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Discussion in 'Super7 ThunderCats Toys' started by thezaxfactor, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    For everyone interested in how to remove Panthro's shorts and fix Jackalman's reversed knees here is LioConvoy's video showing how to swap the parts when the repair kit arrives.
  2. heero_yuy2

    heero_yuy2 New Member

    Just got my set of Wave 1. As much as I was excited to see the articulation of the figures, I didn't expect these parts snapped on the first try of removing:

    Didn't know the inside mold of the original Panthro head is different from the open-mouthed head, and it seems like only a glue gun is keeping the head and grip together.

    Now, the ball pin from Lion-O's thigh was a little tight to the fixed glove, snapped the first removal try! What a life. Good thing I bought 2 sets of these Wave 1s. Not asking how to fix them coz I'm sure there are ways but I didn't know I have to be that EXTRA careful to articulate this figs or it might break or snap some parts easily. Other than that, I have no complaints overall. Just somehow missing an instruction guide or something.

    Funny the underside of the box warns us this is "a collectible, not a toy". Man, I bought these to play as a toy at least lolz

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