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Discussion in 'Vintage Collectables' started by the fixer, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. the fixer

    the fixer Active Member

    I'm sorry to start yet another Sword of Omens toy thread but I just really really like that sword! :D

    We were talking about Lion-O's Sword yesterday with a guy who owns a vintage toys store and according to him there were two sizes of the vintage electronic Sword of Omens toy.
    He told us that besides the well known one (I assume he meant the 22" one by LJN, the one we all had) there was another, identical in shape but quite a bit longer. He showed us the size of this last one with his open arms and what he was indicating must be around 30"...
    Finally, he mentioned that the large sword was sold on a card and that -like its smaller brother- it also had the light-up Eye of Thundera.

    Has anyone heard about this? Was there a bigger vintage Sword of Omens that somehow eluded me? And if so, does anyone have a comparison picture to show the difference between the two swords?
  2. thezaxfactor

    thezaxfactor Staff Writer and Moderator Staff

    In the early 90s, there were toy swords marketed alongside the Sword of Omens with similar light-up features, and they were definitely longer. I had one, as did a few of my friends. They were similar enough to the Sword of Omens that I'm pretty sure our parents thought they were buying us the real thing. Of course, we knew better (the hilts were gold instead of silver, and there was no ThunderCats symbol on the light-up eye), but we played along and pretended they were Swords of Omens.

    Maybe that's what this guy is remembering?
  3. the fixer

    the fixer Active Member

    Very well possible...
    Next time I see him, I'll ask if he has one of the longer swords he mentioned in his collection and if he can take a picture of it.
  4. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I also had toy sword VERY similar to the Sword of Omens around 92/93. I got it to replace my Sword of Omens as it broke (I still have the battery cover LOL).
    It had the curved cross guard and a clear red light up circle area in the hilt with a symbol (a bird I think) moulded on it. However it was a good bit larger the Sword of least 122 or slightly more.
  5. the fixer

    the fixer Active Member

    Interesting... Never seen one of those... :confused:

    I take it the guy I talked to meant an official sword though... Unless I got him wrong...
  6. bronty

    bronty Junior Member

    presumably a bootleg of some kind?
  7. Englishjim76

    Englishjim76 New Member

    I still have my old Sword of Omens and my whole Thundercats collection is getting healthier by the week.
  8. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Looking at this thread brought a memory back. In the early 90's Woolworths and places were having a big sales to get rid of the Sword of Omens toys selling for £2-£3. If only I had bought a lot of them LOL.

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