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    gjustis you have an amazing artwork by comic and animated movies, i always wanted to add a Thundercats cell to my collection but i always postpone it.

    I collect only Thundercats Toys and merchandise.Though as a kid i got a kick out of Toys and collecting various lines like TMNT,Transformers, lego and many other, my passion is mainly centered on Thundercats.
    Also i am a big Batman fan,mostly of the comicbooks, and i have some rare HOT TOYS items as well as statues.I will post a few pics of them soon!!

    My long time hobby as well as love is comics,younger i used to buy many issues every month, the last 5 years though i purchase TPB and Hardcovers of some of the best Graphic Novels.I try to find the HC edition becuase they are so classy and elegant! I am not so much of a Super Hero type, i prefer the more serious kind coming from Vertigo, IDW or european releases.
  2. Ah I get it! When I looked at that picture you posted, it is what a Dansco 7070 album looks like. I misunderstood your reply LOL Well to be honest it was late in the night for me and I was getting sleepy.

    That is the album I'm going to buy today. There are a few coin collectors shops in my area and my sister was telling me today that one of the members of her church owns a coin shop so I'll check that one out sometime. Her mother in law buys coins there often for my nephew who is also a coin collector. The store I'm going to today is Keystone Coin shop.

    Yesterday I was really looking up information about collecting coins and I find it so fascinating. When I buy the album today, I'll post a pic of it. :) I also looked up a coin collector supply store online and read the description of the Dansco 7070 album and it's really well constructed and you can even buy a slip cover (extra) for it. What's also nice is you can buy extra millimeter pages for extra coins you own.

    I have a couple of coins in my jewelery box and when I looked at them a few days ago, it wet my appetite. I have two silver quarters (1952 and a 1964), I have a 1942 mercury sliver dime, and two wheat pennies (1944 and 1953). I also want to buy a coin collector value book about all US coins made. Granted the values always fluctuate but even stamp collectors have books that list their value on a yearly basis.

    Edit: After going to Keystone and calling all of the local coin shops, nobody sells retail anymore, everyone is only buying. They told me my best bet it to shop online. So I found a coin collector supply store online and I'll get the album there. I'll have to buy the coins either via ebay or other coin shops online.

    It's a real shame in a way, it was always nice to see the coins in person. I just don't know the name of the store my sister's mother in law goes to.
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    Very cool...you know, coin collecting may seem like an old folks hobby but there is so much to it in the way of history and designs that it is like having a small piece of art in your very own hands. Hmm I find it hard to believe that a coin shop is not selling any coins, odd to say the least. You may not find the albums at coin shops because they may not carry al of them but certainly you should be able to buy coins at a coin shop right???? Oh and check pawn shops too you may come across some stuff

    I have few spare half dimes and as promised i can send one out to you to put in your album, Ill throw and Indian Head penny too. I have about 50 of them. You can pick one of the years below:


    Let me know which one and I can send it out to you.
  4. Ack! I keep hitting roadblocks today :rolleyes: All coin sites seem to be out of stock on the Dansco 7070 album and when I went to Dansco's own website, they are currently updating the album so that is why it's not available anywhere. Some greedy guy on ebay is selling one for $50 and says it's rare because everyone is out of stock when the regular retail value is about $25. So I'll have to wait till the new one comes out. But I'm not going to get discouraged, I really want to do this.
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    I just found the holders for some of them. Some of them were given to my by my dad.:

    Kennedy Half Dollars: 1968-D, 1972, 1973, and a Bicentennial one.

    Eisenhower Dollars: 1971-D, 1972-D and also a Bicentennial one.

    By the way, how valuable is an unstamped penny?

    I just remembered I might also have a Mercury dime in my jewelry box as well. I got this one by sheer luck as a cashier. Someone used it for a purchase and I was able to trade it for a more current one in my purse.

    I have no idea how much most of the foreign ones are worth.
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  6. MannysCollectibles, I'll wait till I get a good album in hand before I take you up on your offer of a half dime. When I do get one, I also want the 1853 Indian Head Penny because it's the oldest and those old coins are like a work of art.

