Updated Sword of Omens for 2011

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  1. RoftheHood

    RoftheHood New Member

    Hey everyone!
    So here's my first thread...
    A few years ago there was (FINALY) a Sword of Omens released by "Sword Masters Enterprises" which features a stainless steel blade and light up Eye of Thundera... well, I'm sure you all know about it already.
    Does anyone know if there are any plans to produce a 2nd sword based on the designs of the new 2011 series??
    I have placed an inquiry to 'Sword Masters' but haven’t heard back as of yet. If anyone knows anything please share, if not I will update ASAP

    All the best!

  2. Endorx

    Endorx Rampager

    Any pics ??
  3. RoftheHood

    RoftheHood New Member

    This the one that is out currently.
    It's measures around 42" stainless steel blade, and handel. The Eye of Thundera is a plastic cap that can be taken off and either re-postioned to be more like the original or you can dye/paint it to take up the whole cap.

    The second pic is the new design... like?

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  4. RoftheHood

    RoftheHood New Member

  5. lostdwarf

    lostdwarf Vortex Explorer

    Price, availability?

    I like it alot. I would proudly display that in my living room next to my light saber.
  6. Endorx

    Endorx Rampager

    Im sure that sword on the second pic is a childs sword, and not metal. But the design is pure awesomeness.. I love it...

    Any closer pics of yours though.. Every sword ive seen i thought was poorly made... Would like to see more :)
  7. RoftheHood

    RoftheHood New Member

    This sword of omens is pretty good, for what you pay and better that the rest out there.

    YES the second pic is a toy... that’s the point of this thread is to find out if there are plans to release that toy design in a metal collectors form.
    I'm going to do a shout out here... LOL


    The above link is where you can buy the steel Sword of Omens. You won’t get a better price anywhere else...
  8. ASOE!

    ASOE! Junior Member

    I would wait...

    You never know what will be released with the product blitz that is coming this year and the next.

    T-Cats are back, baby!

    BTW, did anyone else notice that the guard on the 2011 sword closes around the eye?
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  9. I'm really not liking the telescoping feature on the new sword. That just reeks of cheap, and something that could break easily or just won't function properly (like getting the pieces to stick and hold in the exact location that you want).

    Its probably fine for an 8 year old, but I hope they do just a full extended one with good detailing, a light up eye of Thundera, and no telescoping feature as part of the classics line.
  10. RedRamage

    RedRamage Berbill

    I'm sure the "extendo-sword" is geared towards the younger crowd. It'll be cool that one can actually extend it from the dagger to the sword just like Lion-o for the little ones, but I agree... serious collectors will want a full length blade.
  11. New image of the sword from the Bandai press release sent to Bandai


    It apparently will have both lights and sound in addition to the "extendo" feature, and will be $20 at retail.
  12. Lordore

    Lordore Moderator

    I like the sword of omens, i am definitely buying it, i think it does justice to the mythos of the original and at the same time brings a modern, fresh look:thumbsup:
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  13. wthompson

    wthompson Crabman

    Great looking sword, wish I had something like that what I was a kid. I will get at least one.
  14. catspat

    catspat also known as...Leppardra

    It's nice! Does the blade glow as it extends? :)
  15. ASOE!

    ASOE! Junior Member

    That would be cool, but the plastic doesn't look translucent enough for it to be like the toon. Plus, we should question if the NEW sword has that same specific feature.

    Come on TF! We need more coverage!
  16. Ok so I see both a button and a trigger on it. The trigger on the left I'm guessing activates the sound, or possibly both the sound and the light. The button is right below the eye of thundera, and looks like an arrow pointing upward.

    Got me thinking, is this extendo feature a mechanism that can be triggered by the button? If so, that would be cool.

    My only other guess is that the trigger activates sound, while the button lights up the eye.

    I'm really hoping the extendo feature is a button triggered mechanism.
  17. RoftheHood

    RoftheHood New Member

    If you look at the "Role Play" Box on the back of the box/card (one of the leaked images from The UK Fair) it looks as though the hilt folds up around the Eye. That's probably what the trigger activates, as a fast shooting motion the hilt snaps out and opens up.
    I agree the Arrow Button probably activates the Blade.

    The sword probably makes sound with each of the actions.
  18. He-Fan

    He-Fan Legacy Team Member

    Chris here...

    Yep, if you check out the video of the Toy Fair ThunderCats display that was posted up in the main thread about same, there's actually a brief demonstration of how the Sword of Omens roleplay toy works, and your guess re: the hilt folding up is spot-on...inadvertently revealing that Lion-O's classic "Sight Beyond Sight" phrase survives into the new cartoon show! ;)

    Take care... :)

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