What are you doing right now?

Discussion in 'Introductions & Off Topic' started by Lord of the Thundercats, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. I thought this might be a fun idea for a general thread since there might not always be any new posts in the discussions you're interested in when you come to the forums so here you can have a say everytimt you visit :). I got this idea from another forum and didn't see a thread like this here so I thought I'd start one.

    So right now I'm sitting at work going over some time-sheets and filling out excel spreadsheets. Nothing too exciting but keeps you busy.
  2. He-Fan

    He-Fan Legacy Team Member

    Chris here...

    I'm sitting at my desk at home about to update a website...an update I should have done last night, LOL! :)

    Take care... :)
  3. Saint Doyle

    Saint Doyle Crabman

    I'm supposed to be working on my dissertation so that I can someday graduate and pay off the huge amount of student loan debt I have incurred (portions of which went towards essential educational tools such as Thundercat figures and animation cels).
  4. Right now I'm working on my research paper's outline and annotated bibliography. Then after that I have to redo my excel spreadsheet assignment because I accidentally deleted the wrong sheet and have to start all over. Of course my professor teased me about having to save often. Normally I always do, but this lab assignment records and grades all of your keystrokes and I didn't want to risk clicking on the wrong thing and losing points. Not to mention this is the first time I'm using excel, I've used Microsoft Office Word, but now we are learning Excel in class. Luckily, that isn't due till next week but I rather get it done and over with now.
  5. Just came into the office, no new e-mails, all jobs are going as planned so I guess it's a day of smooth sailing ahead. So right now I'm just chilling, a very nice way to start the morning. I still feel weird everytime I read about somebody doing school work cause I can't completely understand that I don't have any school anymore. I know it's already been 3 years but before that I can pretty much only remember school :). queen lynxana, lemme know if you need any help with Excel cause I use it on a daily basis.
  6. Lordore

    Lordore Moderator

    Man, i'm feeling you 100%, i know the drill and i'm in a similar position, the only difference is we don't pay money here for higher education, it's public, we just have to pass some difficult exams to enter and then it's up to the student to graduate, depends on his/her progress every semester. Lately, i've been doing other jobs, nothing permanent and i really don't know, i'm thinking of quitting:confused:
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  7. I just got done submitting my article assignment to my computer class and in one hour I have an exam in my Intro to Hospitality class. FYI, my major in college is Hotel / Resort Management. Since I always worked in that field, I figured I might as well get a degree in it. After I'm done getting my associates degree, I want to transfer to Penn State University. Now you folks know why I want to get high grades rather than passing grades. So far, I have 3 A's that I know of, I hope I do better in today's exam because the last one was all on stuff the professor never discussed in class but were on his notes he e-mailed us the day before the exam. I got a C on that test but I need to keep my grades high if I ever want to get to Penn State. This time I got wise and studied his notes and I was surprised that 80% of it was never discussed in class.

    I swear my professor does that crap on purpose!
  8. Saint Doyle

    Saint Doyle Crabman

    The best advise anyone ever gave me was "don't ever, ever, ever not be in school." Don't drop out. Don't graduate. Be a student forever. I'm doing my damnedest to remain so. After graduating with my BS I went out and got myself a "career" type job. I had never really wanted to die so badly before. I don't know why I was complaining about student loan debt before. I must have forgotten my ultimate plan for after they won't loan me any more: fake my death and move to Mexico. It seems fool proof.
  9. Lordore

    Lordore Moderator

    I should have taken my degree 3 years now and although i could come up with a dozen excuses on personal level as well as objective reasons why i haven’t, i lame the blame entirely on me. The truth is i never liked the Chemistry University and i can't see myself ever loving it. Too damn boring and i can't sympathize with the idea that i have to learn everything by heart without any creative thinking, i don't know if you feeling me on this, but it's either because of the nature of this science or the Higher Educational Institutes in my country are really problematic, to say the least.
    We are called to pass some very difficult and wrenching exams at the tender age of 17-18 after finishing High School and then if we succeed, enter the faculty of our choice without having to pay any tuition fees. That's the only good part. However, once you get there you get disappointed for many reasons.
    The bad thing in my country is that without a degree you can't work on a decent job and expect to earn enough money so as to live a respectable life. There's injustice and corruption everywhere.
    I've done all kind of jobs from manual labor, working at night to paperboy, the amount you are getting paid is ridiculous. Sometimes am really frustrated. Especially, this period financially the things are pretty bad in Greece.