    When I do get the album, I really want to get the three cent piece. I'm really drawn to that one for some reason, perhaps it's because they don't make them or because it's so pretty to look at. Either way, that is going to be one of the first coins I buy.

    I love silver quarters. I have learned recently that the George Washington quarter was supposed to be a one time thing in 1932, but because it was popular, they (US Mint) kept the design. The Barber ones are so pretty and valuable; also expensive, but I'll start with the Standing Liberty.

    Since I'll have to start this collection online, I'll start buying from the US Mint.

    But off topic here............I was looking at current silver coins from the US Mint. Even though they have a low numeric value, (I think $5) but they sell for the current commodities selling price for the 1oz pure silver amount.

    It's a great investment because as I have learned recently, if you do want to invest in gold or silver bullion coins, the IRS won't charge tax on them because they are legal tender. However from what I have also learned is if you want to use those coins in your stock portfolio for an IRA, you cannot keep them in your own private stash or personal safe or even in a bank's safety deposit box, you actually have to turn them over to some kind of professional, like a broker that deals with this.

    Today I looked at the commodities shares.......the price of gold dropped and then closed at $1,723.10. I'm glad I sold those rings last week when the price was higher at $1,785.

    Soon I want to start posting pictures of my fine jewelery. I don't buy cheap costume jewelery, some of my jewelery my mother gave me with precious gems in gold covered silver settings. However my 4K Ruby ring that is an Emerald cut is in a solid gold 10K setting. I also own blue sapphires (in pure 14K gold), a garnet and opals bracelet in solid 10K gold, a Chatham Padparadscha sapphires in a 14K gold plated silver ring with a matching princess cut Chatham Padparadscha bracelet, my father's 14K solid gold onyx and diamond ring, and I just purchased a beautiful trillion cut emerald ring with diamonds in a solid 10K gold setting. Oh I also forgot to mention that my mother gave me a genuine ruby ring that looks like a strawberry. Personally, I prefer the Chatham created stones because they are real true gemstone but grown in a test tube without the flaws and are transparent, so beautiful! A natural ruby or emerald appears cloudy. OMG I forgot to mention my ruby tennis bracelet.....it goes so nicely with my ruby 4K ring.

    My husband's old high school class ring is very valuable for a variety of reasons. He's 23 years older than me (May-December wedding LOL, but we really do love eachother....been together 15 years this May), it was purchased in 1972, it's a heavy sold 10K gold ring with a white sapphire (his birthstone is April and well, you'll never see a diamond class ring). He was an army brat (meaning his father was in the Army as a career) and he graduated in Karlsruhe American High School in Karlsruhe Germany, which closed down in the mid 1990's. You will never be able to get a ring like that ever again.

    I love fine jewelery! I really want to get a new pair of gold hoop earrings since my old pair broke. I don't like big hoops, I like them no larger than 1 inch in diameter.

    I also collect Waterford crystal in the Lismore pattern. Yep, I'm a woman, I love the pretty things!
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    These were just released today by the Perth Mint, only 7,500 minted these will sell out quick. A 2012 Silver High Relief Dragon. Awesome coin...

  8. That is a beautiful coin. For fun I looked at their website and it's already unavailable, it sold out that quick.
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    Just about every book that has to do with Tudor England, whether it's fiction or non-fiction. I'm very partial to Lady Jane Grey (1536/37-1554), she resonates with me. :)
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    I collect music. I have to physically have it in hand, not only an mp3 or something. So far I have 1000 vinyls and about 4500 CDs. I just go, by what I like, not by a special genre.
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    Well it looks like Ill be picking up yet another hobby. Im going to be picking up trash for a hobby.

    Oh wow picking upo trash for a hobby???? Well not so much. Just bought me a nice metal detector to find me some coins or maybe some lost jewelry...it will give me an excuse to get out and get some fresh air
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    Have fun and if you know how much an unstamped penny's worth please PM me.

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