What Inspires You?

Discussion in 'ThunderCats Fan-Fiction' started by Lady Ocelli, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. Lady Ocelli

    Lady Ocelli Shadowspy

    Just a quick question for the authors to ask where you find your inspiration.

    I get mine from unanswered questions.
  2. AirMuseServalia

    AirMuseServalia Berserker

    Stuff I hear from people, real life, articles and just about anything I read, what I watched, and it's crazy awesome when it pops into my head.
  3. Nine Tiger

    Nine Tiger Great Void Dweller

    I have to say that dreams inspire me every time.
  4. thebritwriter

    thebritwriter Junior Member

    Bit of a old topic but as it's still on the first page and is a harmless question I'll give my own input.

    First its a hobby I have joy doing, in my case I always wanted to write a crossover in relation to thundercats and he-Man, but isn't enough to say you simply like it, you sit down write the ideas and see how far you can take it.

    Second would be the appeal of my own ideas and how far I stand by them, there are some stories I wrote that are deadwood, and may never get back to simply because the ideas have been tested by how much it takes to get something written, who is reading it etc. Writing yourself into a corner can happen easily or you have the doubt of your ideas as time passes by. One thing I learnt is you can never be completely satisfied with your work, writing is evolution, you sit down, write it, then edit and edit etc Always changing, if you can structure a plan B and C then your ok. Relying on quotes and proverbs is all good and that but writing the thing out comes down to how prepared you are to complete it.

    Third is Music it can be a good inspiration, part of the reason I'm kickstarted in writing much quicker is am listening to music that's to my taste, is the Xcom OST combat 8 with headphones on to everyone's taste? Maybe not if your writing a dinner date scenario but its the kind of music I need that pumps up my adrenaline and imagination. Your inspiration comes out of your personality, and how often you think of these ideas. You can hit a wall and you need something to kick you through, also music is a much better adrenaline substitute as opposed to energy drinks, which I wouldn't advise unless you brush your teeth several times in that day.

    Fourth is youtube, there's no denying it is a source of media to see favourite channels to watching 'clips' of shows, the ability to research the series you watched has never been easier, before 2005 and youtube if you wanted to research on something you either record the series but had to rely on fan websites looking further for indepth information from websites. Now you can get that information as easily on youtube, maybe not always but it has been a good source to get confidence of the material your writing about. If your a research person this saves you a lot of time.

    Fifth: A right size desk, good sitting postion and right size chair makes life and writing a hell of a lot easier!

    Finally I would say realizing your not getting younger with each day and tragically when you lose friends the same age as yourself you ask what have done lately, its a reality we all face at one point and used that to kick up my intention to get written projects finished, we all have different goals and am one of those guys that likes writing and wants to satisfy my own imagination and do something brilliant, like past fanfics that have been completed and inspire other people to write on. Both of these are a powerful tool to push you on.
  5. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    I was inspired to write my Punky Brewster/ThunderCats crossover story, Punks of Thunder, after seeing two sketches featuring Lion-O and Punky on an episode of Robot Chicken from early 2009.

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