What are you doing right now?

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    Dude~, I think I need to put a copyright log on a lot of my thoughts and opinions since I seem to be slightly not referenced to in the comments when I said something along the lines thatsound like what I said, and I think people on the TCL thinks I'm subconciously awesome. :p

    Oh~ BTW
    My source: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/generation
    the entire body of individuals born and living at about the same time: the postwar generation.
    2. the term of years, roughly 30 among human beings, accepted as the average period between the birth of parents and the birth of their offspring.

    3. a group ofindividuals, most of whom are the same approximate age, having similar ideas, problems, attitudes, etc. Compare Beat Generation, Lost Generation.

    4. a group of individuals belonging to a specific category at the same time: Chaplin belonged to the generation of silent-screen stars.

    5. a single step in natural descent, as of human beings, animals
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  2. Well, since I'm not working at that hotel anymore, due to the fact they cut everyone's hours and it wasn't worth working 10 hours a week (yet they had me come in five days a week for two hour shifts) and it was costing me more in gas than what I was earning, I quit and I have more free time now.

    And because of that and the warm beautiful weather, I think I'll go fishing today :) Ironically, after I left the hotel, I worked at another restaurant for four days and quit immediately because of all of the health violations there and they had no intention of cleaning up their act. I didn't want to risk losing my Manager's ServSafe Certification because "I know better" if a health inspector was to come in.

    Now I have two rules..........The first rule I made was back in 2009....NEVER WORK AS A COOK IN A BAR EVER AGAIN! They are filthy and disgusting kitchens.....this one bar used to have first place in the disgusting kitchen award......this latest restaurant I worked at for four days knocked them down to second place! And now my new rule......Rule #2 NEVER WORK FOR A PRIVATELY OWN FAMILY DINER OR RESTAURANT! I learned my lesson, I will only work for corporations now, ones with company guidelines, human resource departments, etc. This restaurant kept dodging my questions day after day when I asked them "When are we going to do my paperwork?" meaning the W-4s, I-9's, etc. I got the impression like that bar job, they are paying the kitchen staff "under the table" and that is bad on so many levels. They owe me 46 hours and I know I won't get paid for it, but it was still a good learning experience.....of what not to do! LOL

    Lord Slithor knows all about it ;) Especially my rant on the one cook who didn't want me there and kept sabotaging my entrees to make me look bad and inexperienced. ROFL That was a long rant on my Facebook page.

    So, it's warm and sunny, a great day to go fishing.
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    Here's hoping your next one will be better. Have fun fishing and hope to chat sometime now that my new laptop has a camera. :)
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    Going to a viking show tomorrow and dressing up in my medieval outfit.And i am finally done being sick for almost two weeks. And hoping this forum dose not die.(;一_一)
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    OH~ That sounds cool. I'm sorry for you being so sick, so it's good that you're able to go. :D
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    Glad you're feeling better! Enter the show with background music: http://youtu.be/pUPDla44jfQ xD

    Now that you mention it, the forum was much more active before the new show/toyline was first announced.

    For some reason, the forum is going through an inactive phase since the show stopped.

    It's really sad, since the ThunderCats is a timeless classic franchise and the fanbase shouldn't rely on a show for today's children.
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    I get too freaked out by angry men. Like I need to be at a job or be around people like that.
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    Nearly done conquering the Mountain of Laundry and thinking about what to do about dinner.
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    I'm going back to school to be a massage therapist. I'm throwing all my artwork away since it's basically useless.
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    Hey I'm still alive y'all and Wow it's been a long time since I have last checked in here. A lot has happened in the past few months to me. From personal problems, work and other stuff. I haven't had much free time. But all is looking up for me in the next few months. Which is always a good thing. I guess the best thing at this moment is that I'm getting promoted at work to assistant supervisor in my department.:thumbsup:
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    I've been reading some fan fiction.
  12. I might have cancer, so I'm really not having a good day. I just spoke to my doctor today. I knew this stuff ran in my family on both sides, but hell, I didn't think it could start until I was much older.

    Today is not a good day. Next week is three appointments of tests. Ugh.
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    lynxana please don't be pessimistic. My mother had breast cancer and managed to recover 100%. It was a difficult period for around 2 years but now everything is back to normal. Modern medicine is improving day by day and new drastic methods of dealing with this disease are invented. i believe everything will turn out fine for you.

    Wish you the best. Don't lose your spirit
  14. Here is a copy and paste from my Facebook that I just posted five minuets ago...

    I am not having a good day! Some son of a b*tch opened my kitchen window and stole my purse last night! I didn't discover that my purse was missing till early this morning when I was on my way to the doctor to get my mammogram, breast ultrasound and blood test work. After looking for my purse which has my driver's license in it, I discovered the kitchen window was open and the screen was up. So instead of going to my appointments today, I had to have the police come over to investigate the break-in. It must have been last night, I remember going into the kitchen around 1am and it might have scared them off knowing someone was awake. I had my purse on my kitchen table. Thank God they didn't harm my family or myself. I have a feeling that if I didn't go into the kitchen last night, they would have tried to rummage around my house to steal.

    Now I have to wait till next Monday to get my mammogram done to see if I have cancer. Thanks a lot you f**king son of a b*tch, I hope Karma deals with your pathetic a$$!

    I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow with a surgeon and since my insurance card is in my purse, hopefully they can look up my insurance information from my primary doctor otherwise they will cancel my appointment and reschedule it later until I get a new card in the mail next week.

    I am so angry! I feel so violated that some stranger was in my house last night while my family was asleep.
  15. Daremonger

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    Good luck to you.
  16. I just came back from the doctors. I don't have cancer! Thank heavens!
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    That's great news Lynxana :) So glad you got the all clear!
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    Glad to hear the good news Queen.
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    Im looking through all the topics and such on this wonderful site and getting ready to go down and post one of our new creations, a Thundercats cloth diaper which we are so excited about :)
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    Right now, I'm looking for an "existing thread" to add to so that I can create a new thread. Since I've just been told I need to do that as a new member. Lucky you guys. :)

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