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  1. Vintage

    Vintage Glass Walker

    Hi guys!

    So here's my very very humble collection of Thundercats!

    (you can skip all this text...)

    I have been colecting Thundercats since I was a kid, back in 1986, 1987. I was born in Brazil and lived there almost all of my childhood and the impact of the series was so huge that even today everybody still remind the series and even older people remember! It wasn't only a child's show!

    I got Lion-O and Mumm-Ra and my collection grew. I had all the 4 Thundercats (There were no companions or Thunderkittens that came with Tygra or Cheetara), Mumm-Ra and the 4 mutants and that was all was ever sold there, of Thundercats figures.I also had Thundertank, Thunderclaw, and a Mutant skycutter, the Sword of Omens toy, a shield with the thundercats symbol and the toy version of Lion-O's claw shield.

    But then after a day full of playing, I left all my toys scattered amongst the floor of my room and that got my mother really PO. She threw all of the figure s through the window! We lived in the 7th floor! Man, I was like Darth Vader in Episode 3: "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo".

    What I found was a Thundercat Hecatomb, the only survivor was Mumm-Ra! I guess he is really the ever-living! :D

    I tried to glue all of them together but they were never again like they were and were kept in a bag in the dark for 18 years. A few months ago an aunt of mine brought the bag to me and I started re-painting (check my sword of omens), fixing with special glue and molding material.

    I never forgot those toys I loved so much and I began buying loose ones on eBay, to make a new collection. Since I don't have much $ to spend on my collection, I only bought some cheap ones, but that looked nice! Hell, one day I went crazy and bought a "very expensive" carded Monkian (my favourite Mutant) for 32$!

    So now I am using an old furniture I had at home as my "showcase" for some of the toylines I played most when I was a kid: Thundercats, GIJOE and RAMBO (My MOTU stuff is still in some sealed box in a dark room in Brazil).

    I don't have any special or hard to find picture as you guys, but I love my collection and I love to change their positions, put one in front of me when I am at the computer (There's the Glasslite Monkian staring at me now).. I guess that's one thing I can't do with the carded Monkian! :D

    (End of "the story of my life with Thundercats")

    Here's a picture of "The Thundercats", displayed with a background I added in Photoshop. I am planning on scanning that image and glue it in the back of where they are, So it will give that cool efect! Check out the Sword of Omens! I just hated the original: All Orange!! :)

    Recent Pictures: The Collection

    Glasslite Thundercats:

    The Collection Jewel: Mr. Larry Kenney Autographed picture:

    Thanks to and Mr. Larry Kenney for that one! :D

    Old Pictures:


    Gotta get a helmet for Monkian!.

    My original GLASSLITE Thundercats Collection: Played and Loved!
    here's some story behind Lion-O... One of his legs was here in Portugal with me for 16 years and the rest of the body in Brazil... Last summer they finally became together again! The front part os his face, I believe (and hope) is in the same bag as the MOTU Stuff, with his left arm!
    Cheetara's head was loose, I had to glue it back, just like Pantro's crotch. Tygra is in really bad shape.. Don't know how I'm going to fix him yet!

    Monkian's crotch has been restored with molding material and painted. Jackalman still has to wait for a similar operation! :)
    Vultureman's crotch is also broken, but it's where the leg fits, so it can stand OK. Slythe's head must be with Lion-O's arm and face, and his arms are not attached to the body. And there's Mumm-ra, the ever-living (tested!) that survived a fall from the 7th floor (that is a 9th if I count the garage and playground!)!
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  2. MannysCollectibles

    MannysCollectibles Legacy Team Member

    Very cool story Vintage...amazing that after more than 20 years a cartoon can impact so much on people. Some people may have big or small collection but the only thing that matters is that it has special meaning. I wouldve loved to have the toys from my childhood but those are long gone. Those would mean so much more to me than what I have know and the price is worthless if i could have those back. Very cool display you have....No matter how big or small a collection is it is always awesome to hear how you came about in having them and what they mean to you.
  3. matt

    matt Thunderian Legend

    Vintage that background is awesome and I love the custom sword of omens. I have a story similar to the one of your mom throwing your tcats out the window. When I was a kid I loved this group Kris Kross and played there tape constantly and was always leaving it around. One day she got fed up with picking it up and threw it across the room. It slammed into the door and broke into a million pieces.

    Anyway I like your collection as no collection is too big or too small as long as it has meaning for you.