    Wish you good luck on your exam queen lynxana!!:thumbsup:
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  10. Hi Thanks for the well wishes. Just as I predicted, most of the exam was on stuff that was never discussed in class and just on the professor's notes. But since I learned my lesson from last time, I practically memorized the professor's notes and easily passed that test. I won't get the results till next week but I knew all of the answers and the test only took me 15-20 minutes. Out of about 80 multiple choice and 20 true and false questions, I only had to guess on two or three questions.

    You say in your country without a degree you can't get a decent job.....it's the same here in the United States. That is why I went back to college.

    I've worked as a cook in so many restaurants but since I didn't have a degree, I reached the maximum hourly wage an average cook with no degree can get. And because I am a woman, I had to work harder than the men in order to get pay raises or recognition. I think what was the final nail in the coffin for me was at my last job, I trained this cook, he was not very bright but what caused me to leave was after I trained him, he got my hours and my hours were reduced and I got stuck working in the back as a prep-cook. In the restaurant business, if you go from working as a front cook in charge of other cooks to a prep-cook, it's a demotion. It was done because I am a woman and this guy lied his rear-end off saying he was an Eagle scout. I asked him questions about that and he didn't know what I was talking about. I knew someone that was an eagle scout and I knew this guy was a bull-crap artist.

    Because of that, I swore that would never happen to me again and decided to go back to college.
  11. Lordore

    Lordore Moderator

    I really hate it nagging and complaining, but this is one disastrous week for me and i am up to here with the bad lack surrounding me.

    I found the front window as well as both right and left of my car broken to pieces and according to the police, the burglars tried also to steal away my car but the immobilizer prevented them. The damage has already been done for good and it's pretty costly. The irony is that my car is a small mazda 2 with nothing flashy or expensive, it's because of my damn neighborhood i guess and the #@#~#ing junkies surrounding it.

    Also, yesterday i was notified that i have to pay custom fees and import taxes for my Icon Heroes Lion-o. I am charged $100 USD EXTRA and i have already paid $40 USD for Shipping with FedEx! this is crazy and it's driving me really mad, the amount is double the figure's price. With USPS i never had problem. AND on top of that i have to go to the airport to get it myself.
  12. Saint Doyle

    Saint Doyle Crabman

    Ew, chemistry. I can relate. I'm a bioengineering student who will be the first in my school to (hopefully) graduate without having taken any more than the most basic chemistry classes. I don't understand it or like it and thus have managed to work my courses around ever having to take anything involving the periodic table. I don't wanna know about Hydrogen, I just wanna stab some electrodes into rats' brains.

    Unfortunately it doesn't sound like you have the option to change your major (which is a classic maneuver in American colleges to postpone your graduation indefinitely and live the dream of the perpetual student life). I'll be coming to you to review me on basic chem before I have to defend my dissertation in front of my committee. Thanks in advance.

    Sorry about your ****ty week. Did you lose anything in car vandalism? Some asshat busted out my side window and stole the $50 cd player out of my van a few years ago. I didn't really care about any of that, except that my out-of-print Screeching Weasel cd was in the cd player at the time.
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  13. Lordore

    Lordore Moderator

    Thanks for your concern on my account,Saint Doyle. Just to let you know i appreciate it a lot, sorry for the late responce but i haven't visited the site for a couple of days.

