ThunderCats is becoming more forgotten...

Discussion in '2011 ThunderCats Cartoon & Movie' started by Luckinekolives, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. And what are you against anime?!
  3. Hey, i'm saying not all anime is like that!!
  4. No, you're the one who is wrong about anime,
    Anime has an major following in the west since Astro Boy in the 60s, and the and it's been evolving in japan, a there's alot of anime with good plot and storytelling, good action and fight sequences, strong characters, emotion connections to the characters themselves, strong female leads, etc.
    You my friend have sucking on too much western animation for so long that you didn't give anime a chance.
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  5. Then you're still blind, and you assume western cartoons are so much better!
  6. I'm just saying that Tmnt 2k12 and MLP: FIM are becoming way too popular...
    And Thundercats still remains as a footnote and a joke.

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