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Discussion in 'Mezco and Bandai Toys' started by jabus, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. jabus

    jabus Barbarian

    Just wanted to throw it out there that if the section on the Bandai Figures ever gets an overhaul i'd like to contribute info and maybe pictures of all the variants and what not that exist. Not like its important an all but its interesting none the less.
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  2. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    As a fan of the Bandai line myself I would also be willing to help!
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  3. ThunDerianRoyalGuard

    ThunDerianRoyalGuard Site Admin Staff

    I'm one of the people in charge of putting up content. The Bandai section is not getting an overhaul; basically everything released is included, pictures and all, but if you have anything to add to the Bandai pages you can PM me and I will gladly see it's added :)

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