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  1. MannysCollectibles

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    I saw this over at he-man.org and figured it would make for a very interesting thread. The objective is to answer the question from the previous post and then ask one yourself. They should bein the format of "What would you do if... Be creative, have fun but yet follow the forum rules.

    Here's mine to start off:

    What would you do if you knew a family member commited a crime? Turn them in,stay quiet?
  2. kzlambert

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    Although probably the unethical thing to do, I would keep quiet. But I would ensure that the family member understood the wrong they had done and felt bad for what they had done. This is what any system aims to do to people who break laws. i just feel that would be how I dealt with it, then if it continued i would probably turn them in for their own good.

    What would you do if you found out tomorrow was your last day?
  3. MannysCollectibles

    MannysCollectibles Legacy Team Member

    I think I would try to cram a lifetime all into one day, spend it with my wife and daughter until the last minutes of my life.

    Question:What would you do if you were given the chance to have one of your senses taken away but being given something else in return? What would you get in return?
  4. shigsy2003

    shigsy2003 Crabman


    Well I would have to know what os on offer and it would depend on the sense being taken away. I would probably want the wealth of Bill Gates to compensate :D

    What would you do if it was up to you who got shot between your brother and sister who get along with superbly? If you didn't choose all three of you would get shot and if you did choose only one would (so think about the repruccusions on the parents, do you want them to lose all three children or just one and the parents like them all equally)?

    Chris M
  5. kzlambert

    kzlambert Illustrator & Animator TC.org Staff

    Hi, First off, well done. That is a standard question for arguments between different ethical values. It was one of the questions on a Ethics paper I took when studying Religion at college.

    Here ther is no right or wrong answer, which I am guessing is the theme of this Thread (forcing you to choose in an akward situation). Christianity would probably say that killing is wrong so you shouldn't do it, yet some may argues that being aware of the situation, failing to act would be sentencing them to death as well. Utilitarian view would be that you have to act dependent upon the greatest good for the greatest amount, again this is questionable. If you kill one and therefore save yourself and the other, would having to live with that be a greater good than you all being killed and treated equally (still with your parents having to deal with it all.

    God help anyone who would ever be in any kind of situation like that, but for me I just couldn't kill anyone, even if I knew my conciquences would be crucial.

    What would you do if you had the power to change one thing about the world? (Which issue do you believe is most important to rectify?)
  6. shigsy2003

    shigsy2003 Crabman


    Thanks, nice lengthy answer and I didn't even know it was a standard asked question for certain things :)

    Back to your question. Not meaning to upset anyone and this maybe a little to controversial but if I could change anything it would be: The American governments imperialistic ideologies :)

    Next: If there was a tree about to fall on a 5 year old, would you jump in to knock the kid away, even though you knew there was a 99% cahnce the tree would crush and potentially paralyse you?

    Chris M
  7. kzlambert

    kzlambert Illustrator & Animator TC.org Staff

    Okay!! lol Here we go again (takes deep breath).. Once again, no right or wrong answer but I feel that 1% justifies the chance of saving a childs life. As to what my split second reaction would be, I would only find out when put in that situation.

    Bit deep and depressing the last few threads.. so here is a more pleasant topic...

    What would you do if you could go back to your childhood for a day ?( apart from buy every Thundercat figure a billion times )

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