Varying subject on Thundercats & The Mysterious Cities of Gold

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    I was born in 1972 & used to watch in the 1980's both Thundercats & The Mysterious Cities of Gold. Mysterious Cities of Gold originally aired in 1982 to 1983,then on Nickelodeon from 1986 to 1990. The original 1980's Mysterious Cities of Gold is known as Season 1 with three more seasons. Season 2 revived the series in 2012,the current third season aired late 2016,early 2017 & the fourth season is to air probably next year. There is also a Mysterious Cities of Gold game called The Mysterious Cities of Gold:Secret Paths for iOS,iPhone,iPad,Windows/PC,DS/3DS & Wii U. But anyway ,onto the varying subject between Thundercats & The Mysterious Cities of Gold. What mashup art between Thundercats/Mysterious Cities of Gold would it be? My examples would be Ambrosius (MCOG) /Clawdius,
    Esteban (MCOG)/Wily Kat,Zia(MCOG)/Wily Kit & Mendoza(MCOG)/Tygra. Wily Kit would have a liking of Zia,while Wily Kat would have a liking of Esteban,Tao,another MCOG character or both. I was also thinking of a mashup art idea between Mendoza & Panthro or Mendoza & Lion-O.
    These are left to right,Esteban,Tao & Zia from Season 2-up of Mysterious Cities of Gold. [​IMG]
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    Anyone know the age of Wily Kat & Wily Kit? Esteban,Zia & Tao are twelve years of age.
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    I've been meaning to watch Mysterious Cities Of Gold. Only ever seen a couple episodes.

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