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    Summary: A fire wielding red tiger Mystic receives terrible news from his fiancee.

    “Do you honestly believe she wants to call off the wedding?” The gray panther asked as he drove the small truck to the Thunderian city of Shadar.

    “I can't think of any other kind of bad news she would only tell me face to face.” The red tiger alternated between twitching his right foot and tapping the claws of his right hand on the window frame. “Can you think of anything else Pantaron?”

    Pantaron carefully went through a mental list then cautiously replied, “there's an Elder Council emergency and this was the only way to contact you Taymar?”

    Taymar's answer was a slow, “maybe. The last Mutant raid did knock down the communications near the mountains when I was crafting them.” He took out the small metal box from the left pocket on his vest and opened it. Two rings he had created from the reddish-gold metal Arzite looked up at him. He'd planned on adding some engraving to them, but couldn't find a design he liked. When they stopped moving, he quickly closed it and put it back.

    Two lioness sisters were waiting in front of the house that was on the outskirts of the city. Both wore the grass-green tunics and matching pants of Herbalist Trainees. When the younger one saw the tiger, she ran to him and hugged him hard enough to almost knock his breath out.

    Taking this as a sign the plans were still on track, his panther friend looked at the older sister walking slowly towards him. When she was close enough, he took both of her hands in his and asked, “Catanya what's wrong?”

    She blinked several times as tears ran from her eyes and down both cheeks. “There were rumors that the Mutants were trying to persuade the cross-clans of Fang Ridge to join them. Jaga asked mother to use the Totem of Dera to help prevent any possible uprising. Father was against it at first because she's healer and not a warrior.”

    “He wanted her to use it because there were no other Thundercats who could and she's a direct decedent of Dera.” Thundercat Actaeon was the last who showed any measure of skill with that treasure. Unfortunately, he had sacrificed himself to protect another outpost and saved most of the people. Asking a person who was related to the one who crafted it was an effective, although risky choice.

    She continued with, “father only consented when Jaga sent his trusted friend and fellow Thundercat Grune. He promised she would be as safe as if she was with him.”

    Both men looked at each other for a moment. Neither one of them wanted to ask, but someone had to. Taymar looked into the younger sister's eyes and said. “What happened to her Obina?”

    “Mother's body was found on a ridge several kilometers from the outpost. When father got the news yesterday, he locked himself in his crafting room and hasn't come out.”

    Taymar's heart froze then slammed against his chest. This was far worse than Obina calling off the wedding. The lioness' mother Adria had been the first to congratulate them when they announced their engagement a several months ago. While her husband Roarin had been more reserved at first, he learned to see what his younger daughter saw in him.

    He hugged her close and thought about what the gentle healer would miss out on. Both of her daughters graduating to full Herbalist status. Watching her younger walk down the aisle on her father's arm. Holding her first grandcub and growing old with her husband.

    He also knew he would be furious at the wise Thundercat. He understood why the women would sent a privately urgent message. Some might believe the powerful Mystic would use his ability for revenge in spite if the fact that it was impossible. Others might think he would use non-magical means to get even.

    Taymar kissed Obina and the two men headed toward the door of the crafting room. They were surprised when the tiger found it was unlocked and opened it easily. They shrugged then walked in where they found the older man weaving some kind of cloth out of light.

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    I really like it! It's be great if you added more to it. :thumbsup:
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    Here's the next part of my story. FYI a cross-clan is a Thunderian whose parents are from 2 different clans. An exotic has an ancestry of 3 or more bloodlines. Enjoy and comment.

    There was an uncomfortable silence as he finished his task and placed it in a simple metal box. He closed it then slowly rubbed his hands. Then he turned around and looked at the two younger men. He handed it to the panther, who accepted it then said. “We just got the terrible news. Your daughters said you had locked yourself inside since you heard about your wife.”

    “I needed to be alone so I probably used a temporary seal on it.” He closed the door before getting out a holo-player from one of the drawers against the wall. “Before I show this to you, I want your word that for right now, what you see will stay inside this room.”

    “You suspect Jaga of something?” Taymar's words flew out of his mouth before he could stop himself.

    “This has nothing to do with him, aside from being close friends with Grune.” The older Lion growled in response. “Do I have your word that you will keep this confidential?”

    The two young men looked at each other for a moment, then Pantaron carefully asked. “Shouldn't your daughters know about this too?”

    “I want to be certain and I don't want to put them in danger. Grune is not the kind of cat you would want for an enemy. Also, there are other reports of similar attacks on settlements of cross-clan or exotic Thunderians on this.”

    “Grune was involved in all of them?” The panther asked after carefully thinking over what the younger men heard.

    “How could he get away with this? He's Jaga's friend and a Thundercat. What is there to gain from this? We've got our hands full fighting the Mutants.” Taymar's voice reflected the respect he'd always had for the noble warriors.

    “Grune is ambitious and apparently willing to exploit the distrust the some of the Noble Council have for Thunderians of mixed heritage. I have a plan to get this information to the Elder Council and I need your help for it to work.”

