Wave 2 Updates?

Discussion in 'Super7 ThunderCats Toys' started by thunderfat80skid, Dec 5, 2020.

  1. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator TC.org Staff

    I will run a poll on Twitter and IG and see what the broader community says. I don’t think everyone on here is representative enough.
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  2. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator TC.org Staff

    So this is rather interesting so far. On IG 55% use the angry head. On FB it is 50/50 (but only 4 votes vs the 100 received so far on IG), while Twitter shows 64% in favour of the standard head with 25 votes in total. I will give more info on this in the next day.
  3. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    In what capacity though are people wanting the extra head? For actual posing use or to just add to the accessory count to justify the price of the figures?
    They may be called "Ultimates" but the figure with just a few accessories is only worth $25 at best. The added and somewhat pointless accessories just seem a way to try and justify the price of the figures.
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  4. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator TC.org Staff

    I think the argument here is not that the figure by itself would be $25 but that it is intended to be an ultimate version of the figure. Therefore it comes with extras and such. Whether you use them or not is your choice, but it is sold as an enhanced version with as much extras it can carry / or is allowed for whatever reason. Yes my wallet would be happier with cheaper figures but my collection is more complete and enjoyed more for having extras like the Book of Omens / Fauxmens, Thundranium urn etc. I think the new article from VeeBee on thefwoosh actually describes it well. http://thefwoosh.com/2021/01/super7-2021-is-the-year-of-the-ultimates/
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  5. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    They should pack in more accessories then instead of addition heads for some characters.
    Maybe at some point they should start offering standard editions for those that do not need all the additional accessories.
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  6. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator TC.org Staff

    The polls have spoke - 73% on Twitter uses the standard head and on IG only 57% prefers it. I think this may be because more toy photographers are on IG than Twitter? And likely why I saw an increase in angry faced Lion-O’s. FB stayed at 50/50 from the last I saw it but I can’t seem to find the results. So basically a very good turnout in favour of growly face Lion-O:liono
  7. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator TC.org Staff

    This got me thinking of the weapons packs from Mattel. They probably considered that to offer all the extras at some point, but it seemed to up the offering just a bit more to get these now. It is a very good argument though Mark.
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  8. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    It's great getting more accessories but lots of other collectors toy lines are able to release same sized figures with more/superior articulation with just as many accessories for nearly half the price of a Super 7 Ultimate.
    NECA Ultimates
    WWE Ultimate Editions / Elite Collection
    Various Diamond Select Figures
    Marvel Legends / Deluxe
    Mc Farlane figures
    Power Rangers Lightnign Collection
    Star Wars Black Series
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  9. The All American

    The All American Active Member

    The poll I'd be more interested in is not standard and angry/ferocious, but rather what would someone prefer for a second head:
    1. ferocious
    2. alternate cartoon look
    3. LJN toy inspired look

    From my experience with MOTUC and other lines, extra heads usually make me want an extra of each figure. It ends up being like you have two or more versions. I think extra heads help boost sales which also strengthens the length of a line. I'm all for an extra head, but I want a look that is something we've seen before. An angry looking ThunderCat look isn't something I recall. An alternate cartoon expression or vintage toy look would be much more familiar.
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  10. Mad Bubbler

    Mad Bubbler Glass Walker

    If they took all the plastic from the extra hands and heads they include and put them in a mold, we could probably get a 5th figure in each wave.

    Less hands, less heads. More figures and weapons!

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  11. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator TC.org Staff

    I doubt a full fledged figure. Maybe a Snarf?
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  12. heero_yuy2

    heero_yuy2 New Member

    Ermmmm...what?? Ya think S7 would want or plan a 5th figure in each wave? Do you really want Ma-Mutt and the likes to be a 5th figure per wave?

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