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Discussion in 'Fan Art & Customs' started by Mark M, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. Mark M

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    I am not going to go into too much detail. But please be aware of this.
    For all other artists on here:
    When anyone approaches you about doing a commission piece, be sure to get a deposit to cover materials etc before starting work on the commission.
    You should not commission someone and agree to prices and postage if you do not plan on paying for said piece once it is completed.
    There are a lot of talented artists on the forum and yes it would be great seeing their takes on various cartoon and comic characters. But some of us are very busy and do not have time to waste doing certain pieces just for fun.
    I should clarify I did a piece for someone on here who contacted me after seeing the piece I did for another member.
    The prices for the piece and the price for postage to the buyer was all sorted out and agreed to before I started the painting.
    When the piece was finished to say it was only commissioned for fun, even though we had agreed on the price etc, was really annoying, embarrassing and insulting.
    Creating art work is no different to any other working job. You expect paid at the end of a job.
    I wasted a full week, paint and a canvas on one piece when I have several other paying jobs I could have been working.
    Yes, working on the piece was fun for me as it's something I am interested in, but it's not exactly something I was in any rush to paint considering I have other jobs on.
    More to the point, if I had known I was doing this piece for 'fun' I wouldn't have been doing it to the buyers specifications, I would have done everything to my own choosing.
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    This is why I intend to wait until I actually have a bank account of my own before I commission art from you and I have a lot of WEIRD ideas. :mummra
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  3. Mark M

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    Thank you. :D
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    name and shame them i would .

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