    Tiger and panther looked at each other for several minutes. Then they nodded at Roarin to agree to keep this knowledge under wraps for right now. If the older lion brought this to the council of the older Mystics himself, it might be dismissed as the act of a grief stricken man seeking vengeance. However, Pantaron might be able to persuade them to look at it with a more critical eye since, as a Stone Elemental, his presence had a calming effect on most people.

    Roarin pressed the play button and the men watched what looked like a series of footage taken from about five or six previous settlements. All the settlers were mixed clan Thunderians. Grune and the group of Thunderians with him were behaving more like a raiding party than trying to prevent the people from switching sides. The worst part was even those who surrendered to the Thundercat were executed as traitors.

    After the three men looked at the scenes on it, Pantaron asked, “what is your plan?”

    “The wedding will be held at the Grand Mystic Temple where the Elders live.” Roarin answered looking directly at the panther. “During the reception, I want you to give this to Elder Obain.”

    “What happens after that?” Taymar was careful to keep his voice calm and patient.

    “You and Obina will go enjoy yourselves on your honeymoon. I'll wait for his response.”
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    This part has an item that was seen in "Exodus". Bonus points for anyone who points it out. ;)

    The tiger ran his right paw through his hair as he took in a deep breath and slowly let it out. “When should we tell Catanya and Obina? I don't want to start my marriage with this kind of secret between us.”

    “He's got a point there,” the panther added.

    The older lion rubbed his beard as he mentally weighed the possibilities. “I think about a month after the funeral will be safe enough.” He put the player back in the drawer and picked up the box. “This is the last thing I will do for Jaga because I am a man of my word.”

    “What is it? It looked like some kind of cloth.” Taymar was curious why the wise Thundercat would need it.

    “I think we've kept my daughters waiting long enough.” The men walked out and saw them standing outside. Roarin handed it to Pantaron then embraced his daughters. Both of them were shaking with relief and Obina cried softly. He kissed each one as he let tears trickle out of his eyes.

    Adria was buried about a month later on gray rainy day. Roarin took it as a sign that the Powers That Be shared his grief. It was also shared with many of his fellow Thunderians. When it was his turn to speak, he talked about his wife's dedication towards her craft and how proud he was that their daughters would follow a similar one. He would not taint her death by speaking of revenge.

    It was hard for Taymar to keep his promise and tell her later on. He and Pantaron choose to show the holos to both sisters at the same time. At first, they were as shocked as the men were that such a respected warrior would do something like that. Then they listed to their father's plan to give the information to Elder Obain during the reception. Obina sobbed and let Taymar hold her and rub her back. Catanya's tears streamed down her face as she said, “it must have been hard for father to watch this without thinking of revenge.”

    It was a bittersweet day almost a year later when Taymar and Obina wed in the Mystic Temple. Elder Obain read the same words he had spoken when Roarin and Adria had married here many years ago. Catanya was Maid of Honor and Pantaron was Best Man. At Roarin's request, the guest list was limited to family, close friends and members of the Mystic Council. Some of the Thundercat Council members, including Jaga, sent gifts by courier.

    Taymar was glad Grune wouldn't be here. It would be too tempting to burn him beyond recognition using the fire from the lit candles. His focus snapped back after Pantaron shook his right shoulder. The expression on his face clearly stated the Saber-tooth wasn't worth thinking about.

    When Pantaron gave Elder Obain the holo-player, he also included some recent images from the Shadris. This espionage organization had been around as long as there had been a united Thundera.

    Grune's trial took place a few months later. It was limited to the Thundercat and Elder Council of the Mystics, Roarin's family and Pantaron. The grim mood hung over everyone like a foul odor. Even those who looked down on Cross-clans and Exotics were disgusted by the Saber-tooth’s actions.

    The recently anointed Lord of the Thundercats Claudis softly growled at the warrior in ankle and wrist shackles. “Grune of Saber-tooth Clan, you have been charged with the murder of Healer Adria. How do you plead?”

    “That peace lover tried to stop me.” The former Thundercat's answer was defiant and unapologetic. Then he looked at his friend who he had fought alongside many battles. “Have you forgotten what we were told about the dangers of marriage between clans?”

    “Discouraging cats to marry outside their clans is one thing. What you have done is wrong and I won't support this genocide.” Jaga calmly replied, embarrassed by the rhetoric he had grown up with.

    “You will sorely regret that old friend, when the Marauders break me free from whatever prison you send me.”

    “You won't get back to your followers because we will send you away in time as distance. You will be long dead by this time if you manage to survive on the desolate world the Elder Council has chosen.” Leoric, the head of the Council, banged his staff on the ground and a crystal immediately formed around the condemned cat.

    Claudis raised the Sword of Omens towards the sky and said,“Eye of Thundera, send this criminal to the place chosen by the Mystics.” The Eye glowed as he cried, “Hooo!” and the energy sent Grune far away from the world he once called home.

    No one noticed the young black panther Mallik lurking outside the council chambers. He had been going in and out for months thanks to Thundercat Grune's pass code. It gave him a chance to relay information about the Marauders activities while he was restricted to his quarters. After the saber-tooth was exiled, he would tell the group to lay low then blend in with the Thunderian military for a while. The Marauders would be back and the Thundercats wouldn't see them coming until it was too late.
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