He then walked into the portal and disappeared.

    Bengali looked at Buddha and asked, "What do you think, my friend?".

    Buddha, now holding his shoulder which was injured in the battle with the gargoyles, replied "It's better than walking." Buddha then stepped
    through the portal. Bengali took a deep breath and followed behind.


    SCENE 5

    Buddha stepped through the portal and found himself back in the room in which he and Bengali had their run in with Jivra Kuroneko. Bengali was
    exited after him. Lygarr was kneeling by the stone that Bengali had crushed with the Hammer of Thundera. He picked the pieces up, turned his
    hand and opened it and the pieces fell back to the ground while shaking his head.

    "I believed the stones were made out of Thundranium, hence causing her weakness but I believe I may have been wrong in that assumption" Bengali tried to explain his actions. Lygarr then looked at Bengali disapprovingly and replied, "Thundranium,
    no. These stones are infused with powerful crystals that neutralized her powers. They are incredibly rare. Four of these stones are needed for
    them to do act as a neutralizing agent. Without the fourth these three stones are worthless."

    "Where can we find more of them?" Buddha asked.

    "HAHAHA, if it were only that easy" Lygarr replied. "The only place on Third Earth you MIGHT, and let me reiterate MIGHT, find these crystal
    infused stones would be Crystal Canyon. Only one has ever been found there but it would be the only place I would say might be able to produce stones of this nature" Lygarr continue.

    Bengali turned to Buddha and said, "We must find one of these stones. It is my fault Jivra is free. I must do everything in my ability to make
    this right."

    Buddha places his hand on Bengali's shoulder. Bengali was angered and disappointed in himself and blamed this on himself.

    "We will find one, don't worry. But this is not your fault. If you didn't do it, I would have." Buddha replied. He then said "Tell us more
    about this Jivra. Who is she?"

    "I know of her and stopping her will not be easy" Bengali answered.

    "That's right. It will not be easy. Jivra Kureoneko is one of, if not THEE strongest sorceress on Third Earth." Lygarr explained. "I am
    powerful, but she is powered by a black magic that trumps even my own skills."

    "She can't be more powerful than Mumm-Ra" Buddha interjected.

    "Her powers rival that of that ancient personificatin of evil. But there are differences between the two. For one, Mumm-Ra works for the Ancient
    Spirits of Evil and his powers are enhightened by them. Jivra needs no backing for her powers to reach those levels and she hates the Ancient
    Spirits of Evil" Lygarr explained.

    "She hates them? Sounds to me like we can use that and her to our advantage. The enemy of my enemy..." Buddha said.

    Lygarr immediately interrupted,"She is not a friend! She is obsessed with the idea that she can defeat the Ancient Spirits of Evil and in doing so
    strip them of all of their power and using it as her own. She will let nothing get in her way of reaching her ultimate goal. Not you, not me, not the Thundercats, not even Third Earth. She will destroy every last piece of this planet if she feels it will bring her closer to her to
    defeating the Ancient Spirits and having ultimate power. She craves it. She needs it. And she will stop at nothing to get it."

    "The last time I had heard of her presence on Third Earth, she was attacking Thundera." Bengali said.

    "That is correct. It was years ago. She wanted to use the magical items of the Treasure of Thundera to increaase her own powers and use them for her own doing. Her plan was to first defeat the Thundercats then to destroy Thundera and then take the items. She had succeeded in defeating in many of the Thundercats. It was a tragic time in Thundera. Many Thundercats were lost in the battle against her. It took the combined efforts and powers of King Claudus,the Sword of Omens, Jaga and myself to finally stop her." Lygarr answered. He then went on to explain, "After her defeat I had taken her into my custody to stand before the Mystic Council. He powers were to great to be thrown into a Thunderian prison cell. There is no place on Third Earth that could contain her. Knowing this the Mystic Council ordered she be detained in the Astral Prison in the Astral Plane. That is where she had remained locked up until recently when there was an attack on the Astral Prison. Any many of the inmates had escaped."

    "Attack on the Astral Prison? Mumm-ra lead his forces into the Astral plane? I have heard stories of the Astral Plane but never knew it truly
    existed. How did he find a way in? All the stories I heard said that the entrances to that dimension were hidden and none knew where they were." Buddha questioned.

    "Mumm-ra did not attack the Astral Prison. The attack on the Astral Prison was lead by a treacherous creature. A sorcerer named Nemex. He
    lead an army of nightmarish creatures to the Astral Prison. Nemex thirsts for knowledge. If knowledge is power, Nemex is the equivalent of a god.
    It is our understanding he attacked the Astral Prison because he wanted to capture all of its inhabitants in order to learn every piece of information that he could from the wide variety of villainry that is imprisoned in the Astral Prison. But at some point, Nemex had altered his plans for capturing the inmates and decided that taking the prison was more important. The Mystic Council had called up many sorcerers and warriors to defend the prison as well as recapture those inmates that were
    able to escape during the melee. The attacks on the Astral Prison have yet to cease the have been almost nonstop. Right when we believe Nemex has given up and retreated for good they begin again. But during one of these times, myself and an elite team were put together to search for the escapees. I was able to find Jivra Kuroneko and capture her. I brought her back here and placed the stones around her, knowing it would leave her powerless and I would know exactly where she would be. These quarters belong to me for a reason. The Hall of Omens holds many secrets and there are reasons behind everything here. It was built on this spot for a reason. Not only tactical reasons. Within this room one of the hidden entrances to the Astral Plane exists. And I can aceess it. With Jivra left here powerless, I could return to the Astral Plane and continue to defend the Astral Prison." Lygarr answered while looking around the room to see if anything had been taken during the skirmish with Kuroneko.

