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Discussion in 'ThunderCats Collector's Showcase' started by Vintage, Oct 24, 2006.

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    Lynx117, as a matter of fact, she likes my toy collections! Although she says that all Thundercats look like they are gay! She usually says "Yeah, right, all those bright collors, that kind of clothing... they don't fool me!" Even He-Man, the Master of the Universe is gay! I would agree if it was about Prince Adam, but not He-Man... At least she doesn't find that Rambo, G.I.Joe and Sectaurs are gay! :)

    Catspat, I'm sure she will! But she is not painting it right away, she has some other paintings waiting and I must make the drawing first, so she can paint.. And I'm a bit lazy... :oops:

    Yes, I love Photoshop, there isn't a single day where I fool around, either fixing some pictures or just doing some "resizing". Sometimes I do something bigger like some (hmm, what's the name for it in English...) "collages" ? You know, "special effects" and things like that (My friend's head in someone else's body, lightsabers, and other nerd stuff! :) ).

    Thank you Archangel! Suspended vehicles is what you get when you have little room to display everything, LOL. :)

    Dan07, I never get tired of your "PC Lion-O". I would really want to have one like that!
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    thanks Vintage! :D
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    Dan07 -
    Whenever I get the chance to go back home, I'll get my Lion-o. I recently got another Lion-o for cheap. This one has maroon hair. The plastic for the face is orange and the hair is painted maroon. This is totally different from my other Lion-o which used an orange paint for the face, but the plastic is actually red. I might need to touch up the eyes and the torso for this new lion-o. The torso looks washed up, a bit brighter than the face. It gives the impression that Lion-o has hepatitis or some other disease. I will post pictures soon before I get started.
    P.S. How did you wired up your red Lion-o.

    Vintage -
    Yeah you should check my Youtube channel for He-man funny clips and all that sort of stuff. Without offending anyone of course.
    Thanks everyone!!!!! :bengali:
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    Hi guys, I'm just editing to put here the picture of the collection with the autographed picture of Mr. Larry Kenney that I won here at

    It is just above my computer and always at sight! :D


    This has become the pride of my collection. I don't know how much this kind of things mean to the rest of the people, but having and autographed picture of my childhood hero makes me very happy! :D

    I loved my childhood and having a piece like this lets you travel for instances to those beautiful years and forget all the problems! :)
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    That is a very good collection. It's got character, history, it comes with a story. Parts came together over 2 continents. When people ask me about my collection, I say "I got most of 'em off eBay." I'd much rather have a story like yours to go along with my collection. It make your collection priceless, in my opinion.

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