What are you doing right now?

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  1. I've had a spectacular time on my spring break, my husband and I have been remodeling our apartment this whole time.....we don't have to but our landlord is nice and I work with restaurants and hotels so my standards have increased since my first semester.....much to my husband's annoyance LOL...Come on Kurt...spackle that hole! Sand that spot! Use primer! Kneel before your queen.....that last part was a joke folks ;)

    I redecorated my kitchen, and I do plan on laying down a new tile floor. I bought new living room furniture and a new desk for my office, so that keeps him and I busy for the moment. I need to get new wiring installed so I can have my office moved to the other end of the basement....I never would have done this but my hubby said he can since he's been doing this since his days in the U.S. Army. (he did installation of communication cryptographic equipment and electrical work) So he's a bit of a guru on electrical work...he actually showed me pics online and explained in detail of every step....it's good to be married to Tim Allen or Bob Villa. ;) It's just a pain to step over tools and put them away after days from sitting out...only to be told "Hey, I was going to use that today!"

    Tomorrow I'm going to celebrate my daughter's eighth birthday! She turns eight on Monday but we are going to celebrate it tomorrow since it's Sunday and no school. She loves Hello Kitty and I'm going to get her a Hello Kitty birthday cake.

    I go back to classes on Monday....can you believe I actually miss school? I'm actually looking forward to algebra class on Monday. I guess it's the geek in me.
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    I hope you post your story soon! I love reading new T-cat fanfics. I'm sure it's gonna be good.
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  2. Lady Ocelli

    Lady Ocelli Shadowspy

    I'm enjoying the benefits of having my own laptop. :thumbsup:
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    I'm watching "The Shifter" on YouTube. :cool:
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  3. I'm just enjoying the evening after a long day back at school. So far I have three "B"s..one in Algebra, one in Restaurant Facilities and Equipment, and one in Hospitality Purchasing.....I'll find out my mid-term grade in Hospitality Ethics on Thursday.

    I'm shocked I have to do a captcha before posting this reply......I"ve been a member since 2006 and now I have to do this?

    In two weeks I get to pick my classes for my sophomore year....wow..I'm gonna be a sophomore!

    Life is good :)
  4. ninja cat

    ninja cat Staff Web Guru TC.org Staff

    Watchin tv and playing on my iPad 2
  5. Drinking black coffee....fighting the urge to yell "hulk Smash!!" at the top of my lungs to scare off my co-workers and the Iraqi Nationals outside my door...lol
  6. I had a funny post but I removed it because I'm just too worried about my mother.. It would seem improper to post a funny post and then ask for prayers for my mother 30 minutes later.
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  7. Preparing for the zombie Apocalypse :eek:
  8. I've survived mid-terms, I've gotten three "B"s and one "A". I made arraignments for a class project and I'm starting my other two class projects. Now for a T-cat plug-in. I get to play Tygra and design a restaurant from the ground up on an architect's blueprint of a restaurant. I have to design every square inch of new restaurant. I'll never make fun of the striped-one again LOL
  9. Lady Ocelli

    Lady Ocelli Shadowspy

    I saw Sucker Punch and recommend it for anyone who loves kick-ass movies with a hidden message. :sneaky:
  10. Lord Slithor

    Lord Slithor Mutant

    Seconded! I don't know where all the hate for Sucker Punch or Zack Snyder is coming from, but I loved it! And personally, I think Zack Snyder would be the perfect choice to direct a live-action Thundercats movie! Watch this or 300, and I think you'll agree.
  11. catspat

    catspat also known as...Leppardra

    I'm surfing the 'Net. :)
  12. Thinking of clever topics to post in the vintage toys section
  13. Lady Ocelli

    Lady Ocelli Shadowspy

    I'm off to Timonium to score some good deals on Science Fiction novels; wish me luck. :cool:
  14. Myonara

    Myonara Glass Walker

    Listening to the gelfling gripe about her science homework. Yay.

    Sadly, she is correct about the errors in the book. Makes me worry.
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  15. Lady Ocelli

    Lady Ocelli Shadowspy

    I'm working on my short story and psyched about the new trailer I've seen about 6 or 7 times since I first saw it. I might post some of what I've done so far just to get a feel for everyone's reaction.
  16. Kameinu

    Kameinu Mutant

    Hatching Axews in Pokemon Black...D:
  17. Myonara

    Myonara Glass Walker

    Attempting to drag a certain small person out of bed.
  18. I just got done weeding my garden to get it ready to start planting flowers after a long day of classes. I'm still in a bad mood because some punk, probably a teenager walking home from school, threw a brick at my windshield and cracked it yesterday. I'm hoping it can be repaired since it's a single long crack and you can't feel it with your finger, otherwise it's going to be expensive to buy a new windshield. You can repair cracks in windshields with a resin repair kit, but I'm not sure if it will work in my case. I would really hate to spend a few hundred dollars on a 19 yr old car.

    I'm off for the weekend, no classes till Monday so I can finally relax....well that all depends on my kids if they will let me.
  19. Lady Ocelli

    Lady Ocelli Shadowspy

    I'm glad everyone's having fun playing "Guess the Quote". :thumbsup:
  20. Helmut and flack vest on, its going to be a long night...

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