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    Okay, this is part I of a longer story. I started it pretty long ago. It was the result of me thinking about the scene in ThunderCats Ho! were Tygra and Cheetara send the Vertus in to space at full throttle. Part II is underway. And please dont mind my english :rolleyes:



    Moments after being sent into deep space at full throttle by Tygra and Cheetara ,the Vertus’ fuel cells are running dangerously low.

    Commander: “Captain, we must do something! If the fuel cells...”

    Capt. Shiner: “YES, YES! I know! Try to...”

    Suddenly the bridge goes dark. The rumbling of the mighty ships engines fade. Red emergency lighting switches on.

    Capt. Shiner: “The back-up generator... We are lucky, my friends! Now for our bindings...”

    With one collective effort the Captain and crew of the Vertus free themselves.

    Capt. Shiner: “Those ThunderCats will pay for this outrage! Gather the rest of the men, commander! We must return to Third Earth and ...”

    1st Mate: “CAPTAIN!! An unidentified ship is approaching port side!!”

    Capt. Shiner: “Try to contact it on the telescreen! We must know who we are dealing with!”

    A green light is blinking. The ship has made contact:


    1ST Mate: “Captain, our responce?”

    The Captain takes a few moments. He then dictates:


    Minutes pass without any sign from the foreign ship. Suddenly the Vertus’ proximity alarm goes of:



    1st Mate: “WE’VE BEEN BREACHED!!”

    Almost instantly eight alien beings teleport onto the bridge, all carrying weapons. Capt. Shiner and his men scramble, but it’s too late. Within moments the entire Vertus crew is captured.


    Kymera 1: “We are the Kymera. We have been watching you with great interest Captain. You will pay for your part in the disapearance of our leader. You and your men, are now our prisoners!”

    Capt. Shiner: “Your leader? You are mistaken! I have never seen beings such as you or...”

    Kymera 1: “While in persuit of a renegade Terator, our leader was viciously attacked by your allies the ThunderCats.”

    Capt. Shiner: “Allies? My friend, you are mistaken! I'm a mercenary! I have no alliance with the ThunderCats, if anything I...”

    Kymera 1: “Enough! Blindfold the crew and take them to the ship. Put the Captain in with the brute.”

    The Vertus crew is transported to the Kymera ship. On the far side of the ship, chained to the wall of a dark cell, Captain Shiner manages to undo his blindfold. He’s not alone... A large, strange creature sits on a cot, chained.

    Capt. Shiner: “What manner of creature... who are you?”

    The creature does not answser. He just sits and stares at the Captain.

    Capt. Shiner: “I asked you a question, beast! I ORDER you to ANSWER!

    In a deep, baritone growl the creature awnsers:

    Creature: “I..Seng... I..Terator“

    Capt. Shiner: “A Terator? Hmmm.. so what is your business with those blasted things that put me in here?”

    Seng: “Kymera enemies of Terators. Why… you.. here?”

    Capt. Shiner: “It was an unprovoked attack!! Due to some.. ehm, circumstances the control over my ship was.. compromised. I thought someone was coming to our aid..but.. it is an OUTRAGE! No terms of surrender were agreed upon! And I demand OFFICERS’ QUARTERS!!

    Seng does not respond to this sudden outburst. He looks up to a grid in the ceiling as slight hissing sounds. He rests his head against the wall and closes his eyes.

    Captain Shiner: “How can you.. uhg.. never mind.”

    In a moment Shiner realizes the hissing is the sound of gas filling the cell. He covers his mouth and nose, but is quickly overpowered. He loses conciousness and falls down on his cot. He is soon fast asleep.
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    Bravo on this story, dude!
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    Good story. Looking forward to reading the rest.:thumbsup:
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    On the bridge, the Kymera Commander is studying schematics of the Vertus, when a soldier enters.

    Kymera Soldier: “Commander, sensors indicate the prisoners are asleep.”

    Kymera Commander: “Good. And the ship?”

    Kymera Soldier: “The laser-lines are in place, we will proceed at your order, Sir.”

    Kymera Commander: “The order is given.”

    The Kymera soldier folds his claws, bows and leaves the bridge. The Kymera Commander gazes out into the stars. Moments later the ship’s engines rumble as it takes flight, towing the mighty Vertus with seemingly no effort. A small number of soldiers are left on deck, the Commander has retired to his quarters.

    Hours later, Captain Shiner opens his eyes.

    Capt. Shiner: “Uhg, my head… where am.. o right…”

    The Captain’s cell mate, the Terator Seng, also awakens.

    Capt. Shiner: “You, creature! Where are they taken us?”

    Seng: “We travel long… you arrive… Kymera… search for… leader… we go to Kymera homeworld now.”

    At that moment the cell door opens and two Kymera guards enter.

    Guard 1: “The Commander will see you now, come with us please.”

    Capt. Shiner: “ He will see me now? I cannont be summoned like some mongrel pup!”

    Shiner is taken to the bridge, where the Commander awaits.

    Capt. Shiner: “What do you want with me? I assure you I have no alliance to those Thunderians! I can help you catch those blasted Cats… for the right price, ofcourse…”

    Kymera Commander: “Your arrogance suits you, Captain. But you are mistaken. It is not you I am interested in. It is your spaceliner.”

    Capt. Shiner: “My ship? I command this ship, the Vertus is MINE! You cannot…”

    Kymera Commander: “I can and I will, I am not asking your permission, Captain. I am telling you.”

    Capt. Shiner: “But why? What do you stand to gain?”

    Kymera Commander: “I am not devoid of manners, Captain. I will inform you. At present we are traveling to the Kymera homeworld. When we arrive you, and your crew, will be imprisoned awaiting trial. Two thousand Kymera soldiers will board your ship and we will set course to Third Earth, were we will overthrow the ruling forces and rebuild our civilization.”
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    Fantastic, yo!

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