What are you doing right now?

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  1. Lodore -
    They are out there man, one will surface, and when it does! i am ready!:eek:
  2. Sepphara

    Sepphara Vortex Explorer

    Ugh not wanting to go to work today! Weekends go by WAY to fast I swear. Just finishing up my daily breakfast of one egg and two peices of toast and coffee milk.

    Boo to work boo!
  3. Lady Ocelli

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    I think she won an Oscar for that role.
  4. I think Liz Taylor's best role was Cleopatra. I just watched that recently online the day she passed away. That movie nearly bankrupted 20th Century Fox but it was well worth it as it was a huge hit. Liz Taylor was a dying breed, you'll never see actors and actresses like that ever again.
  5. Lady Ocelli

    Lady Ocelli Shadowspy

    Just looked @ Wiki and it was
    BUtterfield 8

    that I was thinking of.

    Right now, I have my hands full with Cheddar my cat.
  6. CodeofThundera

    CodeofThundera Moderator

    About to log off and go to the gym. BTW, why isn't there a Bengali emoticon?
  7. Tygirl

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    This was on one of the classic channels the other day. Sorry I missed it because I haven't seen it all the way through. Lately I've been into those late 50s early 60s historical (and cheesy) movies.

    Missed this one too but I had my sister record Giant for me. Kind of a long one but it's pretty good.
  8. Sepphara

    Sepphara Vortex Explorer

    Happy to be home from work after eatting some fish (I'm from RI its what we do..) and just chilling now. Also working on re-writing and re-drawing my OC XD
  9. Myonara

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    Enjoying the quiet of a sleeping child while watching NCIS:LA and waiting for Body of Proof to come on.
  10. Lady Ocelli

    Lady Ocelli Shadowspy

    I'm debating whether to post the writing I've done so or post when it's completed. BTW, the current title is "Birthday Surprise.
  11. I DID IT! I finally did something I've never done before in my entire life...I just registered for my sophomore year in college! This is a huge deal for me because 15 yrs ago I was in college to become an elementary school art teacher and I dropped out of college two weeks before final exams during my spring semester in my freshman year. Back then I was 18 yrs old and I didn't take college seriously, figuring I would just settle down and get married and have a family, just like my mother and older sister did.

    I did that and learned a tough life lesson, real life. Real life taught me that jobs come and go, and without a college degree, it's hard to get a decent paying job. When I married my husband, he was making good money as a salesman that he had many years at a particular company but that company wanted to save money and got rid of all of the commissioned salesmen and went with minimum wage employees with no commission. He was in his late 40's and well, he didn't have a degree and at that age, it's hard to get a decent paying job without a degree.

    With my children in school now, I was able to get a second chance at college and go full time while they are in school. So far, as of the end of this semester, I will have 26.5 college credits under my belt! Pretty darn good for a housewife and mother who has been out of school for 15 yrs.

    Today looks like it's going to be a fantastic day! :thumbsup:
  12. Eating an apple
  13. Sepphara

    Sepphara Vortex Explorer

    Thats awsome news QL! Best of luck with school!

    I was one of the lucky ones to go to college for just one semester, drop out, and still get a better paying job then nearly all my friends who went to college. Plus I dont have the debt. And well, everyones always going to have doggies in need of training XD

    I am sitting here dreading that I have to get out of my P.J's and ready for work. Is it the weekend yet guys???
  14. Ha! i work 7 days a week, 12-14 hours a day, 6 months a year, then i get two weeks off, then back for another 6 months...I forget what weekends are lol:eek:
  15. Sepphara

    Sepphara Vortex Explorer

    india...that..is the worst. I am so sorry
  16. Myonara

    Myonara Glass Walker


    Right now sitting here going over my daughter's testing results and mulling the fact that it's official that we're on the autism spectrum.
  17. ShadowCat

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    What I'm doing right now? Contemplating going out and doing chores (read procrastinating). I have 3 adorable lambs so far and 4 precocious goat kids. :)

    Congrats Lynxana. I was one who quit college except I did it with only 3 classes left. I went back several years later and finished. It's a bear to go back, you feel like your brain kind of atrophied. But I felt it was worth it, if nothing else than to feel like I finally finished what I started.
  18. CodeofThundera

    CodeofThundera Moderator

    Finishing dinner. I know you all wanted to know that. ;)

  19. Hey hunny, I know it's so hard to come to grips about having a child with autism. I didn't want to admit my son was autistic too back in 2009. I wanted to believe the one doctor that said he has a very severe case of ADHD. That was very hard for me. It was hard for me a few years back when it was made official, I felt like a failure and did so much internet research to find out what caused it...but nobody knows what causes it, but with my husband fathering him when he was in his late 40's could be a factor, but there's no proof. But it does get easier with time and in time, it will become second nature.

    My son is a high functioning autistic. He's very smart and shows emotion, but he can't properly control his emotions yet and has speech delays. He's in a special autistic support classroom where he works on social skills, math, reading and other subjects. Since the old school felt he was just out of control and they couldn't get him to sit down and learn, he was very behind compared to boys and girls his age. But he is catching up with them, and very quickly I might add.

    He has a tremendous gift with building anything mechanical or electrical. He has beaten all Call of Duty games within three days max. He loves building 3-D puzzles of military craft, he loves anything that has to do with the military, especially Army. One time, he watched my husband install a ceiling fan and behind our backs, he took the old ceiling light fixture, spliced a cord with a plug on it, used wire nuts and made a working table lamp out of it. He absolutely loves K'nex and legos. He's always building things, improving the lego designs with his models.

    My son, despite the fact that he is autistic, is my pride and joy and I am so proud of him. He goes out of his way to please others, he's very helpful and I love him with all of my heart and I wouldn't want to change him any bit. He's perfect the way he is. :)

    It gets only better hunny, you'll see. :) It just takes time.
  20. Up since 0335 - trying to get the brain turned on, coffee isn't working anymore...

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