Wave 2 toys coming soon (and classics line scale change?)

Discussion in 'Mezco and Bandai Toys' started by MannysCollectibles, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. AlexofThundera

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    I am not thrilled about the classics being released in both a 6" and 8" scale. I find it "unnecessary" honestly. Just pick a scale and stick with it. I think the 8" scale is perfect for the classics. Not sure why they thought to release a 6" line as well unless they are just looking to capitalize on us collectors who will pick up everything in the line.
  2. Ideal

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    i think they made the 6in collector line because so many people were asking for figures that fit in with stuff like MOTUC.

    unfortunately the figures ended up being a bit smaller than DCUC figures, putting them well out of range of MOTUC on the other end of the spectrum

    i imagine there were some people that wanted 6in classic figures to go with the 6in modern figures as well, just like there are people asking for 4in classic figures to go along with the 4in modern figures
  3. The Villain

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    Has there been any info or support from anyone to see Driller released & also 8 inch Slithe?

    The updated Driller would be a FAB figure to release on 2012.

  4. lostdwarf

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    Talked to a guy at target I know and he said they got a case in of 5 figures? kinda odd but he said money there will be 5 figures on the shelf. Im wondering if these are series 1 or series 2 figures. Can someone clarify this for me so I don't go crazy.



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