Thundercats Thundertank Power Pedal Cycle

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  1. MoatMonster

    MoatMonster New Member

    I have a Thundercats Thundertank Power Pedal Cycle MIB (box is warped and only in fair shape). Item is unused and never assembled. I have instructions and original decals never used. It's all there.
    This is basically the rare thundertank "BIG wheel"
    Anyone know what the fair price is on these nowadays?

    I have a ton of other stuff too I don't know the value of.
    Some of it pretty weird.
    Yugoslavian TCATS pinball machine MIB
    TCATS Bed tent MIB
    C8-9 Cat's lair BOX C8 cat's lair complete
    almost all the figures in and out of box
    tongue-a-saurus and it's box
    Plush Snarf MIB (MOC)
    TCATS TYCO Racetrack
    TCATS Vehicle play tent
    books, coloring, complete comics,
    PJ's, Drapes, Bedding, Sleeping bags, etc.
    etc, etc.
    Any help on valuation would be great
    Haven't been involved in collecting this stuff for a while
    So I'm a bit out of touch.
    Was thinking I'd wait to sell when the movie comes out (if ever)
    I am not sure if the economy has made the TCATS vintage market worse
    (but I assume it has)
    Any current resources out there
  2. Chromeagle

    Chromeagle Barbarian

    Email sent:liono
  3. Robimus_Prime

    Robimus_Prime Moleman

    You should absolutely post pics of your stuff in the showcase, I would like to check it out
  4. Chromeagle

    Chromeagle Barbarian

    I agree with Rob, lets see some pics!

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