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    Title: Tiger Lily
    Author: CodeofThundera
    Status: in-progress
    Summary: Based upon what I know about the new ThunderCats series and based upon the characters personalities in the original series, when fleeing the kingdom of Thundera, Tygra sees his only child crushed by a pillar that fell from a mutant explosion, only she wasn't killed and was rescued by other Thunderians who fled the city.
    Rating: Level 1, maybe Level 2 based on the emotions Tygra experiences from his loss (I'm a little unsure where the line is drawn between that), however, I don't think those emotions would be any darker than Tygra under the influence in the original series, but I don't really know.
    Genre(s): Action/Adventure, Drama
    Warnings: None that I can think of but it said this was a required field.
    Disclaimer: I do not own Thundercats and this story is not-for-profit- etc etc
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    It had been five years... five years since that dreadful day. The memory was still etched in Tygra's memory as if it were only yesterday. The fragrance of morning dew, the softness of the grass in the small clearing with rays of early morning sun peeking through the trees highlighting wildflowers. If he concentrated hard enough, he could remember the unusual silence as no early bird could be heard singing its merry tune.

    But in sleep, the haunting memory came in a fiery night, not at the innocence of dawn. The air was dry, the ground scorched, and only by firelight could Tygra see the look of fear on his wife's face and the snake-like eyes boring into his soul.

    He watched as the slithery Mutant pulled a knife out of his sheath and pressed it against his wife's throat, brought his face close to hers, then stepped away, taunting them both.

    "A Thunderian princccccce," the Mutant hissed as a crooked smile crossed his warted face. "Though the lesssssser and of far lesssssss value."

    Tygra had never felt so helpless. His hands tied behind his back and a foot pressed hard, down upon his back pinning him to the ground. His face was turned sideways so that he could see his beloved wife whom he had known since they were children. Tears streamed down her cheeks.

    The Mutant threw his knife and it stabbed the ground inches from Tygra's face. Slowly the Mutant haggered his way over and knelt down as he took the knife and pressed the flat of the blade against Tygra's cheek, tauntingly turning it so that Tygra could feel the sharp edge without it breaking his skin.

    "Untie me," Tygra growled, bareing his teeth as he narrowed his eyes up at the despicable creature. "Make it a fair fight."

    "Any why would I do that, ThunderCat?" he laughed before it turned into a fitful cough.

    The Mutant staggered to his feet and regained his composure before turning his attention back to Tygra.

    "You ThunderCatssss and your code," he spat on the ground. "I have no ussssse for sssssuch infantile idealsssss."

    "Mommy!!!" a young voice called out suddenly from somewhere beyond the trees. "Daddy!!!"

    Panic leaped into Tygra's throat, a panic he saw mirrored on his wife's face.

    The Mutant gave a low chuckle as he moved towards the edge of the clearing. Tygra struggled to get up but whoever was pinning him down was strong, and that was saying a lot.

    But all of a sudden a red flash of light shot all around Tygra as he felt a burning from deep within and a strength not his own filled his being. He felt the foot come off his back and Tygra jumped to his feet. He heard a squeal and hiss and darted after the Mutant. But just as he was about to rush into the trees, he was met by a familiar face.

    "Jaga," Tygra looked up in surprise then down at the sword in his hand. "We mustn't let that Mutant get away. Lily!"

    "Your daughter is safe, she is with your brother."

    "How did you get here so fast?"

    "I'm afraid, I was not fast enough," Jaga voice was unusually heavy as he lowered his head.

    "What do you mean?" And then it dawned on him. He turned to look but Jaga took hold of his face.

    "No husband should see that," he said.

    Tears now stung at Tygra's eyes and a build up of rage he could not control. He roared with all his strength, a sound that filled the whole earth and when he looked back, he found himself standing atop Cats Lair, bolo whip in hand, the city around him burning, the sky dark as a starless night. He heard women screaming and children crying and then suddenly the voice of his daughter crying out for him.

    And a voice shouted, "Cats Lair is burning! The city has fallen!"

