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  1. Hi, I just wanted to let all of you know I have started scanning all of my old Thundercats Star Comics from front to end in Adobe Acrobat PDF form for your online reading enjoyment. You can view the comics via EOT

    Thundercats Comics Online Reading

    Now in order to view the comics, you have to be a member, this is alot of hard work so I only wanted members to see it. It's very simple to become a member of EOT, all you need is an email address and a user name. See? How simple is that? ;)

    You can also view the comics on Purrsia's site. Purrsia's site

    If you guys here on Thundercats Lair. Org want to host the comics here on your site, all I ask is for the credit of scanning them. I want everyone to be able to read the classic Thundercats Marvel Star Comics.

    Out of 24 comics, I have nine done. When I am done with the US Star comics, I will begin to scan the UK comics. Out of 130 issues, I have a lil over 30 of them. I try to scan one comic per day. I have two small children at home and they really keep me busy so that is why I can only do about one comic per day.

    I hope you enjoy! :)
  2. Rath Montchar

    Rath Montchar Moleman

    Terrific! Now people can see where "Lynxanna" came from.Then maybe we can have some discussion threads concerning the Marvel/Star series at long last! 8)

    I'm also interesting in seeing some of the British Thundercats stuff.
  3. Purrsia

    Purrsia Moderator

    I've been trying to scan in all my old stuff, too (in addition to the marvel comics, I want to do the magazines and many of the other OOP stuff. I already have almost all the annuals up, all the books I own, some UK issues with a big stack left to scan, and so on). Whatever queenie doesn't have, if I've got it, I'll share with the EOT site. It helps us both in that it cuts down on the volume we'd have to scan by ourselves if we didn't share plus the obvious benefit of one possibly having issues the other lacks and therefore being able to complete whole sections sooner + save money. We're sort of partnering on the deal, and as she said, if TCL wants to grab this stuff too, more power to ya. Just credit one or the other of us that did the tedious scanning bit ;) Plus the fans win by having this stuff available on as many sites as possible so that they get read and as has been pointed out, more discussion can come about.

    We decided to stay away from the Wildstorm issues for now, as far as complete scans, for they're still a bit on too recent to be for certain we won't get in trouble with WB for doing that (WB is full aware of my site, at any rate, and has yet to C&D me for the full scans of the old stuff on it to date). My site still covers them pretty thoroughly, so that one will get the gist. For a long time I was one of few fan sites that covered them much at all.
    /end shameless self promoting!

  4. He-Fan

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    Chris here...

    Well, as the resident Comic Book Guy here at TCL, can I first of all thank you guys both for the heads-up about this, and for your kind offer to share this stuff with us here at TCL - you're very kind! :)

    I've always been uneasy about making full comics available to read on this site because of worries about copyright (both from WB, and also from the comic book companies who actually produced the comics) - it was something that we discussed a long time ago but thought it might be wisest not to do. I'll need to discuss it with the other guys obviously, but the info about WB is very much appreciated, and certainly may shed a new perspective on things! :)

    You guys are really kind to offer to share your content with us, thank you - and, needless to say it is always TCL policy to credit any of the fantastic ThunderFans who are kind enough to help us out with this site! :)

    I'll get back to you guys (or should that be, "girls"! ;)) once I've spoken to the rest of the team - but for now, needless to say if anyone on these forums has never had a chance to sample Marvel's ThunderCats comics, I'd encourage all of you to check out those links!! :)

    Take care... :)

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