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    Hi folks,

    I wanted to stop by quickly and let you know we listed some more items this evening (9pm EST) including the Red-Eye original concept art. The Red-Eye pieces are very, very limited... we only have 4 pieces, and this is the only hand drawn piece. (Others include photo proof for artwork and blueprints.)

    I also wanted to apologize to everyone who has been calling us and E-mailing us, asking for lists of items. At this point, I simply can't get a list out... it's simply too long. Please bear with me, as we try to list as much as we can.

    My client indicated that he might want to take a break for some time on this stuff, as some of the items are not fetching the prices he really wanted.

    If anyone needs more information as to what something is, or what it was used for, please ask.

    I am also going to extend payment terms for items over $1,000. This will go for multiple items as well. So, you can purchase several items, and use the payment plan.

    I hope this gets more folks out on the auctions bidding... remember, these really are one of a kind items... and will truly not be seen again.

    I wish you all the best-thanks so much for everything.

    Hollywood Heroes
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