    Tygra jolted up in his bed, then jumped to his feet. His clothes stuck to him, soaked with sweat. He was completely disoriented and could not tell where he was or what danger her was in. He peered around the room in a hurry before slowly he began to recognize the familiar sights of his own chamber.

    In the dim light from the moon's glow, he could see his blanket thrown far from his bed, piled in a heap on the floor. Tygra came back down and sat on the edge of his bed, rubbing his hands heavily and scraching the back of his head.

    It was nothing new to dream of the day his wife was murdered by an unknown Mutant whom Tygra vowed to one day bring to justice. Sometimes the dreams were non-sensical, though tonight it had been mostly accurate. He heeded Jaga and did not look at his wife until others had come to tend to her.

    But the dreams of the city burning were fairly new and had been increasing in intensity and Tygra feared the time had come, he needed to share this vision with his father, for he was no longer under the impression it was some innocent dream hinging on his anger towards the one who murdered his wife.

    Tygra stood and walked to the door and out into the corridor. The air here felt cooler than in his room.

    "My lord, are you okay?" a guard asked and when Tygra turned, he saw concern in the guard's eyes.

    "Yes, bad dreams," Tygra said and began to walk down the corridor. He heard the footsteps of the guard following him and knew the other had stayed behind.

    He came to another door with two guards standing outside.

    "My lord, Tygra, are you alright?" one of them asked.

    "I know, I look terrible," Tygra muttered and slipped past them and into the room without another word. He had too much on his mind tonight to spend talking with the guards he had considered his friends.

    Unlike his room which was completely dark, this room had had a dim night light glowing from one wall. He walked quietly, grabbing a chair as he went, and sat it down next to the bed before sitting on it. With his elbows on the armrest, Tygra folded his hands and rested his chin on them as he gazed upon the small frame of his 10-year old sleeping. He watched as her chest slowly rose and fell with her heavy breaths. Her face looked peaceful and for a time, all seemed right with the world for time just seemed to be standing still.
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    Claudus had spent the majority of breakfast listening to his son, Lion-O, talk about a mountain climbing trip he was planning to take with a couple of friends. His son seemed so happy about the trip that Claudus felt conflicted. He had heard rumors of a Mutant army forming with plans on invading their lands. He was concerned for his young son's safety if he were to go on such a trip.

    When he looked up and met the eyes of his dear friend, he could see that Jaga was thinking the same thing. They knew the time was soon approaching when Lion-O's worldview would be shattered as dark truths of what lay beyond the borders of their land would have to be told to him.

    Tygra knew, all too well, Claudus thought with a tinge of sadness as he looked at his elder, adopted son. Yet Tygra seemed strangely distracted this morning and didn't appear to be listening to his younger brother's plans. Claudus would consult with Jaga before suggesting to Lion-O that the trip might be too dangerous and if allowed to go, he would send Tygra along with his younger son.

    Claudus then noticed his eldest son had not yet eaten, but was merely moving his fork aimlessly around his plate. Tygra must have sensed his father's gaze for he then looked up to find his father watching him.

    "Excuse me," Tygra said standing up. "I have things I need to attend to."

    "You haven't eaten," Claudus replied.

    "I'm afriad I'm not hungry this morning, father."

    Claudus wanted to make him stay, but Tygra was an adult, not a child, and could not be forced to eat if he did not want to. As Lion-O continued on, Claudus watched Jaga rise from the table and follow after his eldest.

    Tygra really didn't have anywhere he needed to be, but he felt ansy sitting at breakfast that morning. He was tired but he didn't want to sleep.

    "No more nightmares," he muttered to himself as he rubbed his brow and then eyes.

    He had shaken off his guard, informing him he wasn't leaving the palace and wanted to be left alone. Tygra thought it ridiculous his father still wanted him followed around considering he was an officer in the royal army and could take care of himself just fine.

    But he couldn't, he reminded himself. There was no guard with him when he had taken that morning walk with his wife and he was unable to save her. The thought of it brought a flood of negative emotions and Tygra let out a loud growl as he kicked the stone wall under a window on which he then leaned on and looked out over the city. The memory was painful, full of shame and embarassment that he was not strong or capable enough to save her. Why was he in the royal army anyway? He could not stop doubting himself and his abilities.

