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    Lion-O learns that in modern times, not every girl needs the assitance of a strong, bulking man. Heh - they tend to be very capable of defending themselves. XD

    Inspired by Fuzzy - drawn by yours truly.

    Apologies for the background - and, as a side note - the school girl character isn't from any particular anime/manga (she's just generic).
  2. tcatartist

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    I'm a Lion-O fan, but this is hilarious. The way you have him hunched over speaks volumes, I don't think we need to see his face at all. (I can see some of the male-fans cringing and protecting their own crotches just by looking at it.)

    I really like the illusion of how quick the girl is kicking him, with the shirt flying up and wavy. I can just hear her screaming something along the lines of "Perv! You're running around in a speedo, half naked? This how you get your kicks? Well, have one on me!"

    The background doesn't worry me; it's the "action" in the scene that does.

  3. Ruu-Ben-Gaaru

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    LOL!!! I like it, it's neatly done, and with photoshop, I'm guessing.

    It would've been funnier if you had used Willa of the Warrior Maidens in place of the school girl.

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