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    Does anyone out there have Thundercats Live! press photos in your collection??? If you do, could you possibly check the back for the dates that would be printed on the photo and post the date(s) here???
    I have been trying to piece together the actual Thundercats Live! tour schedule. I have the program and the tour schedule is not printed in there. I have been in contact with the company Riedell who was the official skate boot of the production. Riedell put me in touch with the Riedell historian who had no information on it but suggested I contact the companies RC Sports and Sure Grip International. The representative I spoke to at Sure Grip International was actually a fan of Thundercats when he was a child and tried to find any information on his end and even talked to the office "old timer". Unfortunately, he wasn't able to remember anything or find anything on his end. I never received a response from RC Sports.
    This is currently the Thundercats Live! tour schedule that I have been able to piece together...

    Thundercats Live! Tour Schedule 1987-88 Notes
    - Rehearsals took place at a Los Angeles Dance Studio and then the Long Beach Arena
    - Tour starts in September
    - First show is Philadelphia PA
    - Last Show is Cleveland Ohio
    - Last show is filmed by Lorimar

    Thundercats Live! Tour Schedule 1987-1988
    Thundercats Live! - Sept 24-27 1987 (Thursday - Sunday) - Philadelphia Civic Center - Philadelphia, PA (articles & confirmed by David Bethards)
    Thundercats Live! - (Oct 1-4) 1987 (Thursday - Sunday) - Madison Square Garden - New York, New York (confirmed by David Bethards)
    Thundercats Live! - (Oct 8-11) 1987 (Thursday - Sunday) - Madison Square Garden - New York, New York (confirmed by David Bethards)
    Thundercats Live! - Oct (15-18) 1987 (Thursday - Sunday) - Mid Hudson Civic Center - Poughkeepise New York (confirmed by David Bethards)
    Thundercats Live! - Oct (22/23) - 25 1987 (??? - Sunday) - Baltimore, MD (Press photo from Baltimore Sun newspaper)
    Thundercats Live! - Nov 3 (Tuesday) 1987 - Asheville Civic Center - Asheville, NC (confirmed by David Bethards & newspaper article ad)
    Thundercats Live! - Nov (12)13 - (15) 1987 ( ??? - Friday - ???) - Cleveland Public Auditorium - Cleveland, OH (Press photo from Cleveland newspaper & confirmed by David Bethards)
    Thundercats Live! - Dec 3-6 1987 (Thursday - Sunday) - Glenn Falls Civic Center - Glenn Falls, New York (confirmed by newspaper article of Shows cancellation)
    Thundercats Live! - Dec 10-11 1987 (Thursday & Friday) - The Hartford Civic Center - Hartford, Connecticut (confirmed by newspaper ad)
    Thundercats Live! - Jan 8 -10 -1988 (Friday - Sunday) - Clowes Memorial Hall - Indiana, IN (
    Thundercats Live! - Jan 15-18 1988 (Friday - Monday) - The Auditorium Theatre - Chicago, IL (confirmed by vintage commercial)
    Thundercats Live! - Jan 22 -24 1988 (Friday - Sunday) - The Auditorium Theatre - Chicago, IL (confirmed by vintage commercial)

    Dates Unknown
    Thundercats Live! - Cobo Hall (TCF Center) - Detroit, MI
    Thundercats Live! - Riverside Theatre - Milwaukee, WI (confirmed by David Bethards/ Sep. 9,2017 a Press Photo for this show appeared on Ebay with the date of Nov 13, 1987)
    Thundercats Live! - Richmond,VA (VA confirmed by David Bethards)
    Thundercats Live! - VA ( confirmed by David Bethards)
    Thundercats Live! - VA (confirmed by David Bethards)
    Thundercats Live! - McKenzie Arena - Chattanooga, TN (confirmed by David Bethards)
    Thundercats Live! - Von Braun Civic Center - Hunstville, AL (confirmed by David Bethards)

    **Dates in the ( ) are not confirmed. Press photos only have the date that it was being printed that day. Originally, I believed shows only took place on weekends but a vintage newspaper Ad stating a show took place on Nov.3 a Tuesday. Dates and days in ( ) are the calendar dates and days for the year but specific performance dates/days are unknown.**

    ** after some research the most likely venue for this city was the Asheville Civic Center, now known as the U.S. Cellular Center. I spoke with the Events Coordinator but all of their records prior to 2000 have been shredded. Vintage newspaper ads confirmed my belief and the venue was the Asheville Civic center**

    If anyone out there has any of the Press Photos that have the dates on the back or any other info about the Thundercats Live! tour, please post it here so I can update the tour schedule and see if we can't put together the entire tour from start to finish. If you would prefer to PM me that is perfectly okay and feel free to do so. I have spent much of my life touring and on the road so this project hits close to home for me. It would also be nice to be able to put together and preserve a piece of unique Thundercats history.

    *** I would like to thank David Bethards, who was apart of the Thundercats Live! tour and a member here, for providing much of the information about this tour!***
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    I'm impressed you were able to obtain these. Now I wish somebody had actually recorded ThunderCats Live!
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    That would be an interesting watch and a heck of a find.
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    Just realized that I posted this in the wrong area. I apologize for that. Feel free to move this thread to where it should be.
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    Hi. I was a part of the tour. While I don't have a record of the dates and tour stops, off the top of my head I can recall that after rehearsing in Los Angeles first at a dance studio then at the Long Beach Arena, we kicked off the tour in Philadelphia, went on to Madison Square Gardens for two consecutive weekends, then Poughkeepsie NY at the Mid Hudson Civic Center. After that I don't recall the order. We played Baltimore, Milwaukee at the Riverside Theatre, Chattanooga at the McKenzie Arena, Huntsville at the Von Braun Civic Center. Cleveland at the Cleveland Public Auditorium. Asheville NC, 3 stops in Virginia, one of which was Richmond; I can't recall the other two. Probably many more that I am forgetting. Cleveland was our last stop. And the show was indeed filmed by Lorimar in Cleveland, however they never provided the cast with a copy so I have never seen it.
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    wow! welcome!
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    Awesome, great to have you here!
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    Thank you so much for all the info!!!! I have been looking for years!! I can't thank you enough. Glad to have you here!
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    I updated with new information I have confirmed. Several new dates & cities. I can also now confirm that all shows after the Cleveland show were cancelled. I have found a newspaper clip article from the Glenn Falls area talking of the tours cancellation. I also believe that I have the most likely tour route mapped out but until the information can be confirmed I will not put that in this post. Slowly but surely this Tour schedule is becoming more and more complete.
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    I have updated the tour schedule with 2 more weekend dates that were scheduled for consecutive weekends in Chicago IL. These dates were confirmed by a vintage tv commercial that played in Chicago for Thundercats Live!
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    First time I’ve ever seen a commercial for the show. Enjoy.

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    It's my first time, too. I'm pretty glad I enjoyed it. :)
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    Thanks for posting. Hopefully someday someone will upload an actual video of the whole show. THAT would be a holy grail find for sure!
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    Looks like the same kind of commercial as the Masters of the Universe Power Tour. Very cool!

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