What merchandise would you like to see made?

Discussion in 'Modern Collectables' started by Booyah!, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Booyah!

    Booyah! Moleman

    We have the toy line, but what else based on the new show would everyone like to see?

    Here's three I'd like:

    1. A video game. This series is perfect for an RPG style game. Like the show, you'd start with Lion-O, Tygra and Cheetara, and pick up the others as you go along on the quest for the book of omens, exploring Third Earth and leveling up, ect.

    2. A comic book series. With just three episodes of the show aired, I've already noticed many possible "off screen" moments and stories to be told.

    3. A DK Books style visual guide. With tons of pictures from the show, it could explain and expand on the different characters and species of Third Earth, as well as the wild and exotic places and environments complete with maps.
  2. Mercury Cougar

    Mercury Cougar Junior Member


    I'd like to see more mega scales from Mezco. One for each classic ThunderCat, Jaga & Grune included.
  3. Andrmgic

    Andrmgic New Member

    I'd go along with a quality licensed game (think arkham asylum quality).. and I do want a metal collectors sword of omens..
  4. Ideal

    Ideal Glass Walker

    since the claw shield toy they have looks to be considerably too small for an adult, id like to see them make one that is full size and wearable. doesnt matter if they go old style or new style
  5. Mexxecutioner

    Mexxecutioner Junior Member

    I want a Claudus Action figure and a real Sword of Omens Replica and Claw Shield Replica! Maybe made by Popculture Shock because they have the Thundercats license!

    And a great Video game! With new Characters and the old ones as unlockables! It should be a action based game! Like Wolverine:Origins! Where you can level up and add new abilities but the focus lies on fighting and not to level up!
  6. VWchan

    VWchan Junior Member

    Snarf and Wiley kids plushies.. :oops:
  7. marcandmag

    marcandmag New Member

    Remember the kids!

    My wife and I have gotten our 6 year old into the old and new series, as well as the comic books.

    She wants a Thundercats backpack and lunchbox! She is very disappointed that we can't find these for school. (Unused vintage lunchbox is currently on ebay for $109. Little too much for a 6 year old to bring to school. actually A LOT too much.)

    Let's bring Thundercats to school!
  8. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    That would make it a very expensive lunch indeed! :eek:
  9. Momoftwins2006

    Momoftwins2006 New Member

    Glad I'm not the only one

    I am so glad I'm not the only one who got their kids hooked on thundercats!!!!! I never missed an episode as a child of the 80s and havent missed an episode of the new series.i was so excited to see the thundercats back in action. Like marcandmag my twins (5yo boy and girl) wanted thundercats for school as well. But no luck. Backpacks notebooks folders pencils with a variety of characters would be great.
    Merged Post:
    My son suggested ....tee shirts for kids.....caps.....sunglasses...and tennis shoes/sneakers

    I agree with the plush idea.

    Take care
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  10. thunder77

    thunder77 New Member

    8 inch figures

    I want more of the 8" figures.

    Please have a classics for panthro, cheetara and mum ra- I'd buy these in a snap!
  11. Lilith

    Lilith Active Member

    A video game would be cool.
  12. Panthro Hooo

    Panthro Hooo Junior Member

    Mezco panthro, hard heroes panthro(I tried to have a statue commisioned but the sculpter I liked wanted 800) all of the original series on one hard drive that's either rhe thunder tank, cats lair, or the sword of omens that had an easy way to do a digital copy to your phone. Also metal sword of omens that's accurate like the 300 dollar one for less. A replica of the new sword and a remote control thundertank. Also a sword of omens short form universal blue ray/infared remote for ps3.
  13. Snarf25

    Snarf25 Active Member

    2011 Jaga Figure And A New Cats lair Play-Set Sounds Fantastic!! :liono
  14. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    well since I'm getting a laptop for christmas I'd really like some skins from the new show to go on top of it.

    other than that I'd really like some new Tshirts with the new designs. I haven't seen any yet.
  15. Sepphara

    Sepphara Vortex Explorer

    skinit you can make your own skins. I made one for my cellphone with the Thundercats logo on it =D

    Walmart has Thundercat shirts often. I just found one there about a month ago, blue with Cheetara standing in the middle of Lion-o and Panthro and 'THUNDERCATS HO' written across the bottom. Made me laugh

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