    Ps do you mind if I copy your sword idea? I ask as I made a custom Bizzaro/evil Lion-o and have been wondering what to do about the sword of omens and yours would look sweet I think. I really like the green
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  4. matt

    matt Thunderian Legend

    Well I certainly should have read Manny's reply before doing mine as my last sentence looks like I copied him:duh:. But I swear I didn't I didn't ever read it till I posted oh well I stand by what I said
  5. Lord LionO

    Lord LionO Mutant

    Yeah Vintage, as sad as that story was I really enjoyed reading it. I also have a very small collection but I absolutely love them. Unfortunately the only Thundercat I had as a kid was Mummra's head piece. I found it on the street while in my stroller. Anyway, like I said I have a few MOC but I treasure them that much more. Thanks for sharing and sorry about hijacking this thread with my story :)
  6. Vintage

    Vintage Glass Walker

    Manny, after reading your post I decided to edit it and show my original Thundercats, the ones I played and loved! I am very sorry you didn't kept yours! What happened man?

    About how it touched people, my uncle said that she used to call my aunt "Cheetara", back in the 80's, when they we're dating because she had freckles! Man, I LMAO

    Matt, at least we now know how traumatizing is to break child's toys, so I know I won't do that to my son! :D

    About the Sword, I'll let you copy the idea, but you must post a pic here after! :) And please try it with the "good" Lion-O, you will see it will look much better than that orange one!

    Lord LionO, post your collection and tell your story, I am curious! :)

    And thank you guys for the comments about the collection, I was kinda "shy" to show it up, since you have really big and expensive collections!

    It's really good to hear from people that also love collecting this toys that were part of your youth and don't think its a "weird hobby" ;)
  7. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    That's cool you got your old figures back even though they are beaten up. Luckily I still have most of my old figures as well (though I never had a full collection as a kid anyway)

    I love what you have done with the Sword of Omens! It looks so cool painted in it's correct colours.

    But like many have said, it's still a very cool collection you have there as all the nostalgia from yester-year is still there with those figures. As for your collecting, I'm sure in time you will have a near complete loose collection to display. I'm guessing you buy a new figure every so often? That's the beauty of collecting, adding piece by piece. If you are handed a complete collection that it makes it boring. I love the thrill of the chase personally!
  8. Vintage

    Vintage Glass Walker

    Hi blackiecats, how are you? Thanks for your message! :)
    About the complete collection, honestly I thing I am not going to buy any more figures from the Thundercats, perhaps only some of the Berbil's or the other 3 Thundercats if I can find them cheap! Ah, and some weapons, but they get so expensive I think I'm going to make some customs my own! At least Cheetara's weapon is easy! :)

    Since I never owned the other figures (Mongor, Grune, even the other 3 Thundercats) when I was a kid I don't feel like getting them now.. Even because I have no room to display them :(

    For now I am trying to get some other toys I had but that have broken, (RAMBO collection.. I know, nobody likes those!) and some that I really really wanted back then: Some GIJOE figures: Baroness, Shipwreck, Spirit, (15 in total) etc...
  9. Vintage

    Vintage Glass Walker


    Well, as you might know by now, I do not have a spectacular collection, its just the regular Thundercats + the basic Mutants...

    But I like to change their display and this is the new one. I've decided to put Thunderclaw suspended and it looks really nice this way! In the future I'll put Monkian and a Sky Cutter and put it facing the Thunderclaw, in a sky battle.

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  10. Chromeagle

    Chromeagle Barbarian

    Cool collection and great story as well.
  11. Vintage

    Vintage Glass Walker

    Thanks, Chromeagle!

    I've taken new pictures of my collection since I have a few more items to show :P

    I found my childhood Thundertank, from Glasslite (this one is the version wirh the original color, not the red roof one... But still different from LJN's, you can check the wheels on this one and you will see that they aren't all black). Unfortunately he has one of his wheels damaged, the one that is facing the wall, that wheel's thread and I couldn't find his back and left door.

    I also got my boxed Glasslite Sky-cutter, a MOC Slithe and a MIB Glasslite Cheetara!

    Also there's my Glasslite Lion-O (next to the mutants), complete, that I bought recently! He's in excellent conditions!

    Note: The background is Photoshop, but in the future I'll have one painted just like that...

