Thundercats MIB/MOC toys for sale.

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  1. Lord LionO

    Lord LionO Mutant

    I have to sell a good chunk of my private collection due to lack of storage. Thundercats are further down the list. If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a PM. I can only sell in the U.S. and I can only accept postal money orders. Thanks!

    -Raphael MOC C8+ (Fan Club Form) $28
    -Donatello MOC C8+ (Fan Club Form) $28
    -Michaelangelo MOC C8+ (Fan Club Form) $28
    -Ray Filet MOC C9+ $18
    -Ray Filet MOC C9 $15
    -Leatherhead MOC C9+ $18
    -Triceratron MOC C9 $15
    -Metalhead MOC (retaped) C6+ $8
    -Mutagen Man MOC C9 $15
    -April O?Neal C7+ $10
    -Panda Khan MOC C8.5+ $13
    -Chrome Dome MOC C9+ $15

    -Party Wagon MIB C8.5+ $90
    -Turtle Blimp MIB C9+ (2nd Version) $110
    -Sewer Playset MIB C9.5 $140
    -Mutant Module MIB C8.5+ $55

    Thundercats MOC
    -Cheetara /Wilykat MOC C8 (has crack on bottom) $70
    -Lynxo MOC C8+ $125
    -LionO MOC C9+ $275
    -LionO MOC C8+ $250 (rainbow version)
    -LionO OC C6+ $65 (On Hold)

    Thundercats MIB
    -Thundercats Miniature 4 Pack MIB C7+ $65
    -Thundercats Cats Lair MIB C8.5+ $85

    SilverHawks MOC
    -SilverHawks StealHeart MOC C8+ $60
    -SilverHawks Copper Kid MOC C8.5 $45
    -SilverHawks Copperkid MOC C8.5 $40
    -SilverHawks QuickSilver MOC C9.5+ $65

    Bionic SIX
    -Scarab MOC C8+ $10
    -Mechanic MOC C8.5 $12
    -Klunk C8.5+ $12
    -Jack MOC C9.+ $18
    -Meg C9.5+ $20

    -MOC colored 4 packs (11 MOC) $55
    -MOC FLESH COLOR 4 pack $20
    -10 pack Can (FLESH COLOR) $45

    Rock Lords
    -MOC Narlihog C9.5+ $25
    -MOC Narlizard C9.5+ $25
    -MOC Sticks and Stones C9.5+ $50
    -MIB Rockasaur MIB C9.5+ $55

    MOTU (200X series)
    -MOC Beastman C9(American Card) $18
    -MOC Merman C9 (Ameriacn Card) $18
    -MOC Teela C8.5 (gold hairband) $35
    -MOC Ram Mam C9 $15
    -MOC Syklone C8.5 $15
    -MOC Evil-Lyn C8.5 $35
    -MOC He-man (Cross Version) C8.5 $18
    -MOC Orko C8 (Chase!) $20
    -MOC Man E Faces C8.5 (Chase!) $20
    -MOC Skeletor C8.5+ (CHASE!) $240
    -MIB Mint Skeletor AP Statue #61 $310

    -MIB Magnakor C8 $35

    Transformers Heroes of Cybertron
    -Series 4
    (Bumblebee) MOC C9 (two available) $5
    (Wheeljack) MOC C9 $5
    (Jazz) MOC C9 $5
    (Perceptor) MOC C9 $5
    (Gigatron) MOC C9 $5
    -Series 1
    Arceee MOC C9

    Battle Beasts
    -Series 1 Elephant/Frog MOC C8.5+ (Three available) $25
    -Series 1 Pink Fish/Snake MOC C8.5+ (Two available) $25
    -Series 1 Colonel Bird/Yellow Tiger MOC C8.5+ $25
    -Series 1 Rabbit/War Wiesel MOC C8.5+ (Euro card) $20

    Thanks for looking!
  2. Jaga

    Jaga Moleman

    Just sent you a pm!
  3. boggs32

    boggs32 Junior Member

    can I get a pic of the Thundercats lair? I'm assuming the box is open so could you take pics of the contents as well? E-mail to:

  4. Gorgeous Galvin D

    Gorgeous Galvin D New Member

    thundercats lair

    sent you a pm. thanks.

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