    That's when his eyes caught the entrance to his hidden chamber open. Lygarr pushed the door to the side and saw an empty box on the ground. He picked it up and knew exactly what was missing.

    "The Bracelet of Power, it's gone!!!" Lygarr exclaimed.

    "The Bracelet of Power?! It exists?!" Buddha questioned. "I thought it was lost centuries ago?! All the records..."

    Lygarr interrupter, "All the records lie. There are certain items and treasures that are too powerful for public display. If our enemies knew
    they existed. The Hall of Omens, Thundera, the Treasure of Thundera, would all be at risk. So it was decided that many of the more powerful items be locked away and kept a watchful eye on. They have been kept under my protection for quite sometime. The scrolls and the records of these items were all adjusted to protect the items" Lygarr explained.

    "So what you are saying is the Thundercats changed the history of the items to suit their needs" Buddha said.

    "That is not quite how it happened. But that is not here nor there. The Bracelet of Power allows its user to completely control the minds of
    individuals. Not just Cats, all speicies. With Jivra Kuroneko's power and her having the Bracelet of Power there is no telling what she could do or
    what she intends to do with it. All that can be certain is that no good will come from it. We need to get the Bracelet of Power back." Lygarr

    Buddha and Bengali looked at each other. Not a word needed to be spoken. They both knew Lygarr was right and that they needed to get the Bracelet of Power back from Jivra. Buddha had taken it upon himself to find all the items that had been taken from the Hall of Omens during the fall of Thundera but this went beyond that. With that item, Jivra could enslave all the Cats or even all the species on Third Earth. This piece of the
    Treasure of Thundera needed to be found and brought back to the protection of the Hall of Omens immediately. And with this new and improved Hall of Omens, protecting it would be much easier. Once they learned more about the Thunder-lynx and accessed all of the systems.

    "We'll find it" Buddha replied.

    "Don't take on Jivra yourself" Lygarr instructed. "Find her, track her whereabouts, and find where she is keeping it. Once that is done contact
    me. I have to return to the Astral Plane and meet with my brethren and
    defeat Nemex and his army" he continued.

    "How do we contact you while you are in the Astral Plane" Bengali asked.

    Lygarr ripped one of the teeth from his necklace. He then took an apathecary bowl and a pouch from the table in front of him and handed it
    to Bengali.

    "When you need to contact me, put the tooth in the bowl and using only a pinch of the powder in the pouch throw that also in the bowl. Do this and you will be able to get in touch with me. AND If Baron Karnor shows himself contact me immediately. But I now must return to the Astral Plane.

    Good luck to the both of you. You will need it. We all have a long difficult journey ahead of us." Lygarr answered. He then put his arms out and
    leaned his head back and said something quietly to himself. A triangle of energy once again came from him. This time it moved slowly in front of him and began to swirl. The swirling energy then opened opened the portal to the Astral Plane. He walked toward the portal and entered but added one last thing before he the portal disappeared. "Don't mess up", Lygarr said and the portal immediately closed. He was gone and so was the portal to the Astral Plane.

    Buddha looked at Bengali and said, "Looks like things just got a bit more complicated."

    "It would appear so. I have to get back down to the Chamber of Omens and continue working on accessing all of the Thunder-lynx systems. We need to get what we can up and running as soon as possible especially now with these new circumstances." Bengali replied.

    "Do you need a hand?" Buddha asked.

    "There is not much you can do now. It is mostly up to me at this point. You can join me if you wish." Bengali answered.

    "Well,l if you don't need me I am going to spend some time in here. Apparently, there is much I need to learn other than the Thunder-lynx.
    Like some of the true history of the Thundercats." Buddha said while picking up a book from a shelf. He then walked towards the doorway of
    Lygarr's hidden room and entered the hidden treasure chamber.



    ****BONUS SCENE*****

    Jivra Kuroneko strolled confidently into her lair. It had been abandoned for years. It was dirty and dusty. It was clear no one had entered here
    in a very long time. But with one movement of her hand, the lair looked brand new. The dirty, dust and cob webs gone. Just that quickly. Jivra
    jumped down on her bed and was smiling. She held the Bracelet above her head and stared directly at it. She turned it from side to side
    inspecting every inch of the item.

    "Hmph, I'm not impressed" she said as she threw the Bracelet of Power across the room like it was nothing more than a piece of garbage.

    She then reached down to her hip and pulled out a rolled up piece of paper from behind the top of her skirt. The paper was the size as a sheet from a book. This was her real score. Taking the Bracelet of Power was nothing more than a distraction to keep them away from her true goal.

    Jivra was softly purring as she laid there lookin at the paper. She then said to herself,"This is going to be so much fun hahahahahaha".



    Cat's Eye Terminal

    Jivra Kuroneko

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