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  1. jbrannock1

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    There is a video on YouTube now from a retailer who picked up their order. He opened Mummra and LionO so no peek at Panthro. LionO’s skin may look better in his video?? I can’t decide....
    So Super7 has had their shipment....
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  2. Mumm-Ra

    Mumm-Ra Vortex Explorer

    Just got update.

    Shipping August 31st!

    Correction Kit being mailed for free to buyers of Panthro and Jackalman which include:
    -Correct color pants for Panthro
    -Correct color Jackalman chin tuft and painted weapons

    As a bonus a “Sword of Omens call to action” GITD orange/yellow eyes Panthro head will also be included.

    -Kit arrival sometime in November (third party reseller purchasers included)
  3. Cheetoro

    Cheetoro Laser Beast

    Great that they are doing something. I can't wait to have these in hand and pass real judgement on the job they are doing. People sure are nitpicking the hell out of them so far, which I get, but small paint details in a mass produced line of figures are never going to be perfect - nobody gets them all perfect. I'd hate to see negativity kill a line that appears at the least to be more than decent and has someone at the helm who genuinely cares. The extra run of parts is going to cost them a fortune and will not help their returns on this line.

    I do worry about how well the parts will be able to be swapped out without creating other problems with the figures. If it involves gluing I think that will not be great.
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  4. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    They are not mass produced. They are supposed to be a small run of made to order collector grade action figures.
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  5. Cheetoro

    Cheetoro Laser Beast

    Any time we are talking thousands of units, which we are, that's mass production. They use automation - there are going to be errors. No company makes perfect figures all the time. Not a single one, fan run or otherwise. That ought to tell you something.
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  6. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    People will make excuses for Super7 so long as they get what they want regardless of the quality.
    Super7 have a reputation of continually releasing poor quality products.
    Over priced made to order collectors grade action figures should have better quality control than that of mass produced childrens toys available at worldwide general retail at a fraction of the price.
  7. gingaio

    gingaio Active Member

    I don't think it's necessarily nitpicking to want to have problems such as missing paint or misplaced limbs be minimized. These aren't just occasional QC issues on random copies that every toy line deals with. These are known systemic errors that have affected the entire line and every copy.

    Flynn's asking for premium, collector-grade prices, so when he does that, it's going to come with a set of expectations--these things are twice the cost of a truly mass-produced Marvel Legends figure (there are different levels of mass production that involve economies of scale; e.g., Transformers Masterpiece line vs Transformers main line toys that you find in a Wal-Mart). Even so, I don't need perfect, but I'd like to have figures that at least have the correct limbs in the correct places.

    Personally, if the worst problem was Panthro's trunks, I could live with it. But when you add up all the problems, which aren't subtle (like the missing paint on Jackalman), it gets annoying. Not to mention that the proposed fixes will require us to break apart these figures, and pull apart/stress joints that are best left alone once assembled. I don't like having to disassemble figures, even though I did that to fix the calves on my Matty Jackalman. If it'd been possible for Flynn to delay the figures and just have the factory assemble the figures with the correct parts, that would have been ideal.

    You say, "I'd hate to see negativity kill a line that appears at the least to be more than decent and has someone at the helm who genuinely cares."

    I don't want this line to die either, and I'm not saying Flynn's a bad guy at all. In fact, I still have the next two waves preordered. But it's very unfortunate when the Mattel Co. released a better Panthro and Jackalman (with fewer glaring errors) than S7 did, and at much cheaper prices as well. So while I don't want to vilify the guy, I'm not ready to say he's the greatest guy either. It's not even really about him. It's really just about whether his company can competently produce these figures that we're paying $45 a piece for.

    Also, regarding Flynn's video addressing some of these problems...I couldn't find it via a YouTube search. The only reason I saw it was that it was linked in this thread. I mean, I get it. He probably doesn't want to broadcast these issues to everyone. All that said, I look forward to seeing a better job with the upcoming waves. Hopefully.
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  8. Alluro Fan

    Alluro Fan Glass Walker

    Wave 1 is now in stock at BBTS.
  9. Cheetoro

    Cheetoro Laser Beast

    I'm not talking about glaring issues like Panthro's panties or Jackalman's fur as nitpicking. Those are glaring issues as stated. I'm taking about someone's Lion-O having a pupil off-center, or someone's Mumm-Ra having a white paint dot on it's hand. That's nitpicking, and if you read the video comments, there's a lot of it. There's also a lot of people complaining about a mold (Lion-O) shape and size that is exactly what we knew we were getting. That's irrational.

    I am definitely a consumer advocate, but the reality is not enough people have these in hand yet. People are judging every little last thing off of a few samples in pics or video, which is why I said I want to handle these myself. Once I do I can say much better how they are doing. If you think I hold back on criticism, you couldn't be more mistaken. Yet I keep a level of rationality and realism to it. Even colors often seem different in person.

    Another unfortunately reality is - this is it. We have to find a way to make this work together or this is dead forever. I'd like to see that approach and if S7 can't get it together after a couple of waves, then it is what it is and they take the blame for the death. But if fans nitpick it to the grave (let's be honest, there were plenty of such issues with the Mattel figures), that would be a tragedy.
  10. Wes2882

    Wes2882 Berbill

    Has anyone gotten their shipping confirmation yet? I saw the BBTS lists them as in stock now. I ordered directly from Super7 but I haven’t gotten a shipping notice yet.
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  11. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Premium prices adult collectibles should not have numerous nitpicking issues ontop of major glaring quality control issues.
  12. motogp_fanatic

    motogp_fanatic Berbill

    Great, nice.

