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Discussion in 'ThunderCats (2011)' started by Mark M, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    The full 2011 series is available to buy on PlayStation Network Europe.
  2. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    Mondo cool! :D
  3. Lordore

    Lordore Moderator

    I am going to check it right now, but i am still waiting for a Blueray relaes including the whole season 1. At least we deserve that!!
  4. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    A whole season 1 disc would be awesome! I would also love for these episodes to be available via streaming.
  5. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    I definitely want the entire 2011 series released on Blu-ray.
  6. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    I'm still hoping for a boxed set with some behind the scenes stuff, but I doubt I'll ever get it.
  7. Rizefall

    Rizefall Swedish Meatball

    As the rest i'm just waiting for the blu-ray.
  8. wallbie

    wallbie New Member

    Am I the only one who saw the title of this thread and now find disappointment that it's not about a Thundercats video game?
  9. BountyHunter

    BountyHunter New Member

    I, also, was expecting something about a game. Oh well. :(
  10. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    I thought so, too.
  11. thebritwriter

    thebritwriter Junior Member

    Unless developed by a more respectable developer I wouldn't touch a thundercats game, licensed games are often a miss, I got the He-Man game based on the 2002 and it didn't play at all, which I later learnt was one of it's biggest problems.

    It's nice the series is on the playstation but I won't be paying for an incomplete series, the latter half of that series leaving too many unanswered questions.
  12. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I wouldn't buy it as I didn't like the 2011 series.

    I must say though even though a lot of people disliked the He-Man game I liked it LOL. I remember I completed it in a couple days.
  13. Dragon78

    Dragon78 Barbarian

    A Thundercats 2011 RPG(for PS3) would be an awesome way to finish the "new" series. I would like that a lot better then a comic book. But it would be just as nice to get that podcast that was mention several months ago.
  14. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I doubt the 2011 series will get another video game after the poor sales and bad reviews of the DS game.
  15. Dragon78

    Dragon78 Barbarian

    I doubt it will ever happen, but I can still wish it to be so.:)

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