    He rubbed his hands over his head as he turned around and sat down under the window, his back to the wall. His head bowed and still in his hands, he closed his eyes as he tried to erase the dark thoughts, but his heart was not into thinking on the positive at that moment.

    His cat sense suddenly perked up and he realized he was not alone. As he looked up, he saw Jaga standing directly in front of him, leaning his back against the opposite wall. His arms were folded across his chest as he looked down upon Tygra, his expression a mixture of curiosity and deep thoughtfulness.

    "Is there something I can do for you, Lord Jaga?" Tygra asked as he stood up.

    "My boy," Jaga sounded strangely fatherly that it was disconcerting to Tygra. "What is on your mind?"

    "Nothing I haven't had to deal with before."

    "There is a lie, I see it in your eyes."

    "A nightmare," Tygra lowered his head. "I've been having it more and more freqently, I believe it may be an omen."

    "Tell me of your nightmare."

    "It's not much. The city is burning and our people dying. Cats Lair is destroyed. I haven't seen a face and I don't know who is responsible. Perhaps those blasted Mutants but I don't know."

    The silence was long enough that Tygra finally looked up again. Jaga was not looking at him but past him and out the window, a glazed over look in his eyes.

    "I have seen this vision, too," Jaga sighed, "and I have shared it with your father. Something is coming. We must be ready."


    Tygra had never expected things to escelate so quickly. As the Mutant threat mounted, Tygra was in full military mode, commanding ThunderCats as he prepared them both physically and mentally for an impending attack.

    "No one could ever break through our defenses!" he overheard one of the men saying but one look from Tygra quieted him down quickly.

    The days felt as though they were growing darker. He saw a growing impatience among the people, more arguments could be heard in the streets and law enforcement officials had reported breaking up numerous fights between Thunderian citizens.

    Tygra's father had become much more serious, there were no jokes told around the dinner table, no one smiled. Tygra knew that the stress and pressure upon his father must have been incredible and he shared that burden for as much as he could, taking responsibilities he knew his father need not worry about.

    His daughter had become increasingly irritable being forced to stay within the palace walls.

    "I want to see my friends!" she insisted.

    Tygra drew the little lady onto his lap, wrapping his big, strong arms around her tiny frame and nuzzling her cheek as he gave her a kiss.

    "I know, dear heart," he whispered. "But you have to stay inside, at least for a little while."

    "You always said we were never defeated until we lost our ability to live our lives in peace with freedom. So we're already defeated?" He could see the tears in her eyes. "I feel like I'm already a prisoner."

    Tygra knew his words were of little use but he knew his presence helped calm her, so whenever he could get away, he would go and be with her.

    His younge brother, on the other hand, seemed to have had a personality change overnight. Always happy and carefree, Lion-O seemed even more solemn these days than their father and looked to Tygra as if he were carrying an even heavier weight upon his shoulders. Tygra dared not address it with him in front of others fearing he would not get a straight answer and he knew with the heightened security that he would have to wait for the right time and place to be alone enough with his brother.

    Lion-O uncharacteristically shook off his guards, informing them he was heading back to his quarters. Tygra did the same and followed. Rather than turn down the corridor leading to their rooms, Lion-O took a detour and Tygra followed. They were going down and Tygra realized they were heading underground.

    Several minutes passed as Tygra followed his younger brother, curious as to what he was up to. As he rounded a corner, he suddenly came face to face with his brother, for Lion-O had been aware of Tygra's presence and finally stopped to face him.

    "What do you want, Tygra?" Lion-O asked.

    "What's going on?"

    "What's going on? We're about to go to war, that's what's going on. Or have you forgotten already?"

    "Don't play games with me," Tygra growled more threateningly than he had expected. "You know something I don't."

    "Well it wouldn't be a first."

    Lion-O immediately regretted saying those words as he saw the shocked expression on Tygra's face.

    "I'm sorry, Tygra," Lion-O bowed his head. "I was out of line. The truth is that I've always envied your relationship with our father. Forgive me?" he looked up again.