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  13. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator TC.org Staff

    No not yet, ordered direct too. Hoping soon.
  14. Cheetoro

    Cheetoro Laser Beast

    Your point is idealistic and not realistic though. We can make it very simple - name me a company doing sizable runs of action figures that have no issues and no complaints regardless of price? Does Hot Toys have zero issues? Those are much more expensive than this line. There isn't anybody out there doing runs of action figures without problems which as I stated above ought to tell you something.

    I've collected enough to know that there are always lemons and they are always magnified online. It's just the way it goes, but that doesn't mean the companies are not doing their part. It depends and you have to learn how to read the overall situation. I want perfect figures just as much as the next collector but if there is a paint smudge on Jackalman's back I'm not returning him and demanding a new run of figures...

    It's about balance.
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  15. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    No other toy company compared to Super7 has as much of a notorius history of producing toys with major quality control issues, or making products substantialy different to the advertised prototypes or failing to deliver products without numerous delays.
    To be fair though Super7's quality control issues to to be mostly limited to the more articulated adult collectible figures...although the first wave of the neo vintage MOTU also had major issues with the figures hip joints.

    All figures regardless of price can have nitpicking issues, but numerous nitpicks ontop of major qualoty control issues on premium priced toys is not acceptable.

    I recently purchased some G.I. Joe Classified figures at around £20 each. Some of them had some slight nitpick issues but none of them were major that affected the figures. The only real issues were some sloppy paint and two accessories moulded in a rather softer plastic. But no major flaws.
    Had they been £50 each, like Super7's figures, been delayed for a year, had some major qualiy control issues, along with numerous nitpicks and been wrongly assembled along with not matching the product I ordered or what was promised then I would not thought those figures to be acceptable.

    People are more annoyed with the major issues on Super7's figures than the nitpicks.
    People ordered these figures expecting them to be superior to Mattel's releases which they are not as has been shown in the various reviews.
    In @Sebastiaan 's interview with Brian he specifically said they would be correcting Jackalman's calves and fixing Lion-O's belt peg which they have not and even managed to make a worse Panthro by making the entire run with hte wrong coloured trunks. That is what people are really annoyed at.
    Not to mention the loose joints and paint application on the figures.

    So no I don't think it is being idealistic or not realistic to expect a toys with no major quality control issues.

    But if you and others are happy giving Super7 your money for products of that quality that is up to you. For all you guys supporting the Thundercats line I really hope they can improve their quality control.
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  16. gingaio

    gingaio Active Member

    Yes, we're talking about two different things, minor vs major issues.

    Exactly. While I'm sure there are people complaining about the minor stuff, most of the comments I'm seeing on YouTube and on various forums involve the major issues. Those issues are what's bugging people right now.

    I also collect SHF and Mafex and the occasional Marvel Legends figures. I've seen limb-swapping from time to time on ML, but they're half the price of S7's figures.

    Many SHF figs retail for about the same price as S7's figs, and you would never see the kinds of major assembly/manufacturing problems that have so consistently plagued S7. Mafex is known for occasional and relatively minor QC issues, but similarly, you would never see an entire batch of Mafex figs with the limbs in the wrong spots or with paint missing. Same for Figma, Medicos, Storm, Mezco or any other mid- to high-end figure line.

    It seems like other toy producers receive early samples to inspect in order to avoid problems like these. I wonder where/how the breakdown happened in this case, and whether/how it can be addressed in the future.

    Anyway, I'm speaking as someone about to receive the complete first wave, so I'm not just hating on S7. But if we are going to hold a company accountable and call them out, it's better now than after we've spent several hundred dollars and after a few waves' worth of screw-ups. I'm generally optimistic, but as Mark said, S7 has had a history of this, and it's disappointing to see time after time.

    A number of my Filmation He-Man figs had really terrible QC, so much so that I've sold most of them in favor of the Mattel figs. And as Mark alluded to, the Super 7 5-inch He-Man line was known for hip breakages with certain figures. And we're already seeing problems with inconsistent joint tolerances (i.e., floppiness), per the Pixel Dan reviews, with some joints very loose and others not...this has been a consistent problem with S7 across multiple lines. And if he can't fix an error (Jackalman's legs) that he's known about for over a year, how can we expect him to fix any other kinds of errors that might crop up? I'm just not confident Flynn cares enough to address or is capable of addressing problems like these in the future, especially given that some people are willing to happily tolerate whatever he throws at them.
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  17. motogp_fanatic

    motogp_fanatic Berbill

    Hoping it will be soon.. The Thundercats being seriously lined up to finally have the complete core characters in a collectible action figure form is way overdue.

    Hoping for Mandora to be included in the 4th wave.

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  18. Wes2882

    Wes2882 Berbill

    A few people on the Fwoosh posted that they got their shipping notices from Super7 so I’m hoping I get mine soon. Really excited to get these in hand and I’m reserving all judgement until then.
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  19. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator TC.org Staff

    I got my shipping notice too. Should reach New York on the 14th.
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  20. jabus

    jabus Barbarian

    Got mine from BBTS in today. Woo Hoo!
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