Weapons and WHICH Berzerker(s)?

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    From what I'm learning of this line their WEAPONRY is often more costly than the actual figure. This being said, I'm not here asking for things like BenGali's warhammer and Lynx~O's shield....A guy can hope, but I aint dillusional. ;) :P
    Actually, MANY I'm looking for are quite common. Rather than list what I NEED, I'll just list what I HAVE:

    Mumm~Ra's headress
    Sword of Omens
    Ratar~O silver sais X2
    S-S-Slithe broadaxe (thanks for the id help Matt)
    Light-up ring device
    Jackalman's club
    Crypt Mumm~Ra's staff

    I need ALL else. I will trade MOTU figures/vehicles/weaponry for them as well as various other toys and things, or buy them outright.
    On a different topic, I was recently made several offers for Berzerker figures. Thing is, the folks offering have different figures and want pretty much the SAME figures from me...so I have to choose...see? The tall lanky guy...HammerHand I think...looks pretty damn cool, but so does the Crusher...with his grip and all....then there's the wicked looking viking that whirls around... decisions decisions. WHO should I CHOOSE? I think if I play it right I'll be able to get TWO of the four.

    Thanks in advance for the advice, and all around. :D


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