    "Envied me?" Tygra still looked shock. "You're his flesh and blood. You will always have a relationship with him that I could never have."

    "We are brothers, Tygra," Lion-O extended his arm and put a hand on Tygra's shoulder. Tygra did the same so that their arms lay against one another.


    Lion-O then stepped forward and embraced him. Tygra could not remember the last time they had shared an embrace, but it had likely been after his wife had been murdered.

    "I am sorry," Lion-O said stepping back. "I value your friendship more than anything."

    "What is this weight you are carrying?" Tygra asked. "I see it every day. Let me help you carry this burden?"

    "I can't. I am the successor to the throne. This burden is for me alone."


    "Because I alone will one day be Lord of the ThunderCats."

    "But what is the burden?"

    "That is the burden."

    "You've lost me, Lion-O."

    "Father told me that if anything happens to him, I will succeed him. He made it sound like he doesn't expect to survive."

    Lion-O rubbed his forehead and Tygra felt sorry for him.

    "We'll get through this," Tygra said.

    "Do you think dad's going to die?"

    "I think it does us no good to dwell on it. Hold loosely on to everyone you love, Lion-O, so that if you lose any, you will not be devastated to the point where you can't lead."

    "You had dreams. Jaga told me. What did you see, Tygra. Did you see our father killed?"

    "No," Tygra shook his head.

    "Were you able to just release Tayla?" Lion-O asked. "Did her death not at all devastate you?"

    "That was different."

    "How? How was losing your wife any different than if we lose dad?"

    Tygra growled quietly and turned to leave, but Lion-O swiftly ran around and blocked his way.

    "Why won't you talk about that day?" Lion-O demanded.

    "You were there, Lion-O! What more do you need to know?!"

    "Why couldn't you save her?"


    "Why couldn't you save your wife, Tygra?"

    Tygra looked dangerously at Lion-O.

    "Tygra, I need to know. Why couldn't you save her? Maybe it would help me to save dad if I can."

    "I don't know," Tygra said through gritted teeth and he could feel tears stinging his eyes. "I haven't been able to stop asking myself why since that night."

    "It was Thundranium," a wise voice sounded from around the corner and Lion-O turned around as Jaga appeared.

    "What?" Tygra asked.

    "It was Thundranium that weakened you that day, Tygra," Jaga said. "It was discovered as we secured the area."

    "How could the Mutants know that about us?!" Tygra demanded. "That is a well kept secret."

    Jaga's refusal to answer led Tygra to an awful conclusion.

    "There's a traitor among us," Tygra said and Lion-O's eyes widened.

    "Never!" Lion-O nearly shouted. "Thunderians are far too noble for that."

    "Your pride in your people is commendable," Jaga told him, "but naive. All of us, you and Tygra included, have within you the capability of evil. The pride of our people is that crime has almost been completely eliminated but it is not gone entirely. I have long suspected a traitor but his or her identity has alluded me."

    Lion-O looked as if someone had kicked him in the stomach and Tygra leaned his back against the wall.

    "Is there any hope for us?" Lion-O asked.

    "There is always hope, Lion-O."

    "There is no way to fight against Thundranium," Tygra said.

    "You must rely on integrity, intution, cunning and ingenuity, and do not lose hope," Jaga said putting a hand on Lion-O's shoulder. "Good must always win in the end."

    "Is good stronger?" Lion-O asked.


    The attack on the city had happened faster than anyone could have anticipated and with a force no one could have predicted. Tygra and his brother had watched the trickery that led to their father's murder at the hands of Mumm-Ra.

    Mumm-Ra... Tygra had thought him to be a myth.

    Before they'd left the ruined remains of their once strong city, Tygra had searched everywhere for his daughter, but TigerLily was nowhere to be found. That wasn't to say she couldn't have been buried under piles of rubble, but he had no time to waste searching through all of that. His new lord, Lion-O, was leaving and he was obligated to follow. He could only pray his daughter had made it out alive and fled the city.

    Jaga's last orders to them had been to find the fabled Book of Omens, but little Lion-O had decided to chase after Mumm-Ra instead. Tygra had never felt so much inner conflict in all his life as he quietly walked by, wrestling with both his thoughts and feelings.