    Chemistry isn't the only branch of physical sciences which demands an impersonal way of learning, Mathematics and Physics follow the exact same pattern. If you are good at memorizing theories, structures and molecular systems then probably it wouldn't be difficult to finish your studies in time. By conforming to this passive acceptance of knowledge, your mind is forced to learn early on how to take things unquestionably for granted because there is nothing but one answer to every subject. There is no room for subjective judgment and creative thinking where the student can express himself and his personal feelings in an original way, you simply progress and do things strictly by the book, get grades, graduate, find a good job for money and then lead an ordinary life, unfortunately this is the kind of passion and inspiration you get from these sciences, of course the professors are responsible for the quality of their teaching methods as well. I've done myself many times a test: i've read 10 pages of organic chemistry and then 10 pages of a literature book or philosophy, for instance Nietzsche. It's incredibly how 'lifeless' and boring the former is to the latter. You can't relate anything to yourself, you merely accept facts and statistics as it is and follow the rules exactly as they are presented. Whereas in the latter, you can give a personal touch in the line you are reading which helps to think over interpretively the hidden meanings, analyzing in a personal level and forming your opinions imaginatively.

    Speculate on the following example: Here in the Lair we are discussing for the Thundercats characters and their story throughout the Series and all of us here share our believes and give a different explanation to various interesting topics, each one from his/her own point of view. All ideas are important and enclose a truth. Well, if we were discussing Chemistry, there wouldn't be more than one truths for one topic and nothing to cogitate about, if you get my drift.

    The majority of the Students in Universities give me the impression they don't love what they have chosen to do and the only reason for attending is the occupation afterwards and primarily the money involved there. This sounds to me pathetic and a superficial approach.
    My friends tell me i am more like the artistic kind of guy, yet again i don't know, once i was interested in acting but there is so much trash in my country in this field it's getting ridiculous. I turn on my TV only to see Sports and nothing more.

    Anyway man, sorry for my droning, i wholeheartedly wish you the best for your graduation and your plans for the future. i'd be happy to help you as much as possible with your dissertation, thanks again!!

    The cd player is incorporated in the center console, they didin't brake that part, the total cost amounts to 400 which is around $550 to fix it,this is what happens in my neighbourhood when you don't have a parking lot, i am in touch with my Insurance Company these days to see how much they can cover.
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  14. Hey guys, remember this thread? So, what is everyone up to right now? I'm just taking it easy before the next semester starts on Jan 14th. My kids enjoyed Christmas and I have a little over two weeks left of my vacation till I go back to classes. If I keep up my 3.0 GPA, I can easily transfer over to Penn State University from my current school...aka community college..next year. Hey, I'm 34 and I haven't been in a classroom since 1995, so yeah, I had to start off at a community college ;)

    Anyways, my area was supposed to get hit with a big snow storm but luckily it kept to the east of my city and I got spared.

    So any news from other Tcat fans out there?
  15. Lynx-O

    Lynx-O Glass Walker

    I am glad Christmas is over so my wallet can recover. However at the moment I am watching the Live Action Sailor Moon series....it's not bad.
  16. Animal Warrior

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    Just now, I have taken a bath, and I'm about to have breakfast.
    Couldn't sleep all night, soy I switched on the computer, and I came across this site... registered, and so I'm now posting here.
  17. ShadowCat

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    I've been lurking for awhile but decided to be more active on the site. I was reading past posts about being a student for life. I'm sitting here studying, not because I'm a full time student but because I will never stop learning. I'm not part of corporate America, I am self-employed and love what I do. I also love to learn and teach others how to help themselves.

    It's a balmy -8F where I am but I'm in front of a woodstove. ;) Hope everyone else is having a great day. :) - ShadowCat
  18. Dr_SLUMP

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    Back from university after another interesting product design lesson... there's way too much thought even behind the simplest curve!

    Also resting and recovering from a very intensive training session I had yesterday while I enjoy a tasty protein shake :thumbsup:
  19. Well, I just got home after my algebra class. I'm happy to report I did very well on my first algebra test....I haven't had algebra in over 15 years and I'm surprised I got a 92%. I do have alot of homework to do tonight as well as making dinner and hearing my kids or hubby ask me for something every 15 minutes :p

    I'm supposed to get a snow storm tonight that's supposed to last till Wednesday afternoon and most likely they are not going to cancel classes. It's going to be so much fun driving in the snow and ice tomorrow morning.
  20. Animal Warrior

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    I've taken another shower, a very cold one... you see, here in South America it's summer, and a very hot one. I'm an animal of cold climates (despite my avatar), so I really suffer under heat like this.

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