Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Discussion in 'Other Cartoons & Collectables' started by Movie-Brat, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Movie-Brat

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    So, okay, the film's already out but any thoughts for those who have seen the latest Transformers film?

    Me, sorry but I liked it. For starters, it's a huge improvement over Revenge of the Fallen. And it least Michael Bay and co. were being creative with this one; good or bad, the third act is definitely worth it.
  2. GK Punk

    GK Punk Formerly Astrokreep

    I thought it was Ok. My only real issue was lack of Transformers screen time. Other than that, it was pretty good. Leaps and bounds above Revenge of the Fallen.
  3. Ideal

    Ideal Glass Walker

    this is kinda true of all 3 movies though. for a film franchise named "Transformers", they sure didnt have much of a staring role in the movies

    i enjoyed the movie and thought it was well better than ROTF. it did have its problems though

    one thing that bothered me was that this movie gives yet another reason for why the Decepticons came to Earth. first they came looking for the Allspark, then they were here because they were helping their "master" find the sun harvesting machine, and now they say it was because they were coming to get the space bridge.

    you can kinda tie it all together if you want, but the audience shouldnt have to guess. if there was logic associated with it, it should have been shown
  4. Lord Slithor

    Lord Slithor Mutant

    You're not alone, Movie-Brat. I liked it, too. Although I'll also agree with you that Revenge of the Fallen was a mess, though that was mainly due to the writers' strike that they didn't have a polished script.

    I personally felt the Transformers had as much screen time as they needed to. If you're going to set a movie with them on Earth, it makes sense to put a little more emphasis on the human characters and how they're reacting to having these giant transforming robots on their planet. I get the fan gripes, but when you've got a lot of money riding on a project like this, it's probably the safest way to go. I'm sure that when the movie franchise gets rebooted in another few years, though, that now that they have the benefit of hindsight that maybe they'll put more emphasis on the Transformers. But for the most part I'm satisfied with how this turned out.

    I also don't quite understand all the fans focusing their hate on Michael Bay. He does make good action movies. Sure, they're not deep, but they're not meant to be. And I always felt the same way about Transformers. It was obvious to me from the first movie that they were kind of going for the same vibe that the original '80s cartoon had, and not from the comics or anything else. Obviously they had to change-up some stuff so it would appeal to older audiences. But that's the impression I got from it: it's the '80s cartoon, cranked up to 11. And that was just fine with me.
  5. CodeofThundera

    CodeofThundera Moderator

    It was ok. The action made me feel a bit dizzy though. The characters don't really draw me into their story any. I was glad I paid matinee 2D price for it.
  6. Sepphara

    Sepphara Vortex Explorer

    I enjoyed the movie. I cant say it was the best of the series, but it was indeed good. Something I dont understand is that they introduce all these new transformers, but never tell you the names. That irritates me to no end. And why have them in the movie at all if they really are not that important?

    Another thing..the 'hot' female chick. Why. Why do we need her? This one looked like a sucker fish from a fishtank. her lips were just..Gah.
  7. CodeofThundera

    CodeofThundera Moderator

    I wasn't impressed with the girlfriend in this movie either. I think she was nothing more than eye candy for the boys. I liked his girlfriend in the first two and they didn't bother to explain what happened to her.

    Patrick Dempsey as the villain? I kept picturing him running through New York Central Park with Gizelle. :eek:

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