Thundercats picture quality and mastering for DVD

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  1. Joseph Korso

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    Huge undertaking indeed. But nothing is easy on traditional animation process.
    The original intro got a lot of, let's say, inconsistencies...
    Analysing frame by frame, one can confirm small details don't match the original character design.
    Small things from Panthro not having vertical pupils to some missing clothes and bodyparts details on Lion-Oo and Tygra
    made me realise that it won't be a good process to just put filters on the original work.

    I agree that this intro is ahead of its time. The technique applied, the camera movement,
    all that dynamic put together was replicated on animation only ten years later.

    Besides, the filter process of super resolution won't be able to create the final art from 4:3 to 16:9.
    So I'll keep on the old ways any day.
    I also agree that putting too much stuff on it would transform in anything else, but at the same time,
    I really doubt people notice these small details and inconsistencies I've mention before.
    If they did, they are a few hardcore fans, probably a little too nitpicking on that matter.

    I shouldn't be sharing that stuff, for I believe to get hyped with something like this is not cool.
    I need time to do it right and people expecting an early result would be tragic, but here you go.

    Only six seconds, but it took me more than two months to complete it.
    It lacks the gradient background, still it's easier than what I've accomplished here.
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  2. Tygra_Rules

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  3. Daremonger

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    Love the widescreen effect you gave these guys. :)
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  4. Joseph Korso

    Joseph Korso Junior Member

    It's a start then. :laugh
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  5. Daremonger

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    For sure.
  6. Booshman

    Booshman Thunderian Legend

    Will you be releasing a version without the additional shadow detail?
  7. Joseph Korso

    Joseph Korso Junior Member

    I'll share final results, but won't be a 100% exact copy from the original.
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