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  12. matt

    matt Thunderian Legend

    vintage I am so jealous of your cheetar mib. If your ever looking to sell her you know where to go. I did not know the that glasslite grey thundertank was different from the LJN one, that means I got to pick one of those up sometime now
  13. Vintage

    Vintage Glass Walker

    Thanks matt! Unfortunately she is not in good condition as your Tygra or Lion-O. The blister is not in very good conditions and you can even take the figure and weapon out... But hey, it's a "boxed" Cheetara! :D

    Yes, the Thundertank does differ! I never realized that myself until I compared it with a LJN one. I also believe that it must be smaller than LJN's... You have both, can you please compare them? And the details, is LJN much better or not?

    There's also a difference in the Skycutter: That "hose" that is seen in the handle is RED in Glasslite and PURPLE in LJN's! :)
  14. Lynx117

    Lynx117 Junior Member

    Vintage that is one great collection and a great story too!! Growing up in Peru in the 80's, thundercats toys were obscenely expensive. The only figures sold in stores by national brands (BASA) were the 'Cats mini figures. Yeah thats right no 6' figures. So as a result, LJN figures were around $100. My family were on a tight budget but got me Lion-o for x-mas, (it also cost me a year of good grades but it was well worth it). A few months later one of my mom's friend from Canada gave me Jackalman as a present. But it was Lion-o the one toy that I always cherished the most over any other. I was sad when the paint began to peel off. I tried to restore it but made it worse. I put it inside a box and hope that one day I could find a way to restore it with better luck. But man we had fun those days running around playing with 'Cats. Those were great days. :bengali:
    P.S. Great sword and background scene, add me to the copycat list!!!
  15. catspat

    catspat also known as...Leppardra

    Very nice collection you have, Vintage. Very nice indeed.:cheetaraveryhappy:

    You did the background in Photoshop? You did a good job! And you paint too? Have you done any fan artwork? If so, I'd like to see it. :D
  16. Vintage

    Vintage Glass Walker

    Lynx117, so the Lion you're restoring is LJN's? I thought it was some version from Peru, like I had my Glasslite Thundercats. I do hope you can manage to fix it nicely! As you know I've fixed my Tygra and I still have my Panhtro and Cheetara in good conditions considering their age (they're in the first page of this thread). I haven't yet found my Lion-O's face and arm, but I haven't lost hopes! Next time I visit my grandmother, I'll look through the toy boxes again and try to find them! This time I managed to find Jackalman's club and Slithe's axe! I did however buy a mint Lion-O from Glasslite, so now I have (again) the whole gang!

    Thank you, catspat! Unfortunately I don't have the talent to paint! I can do some tricks in Photoshop but thats it! :) My girlfriend is the one who's the painter! She makes beautiful paintings with oil and she will be making me some backgrounds for my toy collections!
  17. Lynx117

    Lynx117 Junior Member

    Vintage, Yeah we never got the Glasslite 'Cats here or knockoffs here. As a result a lot of people payed outrageous prices for the LJN figures. Also, your girlfriend would do that for you? (the background paintings, i mean) That's one great woman! My girl would probably say, "that's nice dear" and turn around and do her nails instead.
  18. catspat

    catspat also known as...Leppardra

    Great! After she does, maybe she'd let them be posted here so we can see them? I'd enjoy that, and it wouldn't matter to me if your girlfriend was a fan or not.

    So, you have Photoshop? I have Corel Paint Shop Pro X. I'm playing around with it now. I used the Scratch Remover for the first time yesterday, and it works like a charm!:D

    Indeed, I was going to suggest that you have Lynx117 fix up your Lion-O toy. :)
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  19. Archangel

    Archangel New Member

    Fab collection, Vintage!

    And I just love the way you've displayed it. Having the vehicles suspended like that is a great idea.
  20. dan07

    dan07 Glass Walker

    Lynx117 - I can DEFINITELY relate to your Liono story. I had a very similar experience with the Thundertank, which to this day remains my favorite action figure/accesory ever! Unfortunately, my childhood Thundertank is gone, but I can imagine how much your Liono means to you. If you take a look below, I've attached a pic of my handpainted Liono. I used Games Workshop paints that are really high quality and don't goop up and marr the detailing to clean the Liono up. When I got it, it was in awful shape. You can use Acetone (i.e. nail polish remover) to get rid of the goop that's on him now. You'd probably want to wash the figure next to get the dirt and grime off him, and you'd be set to go. you would need a few brushes (a fine one for detailing and a thicker one to do the wider areas. It takes a steady hand and a lot of time, but it's a small price to pay to get your childhood Liono back!!!


    This is the games workshop paints link:

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