Wave 2 Updates?

Discussion in 'Super7 ThunderCats Toys' started by thunderfat80skid, Dec 5, 2020.

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    Glad to see official confirmation about the arms on Tygra and Mumm-Ra. Hopefully this will put folk at ease.
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    Sadly, and frustratingly, it eases me about 5%. Everything to this point that they promised they would fix, has not been fixed. There are things that did change between the protos and production pieces, but they were things like incorrect colors/paint. I WANT to be more optimistic, but optimism on test shot resolutions has gotten us nowhere but more disappointed. ...Although we don't actually have control over any aspect of these figures.

    I hope they didn't show Cheetara because they're finalizing however they're going to address the error on the back end. I'm not privy to anything you can do with the barbell without breaking open the plastic weld. I CAN say I'm optimistic that they'll figure it out and throw us a bone. I don't want to have to buy v2 for a fixed figure, but I will because it matters that much to me.
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    I agree 100%
    there has been way to much speculation and negativity from some even after it was stated these were not the final figures and that corrections were still being made.
    I'm looking forward to the final figures even if the corrections cause a delay by a few more months.
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    Snowman looks down from the shelf above, "But he's the wrong colour, not supposed to be blue!".
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    I cannot stand the blue on Tygra's and Mumm-Ra's colors. Tygra's are supposed to be a mix of teal and aquamarine, while Mumm-Ra's skin is teal outright (Ma-Mutt is both teal and tan also). Grune's colors are mostly olive green, and Super7 couldn't get that right either.
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    This is true. It almost seems as though they wanted him to look more vibrant.
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    Correct, and yet these aren't even the worst things about this line. We're still having ridiculously long delays, I don't know what China's game is. Then we've got even worse mistakes and QC issues than the ones you've mentioned. Someone needs to go through a table at this point because this is seriously pissing me off now.
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    Total squash match. Spike Dudley on a stretcher status.
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    Well that factory is clearly full of jobbers.
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    Super7 ULTIMATES!
    Pre-Order Update

    Hi Everyone -

    We wanted to share an update about all of the Super7 ULTIMATES! production with you. Our made-to-order 7-inch scale ULTIMATES! figures are special because of the level of detail we bring to each subject. They are offered for a limited time via pre-order only.

    While we try to give you the most up-to-date info as possible for our products, much like many consumer products manufacturers, we are at the mercy of the current climate in manufacturing and global logistics. As you may have heard in the NEWS, manufacturing and shipping across the ocean has been problematic to say the least.

    Here are the most recent shipping dates for when ULTIMATES! Figures will leave from the factory for 2021:

    New Japan Pro-Wrestling Wave 2 - 9/10/21
    TMNT Wave 4 - 9/30/21
    Major Wrestling Podcast Wave 1 - 10/15/21
    The Good Brothers Wrestling Wave 2 - 10/20/21
    Disney Wave 1 - 11/30/21
    ThunderCats Wave 2 - 11/21/21
    Conan The Barbarian Wave 3 - 11/30/21
    ThunderCats Wave 4 - 12/30/21

    The time frame for shipments was once a dependable 24 days on water but is now a wide-ranging variable due to a variety of factors. However, with all the current delays in the global shipping market, we are experiencing another 2-3 months for product to arrive from the factory and then be able to ship to our customers.

    Rest assured, we are in close constant contact with both the factories and logistics companies and doing everything within our power to ensure our products are delivered to you as quickly and safely as possible.

    For those of you who have participated in our pre-orders: As we get closer to shipping these products to your doorstep, we will be reaching out to ensure we have your most current ship-to-address. Thanks for your patience and patronage, we are eager to get all these amazing products in your hands!
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    Excited for this guy, my favorite Thundercat.
    Nice to hear that good news.

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    Can anyone tell if they have the boot trim, left forearm band, and right elbow pad (but not strap) the correct darker blue color? They should not be the same shade of blue as the blue on the vest. The lower part of the boots and right arm elbow pad strap should be the same blue as the vest however. This seems to have been overlooked on many Tygra figure releases and most modern artwork so far. Except for the Hard Hero Tygra statue from maybe 10 years back.


    This image of the prototype appears correct in terms of being a unique color blue:

    The forearm straps appears the correct blue in this screenshot (not the boots though): [​IMG]
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  14. Booshman

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    Tygra should be coloured like this:


    Companies keeps giving him the incorrect colour scheme because they are going to screen caps for reference and not the animation cels. There are variances from scene to scene and from NTSC to PAL versions of the same episode. All this is the result from transfering from cel to film, film to tape, tape to tape of a differing broadcast standard. Every step after the initial art has distorted the colour and the cels should be the go-to for the proper intended pallette.
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  15. suckator

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    Good post! These animation cels are what i was looking for!
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