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Discussion in 'Vintage Collectables' started by Lody666, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. Lody666

    Lody666 Berbill

    So unless I missed it somewhere, there was NOTHING planned from ANY company regarding Thundercats

    Not Mezco, not minimates---nothing.

    Is this accurate?
  2. Mumm-Ra

    Mumm-Ra Glass Walker

    Mezco is still producing figures with recent quote to "not give up hope". Next figure is rumored to be Tygra.

    Icon Heroes did not renew the ThunderCats license.
    The Thundercats Ho set was the last set.

    Although Funko has a license for ThunderCats no new
    figures were shown.

    Underground Toys is still expected to produce a plush talking Snarf for this spring.

    Lastly, PrototypeZStudios are working on Panthro resin statue. No pictures have been released.
  3. Lody666

    Lody666 Berbill

    Well, doesn't THAT suck
  4. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I believe Mezco's licence maybe running out soon and they are trying to renegotiate it with WB to produce more figures. It would be really nice if they could at least finish with Tygra to complete the main cast.

    It's a shame there will be no more minimates. In the two years they had the licence they did what Bandai and all the other statue companies couldn't do and produced all the main characters.

    Funko have/are producing vinyl figures. I wish they would produce proper action figures like their Game Of Thrones figures....minus the quality control problems of breaking joints.

    What is it with companies getting the Thundercats licence to make statues? The last few years have given us enough statues in various scales an not one of those companies ever finished producing the main cast in the same scale.
  5. Wes2882

    Wes2882 Berbill

    Toy Fair

    I was so bummed not to see anything! I knew that Minimates and Icon Heroes were done, but the Lair and Thundertank statues were so cool, and the Minimates were so complete and amazing that I am fine closing the book there. I was really hoping Funko might have info on a Series 2 of the Pop Vinyls so we could get Tygra, but no such luck. :( I did see that they are doing a new series of Turtles Pop Vinyl though, with April, Bebop, Rocksteady and a Foot Soldier, so this gives me hope they may revisit Thundercats. Mezco was the biggest disappointment though. I REALLY hoped to see Tygra. I even e-mailed the company and asked if there would be news at Toy Fair and they said there would I was really shocked when there was nothing. Right now, I just really hope to see Tygras from both Funko and Mezco. C'mon guys! Why the disregard for Tygra!?

    If anyone attended Toy Fair and got to speak with Mezco or Funko, I'd love to know any info that came out of it. :)

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