    He was worried about his daughter and if given the chance, would choose to pursue her rather than anyone or anything else. Yet he knew his duty always had to come first. Then there was Grune. Just thinking about him caused Tygra to growl under his breath. Grune had always been his hero, the ThunderCat he had most looked up to and wanted to be like, and he had felt Grune take him under his wing. So Grune's betrayal was like a deep wound to Tygra, deeper than it could possibly have been to his brother or anyone else. And finally there was Lion-O, young and wreckless, leading them on a fools mission that could only end in their own deaths for Tygra knew, even if his brother did not, that they were undermatched for the power that had just destroyed their home and murdered their father.

    Tygra hated following him. He was no leader, at least not in Tygra's eyes, and every act of obedience to his new lord was a strong, willful choice on Tygra's part that went against everything he felt like doing.

    But they were not alone on this journey. No, the young and mysterious Cheetara was now their companion. The only member of Jaga's clerics to have survived. She was fast and she was a good fighter and that would help when they ran into trouble, and he knew that they would, especially if they were going in the wrong direction by looking for trouble.

    And they had two young kids, only a couple of years younger than his own TigerLily. Though their personalities differed quite a bit from his daughter, just having them around was a painful reminder. Lion-O wanted to leave them to fend for themselves, the self-centered moron. Tygra couldn't believe Lion-O could be so calloused. Sure they may have been heading into danger and putting the kids at risk, but Tygra knew they stood a better chance of survival being with them than to be left alone in the world.

    "They're just kids," he had said to Lion-O after they had decided to tag-a-long after Lion-O told them no.

    "They can't replace your daughter," Lion-O had replied in such a cold way that Tygra had been tempted to hit him so hard it would take him a week to wake up. Instead, he fell behind the others until Cheetara had fallen back as well.

    "If it means anything," she had whispered, "I agree with you."

    She squeezed his elbow with her hand which sent shivers through his body. As he turned to look at her, she gave a flirtatious smile, then let go of his elbow and turned her focus back to the way they were headed. And for awhile, Tygra forgot about all the things he had been so angry and upset about as he focused on something new, Cheetara.

    As the journey progressed, he felt his feelings for Cheetara steadily growing. Unlike Lion-O, she was mature and wise and full of a sense of duty. Yet they didn't have much time to talk as it seemed hard to find time alone. But slowly his thoughts for her faded as the negative feelings returned.
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    I like it alot!
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    Really nice! Why did you stop posting it?
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    Actually, I waited on continuing because I wanted to know more about what was actually going to happen in the series before continuing. I'd like my story to coincide with the events of the show as much as possible.
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    A fine story. I guess your new Tygra must be quite a bit older than Lion-o if he has a child.

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    When I started writing back in April, I didn't know how old they were supposed to be in the series. I knew that they were brothers and that Tygra was older, but that was it. I assumed they would be young men, not teenagers. I was guessing Tygra to be around 30 years old and Lion-O to be around 22-25.
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    I think it's interesting and a very original set-up, revolving of course around the canon, but with a twist. Almost like drinking a Sprite after years of cola. Also I love how this explains Tygra's soft spot for kids (and that it's primarily from Tygra's perspective without being in 1st person pov) and it has that nitty-gritty dialogue between he and Lion-O that only family can deliver in stressed times. If I might make a suggestion -do with it what you will- for the parts surrounding the canon that we know, if you might make those shorter and perhaps include something that Tygra is physically doing to show his thoughts during that time (I really expected a search of some kind for his daughter rather than just a statement of how he wished to look for her but couldn't, like until Lion-O is physically at the gate of the city, he is looking for his daughter) but this is a Tygra that is already well aquainted with loss- and maybe just didn't want to build up any hopes to be inevitably shattered.
    Regardless, it's enjoyable and brings a smile to my face. Huh- tragedy brings a smile to my face- No no, WELL-WRITTEN tragedy brings a smile to my face.
    That really doesn't sound much better.
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    So far, I like what I'm reading and hope you keep this up anyway. :thumbsup:

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